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Museum of Comparative Zoology 


Geological Society, 
Burlington House, London, W 

March, 1881. 

The Council of the Geological Society of London beg to 
present to your Library a copy of the lately issued ' Catalogue 
of the Library of the Geological Society,' containing the titles 
of all works received up to the end of June 1880. In re- 
questing your acceptance of this volume, the Council desire to 
call attention to the existence of numerous deficiencies in the 
Society's series of various works, especially of the publications 
of Learned Societies and Public Institutions. The Council 
will be greatly obliged to the authorities of any of these 
Societies or Institutions who will kindly aid in filling up the 
deficiencies in question. 






a ^ 







LONDON, 1881. 





OCT 3 1956 


i — r 


This Catalogue being intended to contain all books received into the 
Society's Library up to tlie end of June 1880,. it is hoped that errors and 
omissions will not prove numerous, although some such defects are perhaps 
unavoidable in a Catalogue prepared without stopping the circulation of 
books among the Fellows. The Catalogue is arranged alphabetically 
throughout ; and periodical publications of all sorts (except some issued 
by Surveys) have been placed as " Serials " under the letter S, and 
arranged in the alphabetical order of their places of publication. To 
facilitate reference, an index to these publications has been appended to 
the Catalogue. Names of authors with the prefix " De " or " Von," or 
with the equivalent prefixes in other languages, have been arranged 
according to the initial letter of the name following the prefix ; but when 
these prefixes are followed by an article, both are considered as forming 
part of the author's name. In most cases where doubt was possible an 
endeavour has been made to remove the difficulties by means of cross- 

Geological Society, Burlington House, 
27th January, 1881. 




Agassiz. Nomenclator Zoologicus. 4 vols. 

Brongniart. Vegctaux fossiles. 3 vols. 

Cotta. Gesteinslehre. 

Dana. System of Mineralogy. Ed. 1868. 


Fitton. Articles from the ' Edinburgh Be view.' 

Geinitz. Versteinerungen der Steinkohlenformation in Sachsen. 

. Geognostische Darstellung der Steinkohlenformation in Sachsen. 

Hutton. Geological MSS. 

Jukes. Manual of Geology. Geikie's ed., 1872. 

Lindley and Hutton. Fossil Flora. 3 vols. 

Macgillivray. Natural History of Dee Side and Braemar. 

Mackenzie. The Architectural Antiquities of the Chapel of St. Stephen. 

Morris. Catalogue of British Fossils. 

Naumann. Mineralogie. 

Nicholson. Manual of Palaeontology. 2 vols., 1879. 

Oldham. Irawadee. 

d'Orbigny. Paleontologie Frangaise. 

Pascoe. Zoological Classification. 2nd edition, 1880. 

Phillips. Mineralogy. 4th ed. 

Pictet and Roux. Mollusques fossiles des Gres Verts. 

Royal Society. Catalogue of the Library. 

. Catalogue of Scientific Papers. 

Senft. Felsarten. 
Tchihatcheff. Altai' oriental. 
Von Meyer. Saurier. 6 vols. 







A * * * (J., M.D.). An examination of Dr. Woodward's account of 
the Deluge, etc. ; with a Letter to the Author concerning an 
abstract of Agostino Scillas Book on the same subject, by W. W., 
E.K.S. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1697. 

Abbadie (Antoine Thomson d'). Note sur le Haut Eleuve Blanc. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

Abbot (H. L.). See Humphreys, A. A. 

Abbott (Francis). Eesults of Five Tears' Meteorological Observations 
for Hobart Town ; with which are incorporated the results of 
Twenty-five Tears' Observations previously published by the Royal 
Society of Tasmania, and completing a period of Thirty years. 
(Tract.) 4to. Hobart Town, 1872. 

. See Serials, etc. : Hobart Town - . Boyal Society of Tasmania. 

Abel (Clarke). Narrative of a journey in the interior of China, and of a 
voyage to and from that country in the years 1816-17. 

4to. London, 1819. 

Abert (J. W.). Journal from Bent's fort to St. Louis, in 1845. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1846. 

Abich (Hermann). Yues Illustratives de Phenomenes G-eologiques 
observes sur le Ve'suve et l'Etna, pendant les Anne'es 1833 et 
1834. Eol. Berlin, 1837. 

. Ueber die Natur und den Zusammenhang der vulkanischen Bil- 

dungen. 4to. Brunswiclc, 1841. 

. Ueber die Soda der Araxes-Ebene in Armenien. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1850. 

. Verzeichniss einer Sammlung vonVersteinerungen vonDaghestan, ^ 

mit Erliiuterungen. 8vo. Berlin, 1851. 

. Vergleichende chemische Untersuchungen der Wasser des cas- 

' pischen Meeres, Urmia- und Van-See's. (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1856. 


Abich (Hermann). Ueber die neue geologische Karte von Europa von 

Andre Dumont, Paris et Liege 1857. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1857. 
. Ueber die Erscheinung brennenden Gases im Krater des Vesuv 

im Juli 1857, und die periodischen Veranderungen welche derselbe 

erleidet. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. St. Petersburg. 1858. 
. Vergleicbende geologische Grundziige der kaukasischen, arme- 

nischen und nordpersischen Gebirge. Prodromus einer Geologie 

der kaukasischen Lander. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1858. 

. Beitrage zur Palaontologie des asiatischen Eusslands. 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1858. 

. Sur la Structure et la Geologie du Daghestan. (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1862. 
, Ueber eine im caspischen Meere erschienene Insel, nebst Bei- 

triigen zur Kenntniss der Schlammvulkane der caspischen Eegion. 

4to. St. Petersburg, Riga, and Leipzig, 1863. 

. Apercu de mes voyages en Transcaucasie en 1864. (Tract.) 

8vo. Moscow, 1865. 
. Beitrage zur geologischen Kenntniss der Thermalquellen in den 

kaukasischen Landern. (Tract.) 4to. Tiflis, 1865. 

-. . Einleitende Grundziige der Geologie der Halbinseln Kertsch und 

Taman. 4to. St. Petersburg, Riga, and Leipzig, 1865. 
. Zur Geologie des siidb'stlichen Kaukasus. Bemerkungen von 

meinen Beisen im Jahre 1865. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1866. 
. Geologische Beobachtungen auf Beisen in den Gebirgslandern 

zwischen Kur und Araxes. 2 copies. 4to. Tiflis, 1867. 

. Hailstones in Bussian Georgia. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1869. 

. On Fulgurites in the Andesite of the Lesser Ararat, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1869. 

. Der Ararat in genetischen Beziehung betrachtet. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1870. 
. Etudes sur les glaciers actuels et anciens du Caucase. l re partie. 

(Tracts). 2 copies. 8vo. Tiflis, 1870. 
. Bemerkungen iiber die Geroll- und Triimmerablagerungen aus der 

Gletscherzeit im Kaukasus. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1871. 
. Geologische Forschungen in den kaukasischen Landern, 1. Theil. 

Eine Bergkalkfauna aus der Araxesenge bei Djoulfa in Armenien. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1878. 
. Ueber die Productivity und die geotektonischen Verhaltnisse 

der kaspischen Naphtaregion. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1879. 

Abildgaard (Soren). Beschreibung von Stevens Klint und dessen 

natiirlichen Merkwiirdigkeiten, etc. 

8vo. Copenhagen and Leipzig, 1764. 
. Physikalisch-mineralogische Beschreibung des Vorgebirges auf 

der Insel Mben. (Tract.) 8vo. Copenhagen, 1783. 

Abreu (Jose Maria d'). Biographia do excellentissimo senhor Agostinho 

Jose Pinto de Almeida. (Tract.) 4to. Coimbra, 1848. 

Academies. See Serial and Academical Publications. 
Accum (Frederick). A Practical Essay on the Analysis of Minerals. 

8vo. London, 1804. 
Elements of Crystallography* 8vo. London, 1813. 


Accum (Frederick). A practical treatise on Gas-light. 8vo. London, 1815. 
Acerbi (Giuseppe). Quadro della Letteratura e delle Arti d'ltalia iiell' 
anno 1820. (Proemio nel Volume xxi. della Biblioteca Italian®.) 

'8vo. Milan, 1821. 
Acheson (F.). See Victoeia. 

Achiardi (Antonio d'). D'alcune caverne e brecce ossifere dei Monti 
Pisani. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1867. 

. Studio comparativo fra i Coralli dei terreni terziari del Pienionte 

e dell' Alpi Venete. (Tract.) 4to. Pisa, 1868. 

. Sopra alcuni rninerali dell' Elba. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1870. 

. Sopra alcuni rninerali e rocce del Peru. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1870. 

. Mineralogia della Toscana. 2 vols. 8vo. Pisa, 1872. 

. Paragone della Montagnola Senese con gli altri monti della 

catena metallifera della Toscana. — Sulla probabile esistenza di 
avanzi di antichissiine industrie umane nella cosi detta Gialla di 
Siena. (Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1872. 

. Sulle ghiaie delle colline pisane e sulla provenienza loro, e delle 

sabbie che insieme constituiscono la parte superiore dei terreni 
pliocenici della Toscana. (Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1872. 

. Sulla conversione di una roccia argillosa in serpentino. (Tract.) 

8vo. Rome, 1874. 

. Sulle Calcarie lenticolare e grossolana di Toscana. (Tract.) 

8vo. Rome, 1874. 

. Coralli eocenici del Friuli. 8vo. Pisa, 1875. 

. Minerali Toscani. Ematite, Baritina, Farmacosiderite, Preenite, 

Epidoto, Sperchise. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1877. 

. Miniere di Mercurio in Toscana, e considerazioni generali sulla 

genesi loro. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1877. 

. Sulla Calcite della Punta alle Mele fra Ilario e S. Piero nelT isola 

d'Elba. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1878. 

. SulT origine dell' acido borico e dei borati. (Tract.) 

8vo. Pisa, 1878. 
Adam ("Walter). On the Osteological Symmetry o£ the Camel. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1832. 
Adam (William). The Gem of the Peak; or Matlock Bath and its 
vicinity, etc. (pp. 6-17 and 55-57, containing Geological Character, 
Climate and Waters, Natural Curiosities, etc.) (Tract.) 

12mo. London, 1845. 

Adams (Andrew Leith). Outline of the Geology of the Maltese Islands ; 

and description of the Brachiopoda by Thomas Davidson. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. London, 1864. 

: . Concluding Eeport on the Maltese Fossil Elephants. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1873. 

. Notes of a Naturalist in the Nile Valley and Malta. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1870. 

. On the Dentition and Osteology of the Maltese Elephants. 

4to. London, 1874. 

. On a Fossil Saurian Vertebra (Arctosaurus Osborni), from the 

Arctic Eegions. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1875. 

• . Eeport on the Exploration of Shandon Cave. (Tract.) 

4to. Dublin, 1876, 



Adams (Andrew Leitli). Monograph on the British Fossil Elephants. 
(Palaeontographical Society.) 4to. Loudon, 1877, etc. 

. Report on the History of Irish Fossil Mammals. (Abridgment.) 

(Tract.) t 8vo. Dublin, 1878. 

. On the Recent anck Extinct Irish Mammals. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1873. 
Adams (Arthur). See Samarang Expedition. 
Adams (Charles B.), Biographical Notice. See Bland, Thomas. 

. Synopsis Conchyliorum Jamaicensium, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Boston, 1845. 

. Monograph of Stoastoma, a new genus of Operculated Land 

Shells. (Tract.) 4to. Amherst, Mass., 1849. 

. Monograph of Vitrinella, a new genus of new species of Tur- 

binidse. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Amherst, Mass., 1850. 

. Contributions to Conchology, Nos. 1-11. 

8vo. Amherst and Washington, 1849-53. 

. Catalogue of Shells collected at Panama, with notes on their 

synonymy, station, and geographical distribution. 

8vo. New York, 1852. 

. See Gray (Alonzo), Red Riyer, and Surveys: Vermont. 

Adams (James J.). A New Operation for the Cure of Amaurosis, Im- 
paired Vision, and Shortsightedness. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1841. 
Adams (John). Descriptive sketch of St. Paul's Island, at the entrance 
of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. (Tract.) 8vo. Quebec, 1837. 

Adams ( W".). On the Geological Features of the South- Wales Coal- 
field. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1871. 
Adams-Reilly (A.). See Reillt (A. Adams-). 
Adet (P. A.). See Guyton de Morveau (L.B.). 
Adhemar (J.). Revolutions de la Mer. — Deluges periodiques. 2 e edit. 
Text and Atlas. 8vo. Paris, 1860. 
Admiralty Publications. Catalogue of Charts, Plans, Views, and Sailing 
directions, constructed under the orders of the^Lords Commissioners 
of the Admiralty, for the use of His Majesty's Navy. 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1832. 
*** One copy with' MS. additions and references to the Society's 
collection of Charts. 

. 8vo. London, 1839. 

. 8vo. London, 1849. 

. 8vo. London, 1852. 

. 8vo. London, 1855. 

Manual of Scientific Enquiry. See Herschel (Sir John F. W.). 
Catalogue of the Books in the Library. 8vo. London, 1858. 

. By Richard Thorburn. 4to. London, 1875. 

The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the 
years 1834 and 1835. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1833-34. 

. A Treatise on Nautical Surveying; containing an outline of the 
duties of the Naval Surveyor. By Edward Belcher. 

8vo. London, 1835. 
. Practical Rules for ascertaining the Deviations of the Compass 
caused by the iron in a ship. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. . Another edition. 8vo. London, 1855. 

ADM 5 

Admiralty Publications. A Table for finding the Latitude from the 
altitude of the Pole Star, observed at any hour in the Northern 
Hemisphere. By W. Salmon. (Tract.) 8yo. London, 1850. 

. Tables for the Reduction of Ex-meridian Altitudes. By J. T. 

Towson. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

. Eemarks on Kevolving Storms. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

-. Africa. Memoir on the Navigation of the Western Coast of 
Africa, from Cape Bojador to Mount Souzos. From the observa- 
tions of Baron Eoussin in the years 1817 and 1818. Translated 
from the French by James Badgeley. 4to. London, 1827. 

-. America (North). St.-Lawrence Directions. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, no date. 
-. . Sailing Directions for the Gulf and River of St. Law- 
rence. By H. W. Bayfield. Vol. i. part 1 and vol. ii. part 3. 

8vo. London, 1837-47. 

-. . Directions for navigating part of the Coast of Labrador, 

from Cape Charles to Sandwich Bay. By M. Lane. 2nd edition, 
revised by J. F. Dessiou. 8vo. London, 1810. 

-. . Directions for navigating part of the Coast of Newfound- 
land, from Point Lance to Cape Spear, and from Cape Spear to 
Cape Bonavista. By M. Lane. 2nd edition, revised by J. F. 
Dessiou. 8vo. London, 1810. 

-. . Directions for navigating the Bay of Placentia, from 

Cape Chapeau Eouge to Cape St. Mary, on the south coast of New- 
foundland. By Michael Lane (1772). 2nd edition, revised by 
J. F. Dessiou. 8vo„ London, 1810. 

-. . Eemarks on Baffin Bay. By E. C. Allen, W. P. Snow, 

and E. A. Inglefield. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

-. America (South). Memoir on the Navigation of South America, 

to accompany a chart of that station. 8vo. London, 1825. 

-. . Sailing Directions for South America. By E. Fitz Boy. 

Part ii. 8vo. London, 1848. 

-. . Sailing Directions for South America. Part ii. By P. 

P. King and E. Fitz Boy. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1850. 

-. . Directions for the Bar and Eiver of Aracati, or Jaguarybe. 

By Richard Dixon. 8vo. London, 1832. 

-. Australia. The Australia Directory. Vol. L, containing 
Directions for the Southern Shores of Australia, from Cape Leeuwin 
to Port Stephens, including Bass's Strait and Van Diemen's Land. 

8vo. London, 1830. 

-. . The Australia Directory. Vol.1. Edited by John Burd- 

wood. From Cape Leeuwin to Port Stephens, including Bass's 
Strait and Tasmania. 3rd edition. 8vo. London, 1853. 

-. Australia. Directions for the Inner Route from Sydney to 
Torres Strait, surveyed by P. Parker King. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1847. 

-. . Directions for the Outer Passage from Sydney to Torres 

Strait, to accompany the charts of the Barrier Reefs, surveyed by 
F. P. Blackwood. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1847. 

6 ADM 

Admiralty Publications. Baltic. Sailing Directions for the Baltic Sea 
and the Gulf of Finland. By Gr. Klint. 8vo. London, 1854. 

. . The Baltic Pilot. Supplementary Sailing Directions. 

8vo. London, 1855. 

. Black Sea. The Black Sea Pilot. By Taitbout de Marigny. 

Translated from the French. 8vo. London, 1855. 

. Bothnia. The Bothnia Pilot. By Gustaf Klint. 

8vo. London, 1855. 

. Beazil. The Brazil Pilot ; or Sailing Directions for the Coast 

and Harbours of Brazil. By Messrs. Warner, Harris, and Peter 
Heywood. Compiled by J. E. Dessiou. 8vo. London, 1818. 

. Beitish Isles. Tide Tables for the English and Irish Ports for 

the years 1851-53. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1850-52. 

r . Cape oe Good Hope. Astronomical Observations made at the 

Royal Observatory in the year 1834, under the direction of T. 
Maclear. (Published by order of the Lords of the Admiralty.) 
Vol. I. 4to. Cape of Good Hope, 1850. 

. Demeeaea etc. Eemarks on the Rivers of Berbice and Deme- 

rara. By John Petley. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

■ . Denmaek. The Danish Pilot. By Yice-Admiral Zahrtmann. 

8vo. London, 1853. 

. England. Tide Tables for Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rarnsgate, 

Sheerness, and London for the year 1834. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1834. 

. English Channel. Sailing Directions for the English Channel, 

including a general description of the south coasts of England and 
Ireland, and a detailed account of the Channel Islands. By Martin 
"White. 8vo. London, 1835. 

. . . 4th edition. 8vo. London, 1850. 

.. . Tide Tables for the English and Irish Channels, and the 

Biver Thames for the years 1835-41. 8vo. London, 1835-40. 

. Heligoland. General Sailing Directions for Helgoland, and for 

the Entrances of the Rivers Elbe and "Weser. 

8vo. London, no date. 

. Ieeland. Sailing Directions for the North-east, North, and 

North- west coasts of Ireland. By W. Mudge and G. A. Erazer. 

8vo. London, 1842. 

. . Sailing Directions for the Lower Shannon and for Leugh 

Derg, by James "Wolfe. 8vo. London, 1843. 

. . . 2nd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1850. 

. Kaeamania. Memoir of a Survey of the Coast of Karamania, 

by Erancis Beaufort in 1811 and 1812. 8vo. London, 1820. 

. Lighthouses. Afeica etc. The Light-houses in South Africa, 

the East Indies, Australia, and Tasmania. Corrected to 1849, to 
1851, and to 1852. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1849-52. 

. . Aeeica. The Light-houses on the West and South 

coasts of Africa, corrected to 1851 and to 1852. (Tracts.) 

8vo. London, 1851-52. 

. . Ameeica, Noeth. The Light-houses on the Coasts 

and Lakes of British North America, corrected to 1853. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1853. 


Admiralty Publications. Lighthouses. America, South. The Light- 
houses on the Eastern and "Western Coasts of South America, and 
the Western Coast of North America, corrected to 1853. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1853. 
. . Europe, North. The Belgian, Netherlands, Hano- 
verian, Danish, Prussian, Russian, Swedish, and Norwegian Lights, 
corrected to 1843, to 1851, and to 1854. (Tracts.) 

8vo. London, 1843-54. 

. . British Isles. The Lighthouses of the British Isles. 

Corrected to 1832, to 1836, to 1844, to 1849, to 1851, to 1853, and 
to 1854. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1832-54. 

. . . Corfu. Corfu Lighthouses. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1835. 

. . Prance etc. The Light-houses on the North and West 

Coasts of France, Spain, and Portugal, corrected to 1852, to 1853, 
and to 1854. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1852-54. 
. . Mediterranean etc. The Light-houses of the Medi- 
terranean, Black Sea, and Sea of Azof, corrected to 1849, to 1852, 
and to 1853. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1849-53, 
. . United States. The Light-houses, Beacons, and Float- 
ing Lights of the United States, corrected to 1850 and to 1853. 
(Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1851-53. 

. . West Indies. The Light-houses of the West India 

Islands, and adjacent Coasts, corrected to 1853. 

8vo. London, 1853. 

. North Sea. Directions for the North Sea, by J. Welsh. No title. 

. . Remarks to accompany a new Chart of the Leman and 

Ower Shoals, situated in the North Sea, by W. Hewett. 

8vo. London, 1826. 

. Patagonia. Sailing Directions for the Coasts of Eastern and 

Western Patagonia, by Philip Parker King. 8vo. London, 1832. 
. Venice. Treatise on the Currents in the Gulf of Venice, con- 
taining clear and simple instructions, etc. By Vincenzo di Luccio 
(Venice, 1798). 8vo. London, 1806. 

. Wales. Sailing Directions for the Coast of Wales. By W. L. 

Sheringham, C. G. Robinson, and H. M. Denham. 

8vo. London, 1843. 

. West Indies. The West India Directory, Vol. I., containing 

directions for navigating the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. 

8vo. London, 1829. 

. See Surveys. Great Britain. Ordnance Survey. 

Adriasola y Arve (J. M.). See Rivero (M. E. de). 
'Adventure' and ' Beagle' Expedition. See 'Beagle' and 'Adven- 
ture ' Expedition. 
Agapito (Girolamo Co.). Le Grotte di Adlersberg, di S. Canciano, di 
Corniale e di S. Servolo . . . ed altri notevoli oggetti nelle vicinanze 
di Trieste. 12mo. Vienna, 1823. 

Agassiz (Alexander). Preliminary Report on the Echini and Starfishes 
dredged in deep water, between Cuba and the Plorida Reef, by 
L. P. de Pourtales. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1869. 

Agassiz (Louis). Recherches sur les Poissons fossiles. 5 vols. 
2 copies. 4to ; Atlas fol. Neufcliatel, 1833-43. 

8 AGA 

Agassiz (Louis). Rapport sur les Poissons fossiles decouverts en 
Angleterre. (Tract.) 8vo. Neufchatel, 1835. 

. Revue critique des Poissons fossiles figures dans Jlttiolitologia 

Veronese. (Tract.) 8yo. Neufchatel, 1835. 

. Notice sur les Moules du Musee de Neuchatel. (Tract.) 

4to. Neufchatel, 1838. 

. Monographies d'Echinodermes vivans et fossiles. 

4to. Neufchatel, 1838. 

. Notice sur le My a alba, espece nouvelle de Porto-Rico. (Tract.) 

4to. Neufchatel, 1839. 

. Notice sur quelques points de l'organisation des Euryales, accom- 

pagnee de la description detaillee de l'espece de la Mediterranee. 
(Tract.) 4to. Neufchatel, 1839. 

. Meinoire sur les Moules de Mollusques vivans et fossiles. — 

l e partie. (Tract.) 4to. Neufchatel, 1839. 

. Description des Echinodermes fossiles de la Suisse. — l e partie. 

4to. Neufchatel, 1839. 
— ~. Etudes sur les Glaciers. 2 copies. 

8vo ; Atlas fol. Neufchatel, 1840. 

. Etudes critiques sur les Mollusques fossiles. 

4to. Neufchatel, 1840. 

. De la Succession et du Developpement des etres organises a la 

surface du globe terrestre, dans les differens ages de la nature. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Neufchatel, 1841. 

. [Sur la decouverte de la structure lamellaire des glaciers.] 

(Tract.) 4to. Neufchatel (?), 1842. 

-— — . Nomenclator Zoologicus. Ease. 1-12. 4to. Soleure, 1842-46. 

. Monographie des Poissons fossiles du vieux gres rouge ou systeme 

Devonien (Old Red Sandstone) des lies Britanniques et de Russie. 
2 copies. 4to ; Atlas fol. Neufchatel and Soleure, 1844. 

■ Iconographie des Coquilles tertiaires reputees identiques avec les 

especes vivantes ou dans differens terrains de l'epoque tertiaire, 
accompagne'e de la description des especes nouvelles. (Tract.). 

4to. Neufchatel, 1845. 

. Bibliographia Zoologiae et Geologia?. A general catalogue of all 

books, tracts, and memoirs on Zoology and Geology. Corrected, 
enlarged, and edited by H. E. Strickland. (Ray Society.) 4 vols. 

8vo. London, 1848-54. 

. Geographical Distribution of Animals. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. . Lake Superior: its physical character, vegetation, and animals. 

With a narrative of the tour, by J. Elliot Cabot. 8vo. Boston, 1850. 

. On Marcou's ' Geology of North America.' (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1859. 

. Conversances Scientificas sobre o Amazonas. (Tract.) 

8vo. Rio de Janeiro, 186^. 

. Methods of Study in Natural History. 8vo. Boston, 1866. 

. Glacial Phenomena in Maine. (Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1867. 

■ . Sur la geologie de la valle'e de TAmazone, avec des remarques de 

M. Jules Marcou. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 


Agassiz (Louis). Address delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the 
birth of Alexander von Humboldt, under the auspices of the Boston 
Society of Natural History. 2 copies. 8vo. Boston, 1869. 

. Scientific results of a Journey in Brazil. Geology and Physical 

Geography of Brazil. By Ch. Fred. Hartt. 

8vo. Boston and London, 1870. 

. A Letter concerning Deep-Sea Dredgings. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1872. 

. See Blake (William P.), Hartt (C. P.), Holmes (Francis S.), 

Miller (Hugh), Nott(J. C.), and Sebials, London; Bay Society. 

and Desor (E.). Becit d'une course faite aux glaciers en hiver. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1842. 

Agricola (Georg). He ortu et causis Subterraneorum ; de Natura 
eorum quae effluunt ex Terra ; de Natura Possilium ; de Yeteribus 
et novis Metallis ; Bermannus, sive de re metallica dialogus ; In- 
terpretatio Germanica vocum rei metallicae, . . . recensiti ... a 
Joannes Sigfridus. 8vo. Wittemburg, 1612. 

. De Be Metallica, libri XII. Quibus Officia, Instruments, 

Machinae, ac omnia denique ad Metallicam spectantia, non modo 
luculentissime describuntur &c. Pol. Bash, 1657. 

Aikin (Arthur). Journal of a Tour through North Wales and part of 
Shropshire, with observations in Mineralogy and other branches of 
Natural History. 8vo. London, 1797. 

. A Manual of Mineralogy. 8vo. London, 1814. 

. A Manual of Mineralogy. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1815. 

. Tabular view of Mr. Aikin's System of Mineralogy. (MS. Tract, 

by Mr. Greenough.) 4to. No date. 

. Proposals for a Mineralogical Survey of the County of Salop, and 

of some adjacent districts. 4to, London, no date. 

■ and Aikin (C. B.). A Dictionary of Chemistry and Minera- 
logy, with an account of the processes employed. 2 vols, and 
Appendix. 4to. London, 1807-14. 

Ainsworth (Bobert). See Dictionaeies, Latin and English. 

Ainsworth (William). An account of the Caves of Ballybunian, county 
of Kerry ; with some mineralogical details. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1834. 

. Besearches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldsea, forming part of 

the labours of the Euphrates Expedition. 8vo. London, 1838. 

Airy (G. B.). On the Besults of recent Calculations on the Eclipse of 
Thales and Eclipses connected with it. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1853. 

Akerly (Samuel). An essay on the Geology of the Hudson Biver. 

8vo. New YorTc, 1820. 

Akrell (Carl). Underrattelser till Kartar ofver Sverige. (Tract.) 

4to. StocJcTiolm, 1811. 

Albert (Prince Consort). Address on Opening the International Statis- 
tical Congress. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Alberti (Eriedrich von). Die Gebirge des Kbnigreichs Wiirttemberg, in 
besondererBeziehungauf Halurgie. Mit Anmerkungen unci Bei- 
lagen von D. Schiibler. 8vo. Stuttgart and Tubingen, 1826. 

10 ALB— ALL 

Alberti (Friedrich von). Beitrag zu einer Monographie des bunten Sand- 
steins, Muschelkalks, und Keupers, und der Verbindung dieser Ge- 
bilde zu einer Formation. 2 copies. 

8vo. Stuttgart and Tubingen, 1834. 

. Halurgische G-eologie. 2 vols.8vo. Stuttgart and Tubingen, 1852. 

. Ueberblick iiber die Trias, mit Beriicksichtigung ihres Vorkom- 

mens in den Alpen. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1864. 

Albertini (Luis E.). Le Perou en 1878. Notice historique et statistique, 

suivie du Catalogue des Exposants. Exposition Universelle, Paris. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

Alder (Joshua) and Hancock (Albany). A Monograph of the British 

Nudibranchiate Mollusca. (Ray Society.) 4to. London, 1845. 

Aldis (0. J. B.). General Eeport on the Sanitary Condition of the 

Belgrave sub-district, Parish of St. George, Hanover Square; and 

on the quality of the "Waters used therein. 2nd edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1857. 
Alexander (Henry). The Soils of East Suffolk, considered geologically. 
(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Woodbrldge, 1840. 

Alexander (William). See Reports, Parliamentary. Mines. 
Alexandre (Jacques). Traite du flux et reflux de la mer. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1726, 

Alfonso X. of Castile. Libros del saber de Astronomia . . . compilados, 

anotados y comentados por Don Manuel Rico y Sinobas. 3 vols. 

Eol. Madrid, 1863-64. 
Alger (Francis). See Jackson (Charles T.). 

Algeria. Exploration scientifique de FAlgerie pendant les annees 1840, 
1841, 1842. Sciences physiques. Geologie de l'Algerie par E. 
Renou, accompagnee d'une notice mineralogique sur le massif (T Alger 
par M. Ravergie, et d'une description des Coquilles fossiles par 
M. Deshayes. 4to. Paris, 1868. 

Allan (Robert). A Manual of Mineralogy. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1834. 

. See Phillips (William). 

Allan (Thomas). An Alphabetical List of the Names of Minerals at pre- 
sent most familiar in the English, French, and German Languages, 
with Tables of Analyses. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1808. 

. Remarks on a Mineral [Allanite] from Greenland, supposed to 

be crystallized Gadolinite. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Edinburgh, 1812. 
On the Rocks in the Vicinity of Edinburgh. (Tract.) 

4to. Edinburgh, 1812. 
Mineralogical Nomenclature, alphabetically arranged ; &c. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1814. 
Remarks on the Transition Rocks of Werner. (Tract.) 

4to. Edinburgh, 1815. 
Observations on the Formation of the Chalk strata, and on the 
structure of the Belemnite. (Tract.) 4to. Edinburgh, 1822. 

Allen (Joel Asaph). Mammalia of Massachusetts. (Tract.) 

8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1869. 

. History of the American Bison, Bison americanus. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1877. 

. See Surveys : United States. 

Allen (R. C). See Admiralty Publications. 

ALL— AMO 11 

Allies (Jabez). Observations on certain cnrious Indentations in the Old 

Eed Sandstone of "Worcestershire and Herefordshire, considered as 

the tracks of Antediluvian Animals. 8vo. London 1835. 

Allioni (Carlo). Oryctographise Pedemontanse specimen, exhibens corpora 

Eossilia terrse adventitia. 8vo. Paris, 1757. 

Allman (George James). A monograph of the Freshwater Polyzoa. 

(Bay Society.) 4to. London, 1856. 

. A monograph of the Gymnoblastic or Tubularian Hydroids. 

(Kay Society.) 4to, London, 1871-72. 

Allport (Samuel). On the Discovery of some Fossil Kemains near Bahia 

in South America. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Almanac, Austrian. Kaiserlich-osterreichischer Toleranz-Bothe, oder 

neueingerichteter allgemeiner Kalender fur alle Beligionsgesellschaf- 

ten in den kaiserlichen koniglichen Erbstaaten. Auf das Jahr . . . 

1820. 4to. Vienna, 1820. 

Almeida (Agostinho Jose Pinto de). See Pinto de Almeida (A. J.). 
Alston (Edward B.). Mammaha of the West of Scotland. See 

British Association. Glasgow Guide Books. 
Alston Moor. Kef erence to the Plans of Mines in the Manor. (Tract.) 

4to. Newcastle, 1828. 
Althaus ( — d'). Notice sur un terrain d'eau douce du Hegau, Grand- 

duche de Bade. (Tract.) 4to. Strasburg, 1830. 

Altmann (Johann Georg). Yersuch einer historischen und physischen 

Beschreibung der helvetischen Eisbergen. 8vo. Zurich, 1751. 

Alton (E. d\) and Burmeister (H.). Der fossile Gavial von Boll in 

Wiirttemberg. 4to. Halle, 1854. 

Amato (Gaetano d'). Divisamento critico sulle correnti opinioni intor- 

no ai fenomeni del Vesuvio e degli altri vulcani, etc. 

8vo. Naples, 1756. 
America (British Provinces) and United States. Catalogue of Official 

Keports upon Geological Surveys. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1867. 
American Coal. See Johnson (Walter K.). 
Amici (Vincenzo). Sul problema dell' equilibrio delle volte. 

4to. Modena, 1833. 
Ammann (Jean Conrad). Catalogue Systematique de sa Collection 

de Petrifications. (Tract.) 8vo. Nuremberg, 1790 ? 

Amnion (Ludwigvon). Die Jura-Ablagerungen zwischen Kegensburg 

und Passau. Eine Monographie des niederbayerischen Jurabezirkes 

mit dem Keilberger Jura, unter besonderer Beriicksichtiguug seiner 

Beziehungen zum Erankenjura. 8vo. Munich, 1875. 

Amodio (Giulio). Breve trattato del Terremoto. In occasione dell' 

incendio successo nel Monte Vesuvio nel giorno 16 di Decembre 

1631. Con una verissima relatione di quanto e successo da detto 

di sino a 22 di Gennaro 1632. (Tract.) 12mo. Naples, 1632. 

Amoretti (Carlo). Yiaggio da Milano ai tre laghi Maggiore, di Lugano 

e di Como, e ne' monti che li circondano. 3rd edition. 

8vo. Milan, 1806. 
Anastatic Printing. A Brief Description of the Art (Trade). By 

S. H. Co well. (Tract.) 8vo. Ipsiuich, no date. 

Anca (E.). Sur deux nouvelles Grottesa ossements fossiles decouvertes 

en Sicile en 1859. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1860. 

12 ANA— ANG 

Anciola (Antonio L.) and Cossio (Eloy cle). Memoria sobre las minas 

de Eio-Tinto. 8vo. Madrid, ] 850. 

Ancona (Cesare d'). Sulle neritine fossili clei terreni terziari deli' Italia 

centrale. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1869. 

■ . Sulle neritine fossili dei terreni terziari superiori dell' Italia 

centrale. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1869. 

. Malacologia Pliocenica Italiana. Fasc. 1, 2. 

4to, Florence, 1871-72. 
Anderson (Benjamin). Narrative of a Journey to Musardu, the capital 

of the "Western Mandingoes. 8vo. New York, 1870. 

Anderson (Charles). See Buch (Leopold von). 

Anderson (J.). History of the County of Fife. 4to. Edinburgh. 

Anderson (John). Dura Den, a monograph of the Yellow Sandstone 

and its remarkable fossil remains. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1859. 

Anderson (John). Eeport on the Expedition to "Western Tunan, via 

Braino. 8vo. Calcutta, 1871. 

Anderson (E.). Lightning conductors, their history, nature, and mode 

of application. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Andersson (N. J.). See Eugenies Expedition. 
Andrada e Silva (Jose Bonifacio de). Memoria sobre a nova Mina de 

ouro da outra banda de Tejo. (Tract). 4to. Lisbon, 1817. 
. Memoria sobre as - pesquizas e lavra dos veios de chumbo de 

Chacim, Souto, Ventozello, e Villar de Eey, na Provincia de Tras 

os Montes. (Tract.) 4to. Lisbon, 1818. 

Andras (Carl Justus). Vorweltliche Pflanzen aus dem Steinkohlengebirge 

der preussischen Eheinlande und Westphalens. Heft 3. (Tract.) 

4to. Bonn, 1869. 

. See Heeb, (Oswald). 

Andreae (J. G. E.). De Aquis putealibus Hannoveranis et Seina3 numinis 

— Von den hannoverischen Wassern, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Hanover, 1756. 
■ . Briefe aus der Schw r eiz nach Hannover geschrieben in dem Jahre 

1763. 4to. Zurich and Winterthur, 1776. 

Andreossy (Antoine Francois). Memoire sur les depressions de la surface 

du Globe, dans le sens longitudinal des chaines de montagnes et entre 

deux reliefs maritimes adjacens. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1826. 
. Constantinople et le Bosphore de Thrace, pendant les annees 

1812, 1813, et 1814, et pendant l'annee 1826. 8yo. Paris, 1828. 
Andrew (Thomas). Geological and Archaeological Papers. (Exeter, 

Cornwall and Devonshire, etc.) 8vo. Northampton 1875. 

Andrew (W. P.). The Punjaub Eailway, with Map of Scinde and the 

PuDJaub. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1857. 
. Port of Kurrachee, depth of Water, and Commerce, for 1856- 

1857. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1857. 

Andrews (E. B.). See Surveys : Ohio. 
Angas (George French). Description d'especes nouvelles appartenant a 

plusieurs genres de mollusques nudibranches des environs de Port- 
Jackson, Nouvelles- Galles du Slid. Traduite de l'anglais par H. 

Crosse. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

Angelin (N. P.). Palaeontologia Scandinavica. Part I. Crustacea. 

4to. Leipzig, 1£51. 

ANG— ANO 13 

Angelin (N. P.). Iconographia Crinoideorum in stratis Sueeiae Siluricis 
fossilium. Eol. Stockholm, 1878. 

Anglion (John). Letter on the Geology of North America. (Tract.) 

4to. Manuscript, 1810. 

. Account of a Marine Volcano at St. Michael's. (Tract.) 

4to. Manuscript, 1811. 

Anker (Mathias Joseph). Kurze Darstellung einer Mineralogie von Steyer- ^\ 

mark, etc. Band i. and ii. (Tracts.) 8vo. Gr'dtz, 1809-10. ^* 

Anon.* American Eivers. The Navigator, containing directions for 

navigating the Monongahela, Allegheny,Ohio, and Mississippi Eivers, 

etc. 11th edition. 8vo. Pittsburg, 1821. 

. Arctic Eegions. The Great Arctic Mystery, by QiXot crv/jpovXev- 

fjtevoi. (Tract.) London, 1856. 

. Armenia. Coup d'ceil general sur les Provinces nouvellement 

conquises par les Eusses et appeles par eux-memes Territoire d'Ar- 
menie. (Tract.) 12mo. Venice, 1828. 
. Army. A Eeport on the Sanitary Condition of the Army, par- 
ticularly during the late war with Eussia, by a Non-Commissioner. 
(Tract.) 8vo. 

. . Mortality of the British Army at home and abroad, and 

during the Eussian War, as compared with the mortality of the 
Civil population in England. (Tract.) Ecap. fol. London, 1858. 

. Bible (The). Considered as a record of Historical Development. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1864. 

. Bible and Geology. The true theory of the Earth, and 

philosophy of the predicted end, by Eesearch. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1869. 

. . By Non proeteribit. (Tract.) 4to. Chester, 1854. 

■ . Botanical Geography. Ueber Yerbreitung von Teak, Sandel 

und Cardamomen. (Tract.) 8vo. 

. Ueber Yerbreitung der Pfefferrebe, Banane und Mango in Indien. 

(Tract.) 8vo. 

. British Geology. Outlines of British Geology. 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. Canoeie. Guide to Excursion to Canobie, Liddesdale, and 

Keeldar Castle. (Tract.) 8vo. Newcastle, 1863. 

. Capital without Coin, by " Tom Cringle." (Tract.) 

8vo. Melbourne, 1869 ? 

. Circle. Are there any commensurable relations between a circle 

and other geometrical figures ? (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

. Coal. About coal formations, by " Tom Cringle," pp. 1 and 2. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Melbourne?, 1869. 

. . Our coal and our coal-pits ; the people in them, and the 

scenes around them. By a Traveller underground. 

8vo. London, 1853. 

. . Eelation des dvenemens me'morables arrives dans l'ex- 

ploitation de houille de Beaujoue, pres de Liege, le28 Eevrier, 1812. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Liege, 1812. 

* See also the commencement of each letter for anonymous works bearing the 
authors' initials. Other anonymous publications will be found under " Eeports." 

14 ANO 

Anon. Coal. Eeview o£ "Eeports on the geological relations, chemical 
analysis, and microscopic examination of the coal of the Albert Coal 
Mining Company, situate in Hillsboro', Albert County, New Bruns- 
wick," as written and compiled by Charles T. Jackson, by aF.Gf.S. 
of London. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1852. 

. . Some observations on the Acts of the year 1797 and 1802 

granting exemptions of the duty of Customs on all coal and culm 
carried coastwise from the Port of Newport, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bristol, 1810. 

. — - — . The history and description of fossil fuel, the collieries, 

and coal-trade of Great Britain, (by — Holland?). 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1841. 

. Coal-measuees. Erlauterung zur Flotzkarte des saarbriicker 

Steinkohlendistrictes. (Tract.) 8vo. Gotha, no date. 

. Coal-mines. (From the London University Magazine.) (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1858. 
— — . Conchological Tables, compiled principally for the use of shell- 
collectors. (Imperfect tract.) 8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1823. 
- — -. Croydon. An account of the river Bourne, an intermittent 
stream rising south of Croydon, as it appeared in January 1861. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Croydon, 1861. 

. . Geology of Croydon. (Tract.) 8vo. Croydon, 1877. 

. Crystallography. Kanten-Messung von Krystallen mittelst 

des geognostischen Compasses. (Tract.) 8vo. Wiesbaden ?, 1855. 

— — . Darwinian Theory of the transmutation of species examined, by 

a Graduate of the University of Cambridge. 8vo. London, 1867. 

. Deptford. The " Industrial Geology " of Deptford. (Tract. 

From the Archaeological Mine. — The History of Kent.) 

8vo. London, 1854. 
Diamond-boring. Borings executed by the Continental Diamoud 
Eock-boring Company (Limited). (Tract.) 8vo. London*!, 1879. 
Earthquake-waves : are they possible ? by " Tom Cringle." 
(Tract.) 8vo. Melbourne, no date. 

Fossils. An account of the origin and formation of fossil shells 
etc. (by — Eowland?). (Tract.) London, 1705. 

Sketches of bones supposed to resemble those of the 

German Caverns. (MS. Tract.) 4to. 

France. Geographie de la France. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802. 

. Sketch of the Geology of France (by H. G. Bennet?). 

MS. fol. (Boulogne) 1814. 
Ganges Canal. Short account of the Ganges Canal. 

4to. Calcutta, 1854. 
Geography. Aide-memoire du voyage ur, ou questions relatives 
a la geographie physique et politique, etc. 

8vo ; Aatlas 4to. Paris, 1834. 

. . Hints for collecting geographical information. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, no date. 

. . On the Gnomonic Projection of the Sphere. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1851. 

. Geologie, of verhandeling over de Vorming en Yervorming der 

Aarde. (Tract.) 8vo. Groningen, 1813. 



Anon. Geology. A geological primer in verse : with a poetical geo- 
gnosy, or Eeasting and Fighting ; and sundry right pleasant poems ; 
with notes. To which is added a critical dissertation on " King 
Coal's Levee" (by Charles Daubeny?). 8vo. London, 1820. 

. . Remarks on Prof. Rogers's geological report to the British 

Association during their recent meeting held at Edinburgh. By. 
Amphibole. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835. 

. — — . The physical history of the earth, by a Student. 

8vo. London, 1861. 

. . The science of Geology, by XAOS. (Tract.) 

12mo. Glasgow, 1839. 

London, 1859. 

&c, by "Research." 

-. Glaciers and their phenomena. (Tract.) 
-. Gold. Auriferous drifts in Australia, 
(Tract.) 8vo. Melbourne, London, and Edinburgh, 1868. 

-. Gold-mining. Ueber den Bergbau Chursachsens auf Gold. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Penig, 1805. 

-. Great Britain". Geological Structure of Great Britain. (Tract.) 

8vo, no date. 
-. Greenland. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1845. 

-. India. Observations on India (by R. Everest ?). 

8vo. London, 1853. 
-. Indian Archipelago. The languages of the Indian Archipelago. 

(Tract.) 8vo, no date. 

-. Ireland. The postchaise companion through Ireland. 3rd edi- 
tion. 8vo. Dublin, 1805. 
-. Lima. A true and particular relation of the dreadful earthquake 

which happened at Lima, the capital of Peru, and the neighbouring 

port of Callao, on the 28th of October, 1746. 8vo. London, 1748. 
-. Meteorology. Memorandum of Thermometer (Fahr.) at Loch- 

nell House, N. B. in the years 1818-23. (MS. Tract.) 8vo. 1824. 
-. . Meteorological Tables, extracted from the Register kept 

at Kinfauns Castle, N. B. (Tract.) 1814-15. 

-. Microscopy. How to choose a Microscope ; by a Demonstrator. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 

-. Mineral "Waters. Me'moire sur l'Eau de Selters ou de Seltz 

naturelle. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1841. 

-. Mineralogy. Mineralogical Nomenclature. Reports of the 

Committee. Appendix. (MS.) 4to. 

-. . Ricerche sulla composizione chimica del topazio e dei 

fosfati naturali che contengono fluore o cloro. (Tract.) 

8vo. (1842-43.) 
-. Mining. Abbildung aller Berg- und Hiitten-Beamten wie auch 

der iibrigen Bergleuten in ihren Kleidungen nach der Natur gezeich- 

net, und in Kupfer gestochen etc. ; von einem Bergmann. (Tract.) 

8vo. Nuremberg, 1788. 
-. . Ehrfurchts-Bezeugung und kurzskizzirte Geschichte des 

Bergbaues im Kinziger Thale. (Tract.) 8vo. Fiirstenburg, 1805. 
-. . Merkwiirdigkeiten der tiefen Hauptstolln des Bergamts- 

reviers Ereyburg. (Tract.) 8vo. Dresden, 1804. 

— . . Names of Mining Instruments and Apparatus, and the 

provincial names of mineral substances. MS. 8vo. 

16 ANO 

Anon. Mining. Statement of a recently-claimed discovery in Natural 

Science, incentive to Mining enterprise, by " Eesearch." (Tract.) 

8vo. Melbourne, 1870. 

. New South Wales, its Progress and Eesources. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1876. 
. Omphalos: being an attempt to untie the Geological Knot, 

by Philip Henry G-osse. (Keview.) (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1857. 
. Palaeontology. Observations on the Antediluvian Eemains of 

a Former World. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1834. 

. Palestine. Notes of a Tour through Palestine. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1835. 
. Peteologt. Beobachtungen und Muthmassungen iiber den 

Granit und iiber den Gneiss. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1779. 
. Eoman Coin Moulds. Observations on, discovered in England 

and Prance. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1839. 
. St. Laweence. Instructions for making Gaspe and Mitis, and 

Eimouski, in the Eiver St. Lawrence. 8vo. London, 1832. 
. Saxon Mining. Der verkannte Werth des sachsischen Berg- 

baues und desselben gute Sache. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1781. 
. Science. A discourse of the Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures 

of Science. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1827. 
. Scotland. Journal of a tour through the Highlands of Scotland 

during the summer of 1829. 8vo. Norton Hall, 1830. 
. Sintees. Breve notizia di un viaggiatore sulle incrostazioni 

silicie termali d'ltalia, e specialmente di quelle dei Campi Plegrei nel 

Eegno di Napoli ; by 0. (Tract.) 8vo. London ?, 1795. 

Statistics. Heads for the arrangement of Local Information in 

every department of Parochial and Eural Interest. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1830. 
— . Sulphueic Ethee. Debate in the United States Senate on the 

Anaesthetic Properties of Sulphuric Ether. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington 9 ., 1852. 
— . . Eeport (to the Senate of the United States) of a Select 

Committee on the discovery of Sulphuric Ether as an Anaesthetic. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington ?, 1853. 

See also Moeton (William T. G.). 
— . Telescopes. Lord Eosse's Two Great Telescopes. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1845. 
— . Tides. A new Theory (CaDtain Davis's) of the Effect of the 

Tides. (Tract.) 8vo. 

— . . Account of Mr. WhewelTs Eesearches on the Tides. 

[From the United Service Journal.] (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1838. 
— . Teinidad. The Pitch-Lake of Trinidad. (Tract.) 

8vo. London ?, 1869. 
— . Tuscan Mining. Eagionamento intorno alia riattivazione che si 

propone d'intraprendere di alcune miniere in Toscana. Edizione 2 da . 

(Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1833. 

— . Unity of System. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

— . Vesuvius. Esame cristallografico del ferro oligisto e del ferro 

ossidulato del Vesuvio. (Tract.) 8vo. 1842-43. 

ANO— ANS 17 

Anon. Volcanic Islands. Om den vulcanske Oe, Isola Eerdinandea, 
der i 1831 fremkom i naerheden af Sicilien. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 

. Volcanoes. Essay on Volcanoes, by Scholastieus. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lewes, 1818. 

. Wells. Artesian "Well on Southampton Common. (Tract.) 

8vo. Southampton'?, 1877. 

. . Well at Mr. Webb's Soda-AVater Manufactory at 

Islington Green. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. Welkin. The Eocks of the Wrekin, by a Lady. 

8vo. Wellington and London, n. d. 

. Zoology. A popular description and history of the Giraffes, or 

Camelopards, now (1836) exhibiting in the Zoological Gardens ; by 
a Naturalist. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

Anschutz ( Johann Matthiius). Ueber die Gebirgs- unci Steinarten des 
chursiichsischen Hennebergs, nebst einer allgemeinen Uebersicht 
aller bis jetzt bekannten Mineralien dieses Landes und einem 
Anhange vom Schneekopfe und Eupberg. 8vo. Leipzig, 1788. 

Ansted (David Thomas). On a new Genus of fossil Multilocular Shells, 
found in the Slate Eocks of Cornwall. (Tract.) 

4to. Cambridge, 1838. 

. Geology, introductory, descriptive, and practical. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1844. 

. Geologist's Text-book. 8vo. London, 1845. 

. Geology as a branch of Education. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

. Eacts and suggestions concerning the economic geology of India. 

I. Coal-fields of India. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1846. 

. The Ancient World ; or, Picturesque sketches of Creation. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

. The Gold-seeker's Manual. 8vo. London, 1849. 

. An Elementary Course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical 

Geography. 8vo. London, 1850. 

. On the absorbent power of Chalk, and its water contents under 

different conditions. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

. Eeport to the Council of the Society of Arts, on Berdan's Gold 

Machine. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

. Eeport on the Eorest Hill Estate and Coal Eield, near the Great 

Kanawha Eiver, Western Virginia. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

. Scenery, Science and Art. 8vo. London, 1854. 

. Geological Science ; including the Practice of Geology and the 

Elements of Physical Geography. (Orr's Circle of the Sciences.) 

8vo. London, 1855. 

. Descriptions of Eemarkable Mineral Veins. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 

. On the Decay and Preservation of Building-materials. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 
. The Varieties of Combustible Minerals used economically, con- 
sidered in reference to their geological position and relative value for 
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Considerations on the Selection of Building-sites. (Tract.) 

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. See Exhibition oe 1862 and Eeports, Colonial. Victoria. 

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AEC— AEM 19 

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when a paper was read on the Exploration of the North Polar Eegion, 

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Arctic Searching Expeditions. Eeview. (Tract.) 

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20 AEM— AUB 

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(Dr.). The industrial resources of the district of the three northern 

Rivers, the Tyne, the Wear, and the Tees, including the reports of 

the Local Manufactures, read before the British Association in 1863. 

8vo. London and Neivcastle-on-Tyne, 1864. 
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Arndt sen (Adam) . Magnetiske Undersogelser, anstillede med W. "Webers 

Diamagnetometer. (Tract.) 4to. Christiania, 1858. 

. On Mckelenselektriske Ledningsmodstand. (Tract.) 

4to. Christiania, 1858. 
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means, old and new, of obtaining healthful warmth and ventilation. 

8vo. London, 1855. 
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Arouet de.). 
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tion of the Fossil remains of Plants peculiar to the Coal-formations- 

of Great Britain. 4to. London, 1825. 

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Ascherson (P.). See Von eer Decked (Carl Claus). Eeisen in Ost- 

Africa in 1859-1865. 
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8vo. Cambridge and London, 1855. 
Assistance Expedition. See Belcher (Sir Edward). 
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occorso nella fedelissima citta cli 2STap. alii 16 del mese di dicembre 

1631. (Tract.) 12mo. Naples, 1632. 

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Neocomien d'Escragnolles et des Basses-Alpes. 8vo. Lyons, 1851. 
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por una Comision de Facultativos.) 2 copies. 4to. Madrid, 1831. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Graliamstoiun, 1S58. 

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Tartary. 8vo. London, 1858. 

Atlantic Ocean. Great North Atlantic Telegraph Eoute. (Tract.) 

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-. Memoires sur les Basaltes de la Saxe. 8vo. Paris, 1803- 

An Account of the Basalts of Saxony, with observations on the 

origin of Basalt in general; Translated, with notes, by P. JNeill. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1814. 

AUB— AUS 21 

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connaissances actuelles sur la constitutiou physique et minerale du 
globe terrestre. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1819. 

. Traite de G-eognosie, ou expose des counaissauees actuelles sur la 

constitution physique et minerale du globe terrestre. Nouvelle 
e'dition revue et corrigee. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1828-35. 

*£* Torn. ii. et iii. " contenant le developpement de toutes les appli- 
cations de ces connaissances, et mis en rapport avec le premier 
volume publie en 1828 par M. cV Aubuisson de Voisins ; par 
Amedee Burat." 

Aucapitaine (Henri). Mollusques terrestres et cl'eau douce observes 
dans la Haute Kabylie. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

Auckland (New Zealand). Sketch of the present position of the Pro- 
vince of Auckland, statistically and financially. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1863. 

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Auerbach (J. B.). Topa Bor^o — Explorations effected under the 
Auspices of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in 1854. 
With an Introduction by G. Trautschold. (Tract.) 

. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1871. 

, and Frears (H.). Notices sur quelques passages de l'ouvrage 

de MM. Murchison, E. de Verneuil et le Comte A. de Keyserling : 

' Geologie de la Russie d'Europe et des Montagues de l'Oural.' 

(Tract.) 8vo. Moscow. 1846. 

Aufermann (Wilhelm). Erster Bericht liber Wm.Aufermann's Verfahren 
zur Concentration von Erzen. (Tract.). 8vo. New York, 1861. 

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graphische Beschreibung der beiden Rhein-Departemente. 3 vols. 

8vo. Strasburg, 1825. 

. L' Alsace. Nouvelle Description historique et topographique des 

deux departemens du Rhin. Supplement. 8vo. Strasburg, 1828. 

Auldjo (John). Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont 
Blanc, on the 8th and 9th August, 1827. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1828. 

. Sketches of Vesuvius, with short accounts of its principal erup- 
tions. 8vo. Naples, 1832. 

. View of Cape Uncino near the Torre dell' Annunziata, of the 

Source of the Acqua Vesuviana, and of the remains of a Cypress 
discovered standing upright in the tufa, 34 feet below the surface of 
the ground. (Tract.) 4to. Naples, 1833. 

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from Assam and the Naga Hills. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1874. 

. Notes on the Geology of part of the Dafla Hills, Assam ; lately 

visited by the Eorce under Brigadier-General Stafford. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1875. 

. The Evidence of past Glacial Action in the Naga Hills, Assam. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1875. 

Austen (John H.). A Guide to the Geology of the Isle of Purbeck, and 
the South-west coast of Hampshire. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Blandford, 1852. 

22 AUS— AZA 

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Edited by Frank Buckland. 8vo. London?, 1877. 

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the South-east of Devonshire. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1840. 

. Figures of Fossils from the Lower Limestones of South Devon. 

(Tract.) 4to. 

. On the Series of Upper Palaeozoic Groups in the Boulounais, 

with a note by D. Sharpe. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

. See Forbes (Edward). 

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Fish and Estherice have been found. With a note on Estheria Mid- 
dendorfii, by T. Eupert Jones. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1803. 

. On the Cleansing of Rivers. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1872. 

. Undeveloped Resources of Turkey in Asia, with notes on the 

Railway to India. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1878. 

Austin (Thomas). On a new Genus of Echinoderm, and observations on 
the genus Palo?chinus. (Tract.) 18vo. London, 1860. 

. The Millstone Grit, its Fossils, and the Relation it bears to other 

groups of Rocks, more particularly as it occurs in the Bristol Dis- 
trict, and South-west of England generally. (Tract.) 

8vo. London and Bristol. 1865. 

. On Lower Silurian Rocks in the South-east of Ireland, and on a 

Human Skeleton in an elevated sea-margin. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 

- — and Austin (Thomas, Jun.). A Monograph on recent and fossil 

Orinoidea. (Incomplete.) 4to. London and Bristol, 18-13. 

Australia. Australian Direct Steam Navigation Company, via Panama, 
Prospectus. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

Australian Gold Fields. Newspaper extract. Sydney, 1861. 

Australia (South). See South Australia. 

Australia (Western). See Western Australia. 

Austria. Instruzioni per uso de' Medici e Chirurghi incaricati di pubblico 
servizio negli Imperiali e Reali Stati Austriaci risguardanti le visite 
giudiziali dei Cadaveri. (Tract.) -ito. Milan, 1818. 

. Die Mineralkohlen Oesterreichs. Eine Uebersicht der geologis- 

chen, Betriebs- und Absatzverhaltnisse. Aus Anlass der Pariser 
Weltausstellung zusammengestellt im k. k. Ackerbau-Ministerium. 

8vo. Vienna, 1878, 

. Mining Statistics. See Rossiwall (Josef). 

Aveline (W. T.). See Surveys : England and Wales. 

Avicenna. See Geber. 

Ayrton (W. E.). See Perry (John). 

Azais (H.). Explication des Puits artesiens. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1841. 

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peds of Paraguay and the River la Plata. Translated with notes by 
W. Perceval Hunter. 8vo. London, 1837. 

. Natural History of the Quadrupeds of Paraguay and the River 

La Plata, translated, with a memoir of the Author, etc. by W. Per- 
ceval Hunter. Vol. I. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 183S. 
Azara (Giuseppe Niccola d'). See Bowles (William). 

B— BAC 23 


B * * * (E.). Crag. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1866. 

g » * * (W. of London). A Touchstone for Grold and Silver Wares, or a 

Manual for Goldsmiths, etc. 8vo. London, 1677. 

Babbage (Charles). Charge against the late Sir Humphry Davy. See 

Davy (John). 

. On the Application of Machinery to the purpose of Calculating 

and Printing Mathematical Tables. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1822. 

. Table of Logarithms of the natural numbers from 1 to 108,000. 

2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1831. 

. On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures. 

8vo. London, 1832. 

. The ninth Bridgewater Treatise : a Fragment. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1838. 

. Observations on the Temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli, near Naples. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

. Thoughts on the Principles of Taxation, with reference to a Property 

Tax, and its Exceptions. 3rd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. Of the Constants of Nature. Class Mammalia. (Tract.) 

4to. Brussels, 1853. 

. Notice sur la Machine suedoise de MM. Scheutz pour calculer les 

Tables mathematiques par la Methode des Differences, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1855. 
— . An Analysis of the Statistics of the Clearing House daring the 

year 1839. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 

. A Word to the Wise. Observations on Peerages for Life. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
. Observations addressed, at the last anniversary, to the President 

and Fellows of the Boyal Society, after the delivery of the medals 

[in reference to Messrs. Scheutz's calculating machine]. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
. Scheutz's Difference Engine, and Babbage's Mechanical Notation. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 
. Observations on the discovery in various localities of the Bemains 

of Human Art mixed with the Bones of Extinct Baces of Animals. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

Babington (Churchill). See Potter (T. E.). 
Babington (AVilliam). A Systematic Arrangement of Minerals. 

4to. London, 1795. 

. A new System of Mineralogy in the form of a Catalogue. 

4to. London, 1799. 
Bach (J. F.). Introduction a la connaissance des montagnes, des vallees, 

des lacs et des rivieres de la Suisse, etc. Revue par J. B. B. Eyries. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

Bache ( Alexander Dallas). On the Tides of the Western Coast of the 

United States. — Tides of San Francisco Bay, California. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1856. 
. On the Tides of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of the United 

States ; the Gulf Stream ; and the Earthquake-waves of December 

1854. 8vo. New Haven, 1854. 

24 BAC— BAI 

Bachmann (Isidor). Quelques reinarques sur une note de M. Benevier, 
intitulee : " Quelques observations geologiques sur les Alpes de la 
Suisse centrale (Schwytz, Uri, Unterwalden et Berne) comparees 
aux Alpes Vaudoises." (Tract.) 8vo. Berne, 1869. 

. Beschreibung eines Unterkiefers von Dinotherium bavaricum, 

H. v. Meyer, aus dem Berner Jura. (Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 

4to. Basle and Geneva, 1875. 

. Possile Eier aus der obern Siisswassermolasse der TImgebungvon 

Luzern. (Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1878. 

Back (George). Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the mouth 

of the Great Pish Biver, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in 

the years 1833, 1834, and 1835. 8vo. London, 1836. 

-.Backwell (Joseph). An Introduction to the Study of Mineralogy, or 

Students Pocket Companion. . 8vo. Halifax, 1826. 

Bacon (Prancis), Lord Verulam. Biographical Notice. See Liebig- 
(Justus von). 

Baddeley (P. P.). A new Instrument for taking Specific Gravities. 
(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1830. 

. On the red colour of flame as produced by Strontian, and as cha- 
racteristic of minerals of that genus. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1830. 

. Miueralogical examination of the Sulphate of Strontian from 

Kingston, Upper Canada. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1830. 

. A geological sketch of the most south-eastern portion of Lower 

, Canada. (Tract.) 8vo. Quebec, 1837. 

. On the Magdalen Islands, being the substance of four reports. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Quebec, 1837. 

Baden. Beitriige zur Statistik der inneren Verwaltang des Grossher- 
zogthums Baden. Heft xxiii. and xxv. Geologische Beschreibung 
der Umgebungen von Waldshut, [und] von Lahr und Orenburg. 
Herausgegeben von dem Handels-Ministerium. 

4to. Carlsruhe, 1867. 

. Pieces relatives a l'etablissement des Bains gazeux aux thermes de 

Baden en Suisse, en 1824. (Tract.) 8vo. Aarau ?, 1824. 

Baer (Carl Ernst von). De fossilium mammalium reliquis in Prussia 
adjacentibusque regionibus repertis. (Tract.) 

4to. Konigsberg, 1823. 

. Kaspische Studien. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1855. 

and Helmersen (G. von). Beitrage zur Kenntniss des russischen 

Beiches und der angriinzenden Lander Asiens. Vol. xxi. Geognos- 
tische Untersuchungen im mittleren Bussland, von G. von Helmer- 
sen and B. Pacht. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1858. 

Bagot (Andrew H.). Exhibition of 1865. Eeply to letter of G. "W. 
Maunsell, Esq., of 21st October, 1865. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin ?, 1865. 

Baier (Johann Jacob). OPYKTOrPA<MA Norica, sive rerum fossilium 
et ad minerale regnum pertinentium in territorio JSTorimbergensi 
ejusque vicinia observatarum succincta descriptio. 

4to. Nuremberg, 1708. 

. . Cum supplementis A. mdccxxx. editis. 

4to. Nuremberg ,17 '58. 

BAI— BAK 25 

Baier (Johann Jacob). Monumenta reruin petrincatarurn prsecipua 
oryctographia3 Noricse, supplementi loco iungenda, interprete filio 
Ferdinando Jacobo Baiero. 4to. Nuremberg, 1757. 

Bailey (L. W.). Observations on the Geology of Southern New Bruns- 
wick. 8vo. Fredericton, 1865. 

Bailly (Jean Sylvain). Lettres sur l'Atlantide de Platon et sur l'ancienne 
Histoire de l'Asie ; pour servir de suite aux lettres sur l'origine des 
sciences, adressees a M. de Voltaire par M. Bailly. 

8vo. London and Paris, 1779. 

Baily (Francis). Biography. See Heesciiel (Sir John Frederick 

. An account or the Key. John Flam steed, the first Astronomer- 

Boyal ... to which is added his British Catalogue of Stars, corrected 
and enlarged. With Supplement. 2 vols. 

4to. London, 1835-37. 

. Experiments with the torsion rod, for determining the mean 

density of the earth. 4to. London, 1843. 

Baily (William Hellier). Description of some Cretaceous Fossils from 
South Africa. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

See also Garden (B. J.). 

. Descriptions of Fossil Invertebrata from the Crimea. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1858. 

. On the occurrence of some characteristic Graptolites and other 

fossils, indicating certain divisions of the Lower Silurian Bocks in 
the counties of Meath, Tipperary, and Clare. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. Bemarks on some Coal-measure Crustacea belonging to the genus 

Belinurus, Konig., with descriptions of two new species from Queen's 
County, Ireland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

. Figures of Characteristic British Fossils, with descriptive remarks. 

Vol. i. Palaeozoic. 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1875. 

. See Hull (Edward). 

Bain (A. G.). Geology of South Africa. (Tracts.) 

8vo. Grahamstoivn, 1856-57. 

Baird (S. F.). See Bed Biver and Surveys : California. 

Baird (W.). The Natural History of the British Entomostraca. (Bay 
Society.) 8vo. London, 1850. 

. See British Museum. 

Baker (Henry). An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Polype. 

8vo. London, 1743. 

Baker (James P.). See Eeports, Parliamentary. Mines. 

Baker (John Gilbert). The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Great Britain : 
an attempt to classify them according to their Geognostic relations. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

Baker (Thomas). Practical Survey of the Geology, Mineralogy, and 
Historical Events of the District of Dudley, etc. 

8vo. Birmingham, 1848. 

Baker (W.). The Cannington Park Limestone. (Tract.) 8vo. 

Baker (W. E.). Memoir on the Fossil Bemains presented to the 
Museum of Natural History at Ludlow. (Tract.) 

8vo. Ludlow, 1850. 

2Q " BAK— BAE 

Bakewell (F. C). Geology for Schools and Students ; or former 
"Worlds, their Structure, Condition, and Inhabitants. 

8vo. London, 1854. 

. Considerations respecting the Figure of the Earth, in relation 

to the action of Centrifugal Force, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. A Dynamical Theory of the Figure of the Earth, proving the 

Poles to be elongated. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1867. 

Bakewell (Bobert). Travels ; comprising observations made during a 
residence in the Tarentaise and various parts of the Grecian [Graian] 
and Pennine Alps, and in Switzerland and Auvergne in the years 
1820, 1821, and 1822. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823. 

. On the Falls of Niagara, and on the Physical Structure of the 

adjacent country. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1830. 

. An Introduction to Geology, illustrative of the General Structure 

of the Earth. 8vo. London, 1813. 

. . 4th edition. 8vo. London, 1833. 

. . 5th edition. 8vo. London, 1838. 

Bald (Bobert). On the Temperature of Air and of Water in the Coal- 
mines of Great Britain, particularly in those which are of the 
greatest depth. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

Baldassari (Giuseppe). Osservazioni sopra il sale della Creta, con un 
saggio di produzioni naturali dello Stato senese. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sienna, 1750. 

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. Biography of the late Professor Edward Forbes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 

Ball (John). On the Formation of Alpine Lakes. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1863. 

. A Guide to the Eastern Alps. 8vo. London, 1870. 

. The Central Alps. 8vo. London, 1873. 

. A Guide to the Western Alps. 8vo. London, 1873. 

Ball (Bobert). Annual Address delivered before the Geological Society 
of Dublin, February 16, 1853. With an Appendix, containing the 
Titles of Papers read before the Geological Society of Dublin to 
1853. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1853. 

Ball (Valentine). On Stilbite from veins in Metamorphic (Gneiss) 
rocks in Western Bengal. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1879. 

. On the Forms and Geographical Distribution of Ancient Stone 

Implements in India. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1879. 

Balot. Notice geologique sur la Baume de Balot. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bar-sur-Seine. 

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BAE 27 

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Vomerine Teeth of Ctenodus. IV. On the Dentary, Articular, and 
Pterygo-palatine Bones of Ctenodus. V. On the Sphenoid, Cranial 
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28 BAE 

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Depot organique dans les loges aeriennes des Orthoceres. (Tract.) 

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Etat actuel des connaissances acquises sur la faune primordiale. 

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BAE 29 

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Northern New England and the Quebec group of rocks. (Tract.) 

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8vo. Paris, 1875. 
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l'Aisne et les Ardennes. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

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Turonien du bassin de Paris. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Lille, 1875. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1877. 
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cotes de la Bretagne. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1877. 

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8vo. Lille, 1877, 

30 BAR— BAT 

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valle'e de la Souche. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1878. 

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sines. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1878. 

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1879 a Lens. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1879. 

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Appendice paleontologique : Description des Echinides par G-. Cot- 
teau. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

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sur les argiles a, silex. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1879. 

and Guerne (Jules de). Description de quelques especes nouvelles 

de la Craie de l'Est du bassin de Paris. (Tract.) 

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the Departement de Seine-et-Marne, and now exhibiting in Paris. 
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derata in Natural History, and on the best means of promoting the 
study of this science, in the United States. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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8vo. London, 1850. 

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stuffed birds, rare fossils, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Swanage, 1841. 

V* See Proc. Geol. Soc. No. 13. 

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Fol. London'?, 1807. 

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Ire partie. 4to. Paris, 1825. 

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the specific gravity and thickness of the different strata, or layers 
of coal, &c. in the Bannock, Main, and Six Quarters bands, or seams 
of coal in Howgill and Whingill Coallieries, near Whitehaven . 
(Tract.) Manuscript, 1793. 

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8vo. London, 1862. 

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(Tract.) MS. 

BAT— BEA 31 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Beauvais, 1853. 

. Xotice sur quelques Terebratules du Calcaire grcssier, non deerites 

jusqu'a ce jour. (Tract.) 8vo. Beauvais, 1855. 

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Akademie der Wissenschaften am 25. Juli 1866 gehalten. 

4to. Munich, 1866. 

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magnitudes. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester ?, 1863. 

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les Fossiles nouveaux ou mal connus. l rc fascicule. Mollusques ter- 
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M. Falsan. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

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des Miues sur des fossiles nouveaux ou mal connus.) (Tract.) 

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jurassiques superieurs. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

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8vo. Paris, 1874. 

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in der offentlichen Sitzung der k. b. Akademie der Wissenschaften 
zu Miinchen, 1878. 4to. Munich, 1878. 

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Gouvernement zum niizlichen Gebrauche fiir Geschaftsmiinner und 
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St. Lawrence. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1837. 

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Misinterpreters : the Word of God, and its Infallible Truth. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Liverpool, no date. 

Bayo (Joaquin Ezquerra del). See Ezqtterra del Bayo (Joaquin). 

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4 Beagle' and ' Adventure' Expedition. The Zoology of the Voyage of 
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Darwin. Fossil Mammalia described by Bichard Owen, with a geo- 
logical introduction by Charles Darwin. 4to. London, 1838. 

32 BEA— BEC 

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George E. Waterhouse, and Fish, by Charles Darwin. Part III. 

Birds, by John G-ould. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1839. 
. Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of H.M.SS. Adventure and 

Beagle, describing their Examination of the Southern Shores of 

South America. Vol. III. Journal and Bemarks, 1832-1836. 

By C. B. Darwin. 8vo. London, 1839. 

. See Darwin (Charles). 

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Suggestions for a New Street through the City of London, with a 

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Coast of Asia Minor, and of the Bemains of Antiquity. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1818. 
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and 1812. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1820. 

. See Admiralty Publications. 

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Scientific Miscellanies. Vol. I. 4to. London, 1834. 

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a la reconnaissance hydrographique des cotes occidentales de France, 

suivi d'un precis des operations geodesiques. 4to. Paris, 1829. 

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nassauischen Lande nebst einer Geschichte des siegenschen Hiitten- 

und Hammerwesens. 8vo. Marburg, 1789. 

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praticati in Toscana per ottenere dai medesimi, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Florence, 1858. 
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Parks, Colorado, and adjacent Country. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1877. 
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Beck (Lewis C.). See New York (Natural History of). 
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schaft ; and Surveys : Hesse. 
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Polen, besonders in Hinsicht auf Steinsalz und Soole. (Tract.) 

8vo. Freiburg, 1830. 
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carbonatee observees dans le calcaire de Clamecy. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1819. 
. Note sur une couche de Lignite renfermant du Succin et des 

cristaux d'une substance qui paroit analogue au Mellite, trouve'e 

re'cemment a Auteuil. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1819. 

BEC— BEK 33 

Bsccp.erel (Autoine Cesar). Memoire sur l'argile plasticpie d'Auteuil, 
et sur les substances qui l'accompagnent. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1821. 

. Kiinstlich krystallisirtes Schwefelblei. (Tract.) 

Svo. Leipzig, 1834. 
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Banbury. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Banbury, 1872. 
. On the Geology of the Eastern Portion of the Banbury and Chel- 
tenham Direct Railway. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1877. 
Beetz (~W\). Der Antheil der k. bayerischen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften an der Entwickelung der Electricitiitslehre. (Tract.) 

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King George's German Dominions. Svo. London, 1730. 

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for Gold and Coal. 8vo. Melbourne, 1875. 

Beinert (C. C.) and G-oppert (H. B.). Abhandlung iiber die Beschaffen- 

heit und Verhiiltuisse der fossilen Flora in den verschiedenen Stein- 

kohlen-Ablagerungen eines und desselben Beviers. 

4to. Leyden, 1849. 

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•. On the Geological Evidence of the Advance of the Land at the 

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. Views in Ethnography, the Classification of Languages, the Pro- 
gress of Civilization, and the Natural History of Man. (Tract.) 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1835. 
. On the former Extent of the Persian Gulf, and on the compara- 
tively recent union of the Tigris and Euphrates. (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1836 ? 

. . New edition. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1863. 

. On the Complexion of the Ancient Egyptians. (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1836. 

. On the former Extent of the Persian Gulf, and on the Non-identity 

of Babylon and Babel. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

. Additional remarks on the former extent of the Persian Gulf, and 

on the distinction between Babel and Babylon. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1837. 
On the Alluvia of Babylonia and Chaldsea. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

Svo. London, 1839. 
An enquiry into M. Autoine d'Abbadie's journey to Kaffa in the 
years 1843 and 1844, to discover the Source of the Nile. (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1850. 

. Second edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

A summary of recent Nilotic Discovery. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1851. 
-. Beasons for returning the Gold Medal of the Geographical Society 
of France, and for withdrawing from its membership. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1851. 
-. On the Mountains forming the eastern side of the Basin of the 
Nile, etc. (Tract.) Svo. Edinburgh, 1861. 


34 BEK— BEL 

Beke (Charles Tilstone). A few words with Bishop Colenso on the- 
subject of the Exodus of the Israelites and the position of Mount 
Sinai. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Who discovered the Sources of the Kile ? A letter to Sir B. 

Murchison, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

. . 2nd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

. A lecture on the Sources of the Nile, &c. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1864. 
Mount Sinai a Volcano. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1873. 

Belcher (Sir Edward). The last of the Arctic voyages ; being a narra- 
tive of the Expedition in H.M.S. Assistance, under the command of 
Capt. Sir Edward Belcher, C.B., in search of Sir John Franklin,, 
during the years 1852-3-4. With notes on the Xatural History,, 
by Sir John Bichardson, Professor Owen, Thomas Bell, J. W. Salter, 
and Lovell Beeve. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1855. 

. See Admiralty Publications. 

Belgium. Mining Industries and Coal trade of Belgium. (Tract.) 

8a"o. London, 1863. 
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4to. Paris, 1869. 

. La Seine ; etudes hydrologiques. Atlas. 4to. Paris, 1872-73. 

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■ -. On some new or little-known Shells, &c. of the Crag Formations. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

. Contributions to the Crag-Fauna. Part ii. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1871. 

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and Bell (Bobert). The English Crags, and their stratigraphical 

divisions indicated by their Invertebrate Fauna. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1871- 
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Svo. London, I860. 
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Linnean Society, May 24, 1854, and May 24, 1855. (Tracts.) 

Svo. London, 1854-55. 

. Horse Carcinologica). A monograph of the Leucosiadae. (Tract.) 

4-to. London, 1855. 

. A Monograph of the Fossil Malacostracous Crustacea of Great 

Britain. (Palseontographical Society.) 4to. London, 1857. 

. See Belcher (Sir Edward), Burmeister (Hermann), British 

Museum, Owen (Bichard), and Serials, etc. London. Palreonto- 
graphical Society. 
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Piemont. (Tract.) 4to. Turin, 1841. 

. Monografia delle Pleurotome fossili del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

4to. Turin, 1847. 

. Monograna delle Coiumbelle fossili del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

4to. Turin, 184S. 

BEL 35 

Bellardi (Luigi). Catalogue raisonne cles fossiles nummulitiques du 
Comte cle Nice, avec la collaboration de MM. E. Sismonda, d'Archiac, 
et Jules Haime. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1850. 

. Monografia delle Mitre fossili del Piemonte. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Turin, 1850. 

. Catalogo ragionato dei fossili nummulitici d'Egitto della raccolta 

del Eegio Museo Ivlineralogico di Torino. (Tract.) 4to. Turin, 1854. 

. I Mollusclii dei terreni Terziari del Piemonte e della Liguria. 

Parte I. 4to. Turin, 18>2. 

. See Lessoxa (M.). 

and Michelotti (Giovanni). Saggio orittogranco sulla Classe dei 

Gasteropodi fossili dei terreni Terziari del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

4to. Turin, 1840. 
Bellefonds ( — Linant de). See Lixaxt de Bellefoxds ( — ). 
Bellucci (Giuseppe). Avanzi dell' epoca preistorica dell' uomo nel ter- 
ritorio di Terni. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1870. 

. Spedizione Italiana nella Reggenza di Tunisi. (Tract.) 

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Belpaire (B.). Memoire sur les changements que la cote d'Anvers a 

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36 BEL— BEN 

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BEtf— BEE 37 

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rezza clisposte per facilmente hnparare a conoscere i Eossili. 

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Neilgherry Hills, via Bangalore and via Salem. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) MS. 
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. On Curved and other Strata. (Tract.) MS. 

. On the Blade-bone or Scapula of some large Cetaceous Animal 

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38 BEE 

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velle edition, considerablement augmente'e par J. C. De La Metherie. 

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centis lapidum figuratorum, a potiori insectiformium, prodigiosis 

imaginibus exornatae Specimen primum, quod in dissertation e inau- 

gurali physico-historica .... submittit Georgius Ludovicus Hueber. 

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See also Leschevin (Ph. X.). 

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. Paper on the Bhore Grhaut incline of the Great Indian Peninsula 

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State ; with a Geological Map, and an Appendix of useful Tables. 

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einem systematischen Yerzeichnisse aller in diesem Lande vor- 
kommenden Mineralkorper und deren Eundorter. 

8vo. Basle, 1811. 
Beroldingen (Eranz von). Bemerkungen auf einer Beise durch die 
pf alzischen und zweybriickischen Quecksilber-Bergwerke ; herausge- 
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BEE 39 

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parteinent du Haut-Ehin. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1825. 

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. Note sur la cbaux phosphatee des mines de houille de Fins, 

Allier, avec une Note de M. Guillemin. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1825. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1825. 

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. See Gcyton de Moryeac (L. B.). 

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partie du Bas-Vallais, et des montagnes avoisinantes. 

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2nd edition. 8vo. Geneva, 1803. 

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Mollaces, et autres pierres vitreuses, precede de quelques observa- 
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. Nouveaux principes de Geologie, Mineralogie, Gcographie-phy-" 

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. . 2nd edition. 8vo. Paris, 1803.- 

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. Memoire sur les ossemeus fossiles de Saint-Privat, et sur le 

terrain basaltique ou ils ont cte decouverts. (Tract.) 

8vo. Puy, 1828. 

. Memoire sur les ossemens fossiles de Saint-Privat d'Allier. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Puy, 1829. 

. De la frequence comparee des vents superieurs et inferieurs sous 

le climat du Puy en Velay et de leur distribution. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1851. 

' . Troisieme Memoire sur la frequence compare'e des vents superieurs 

et inferieurs d'apres les observations faites au Puy, a Bruxelles et a 
Goersdorff, Bas-Ehin. (Tract.) 8vo, Paris, 1855. 

. Quatrieme Memoire sur la frequence et la capacite pluvieuse des 

vents superieurs et inferieurs, sur la station du Puy. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1857. 

40 BEE— BET 

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Mineralogy, by the application of the electro-chemical theory and 
the chemical proportions. Translated from the Swedish by John 
Black. 8vo. London, 1814, 

. Neues System der Mineralogie. Aus dem Schwedisehen iiber- 

setzt von Chr. Gmelin und W. Pfaff. 8vo. Nuremberg, 1810. 

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and Marcet (Alexander). Experiments on the Alcohol of Sulphur, 

or Sulphuret of Carbon. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1813. 

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Tal i Kongl. Yetenskaps-Akademien vid prsesidii nedliiggande den 
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roches primitives. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1789. 

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des Mollusques, des Badiaires et des Zoophvtes. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1810. 

. Memoire sur la possibilite de faire vivre des Mollusques fluvia- 

tiles dans les Eaux salees, et des Mollusques marins dans les Eaux 
douces, consideree sous le rapport de la Geologic (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Paris, 1816. 

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formes cristallines, etc. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1817. 

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1818. 3 vols, and plates. 4to. Paris, 1822, 

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. . 5th edition. 8vo. Paris, 1851 . 

. See Elie de Beaumont (L.). 

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Propres a l'Exploitation des Mines, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1809. 

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orum per utrumque Ducatum hinc inde repertorum Svntagma, . . . 
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North Yorkshire, with some observations on Ironstone Mining. 

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in the county of Sussex. MS. slip. 

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des rheinischen TJebergangsgebirges. Erstes Heft. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 4to. Berlin, 1837. 

. De Goniatitis in Montibus Bhenanis occurrentibus. (Tract.) 

4to. Berlin, 1837. 

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BET— BIA 41 

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von Tripoli nach. Murzuk und von Murzuk nach Ghat gefundenen 

Versteinerungen. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1852, 

. Ueber die Stellung der hessischen Tertiarbildungen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1854. 
. Ueber die Lagerung der Kreideforination im schlesischen Gebirge. 

(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1855. 
. Ueber den Zusammenhang der norddeutschen Tertiarbildungen, 

(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1856. 

. Ueber die Abgrenzung der oligocanen Tertiiirzeit. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1858. 

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8vo. Berlin, 1864. 

. Ueber eine Kohlenkalk-Eauna von Timor. (Tract.) 

4to. Berlin, 1865, 

. Ueber einen Pterichthys von Gerolstein. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1877. 

. Ueber jurassische Amnioniten von Mombassa. (Tract.") 

8vo. Berlin, 1877. 
. Ueber Hildebrandt's geologische Sainmlungen von Mombassa. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1878, 

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Territorio PorrettaDO. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1867. 

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siderato come carattere distintivo per la determinazione delle Eilliti. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1838. 
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sorgenti infiammabili, dei Pozzi idropirici, e di altri fenomeni 

geologici, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1840, 
. Se il mare abbia in tempi anticbi occupato le pianure ed i colli 

d' Italia, di Grecia, dell' Asia Minore, ec. e del terreno marino detto 

Marna bleu Subapennina. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1844. 
. De mari olim occupante planities et colles Italiae, Graeciae, Asiae 

Minoris, etc. et de aetate terreni quod geologi appellant Marnes 

bleues. 4to. Bologna, 1846-52. 
. Bepertorium Italicum complectens Zoologiam, .Mineralogiam 7 

Geologiam et Palaeontologiam. (Bepertorio ltaliano per la Storia 

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. Alcune ricerche sui capreoli delle Cucurbitacee. (Tract.) 

4to. Bologna, 1855. 
■ . Deserizione delle forme cristalline di Zolfo delle Miniere del 

Cesenate. (Tract.) 4to. Bologna, 1861. 
. Del calore prodotto per l'attrito fra fluidi e solidi in rapporto- 

colle sorgenti termali e cogli aeroliti. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bologna, 1862. 
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Mauro. (Tract.) 4to. Bologna, 1862. 

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. Studi sul Tarso-metatarso degli Uccelli, ed in particolare su quello 

dell' JEpyornis maximus ; continuazione e fine. (Tract.) 

4to. Bologna, 1865.- 


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Calcare Eocenico. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1807. 
. Osservazioni sul femore e sulla tibia dell' JEpyomis maximus. 

(Tract.) 8vo! Bologna, 1870. 

. Esperienze intorno alia nessibilita del ghiaccio. (Tract.) 

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. . Memoria seconda. (Tract.) 4to. Bologna, 1876. 

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BLL— BIN 43 

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Description of a Mineral Vein in the Lancashire Coal Field, near 

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Remarks on a Vein of Lead found, in the Carboniferous Strata of 

Derbyshire, near Whaley Bridge. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1849. 

Description of some supposed Meteorites found in Seams of Coal. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1851. 

Notes on the Drift Deposits found near Blackpool. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1852. 
On some Trails and Holes found in Rocks of the Carboniferous 
Strata, with remarks on the Microconchus carbonarius. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1852. 
-. On the Action of old Coal-pit Water upon Iron, in the Pendleton 
Colliery. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1854. 

44 BIN 

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ticularly the newly discovered Red Stone at Ipstones, near Cheadle, 
Staffordshire ; with some account of the Ironstones of South Lan- 
cashire. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1854. 
On the Permian Beds of the North-west of England. (Tract.) 

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Additional observations on the Permian Beds of the North-west 
of England. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1857. 

Fossil Shells in the Lower Coal Measures. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1860. 
Gases found in Coal-mines, and on Mining Lamps. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1859. 
Additional Observations on the Permian Beds of South Lanca- 
shire. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1861. 
On Sigillaria and its Hoots. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, ] 862. 
Eurther Observations on the Carboniferous, Permian, and Triassic 
Strata of Northumberland and Dumfries. (Tracts.) 

8vo. Manchester. 1863. 
On Stigmaria. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1864. 

-. A few remarks on Mr. Hull's Additional observations on the Drift- 
deposits in the neighbourhood of Manchester. (Tract.) 

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-. A Description of some Eossil Plants, showing structure, found in 
the Lower Coal-seams of Lancashire and Yorkshire. (Tract.) 

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cashire. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1865. 
-. On some of the Objects of the Manchester Geological Society, 
and the best Means of attaining them. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1865. 
-. On the Upper Coal Measures of England and Scotland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1866-67. 
-. Observations on the Structure of Eossil Plants found in the 
Carboniferous Strata. (Palseontographical Society.) 

4to. London, 1868 etc. 
-. Note on the Organs of Fructification and Eoliage of Calamodendron 
commune (?). (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

-. On the Permian Strata of East Cheshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1870. 
-. Additional Notes on the Lancashire Drift-deposits. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1872. 
-. Eossil Plants of the LTpper Eoot Coal-seam. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1872. 
-. Additional Notes on the Drift-deposits near Manchester. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1872-73. 

Notice of some Organic Remains from the Schists of the Isle of 

Man. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1877. 

-. Notice of a Eossil Plant found at Laxey, in the Isle of Man. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1878. 

Notes on some Eossils from the Iron-mines of Furness. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1879. 

BIN— BJE 45 

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strata, lately made at Openshaw. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1880. 

and Harkness (Kobert). An account of the Eossil Trees found at 

St. Helen's. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

and Talbot (John Hawkshead). On the Petroleum found in the 

Down Holland Moss, near Ormskirk. (Tract.) 

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drich Philipp von). 
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of Organized Eossils, from the Blue Lias Formation at Lyme and 
Charmouth, in Dorsetshire. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1820. 

* # * With figure of " an entirely unknown Crustaceous insect, ap- 
proaching the Palcemon of Olivier." 
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. . 2te Auflage. 3 vols. (vol. II. in duplicate). 

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Meeresbodens. (Tract.) 8vo. Bonn, 1867. 

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8vo. London, 1832. 

Bischoff (Theodor Luclwig Wilhelm). Ueber die Brauchbarkeit der in 

verschiedenen europaischen Staaten veroffentlichten Resultate des 

Eecrutirungs-Geschaftes zur Beurtheilung des Entwicklungs und 

Gesundheits-Zustandes ihrer Bevolkerungen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1867. 

46 BJO— BLA 

Bjerknes (C. A.) . Ueber die geometrische Bepriisentation der G-leichungen 

zwischen zwei veriinderlichen, reellen oder komplexen Grossen 

(Tract.) 4to. Christiania, 1859. 

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. A Medico-topographical, Geological, and Statistical Sketch of 

Bolton and its neighbourhood. (Tract.) 8vo. 

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land. (Bay Society.) 4to. London, 1861-64. 
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the means available for their prevention or control. 2 copies. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

. See Bepoets (Parliamentary). 

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Boom. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1774. 

. Some observations on Ancient Inks, etc. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 4to. London, 1788. 

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point of congelation in water. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1788. 

. On the Heat of the "Water in the Gulf-stream. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 

and Nairne (Edward). Proceedings relative to the Accident by 

Lightning at Heckingham. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1783. 

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8vo. Paris, 1818, 
Memoire sur les Belemnites, consideres zoologiquement et 
geologiquement. 2 copies. 4to. Paris, 1827. 

Manuel d'Actinologie, ou de Zoophvtologie. Text and plates. 

8vo. Paris, 1834. 

Sur les Singes fossiles. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1837. 

Sur un nouvel envoi de fossiles provenant du depot de Sansan. 

(Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1837. 

-. Osteographie des Mammifores. 4 vols. 

4to ; Atlas, 4 vols. fol. Paris, London, etc., 1839-64. 
- and Deslongchamps (Eudes). Lettres sur les Crocodiles vivants 
et fossiles. (Tract.) 4to. Caen, 1852. 

BLA 47 

Blake (Charles Carter). On certain " Simious " Skulls, with especial 
reference to a skull from Louth, in Ireland. (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1865, 

. Sulphur in Iceland. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1874. 

. See Broca (Paul). 

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. See Tate (Ealph). 

and Hu&leston (W. II.) . On the Corallian Rocks of England. 

8vo. London, 1877. 

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Blake (William P.). (Explorations and Surveys for a Eailroad Eoute 

from the Mississippi Elver to the Pacific Ocean.) Appendix to the 

Preliminary Geological Eeport. Palaeontology ; by S. A. Conrad, 

A. A. Gould, W. P. Blake, and L. Agassiz. (Tract.) . 

8vo. Washington, 1855. 

. Note upon a Peculiarity of the "Eedwood" (Genus Sequoia*). 

(Tract.) Svo. Washington, 1855. 

. Notes upon the Grove of " Mammoth Trees " in Calaveras County, 

California. (Tract.) Svo. Washington, 1855. 

. Notice of Eemarkable Strata containing the remains of Infusoria 

and Polythalamia in the Tertiary Formation of Monterey, California. 
(Tract.) Svo. Philadelphia, 1855. 

. Observations on the Characters and Probable Geological Age of 

the Sandstone Formation of San Francisco. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1855. 

. Observations on the Extent of the Gold Eegion of California and 

Oregon, etc. (Tract.) Svo. New Haven, 1855. 

. Observations on the Physical Geography of the Coast of California, 

from Bodega Bay to San Diego. (Tract.) 4to. Washington, 1855. 

. On the Grooving and Polishing of Hard Eocks and Minerals by 

dry Sand. (Tract.) 2 copies. Svo. Washington, 1855. 

. Eemarks upon the Geology of California, etc. (Tract.) 

Svo. Washington, 1855. 

. On the Eate of Evaporation on the Tulare Lakes of California. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1856. 

. Sur Faction des anciens glaciers dans la Sierra Nevada de Cali- 

fornie et sur Forigine de la vallee de To-Semite. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1867. 
. Note upon the occurrence of fossil remains of the Tapir in Cali- 
fornia. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1868. 

. Explorations from the Mississippi to the Pacific. See Surveys : 

United States. 
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Vevey. (Tract.) 8vo. Vevey, 1843. 

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Geographical Distribution of Mollusca. (Tract.) 

Svo. New Haven, 1852. 

48 BLA 

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trial Mollusks which inhabit the Island of St. Thomas, "W. I. 
(Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1854. 

. On Proserpina opalina, C. B. Ad., and Helix proserpimda, Pfr. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Fork, 1854. 

. On the Absorption of Parts of the Internal Structure of their 

Shells, by the animals of Stoastoma, Lucidella, Trochatella, Helicina, 
and Proserpina. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1854. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1858. 

. Remarks on certain Species of North American Helicidae. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1858. 

. Remarks on certain Species of North American Helicidae, with 

descriptions of new species. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1860. 

. On the Geological Distribution of the genera and species of Land 

Shells of the West India Islands, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1861. 

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College, Massachusetts. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, ] 865. 

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species. (Tracts.) 8vo. New York, 1865-68. 

. Remarks on the Origin and Distribution of the Operculated Land 

Shells which inhabit the Continent of America and the West Indies. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1866. 

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and also of Curacao and Buen Ayre, W. I. (Tract.) 

8yo. Philadelphia, 1868. 

. Notes relating to the Physical Geography and Geology of, and 

the Distribution of Terrestrial Mollusca in certain of the West India 
Islands. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1871. 

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species. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1874. 

. See Binnet (W. G.). 

and Binney (W. G.). Description of Hemphillia, a new Genus of 

Terrestrial Mollusks. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1872. 

. On the Lingual Dentition of certain Terrestrial Pulmonata 

foreign to the United States. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1872. 

. On the Lingual Dentition of Gceotis. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1872. 

. On the Relations of certain Genera of Terrestrial Mollusca 

of, or related to, the sub-family Succininse, with notes on the Lingual 
Dentition of JSuccinea appendiculata, Pfr. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1872. 

. On the Lingual Dentition and Anatomy of Achatinella and 

other Pulmonata. (Tract). 8vo. New York, 1873. 

Blanford (Henry F.). Pre-historic Man. No. 1. On the Early Stone- 
age in Western Europe and India. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1866. 

. Note on a Tank-section at Sealdah, Calcutta. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. 

. The Rudiments of Physical Geography for the use of Indian 

Schools. 7th edition. 8vo. London, 1878. 

. See Salter (J. W.). 

BLA— BLY 49 

Blanford (William T.). Note on the Geology of the neighbourhood of 
Lynyan and Runneekote, JNorth-West Kotree, in Sind. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1867. 

. On the Geology of a portion of Cut ch. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1867. 

. Observations on the Geology and Zoology of Abyssinia. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1870. 

. Description of the Geology of Nagpiir and its neighbourhood. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1872. 

. Scientific Results of the Second Yarkand Mission, based upon the 

collections and notes of the late Ferdinand Stoliczka. — Geology. 
(Tract.) 4to. Calcutta, 1878. 

. Address delivered at the Annual Meetiug of the Asiatic Society 

of Bengal, 1879. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

. See Medlicott (H. B.). 

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8vo. Wilrzhurg, 1810. 

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departement de la Mayenne. 8vo. Paris and Mains, 1837. 

Blode (Gottlob von). Ueber die Uebergangs-Gebirgsforniation im Konig- 
reich Pohlen, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Breslau, 1830. 

. Tabelle iiber die in den offentlichen Museen zu St. Petersburg 

befindlichen Aerolithen und kurze Charakteristik derselben, so wie 
Angabe der hieriiber vorhandenen Xachrichten. (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1848. 

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Blomberg (A.). See Surveys : Sweden. 

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the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution during ten years, 
commencing with March 1865, and ending with February 1875. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Bath, 1876. 

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of Craigleith, Binnie, Gifnock, and Partick Bridge, with a prelimi- 
nary note by George "Wilson. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1858. 

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8vo. Stuttgart, 1843. 

Nachtrag zu den Pseudomorphosen des Mineralreichs. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Heidelberg, 1852. 

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de l'Allemand par Soulange Artoud. 2 vols. 8vo. Metz, 1803. 
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Bendyshe. 8vo. London, 1865. 

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Society. 8vo. Calcutta, 1849. 


50 BLY— BOM 

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del molo: saggio di una teoria di geografia fisica. 8vo. Genoa, 1869. 
Bockeler (O.). See Von dee Decken (Carl Claus). Beisen in Oft- 

Africa in 1859-1865. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Christian™, 1832-33. 

. See Keilhau (B. M.). G?ea Nbrvegica. 

. Beskrivelse over en misbildet Kat. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 

. Om et electrisk Phaenomen, iagttaget paa Dovrefjeld. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 

. Bemasrkninger angaaende Graptolitherne. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Christiania, 1851. 
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vero recensuit . . . Adrianus Toll. 8vo. Leyden, 1636. 
. ■ . Tertia editio, longe purgatissima. Cui accedunt Joannis 

de Laet, de Gemmis et Lapidibus libri II. et Theophrasti liber de 

Lapidibus, Gr. et Lat. cum brevibus notis. 8vo. Leyden, 1647. 

Bogg (E.). On Lincolnshire. (Tract.) MS. 

Bohadsch (Joh. Bapt.). De quibusdam Animalibus Marinis, eorumque 

proprietatibus, orbi litterario vel nondumYel minus notis, liber, cum 

nonnullis tabulis a3ri incisis, ab auctore super vivis animalibus deli- 

neatis. 4to. Dresden, 1761. 

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History, etc. 8yo. London, 1847. 

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houille aux chances d'explosion. 8vo. Brussels, 1840. 

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Boitard (M. P.). Manuel d'histoire naturelle, comprenant ies trois regnes 

de la nature. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1827. 

. . Atlas des Poissons, des Oiseaux et des Beptiles. 

12mo. Paris, 1827. 

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12mo. Paris, 1828. 
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Gebirges. (Tract.) 8vo, Berlin, 1867. 

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tion of Minerals. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1877. 
Bolton (John). Geological Fragments, collected principally from rambles 

among the rocks of Eurness and Cartmel. 

8vo. Ulverston and London, 1869. 
Bombay. Magnetical and Meteorological Observations made at the 

Government Observatory, Bombay, in the vears 1846-1864. 20 vols. 

Pol. Bombay, 1849-67. 

BON— BOB 51 

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4to. Bologna, 1838. 
. Ornithologie fossile servant ^introduction au Tableau comparatif 

des Ineptes et des Autruches. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1856. 
. Tableaux paralleliques des oiseaux Prsecoces ou Autophages. 

(Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1856 

Bonaparte (Prince Napoleon). Experiences sur la direction de l'ocean 

Atlantique septentrional. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1856. 

Bond (Edward Augustus). See Cambridge. Speeches ... by the Public 

Bonito (Voyage de la). See Chevalier (E.). 
Bonnard (A. H. de). Obituary Notice. See Dufrexoy. 
. Essai geognostique sur l'Erzgebirge, ou sur les montagnes metalli- 

feres de la Saxe. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1816. 
. Fragments Ge'ologiques et Mineralogiques, extraits du Nouveau 

Dictionnaire d'Histoire naturelle. (Boche, Terrains, Houille, Eilon, 

Mines.) 8vo. Paris, 1819. 

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neighbouring countries. 8vo. Cambridge, 1868. 

. The Lofoten Islands. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

. Geology. 12mo. London, 1874. 

. Cambridgeshire Geology. A sketch for the use of students. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1875. 
Bonsdorff (Peter Adolph von). Memoire ayant pour objet de demontrer 

l'analogie de composition des Mincraux qui cristallisent a la manicre 

de l'Amphibole. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1822. 
. New Investigation of the chemical composition of Bed Silver Ore. 

Translation. (Tract.) 8vo. 1824. 
, Bonsdorff (Carl Gustav), and Idman (Gustav). Dissertatio 

chemica, nova experimenta naturam Pargasita) illustrantia proponens. 

(Tract.) 4to. Mo, 1817 

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pxerres de la Sicile, suivie d'un discours sur la Calcara de Palerme. 

4to. Rome, 1778. 

. Mineralogie Sicilienne. 8vo. Turin, 1780. 

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Basaltgesteinen und den Melaphyrgesteinen Bohmens. 

8vo. Prague, 1873-76. 
1 . Elemente einer neuen chemisch-mikroskopischen Mineral- und 

Gesteinsanalyse-. (Tract.) 8vo. Prague, 1877. 

Borkenstein ( — ). General v. Helvigs Methode, at lade Borehuller. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 

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disposuit. 8vo. Prague, 1772. 

I . Travels through the Bannat of Temeswar, Transylvania, and 

Hungary in the year 1770, to which is added John James Eerber's 

Mineralogical History of Bohemia. Translated from* the German 

by B. E. Baspe. 8vo. London, 1777. 
. Voyage Mineralogique fait en Hongrie et en Transilvanie. 

Traduit par M. Monuet. 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1780. 



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4to. Vienna, 1780. 
. Ueber das Anquicken der gold imd silberhaltigen Erze, Bohsteine 

Schwarzkupfer und Hiillenspiese. 4to. Vienna, 1780. 
. Catalogue methodique et raisonne de la collection des fossiles de 

Mile. Eleonore de Eaab. 2 vols. 8vo. Vienna, 1790. 

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Grbttingen und ihre organischen Einschliisse. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Berlin, 1854. 
. TJeber organische Reste der Lettenkohlengruppe Thiiringens. 

(Tract.) 4to. Leipzig, 1856. 

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decouvertes dans les schistes houillers des environs de Mons. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1875. 

. Note sur le Breyeria Borinensis. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1879. 

Borson (Stefano). Catalogue raisonne du Musee d'Histoire Naturelle de 

PAcadernie de Turin. Partie Mineralogique selon le systeme de 

M. A. Brongniart. Tome I. 8vo. Turin, 1811. 
. Memoire sur des machoires et des dents du Mastodonte dit 

Mammoutb, trouvees fossiles en Pieniont. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1818. 
. Osservazioni intorno alle sostanze minerali di cui sono formati i 

monumenti del E. Museo Egizio, coll' enumerazione delle mede- 

sime. (Tract.) 8vo. Turin, 1826. 

. Notice sur quelques fossiles de la Tarantaise en Savoie. (Tract.) 

4to. Turin, 1829. 
Bortzell (Algernon). Beskrifning ofver Besierecksteins Eromolitbografi 

ocb Lithografi anvanda vid tryckningen af Geologisk Of versigtskarta 

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BOS— BOU 53 

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1872 in den geschichteten Eormationen der Umgebung von Offen- 
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Ziesel von Bad "Weilbach, nebst einer Kritik der bis jetzt in der 
Literatur erwiihnten fossilen Spermophilusarten. (Tract.) 

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. See Verbeek (B. D. M.). 

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54 BOU 

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. Menioire sur un nouveau genre de Brachiopodes, f'ormant le 

passage des formes articulees a celles qui ne le sont pas. (Tract.) 

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. See Davidson (Thomas). 

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. See Chatel (Victor). 

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Dome, etc. (Tract.) Svo. Clermont-Ferrand, 1829. 
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ce jour a l'etat vivant, dans la Haute- et la Basse-Auvergne, .... suivi 

u'un autre Catalogue des especes fossiles. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Clermont, 1836, 

. See Deveze de Chabeiol (J. S.) and Lecoq (H). 

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BOH— BOW 55 

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geologie presentee k la Faculte des Sciences de Caen pour obtenir le 

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. Further Observations on the alleged Submarine Forests on the 

shores of Liverpool Bay and the River Mersey. (Tract.) 

8vo. JAverpool, 1866. 
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newly-discovered Cavern at Stainton, Low Furness. (Tract.) 

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London, 1813. 
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Bourrit (Octave). See Biedekmakx (TV. G. A.). 
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56 BOW— BEA 

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Deane, M.D., of Greenfield, Mass. (Tract.) 

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stitute. (Tract.) 8vo. Wellington, 1872. 
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phie physique de l'Espagne ; traduite de Toriginal espagnol, par le 

Vicomte de Elavigny. 8vo. Paris, 1776. 

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8vo. London, 1830. 
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Conditions under which it was produced. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1840. 
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covered on the line of the Bolton Bailway, near Manchester. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1841. 

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composed of the siliceous fragments of microscopic parasitical Con- 
ferva). (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1841. 

. Notice of Upper Silurian Bocks in the vale of Llangollen, North 

Wales, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1841. 

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8vo. London, 1879. 
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and Bare Shells lately discovered in the sand of the sea-shore near 

Sandwich, considerably augmented, and all their figures accurately 

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Copepoda of the British Islands. Vols, i., ii. (Bay Society.) 

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graph of the Post-Tertiary Entomostraca of Scotland, including 
Species from England and Ireland. (PalaBontographical Society.) 

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BRA 57 

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graphical Society ; Jones (T. R.). 
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eoast District, Sumatra. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1875. 
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Genus Fusulina excepted). (Palaeontographical Society.) 

4to. London, 1876. 
. See Serials, etc. : London, Palaeontographical and Pay Societies ; 

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the Geological Collection of the Royal Institution. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 4to. London, 1817. 
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delivered in the Theatre of the Royal Institution in the year 1816. 

8vo. London, 1817. 
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Hohlen urn und bey Muggendorf, fiir Freunde der Natur- und Ge- 

birgskunde. Sm. 4to. Nuremberg, 1811-16. 

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Sammlung der kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften wahrend des 

I864sten"jahres, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1864. 

. Observationes de Elasmoiherii reliquiis. (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, etc., 1864. 
. Ueber die bisher aufgefundenen Reste des Elasmotherium. 

(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1864. 
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markthiere zur Beantwortung der Frage Was ist ein Fisch ? (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1865. 
. Bericht iiber den ersten Theil meiner Beitrage zur Kenntniss der 

Entwickelungsstufen der ganoiden Fischformen. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1865. 

58 BRA 

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" Beitrage zur Kenutniss der Entwickelungsstufen der G-anoiden." 
(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1865. 

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palilontologische Beitrage. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1800. 

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turgeschiclite des Mammuth. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1866. 

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Mamont, Elephas primigenius. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1866. 

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Zubr oder sogenannten Auerochsen, vom lithauischen (Bos bison seu 
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8vo. St. Petersburg, 1867. 

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haarigen) jNTashorns (Rhinoceros ticliorhinus). (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1869. 

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fundenen Siiugethierreste, ein Beitrag zur quaterniiren Fauna des 
russischen Beiches. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1870. 

. Ueber die von Adolph G-obel auf seiner persischen Reise bei der 

Stadt Maragha in der Provinz Aderbeidjan gefundenen Saugethier- 
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Beriicksichtigung der untergegangenen Gattungen derselben. (Tract.) 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1871. 

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den), deren Reste bisher im Wiener Becken gefunden wurden. 
(Tract.) Svo. Vienna, 1872. 

. Bericht iiber den bereits vollendeten, druckfertigen Theil seiner 

Untersuchungen iiber die fossilen und subfossilen Cetaceen Euro- 
pas. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1872. 

. Einige Worte iiber die Eintheilung der Zahmvale (Odontoceti). 

(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1872. 

. Blicke auf die Verbreitung der in Europa bisher entdeckten Zahn- 

wale der Tertiarzeit in specieller Beziehung auf die des Wiener 
Beckens. (Tract.) Svo. Vienna, 1873. 

. Ueber bisher in Russland gefundene Beste von Zeuglodonten. 

(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1873. 

. See Geinitz (H. B.). 

and Helmersen (Gr. von). Vorschlag zur Anstellung palaontolo- 

gischer JNTachgrabungen im siidlichen Russland. (Tract.) 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1860. 

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G-ranits, Marbres, Albatres, et autres roches propres a recevoir le 
£oli, etc. 2 vols. 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1808. 

. Histoire des Coquilles terrestres et fluviatiles qui vivent aux en- 
virons de Paris. (Tract.) Svo. Paris, 1815. 

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cially in the life and development of plants. Translated by A. 
Henfrey. (Bay Society.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

BBA— BEE 59 

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zu Bayreuth befindlichen Petrefacten. 4to. Leipzig, 1840. 

. See MflNSTEB (Georg, Grafzu). 

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den Posidonienschiefern bis zu den Ornatenschichten, mit besonderer 
Beriicksichtigung seiner Molluskenfauna. 8vo. Cassel, 1869. 

. Der untere Jura im norrlwestlichen Deutschland von der Grenze 

der Trias bis zu den Amaltheenthonen, mit besonderer Beriicksich- 
tigung seiner Molluskenfauna. 8vo. Brunswick, 1871. 

. Der obere Jura im nordwestlichen Deutschland von der oberen 

Grenze der Ornatenschichten bis zur Wealdbildung, mit besonderer 
Beriicksichtigung seiner Molluskenfauna. 8vo. Brandenburg, 1874. 

. Technische Geologic, oder die Geologie in Anwendung auf Teehnik, 

Gewerbe und Landbau. 8vo. Halle, 1878. 

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Finmark. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1848. 

. See Elie de Beaumont (L.) and Quetelet (A.). 

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cercanias del Parana. (Tract.) 8vo. Parana, 1858. 

. Catalogue des especes d'animaux fossiles recueillies dans FAmcri- 

que du Sud. (Tract, lith.) 4to. Parana, 1860. 

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and Situation, with an internal Concretionary Structure in the rocks 
on which they occur, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1830. 

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Glass. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

. Abstract of a lecture on the Xature and Physical History of 

Porcelain and Earthenware. (Tract.) 8vo. Jjondon, 1845. 

■ . On the Eelation of the Luminous Prominences to the Faculae of 

the Sun. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1869. 

. See Parkes (Samuel). 

Brazil. See Exhibition of 1855. 

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Beports of the Directors to the Shareholders. 3 vols. 

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Great Britain. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1866. 

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de, bij de putboring te zeist opgebragte gronden, aangaande den geo- 
logischen aard van den bodem Aldaar kan afgeleid worden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leyden, 1835. 

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■60 BEE— BR1 

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8vo. Milan, 1818. 

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nel Tirolo dal Sig. Conte Marzari-Pencati. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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. See N N. 

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culus I. On the Configuration of Continents. (Tract.) 

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■ . Notice respecting a Singular Optical Propertv of Tabasheer. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

. On a new Optical and Mineralogical Structure, exhibited in cer- 
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■ ■. On certain new Phenomena of Colour in Labrador Pel spar. 

(Tract.) 4to. Edinburgh, 1829. 

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■ . See Edinburgh Enctclopjema and Horner (Leonard). 

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. Description des fossiles du Calcaire grossier de Mons. 

l re partie. Gasteropodes. Ordre I. Prosobranches. Section A. 
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. See also Cornet (F. L.). 

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BKI 61 

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British Association. Keport to be presented by the Parliamentary Com- 
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Glasgow, on the question, Whether any measures could be adopted 
by the Government or Parliament that would improve the position 
of Science or its Cultivators in this country. (Tract.) 

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special daily editions of the ' Bath Chronicle.' 

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Notices of some of the principal Manufactures of the West of 
Scotland, by St. John V. Day, John Mayer, James Paton, and John 
Notes on the Fauna and Flora of the West of Scotland, by Edward 

62 BRI 

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Catalogue of the Western Scottish Fossils, by James Armstrong, 
John Young, and David Robertson. With introduction on the 
Geology and Palaeontology of the district by Professor Young. 
2 copies. 
British Association. Sheffield Guide Book. 

Guide to the Town and District of Sheffield, especially prepared for 
Members and Associates attending the Sheffield Meeting of the 
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G. R. Vine, F. Brittain, E. Birks, and J. Taylor. 

" 12mo. Sheffield, 1879. 
— — . See Mersey Channels. 

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mens of the Amphibia in the Collection. Part II. Batrachia 
Gradientia, &c. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1850. 

. . Catalogue of the Batrachia Salientia in the Collection. 

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. Anoplura. List of British Anoplura, or Parasitic Insects. 

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• . . List of the Specimens of Birds in the Collection. Part I. 

[2nd edition] Accipitres. Part II. Section 1, Fissirostres. Part III. 
Gallinae, Grallae, and Anseres. Part III. Section 1, Ramphastidae. 
Section 2, Psittacidae. Part IY. Columbae. Part Y. Gallinae. 

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. . List of the Eggs of British Birds. By G-. R. Gray. 

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Catalogue of the Birds of the Tropical Islands of the Pacific 
Ocean in the Collection. By G. R. Gray. 12mo. London, 1859. 

-. . See Mammalia and Birds. 

Coleoptera. List of the Coleopterous Insects in the Collection. 
Part I. Cucujidae, &c. by Fred. Smith. 2 copies. Parts YI.-YIII. 
Longicornia, by A. White (Part VII. in duplicate), and Part IX. 
Cassididae, by C. H. Boheman. 4 parts. 

12mo. London, 1851-5G. 

. Catalogue of the Halticidae in the Collection. By 

Hamlet Clark. Physapodes and (Edipodes. Part I. 

8yo. London, 1860. 

-. . Catalogue of Hispidae in the Collection. By J. S. Baly. 

Part I. 12mo. London, 1858. 

-. . List of British Curculionidae. with Synonyma. By John 

Walton. 12mo. London, 1856. 

-. . Catalogue of the Coleopterous Insects of Madeira in the 

Collection. By T. Yernon Wollaston. 8vo. London, 1857. 

-. . Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects in the Collection. 

Parts I.-IY. and Part VI. By Adam White and F. Smith. (Part 
VI. in duplicate.) 12mo. London, 1847-52. 

BEI 63 

British-Museum Publications. Crustacea. List of the Specimens of 

Crustacea in the Collection. By A. "White. 12mo. London, 1847. 

. . List of British Crustacea. By A. White. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1850. 
. . Catalogue of Crustacea in the Collection. Part I. Leuco- 

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. Diatomacece. List of British Diatomaceae in the Collection. By 

Eev. W. Smith. 12ino. London, 1859. 
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Collection. Parts I.- VII. and Supplements. By Francis Walker. 

(Parts V.-YII. in duplicate.) 12mo. London, 1848-55. 

. . Nomenclature of (British) Diptera. Part I. By A. White. 

12mo. London, 1853. 
. Echinodermata. Catalogue of the recent Ecbinida, or Sea Eggs, 

in the Collection. Part I. Echinida L'regularia. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1855. 
. . Synopsis of the Species of Starfish. By John Edward 

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. Entozoa. Catalogue of the Species of Entozoa, or Intestinal 

Worms, contained in the Collection. By Dr. Baird. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1853. 
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Chondropterygii. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1851. 

. . List of British Pish. By A. White. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1851. 
. . Catalogue of Pish collected and described by Lawrence 

Theodore Gronow. 2 copies. 12mo. London, -1854. 
. . Catalogue of the Acanthopterygian Pishes in the Collec- 
tion. By A. Giinther. Vols, i., ii. 8vo. London, 1859-60. 
. . Catalogue of Apodal Pish in the Collection. By J. J. 

Kaup. 8vo. London, 1856. 
. . Catalogue of Lophobranchiate Pish in the Collection. 

By J. J. Kaup. 12mo. London, 1856. 
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in the Collection. Parts I. and II. By W. S. Dallas. 2 copies. 

Svo. London, 1851-52. 
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in the Collection. Parts I -IV., and Supplement. By P. Walker. 

2 copies. 12mo. London, 1850-58. 
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in the Collection, by Prancis Walker. Parts 1. and II. Chalcidites. 

12mo. London, 1846-48. 
. . Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects in the Collection, 

by Prederick Smith. Parts I.-VII. (Parts I.-III. in duplicate.) 

12mo. London, 1853-59. 
. . Catalogue of British Hymenoptera in the Collection, by 

Prederick Smith. Part I. Apidas — Bees. 12mo. London, 1855. 
. . Descriptions of New Species of Hymenoptera in the Col- 
lection. By [the late] Prederick Smith. Svo. London, 1879. 
• . List of British Hymenoptera Aculeata, by Prederick 

Smith. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1851 . 

64 BRI 

British-Museum Publications. Hymenoptera. Catalogue of British 
Ichneumonidse in the Collection. By Thomas Desvignes. 

12mo. London, 1856. 

. . Nomenclature of (British) Hymenoptera, by Frederick 

Smith. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1853. 

. etc. Catalogue of British Fossorial Hymenoptera, Forrni- 

cidse, and Vespidse, in the Collection, by Frederick Smith. 

12mo. London, 1858. 
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tion of the British Museum. Part I. Papilionidae. By G-. E. Gray. 
2 copies. 4to. London, 1852. 

. . . Part 1. 12mo. London, 1856. 

List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the 

Collection. Parts I. and II., and Appendix. By G. E. Gray and E. 
Doubleday. 12mo. London, 1844-48. 

-. . List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the 

Collection, by Francis Walker. Parts I. -XXL (Parts I.-II. in 
duplicate. 12mo. London, 1854—60. 

-. . List of British Lepidoptera. By J. F. Stephens and H. 

T. Stainton. 4 parts. (3 parts in duplicate.) 

12mo. London, 1850-56. 
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of the British Museum. By J. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1843. 

-. . Catalogue of the Specimens of Mammalia in the Collec- 
tion. Parts I.-III. Cetacea, Seals, and Ungulata Furcipeda. 
By J. E. Gray. (Part III. in duplicate.) 

12mo. London, 1850-52. 

-. Mammalia and Birds. Catalogue of the Specimens and Drawings 

of Mammalia and Birds of Nepal and Thibet, presented by B. H. 

Hodgson. 12mo. London, 1846. 

-. . Catalogue of the Mammalia and Birds of New Guinea in 

the Collection, by J. E. Gray and George Eobert Gray. 

12mo. London, 1859. 
-. Meteorites. Catalogue of the Collection of Meteorites exhibited 
in the Mineral department. By N. Story Maskelyne. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1872. 
-. Minerals. Index to the Collection of Minerals, with references 
to the table cases in which the species to which they belong are 
exhibited. By Nevil Story Maskelyne. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1872, 
-. Mollusca. Guide to the Systematic Distribution of Mollusca in 
the Museum. Part I. By J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1857, 

-. . List of the Mollusca in the Collection, by J. E. Gray. 

Part I. 12mo. London, 1855. 

-. . Catalogue of the Mollusca in the Collection, by J. E. 

Gray. Parts I. and II. Cephalopoda Antepedia and Pteropoda. 

12mo. London, 1849-50. 

.. . Catalogue of the Bivalve Mollusca in the Collection, by 

J. E. Gray. Part I. Placuniadae and Anomiada?. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1860, 

BEI 65 

British-Museum Publications. Mollusca. Catalogue of the Bivalve 
Mollusca in the Collection, by J. E. Gray. Part IV. Brachiopoda 
ancylopoda, or Lamp Shells. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1853. 

. . Catalogue of the Conchifera or Bivalve Shells in the Col- 
lection, by G. B. Deshayes. Part I. Veneridae, Cyprinidae, and Glau- 
conomidae. 2 copies. Part II. Petricoladae (concluded) ; Corbi- 
culadae. 12mo. London, 1853-54. 

. . Catalogue of Auriculidae, Proserpinidae, and Truncatellidae 

in the Collection. By Louis Pfeiffer. 12mo. London, 1857. 

. . List of British Mollusca Acephala, and Brachiopoda, by J. 

E. Gray. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1851. 

. . Catalogue of the Phaneropneumona, or Terrestrial oper- 

culated Mollusca, in the Collection, by L. Pfeiffer and J. E. Gray. 
2 copies. 12mo. London, 1852. 

. . Catalogue of Pulmonata, or Air-breathing Mollusca, in the 

Collection, by L. Pfeiffer arid J. E. Gray. Part I. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1855. 

. . List of Mollusca and Shells in the - Collection, collected 

and described by MM. Eydoux and Souleyet, etc. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1855. 

. . Nomenclature of Molluscous Animals and Shells in the 

Collection. Part I. Cyclophoridae. 12ino. London, 1850. 

. . List of the Shells of the Canaries in the Collection. Col- 
lected by MM. Webb and Berthelot. Described and figured by Prof. 
Alcide d'Orbigny. 2 copies. 12mo. London, 1854. 

. . List of the Shells of Cuba in the Collection. Collected 

by M. Ramon de la Sagra. Described by Prof. Alcide d'Orbigny. 
2 copies. 12mo. London, 1854. 

. . Catalogue of the Collection of Mazatlan Shells, by P. 

P. Carpenter. 12mo. London, 1857. 

. . List of the Shells of South America in the Collection. 

Collected and described by Alcide d'Orbigny. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1854. 

. Myriapoda. List of the Specimens of Myriapoda in the Collec- 
tion, by G. Newport. 12mo. London, 1844. 

. . Catalogue of the Myriapoda in the Collection, by George 

Newport. Part I. Chilopoda. 12mo. London, 1856. 

. Neuroptera. Catalogue of the Specimens of Neuropterous Insects 

in the Collection. Parts I.-IV. By E. Walker. 2 copies. 

12mo. London, 1852-53. 

■ . . Catalogue of the Specimens of Neuropterous Insects in 

the Collection, by Dr. H. Hagen. Part I. Termitina. 

12mo. London, 1858. 

. . Nomenclature of (British) Neuroptera, by Adam White. 

2 copies. 12ino. London, 1853. 

. Orthoptera. Catalogue of Orthopterous Insects in the Collection. 

Part I. Phasmidae. By J. 0. Westwood. 4to. London, 1859. 

. , etc. Nomenclator of (British) Anoplura, Euplexoptera, 

and Orthoptera, by Adam White. 12mo. London, 1855. 

. Osteological Specimens. List of the Osteological Specimens in the 

Collection. 12mo. London, 1847. 

66 BBI— BEO 

British-Museum Publications. Polyzoa. Catalogue of Marine Polyzoa, 
by George Busk. (Part I. in duplicate.) 

12mo. London, 1852-54. 

. Badiata. List of British Centronix, or Eadiated Animals, by J. 

E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1848. 
. Reptilia. Catalogue of the Specimens of Lizards in the Collec- 
tion. 12mo, London, 1845. 

. . Catalogue of the Specimens of Snakes in the Collection. 

12mo. London, 1849. 

. . Catalogue of the Colubrine Snakes in the Collection, by -A. 

Giinther. 12mo. London, 1858. 

Catalogue of the Tortoises, Crocodiles, and Amphisbae- 

nians in the Collection. 12mo. London, 1844. 
. . Catalogue of Shield Beptiles in the Collection of the British 

Museum. Part I. Testudinata (Tortoises). 4to. London, 1855. 
. Sponges. List of the Specimens of British Sponges in the Col- 
lection. 12mo. London, 1848. 
Brittain (F.). See Beitish Association. Sheffield Guide Book. 
Broadhead (Garland C). See Surveys : Missouri. 
Broca (Paul). On the Phenomena of Hybridity in the genus Homo. 

Edited by C. Carter Blake. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Brocchi (Giovanni Battista or Giambattista). Obituary Notice. See 

Catullo (T. A.). 
. Trattato mineralogico e chemico sulle miniere di ferro del 

dipartimento del Mella, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Brescia, 1808. 
. Saggio di osservazioni sugli animaletti infusori dell' acqua marina. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1809. 

. Memoria mineralogica sulla valle di Fassa in Tirolo. 

8vo. Milan, 1811. 
. Conchiologia Eossile Subapennina, con osservazioni geologiche 

sugli Apennini e sul suolo adjacente. 2 vols. 4to. Milan, 1814. 
Sopra una sostanza fossile contenuta nella lava di Capo di Bove, 

presso Eoma. (Tract.) 4to. Milan, 1814. 
. Lettera sopra alcuni ammassi colonnari basaltini del territorio di 

Viterbo. (Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1816. 
. Catalogo ragionato di una raccolta di rocce, disposto con ordine 

geografico, per servire alia geogilosia dell' Italia. 8vo. Milan, 1817. 
. Osservazioni sulla corrente di lava di Capo di Bove, presso Eoma, 

e su quella delle Erattocchie, sotto Albano. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1817. 

. Sulla eruzione del Vesuvio del 1812. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1817. 

. Sulla Prenite rinvenuta in Toscana. (Tract.) 4to. Pavia, 1817. 

Sulle vernici usate dagli antichi sulla stoviglie di terra. (Tract.)J 

8vo. Milan, 1817. 
. Dello stato fisico del suolo di Eoma : memoria per servire d' illus- 

trazione alia carta geognostica di questa citta. 8vo. Rome, 1820. 

. See Ponzi (Giuseppe). 

Brochant de Villiers (A. J. M.). Traite elementaire de Mineralogie 

(with manuscript notes by George Bellas Greenough). 2 vols, and 

tables. 8vo. Paris, 1800-01. 

BBO 67 

Brochant de Villiers (A. J. M.). Observations geologiques sur des 
terrains de transition qui se rencontrent dans la Tarentaise et 
autres parties de la chaine des Alpes. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1808. 

. De la Cristallisation consideree geometriquenient et ph} r sique- 

ment, ou Traite abrege de Cristallographie, etc. 

8vo. Strasburg, 1819. 

. See De la Beche (Henry Thomas) and Humboldt (Alexander 

Brockedon (W.). Boad-book from London to Naples. Parts i. and ii. 
London to Paris, and Paris to Turin. 8vo. London, 1831. 

Broderip ("William John). Obituary Notice. See Bergek. (Louis). 

. Observations on the Jaw of a Possil Mammiferous animal found 

in the Stonesfield Slate. And on the strata from whence the fossil 
described in the preceding notice was obtained, by W. H. Pitton. 
2 copies. 8vo. London, 1828. 

. On the habits and structure of Pacjuri and other Crustacea. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1829. 

. Observations on the Animals still found in the shells of the genus 

Argonauta. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1829. 

. Description of a new Species of Cyprcea \_C. leucodon']. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1829. 

. Description of a new Land-Shell from South America, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1829. 

. Description of two new Species of Buccinum from the English 

and Irish Seas. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1830. 

. Descriptions of some new Species of CalyptraeidaB. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1834. 

. Descriptions of some new Species of Cuvier's Painily of Brachio- 

poda. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1834. 

. On Clavagella. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1835. 

. On the Genus Chama, Brug., with Descriptions of some Species 

apparently not hitherto characterized. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1835. 

. Catalogue of his very valuable Library. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1859. 

, and Sowerby (G. B.). Observations on new or interesting Mol- 

lusca contained, for the most part, in the Museum of the Zoological 
Society. (Tract.) 8vo. London. 

Brodhead (John Bomeyn). See New York. 

Brodie (Peter Bellinger). A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secon- 
dary Bocks of England. 8vo. London, 1845. 

. Notice on the existence of Purbeck strata with remains of Insects 

and other fossils, at Swindon, "Wilts. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1847. 
. Sketch of the Geology of the neighbourhood of Grantham, Lin- 
colnshire ; and a Comparison of the Stonesfield State at Collyweston 
in Northamptonshire with that in the Cotswold Hills. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 
■ . On some Species of Corals in the Lias of Gloucestershire, "Wor- 
cestershire, "Warwickshire, and Scotland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 

' . Bemarks on three Outliers of Lias in North Shropshire and South 

Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Cumberland, and their correlation with 
the main range. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1865. 


08 BEO 

Brodie (Peter Bellinger). On the fossiliferous Beds in the New Eed 
Sandstone (the Upper and Lower Keuper) in Warwickshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Warwick. 1866. 

. Paper on Modern Science and the Bible. (Tract.) 

8vo. Warwick, 1867. 

. On the Correlation of the Lower Lias at Barrow-on-Soar, in 

Leicestershire, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1867. 

. A Sketch of the Lias generally in England, and of the " Insect 

and Saurian Beds," etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1868. 

. Practical Geology. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1869. 

. On the Geology of Warwickshire. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1870. 

. The Nature, Origin, and Geological History of Amber, with an 

account of the Fossils which it contains. (Tract.) 

8vo. Warwick, 1871. 

. On Phosphatic and Bone-bed deposits in British Strata, their 

economical uses, and fossil contents. (Tract.) 

8vo. Warwick, 1872. 

. The Distribution and Correlation of Fossil Insects, and the sup- 
posed occurrence of Lepidoptera and Arachnids in British and 
Foreign Strata, chiefly in the Secondary Eocks. (Tract.) 

8vo. Warwick, 1873. 

. On a further Extension of the Ehaetics (or Penarth Beds) in War- 
wickshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Eutland, Lincolnshire, 
Yorkshire, and Cumberland ; and on the occurrence of some supposed 
remains of Labyrinthodon and a new Eadiate therein. (Tract.) 

8vo. Wanvick, 1876. 

. Fossil Lepidoptera. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1877. 

. On the Discovery of a large and varied series of Fossil Insects 

and other associated fossils in the Eocene (Tertiary) Strata of the 
Isle of Wight. (Tract.) 8vo. Warwick, 1878. 

Brody (Gustavus O. St.). The Weston-super-Mare Catalogue of British 
Shells, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Weston-super-mare, 1859. 

Brongniart (Adolphe Theodore). Biographical notices. See Dumas 
(J. B.) and Lamathiere (Theophile). 

. Observations sur les Vegetaux fossiles renfermes dans les gres de 

Hoer en Scanie. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1825. 

. Considerations generates sur la nature de la Vegetation qui cou- 

vrait la surface de la terre aux diverses periodes de la formation 
de son ecorce. 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

. Essai d'une flore du gres-bigarre. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

. Prodrome d'une histoire des Vegetaux fossiles. 8 vo. Paris, 1828. 

. Histoire des Vegetaux fossiles, ou recherches botaniques et geolo- 

giques sur les Vegetaux renfermes dans les diverses couches du 
globe. 2 vols, and plates. 4to. Paris and Amsterdam, 1828-37. 

. Considerations sur la Nature des Vegetaux. 4to. Paris, 1837. 

. Observations sur la structure interieure du SigiUaria elegans 

comparee a celle des Lepidodendron et des Stigmaria et a celle des 
vegetaux vivants. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1839. 

. Tableau des Genres de Vegetaux fossiles considered sous le point 

de vue de leur classification botanique et de leur distribution ge'olo- 
gique. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

BEO ^69 

Brongniart (Adolphe Theodore). See Sapoeta (Gaston de). 
Brongniart (Alexandre). Eunerailles de M. Alexandre Brongniart, le 
9 Octobre 1847. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1847.. 

. Biographical Notices. See Dumas (J. B.), Lamathieee (The'o- 

phile), and Omalitjs d'Hallot (J. J. d ? ). 
. Traite ele'mentaire de Mineralogie, avec des applications aux 

Arts. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1807. 
. Essai d'une Classification mineralogique des roches inelangees. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1813. 
. Classificazione delle rocce, secondo i piu celebri antori, per servire 

alio studio della geologia. 8vo. Milan, 1814. 
. Notice pour servir a l'histoire ge'ognostique de cette partie dti 

departement de la Manche qfc'on nomme le Cotentin, etc. (Tract). 

8vo. Paris, 1814. 
. Histoire naturelle de l'eau consideree comme espece minerale, et 

des eaux conside'rees comme parties constituantes de la terre. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1819. 
. Sur le gisement ou position relative des Ophiolites, Euphotides, 

Jaspes, etc., dans quelques parties des Apennins. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1821. 

. Notice sur la Magne'site du bassin de Paris, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1822. 
. Sur les caracteres zoologiques des Formations, avec l'application 

de ces caracteres a la determination de quelques terrains de craie. 

4to. Paris, 1822. 

. Des Lignites. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1823. 

. Memoire sur les terrains de sediment superieurs calcare'o-trap- 

pe'ens du Vicentin, et sur quelques terrains d'ltalie, de Erance, 

d'Allemagne, etc., qui peuvent se rapporter a la meme epoque. 

' (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Paris, 1823. 

. A Selection of the Geological Memoirs contained in the Annales 

des Mines. Translated with notes by H. T. De la Beche. 

8vo. London, 1824. 
. De 1'Arkose ; caracteres mine'ralogiques et histoire ge'ognostique 

de cette roche. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1826. 
. Classification et caracteres mine'ralogiques des roches homogeues 

et hete'rogenes. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1827. 
. Note sur la presence de la Webstc'rite dans l'argile plastique 

d'Auteuil pres Paris. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1828. 
. Notice sur des blocs de roches des terrains de transport en Suede. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1828. 
. Notice sur les Breches osseuses et les minerais de fer pisiforme de 

meme position ge'ognostique. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

. Des volcans et des terrains volcaniques. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1829. 
. Observations additionnelles a la Notice sur les minerais de fer 

pisiforme de position analogue a celle des breches osseuses, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1829. 
. Tableau des terrains qui composent l'ccorce du globe, ou 

essai sur la structure de la partie connue de la terre. 

8vo. Paris, 1829. 

70 BEO 

Brongniart (Alexandre). Essai sur les orbicules siliceux, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1831. 
. Eapport sur un memoire de M. Dufrenoy, ayant pour titre: Des 

caracteres particuliers que presente le terrain de Craie dans le Sud 

de la France et sur les pentes des Pyrenees. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1831. 

. Premier memoire sur les Kaolins ou argiles a porcelaine. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1839. 
. Catalogue des livres composant sa bibliotheque scientifique. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 
. See Cuviee (G.), Heeicaet de Thuey (L. E. P.), and Peevost 

and Desmarest (Anseime Gaetan). Histoire naturelle des Crus- 

taces fossiles, sous les rapports zoologiques et geologiques. Savoir: 

Les Trilobites, par A. B. et les Crustaces proprement dits par A. 

G.D. 4to. Paris, 1822. 
, Dufrenoy (P. A.), and Elie de Beaumont (L.). Eapport sur un 

memoire de M. Alcide d'Orbigny, intitule : Considerations generales 

sur la geologie de l'Amerique meridionale. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1843. 
and Elie de Beaumont (L.). Eapport sur un memoire de M. Du- 

rocher, intitule : Observations sur le phenomene diluvien dans le 

Nord de l'Europe. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1842. 
and Malaguti (F. J.). Second memoire sur les Kaolins, ou argiles a 

porcelaine, sur la nature et l'origine de cette sorte d'argile. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1841. 
, Milne-Edwards (H.), Dufrenoy (P. A.), and Elie de Beaumont (L.). 

Eapport sur un memoire de M. F. de Castelnau relatif au systeme 

Silurien de l'Amerique septentrionale. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1843. 
— — , , . Eapport sur un memoire de Amedee Burat, intitule : 

Description geologique du bassin houiller de Saone-et-Loire. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1842. 
Brongniart (Alexandre Theodore). Biographical Notice. See Lama- 

thieee (Theophile). 
Brongniart (Charles). Note sur des perforations observees dans deux 

morceaux de bois fossile. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1877. 
. Note rectificative sur quelques Dipteres tertiaires et en particulier 

sur un Diptere des marnes tertiaires (miocene inferieur) de Chodrat 

(Auvergne), la Protomyia Oustaleti, qui devra s'appeler Plecia Oustaleti. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1878. 
. Note sur un nouveau genre d'Orthoptere fossile de la famille des 

Phasmiens provenant des terrains supra-houillers de Commentry 

(Allier) (Protophasma Dumasii). (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 
. Sur la decouverte d'un Orthoptere coureur de la famille des 

Phasmiens dans les terrains supra-houillers de Commentry (Allier) 

(Protophasma Dumasii). (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1878. 

Bronn (Heinrich Georg). Gaea Heidelbergensis, oder mineralogische 

Beschreibung der Gegend von Heidelberg. 

8vo. Heidelberg and Leipzig, 1830. 
. Italiens Tertiiir-Gebilde und deren organische Einschliisse. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Heidelberg, 1831. 

BEO 71 

Bronn (Heinrich Georg). Lethaea Geognostica, oder Abbildungen und 

Beschreibungen der fiir die Gebirgs-Pormationen bezeichnendsten 

Yersteinerungen. 2 vols. 

8vo; plates, 4to. Stuttgart, 1835-38. 
. . 3te Auflage. Bearbeitet von H. G-. Bronn und F. Homer. 

3 vols. 8vo ; Atlas, 4to. Stuttgart, 1851-56. 
. Uebersicht und Abbildungen der bis jetzt bekannten Nerinea- 

Arten. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1836. 

. Handbuch einer Geschichte der Natur. 5 vols. 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1841-49. 

. Palliontologische Collectaneen. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1843. 

. Index Palseontologicus, oder Uebersicht der bis jetzt bekannten 

f'ossilen Organismen, unter Mitwirkung der HH. H. E. Goppert 

und Herm. von Meyer. 3 vols. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1848-49. 

. Die Entwickelung der organischen Schopfung. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1858. 
. Untersuchungen liber die Entwickelungsgesetze der organischen 

Welt wahrend der Bildungs-Zeit unserer Erd-Oberflache. 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1858. 
. Eede zum Geburts-Peste des hochstseligen Grossherzogs Karl 

Eriedrich von Baden und zur akademischen Preisvertheilung am 22. 

November 1859. (Tract.) 4to. Heidelberg, 1859. 
. Essai d'une reponse a la question de prix proposee en 1850 par 

l'Academie des sciences pour le concours de 1853, et puis remise 

pour celui de 1856. Savoir : Etudier les lois de la distribution des 

corps organises fossiles, etc. 4to. Paris, 1861. 

. See Harttjng (George) and Leonhaed (K. C. von). 

and Kaup (J. J.). Abhandlungen iiber die gavialartigen Eeptilien 

der Liasformation. Pol. Stuttgart, 1842. 

. . Charaktere des Genus Mystriosaurus. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1842. 
Brooke (Henry James). A Pamiliar Introduction to Crystallography ; 

including an Explanation of the principle and use of the Goniometer. 

8vo. London, 1823. 
. A Description of the Principle and Method of using the Common 

and Eeflective Goniometers. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1823. 

. See Phillips (William). 

Brookes (Joshua). An Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting 

of the Zoological Club of the Linnean Society in 1828. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1828. 
Brooks (T. B.). On the youngest Huronian Eocks south of Lake 

Superior and the age of the Copper-bearing Strata. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1875. 
. Classified list of Eocks observed in the Huronian Series, south of 

Lake Superior, with remarks on their abundance, transitions, and 

geographical distribution ; also, a tabular presentation of the Sequence 

of the Beds, with an Hypothesis of Equivalency. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1876. 
Broome (Gordon). Eeport on the Canadian Phosphates considered with 

reference to their application to Agriculture. Part I. (Tract.) 

8vo. Montreal, 1870. 

72 BEO 

Broster (John). Progress of the Brosterian System for the Effectual 
Bemoval of Impediments in Speech, etc. For the Fourth Year. 

Svo. London, 1827. 

Brough (Lionel). See Beports, Parliamentary. Mines. 

Brougham (Lord). Address to the Members of the Manchester Me- 
chanics' Institution, July 1835. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1835. 

Brouillet (P. Ainedce). Epoques ante-historiques du Poitou, ou recherches 
et etudes sur les Monuments de l'age de Pierre . . . de cette contree. 
(Tract.) Svo. Poitiers, I860. 

Browallius (Johann). Historische und physikalische Untersuchung der 
vorgegebenen Verminderung des Wassers und Yergrosserung der 
Erde . . . Aus dem Schwedischen ubersetzt . . . von K. E. Klein. 

Svo. Stockholm, 1756. 

Browell (E. J. J.) and Kirkby (James W.). On the Chemical 
Composition of various beds of the Magnesian Limestone and 
associated Permian Bocks of Durham. (Tract.) 

8vo. Newcastle, 1867. 

Brown (Alexander B.). On the Geology of Gibraltar, with especial re- 
ference to the recently explored Caves and Bone-Breccia (Imperfect). 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1867. 

. Total Eclipse of the Sun, December 22nd, 1870. (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1871. 

Brown (Andrew). See Dickeson (Montroville W.). 

Brown (Charles Barrington). See Surveys : West Indies. 

Brown (John). A List of Fossils from a Deposit of Bed Crag, in the 
Parish of Beaumont, Essex; collected in 1845 and 1846. (Tract.) 

8vo. JStanivay?, 1846. 

Brown (Bobert). Catalogue of the Scientific Portion (with a few miscel- 
laneous Books) of his Library. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

. Miscellaneous Botanical Works. Edited by John J. Bennett. 

(Bay Society.) 2 vols. 

8vo; Atlas, 4to. London, 1866-68. 

. See Beckland (William). 

Brown (Bobert). Florula Discoana: contributions to the Phvto-geo- 
graphy of Greenland, within the parallels of 68° and 70° north 
latitude. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1868. 

. On the Geographical Distribution and Physical Characteristics of 

the Coal-fields of the North Pacific Ocean. (Tract.) 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1869. 

. On the Geographical Distribution of the Coniferae and Grnetaceje. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1869. 

. Das Innere von Gronland. (Tract.) 4to. Gotha, 1871. 

. Geological Notes on the Noursoak Peninsula, Disco Island, and 

the country in the vicinity of Disco Bay, North Greenland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Glasgow, 1875. 

. See Vancouver Island. 

Brown (Bobert E.). The Book of the Landed Estate, containing direc- 
tions for the management and development of the resources of 
landed property. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1869. 

Brown (Samuel). Two Processes for Silicon. (Tract.) 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1863. 


Brown (Thomas). The Elements of Eossil Conchology, according to the 
arrangement of Lamarck, with the newly established genera of other 
authors. 8vo. London, 1843. 

Brown (Thomas C). Teeth and Vertebrae of Extinct Sharks [fossils ob- 
tained in Malta — two photographs]. (Tract.) 8to. Cirencester, 1S78. 

Browne (A. J. Jukes-). On some Elint Implements from Egypt. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1878. 

. Post-Tertiary Deposits of Cambridgeshire, being the Sedgwick 

Prize Essay for 1876. 8vo. Cambridge and London, 1878. 

. See Penning (W. Henry). 

Browne (C. A.). See Jtjkes (Joseph Beete). 

Browne (Peter A.). An Essay on Solid Meteors, and Aerolites or Me- 
teoric Stones. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1844. 

Browne (E. G-. Mackley). Astronomical Geology : a treatise respecting 
the causes to which the structural and superficial configuration of 
the earth's crust is attributable. 8vo. London, 1865. 

. Cause and Effect; or the Globe we inhabit. 8vo. London, 1868. 

Bruckner (Em. Daniel). Versuch einer Beschreibung historischer und 
natiirlicher Merkwiirdigkeiten der Landschaft Basel. 23. Stiick. 

8vo. Basle, 1748-63. 

Brugman (Sebald Justin). Lithologia Groningana, juxta ordinem 
"Wallerii digesta, cum synonimis aliorum, imprimis Linnaei et Cron- 
stedii, etc. 8vo. Groningen, 1781 . 

Bruguiere (Jean Guillaume). Tableau encyclopcdique et methodique des 
trois rcgnes de la Nature. 4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1791. 

. See Encyclop£dje M£tiiodique. 

Brumby (E. T.). A brief account of the Analysis of the Blount, Shelby, 
and Talladega Springs, etc. (Tract.). 8vo. Alabama, 1838. 

Brun ( — Malte). See Malte-Brun. 

Brunner (C). Eortgesetzte Versuche iiber Eudiometrie. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1834. 

. Ueber die Darstellung des Selens. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1834. 

. Sur les Phenomcnes de Soulevement dans les Alpes Suisses. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1852. 

Brunnhoff (Giovanni de' Brignoli di). See De' Brignoli i>i Brunnhofe 

Bruno (Giovanni Domenico). Illustrazione di un nuovo Cetaceo fossile. 
(Tract.) 4to. Turin, 1839. 

Brunson (Alfred). Prairie du Chien ; its present position and future 
prospects. (Tract.) 8vo. Milwaidcee, 1857. 

Brunton (John). Description of the Line and Works of the Scinde 
Eailway. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Brush (George Jarvis). See Dana (James Dwight). 

and Dana (Edward S.). On the Mineral Locality in Eairfield 

County, Connecticut, with a description of two additional new 
species. 1st and 2nd papers. (Tracts.) 8vo. New Haven, 1878-79. 

Brusina (Spiridion). Contribuzione pella fauna dei Molluschi dalmati. 
[Beilage von der k. k. zool.-botan. Gesellschaft in Wien]. 

8vo. Vienna, 1866. 

! . Eossile Binnen-Mollusken aus Dalmatien, Kroatien und Slavonien. 

8vo. Agram, 1874. 

74 BKU— BUC 

Brussels. Observatoire Eoyal. Annales Meteorologiques, publiees aux 

frais de l'etat par . . . A. Quetelet, 2 e et 3 e Annees, 1867 et 1868. 

(Tracts.) 4to. Brussels, 1868-69. 

Bruun-Neergaard (T. C). Journal du dernier voyage du citoyen 

Dolomieu dans les Alpes. 8vo. Paris, 1802. 

. De la Haiiyne, nouvelle substance minerale. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1807. 

. Memoire sur les ossemens et coquilles fossiles des environs de 

Plaisance. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1813. 

. Extrait. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1813. 

Bryce (James). G-eological Notices of the Environs of Belfast, the East 
Coast of Antrim, and the Giant's Causeway. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1852. 

. Cyclopaedia of Geography, descriptive and physical, forming a 

New General G-azetteer of the World. 

8vo. London and Glasgow, 1856. 

. The Jurassic Rocks of Skye and Raasay, with report on the 

fossils and description of new species, by Ralph Tate. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1873. 

Brylinski (M.) and Lionnet (G.). Phosphates de Chaux fossiles. Geologie 

et origine, applications en Agriculture. 8vo. Havre, 1877. 

Buch (Leopold von). Geognostische Beobachtungen auf Beisen durch 

Deutschland und Italien. 2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1802. 

. Extracts from Von Buch's Travels in Silesia, &c, relating to the 

Salt mines of Haldstadt, translated by Mr. Solly. (Tract.) 

Eol. Manuscript, no date. 

. Essai d'une description mineralogique des environs de Landeck. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1805. 

. A Mineralogical Description of the Environs of Landeck, in the 

County of Glatz, translated from the Erench, with notes by Charles 
Anderson. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1810. 

. Ueber die Ursachen der Yerbreitung grosser Alpengeschiebe. 

(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1811. 

. Von den geognostischen Verhaltnissen des Trapp-Porphyrs. 

(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1812-13. 

. Travels through Norway and Lapland during the years 1806, 

1807, and 1808. Translated by John Black, with notes and illus- 
trations by Robert Jameson. 4to. London, 1813. 
Lobrede auf Karsten. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1814. 
Ueber den Pic von Teneriffa. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Berlin, 1820. 

Ueber die Zusammensetzung der basaltischen Inseln und liber 

Erhebungs-Cratere. (Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1820. 

Ueber einen vulkanischen Ausbruch auf der Insel Lanzerote. 

(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1823. 

Lettre . . . . a M. A. de Humboldt, renfermant le tableau geo- 

logique du Tyrol meridional. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1822. 

Physicalische Beschreibung der canarischen Inseln. 

4to; Atlas, fol. Berlin, 1825. 
Recueil de planches de Petrifications remarquables. 

4to. Berlin, 1831. 

BUC 75 

Buch (Leopold von). Ueber Ammoniten, iiber ihre Sonderung in 
Eamilien, iiber die Arten, welche in den alteren (xebirgsschichten 
vorkommen, und iiber Groniatiten insbesondere. (Tract.) 

4to. Berlin, 1832. 

. [Three plates of Ammonites (fol.), with Explanations.] 

4to. Berlin, 1833. 

. Uber Terebrateln, mit einen Versuch, sie zn classificiren nnd zu 

beschreiben. 4to. Berlin, 1834. 

. Description Physique des iles Canaries, suivi d'une indication 

des principaux volcans du globe. Tradnite de l'allemand par C. 
Boulanger. 8vo; Atlas, fol. Paris, 1836. 

. Sur les Spirifer et les Orthis. Explication de deux planches qui 

representent la structure de ces coquilles. Eol. Berlin, 1838. 
. Petrifications recueillies en Amerique par M. Alexandre de Hum- 
boldt et par M. Charles Degenhardt. Eol. Berlin, 1839. 

. Beitrage zur Bestimmuug der Gebirgsfonnationen in Bussland. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1840. 

. Ueber Cystideen, eingeleitet durch die Entwickelung der Eigen- 

thiimlichkeiten von Caryocrinus omatus, Say. (Tract.) 

4to. Berlin, 1845. 
Die Baren-Inseln nach B. M. Keilhau geognostisch beschrieben. 
(Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1847. 

Ueber Ceratiten, besonders von denen, die in Kreidebildungen sich 
finden. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1848. 

Betrachtungen iiber die Yerbreitung und die G-renzen der Kreide- 
Bildungen. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Bonn, 1849. 

Lagerung der Braunkohlen in Europa. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1851. 
Ueber eine Muschel-Umgebung der Nordsee. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1851. 
Verzeichniss einer Sammlung von Versteiuerungen von Dhage- 
stan, mit Erlauterungen. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1851. 

Ueber Blattnerven und ihre Yertheilung. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1852. 
Gedachtuiss-Bede gehaltenam 6. April 1853 in der Versammlung 
der deutschen geologischen G-esellschaft von dem stellvertrefcenden 
Vorsitzenden. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1853. 

. Ueber die Juraformation auf der Erdflache. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1853. 

. Buch-Denkmal. See Hatjer (Eranz von) and Hoknes (Moriz). 

and Pfaundler (A. von). Ueber den Dolomit in Tyrol. (Tract.) 

8vo. Innsbruck, 1842. 
Buchan (John H.). Eeport on The Beal del Monte Mining Company, 
Mexico. (Tract.) 8vo. York ?, 1855. 

Buchanan (J. Y.). See Challenger Expedition - . 

Buchner (Ludwig Andreas, 1). Ueber den Antheil der Pharmacie an 
der Entwicklung der Chemie. (Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1849. 

. Ueber die Beziehungen der Chemie zur Rechtspflege. (Tract.) 

4to. Munich, 1875. 

Buchner (Ludwig Andreas, 2). Man in the Past, Present, and Euture. 

Translated by W. S. Dallas. 8vo. London, 1872. 

76 BUG 

Bucke (Charles). A Letter intended (one day) as a supplement to 
Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott. (Tract.) 

Privately printed, 1838. 

Buckingham (James Silk). Extract of a Letter from Persia. (Tract.) 

Fol. Manuscript, 1816. 

. Travels among the Arab Tribes inhabiting the Countries east of 

Syria and Palestine. 4to. London, 1825. 

Buckland (Francis T.). See Austen (Nathaniel Laurence) and Buck- 
land (William). 

Buckland (William). Description of a series of Specimens from the 
Plastic Clay, near Reading, Berks. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1817. 

. Observations on the Paramoudra and Formation of Flints in 

Chalk. (Tract). 4to. London, 1817. 

. Order of Superposition of Strata in the British Isles. Two edi- 
tions. (Tracts.) Fol. 

. Vindicise Geologicse, or the connexion of Geology with Religion 

explained. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Oxford, 1820. 

. Notice of a paper laid before the Geological Society, on the Struc- 
ture of the Alps and adjoining parts of the Continent, and their 
Relation to the Secondary and Transition Rocks of England. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1821. 

. Reliquise Diluvianse, or observations on the organic remains con- 
tained in Caves, Fissures and Diluvial Gravel, and on other geological 
phenomena, attesting the action of an universal Deluge. 2 copies. 

4to. London, 1823. 

. On the Discovery of the Anoplotherium commune in the Isle of 

Wight. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1824. 

. Reply to some observations in Dr. Fleming's Remarks on 

the Distribution of British Animals. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1825. 

. On the Occurrence of the remains of Elephants, and other Qua- 
drupeds, in the Cliffs of frozen mud, in Eschscholtz Bay, within 
Beering's Strait, etc. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1813. 

. On the Vitality of Toads enclosed in Stone and Wood. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1832. 

. On the Adaptation of the Structure of the Sloths to their peculiar 

mode of life. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1833. 

. Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural 

Theology. [Bridgewater Treatise.] 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1836. 

. . A new edition, with additions by Prof. Owen, Prof. 

Phillips, Robert Brown, &c. Edited by Francis T. Buckland. 
[Bridgewater Treatise.] 8vo. London, 1858. 

. An Inquiry whether the Sentence of Death pronounced at the 

Fall of Man included the "whole Animal Creation, or was restricted 
to the Human Race. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1839. 

. On the Glacia-Diluvial Phenomena in Snowdonia and the adjacent 

parts of North Wales. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1841. 

. Review of his ' Geology and Mineralogy considered with refer- 
ence to Natural Theology.' (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1837. 

. Catalogue [sale] of his valuable Scientific Library. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. London. 1857. 

BUC— BUL 77 

Buckman (James). On the Structure and Arrangement of the Tesserae 
in a Eoman pavement discovered at Cirencester in August 1849. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1850. 
. Stone Steps. A Stratigraphical Arrangement of the British Geo- 
logical Formations, with their subdivisions and distinctive characters. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. The Ancient Straits of Malvern. An essay on the former marine 

conditions which separated England and Wales, etc. 

8vo. London, no date. 

. Science and Practice in Farm Cultivation. 

8vo. London, 1865. 

. On the Geology of the County of Devon in reference 

to Agriculture and Eural Economy. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1873. 

. On the Cephalopoda Bed and the Oolite Sands of Dorset and 

part of Somerset. (Tract.) 8vo. Taunton, 1874. 

% . Geology of the County of Cornwall, in reference to Agriculture 

and Eural Economy. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 

. On Agricultural Dodders. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 

. The Mistletoe-bough, its Natural History, Economy, and Uses. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1879. 

. See Davidson (Thomas), Murchison (Sir Eoderick Impey), and 

Seriaxs, etc. : Sherborne. Dorset Natural-History and Antiqua- 
rian Field Club. 

and Newmarch (C. H.). Illustrations of the remains of Eoman 

Art in Cirencester, the site of ancient Corinium. 

4to. London and Cirencester, 1851. 

Buckton (George Bowdler). Monograph of the British Aphides. Vols. 

I. and II. (Eay Society.) 8vo. London, 1876-79. 

Bucquet (J. B. M.). Introduction a l'etude des corps naturels tires du 

regne mineral. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1771. 

Buddie (John, jun.). Search for Coal in a part of the Counties of 

Eoxburgh and Berwickshire, in Julv 1806. (Tract.) 

8vo. Kelso, 1807. 
Buist (George). Notes on certain Discoloured Appearances met with on 
the Surface of the Sea in Warm Latitudes. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1854. 

. On the Physical Geography of Hindostan. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1854. 

. On the Occurrence of Crystallization in a Stucco-casting. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
Bullar (John). Hints to Assist the Enquiries of Visitors : being brief 
notes of Local Antiquities in Southampton and its neighbourhood. 
On the objects worthy of attention in an Excursion round the Isle 
of Wight, including an Account of the Geological Formations as ex- 
hibited in the sections along the coast, by John Drew. (Tract.) 

8vo. Southampton, 1846. 
Buller (Walter L.). Essay on the Ornithology of New Zealand. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dunedin, 1865. 

. Anniversary Address . . . Wellington Philosophical Society, 1875. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Wellington, N. Z., 1875. 


Bullock (W.). Sketch of a Journey through the "Western States of 
North America : from New Orleans to New York, in 1 827. "With a 
description of the new and nourishing city of Cincinnati, by B. Drake 
and E. D. Mansfield. 8vo. London, 1827. 

Bunbury (Sir Charles J. E.). Journal of a Besidence at the Cape of 
Good Hope. 8vo. London, 1848. 

. See Bibeiro (Carlos). 

Bunsen (R. W.). Ueber ein neues Vorkommen des Allophans in der 
Formation des plastischen Thons. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1834. 

. Ueber den innern Zusammenhang der pseudovulkanischen Er- 

scheinungen Islands. (Tract.) 8vo. Lemgo and Heidelberg, 1847. 

. Ueber die Processe der vulkanischen Gesteinsbildungen Islands. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1851. 

and Hausmann (J. Er. L.). Ueber das Yorkommen menschlicher 

Kunstproducte in den Kalktufflagern der Gegend von Gottingen. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Gottingen, 1856. 

and Playfair (Lyon). Beport on the Gases evolved from Iron fur- 
naces, with reference to the Theory of the Smelting of Iron. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1846. 

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80 BUT— CAL 

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CAL— CAM 81 

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the University the several distinguished persons on whom the Hono- 
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Browning, W.Stubbs, W.Spottiswoode, H. J. S. Smith, T. H. Huxley, 
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82 CAM— CAP 

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Hanau-Miinzenberg, in dem Amte Bieber und andern Aemtern dieser 
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distinctifs qui permettraient de la reconnaitre en tous pays si elle 
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di Napoli, e di talune induzioni geologiche di cui e stato occasione. 
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suoi contorni. 4to. Genoa, 1823. 

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logical Observations at various stations in Southern Africa and 
other countries in the South Seas, as also at sea. (Tract.) 

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CAP 83 

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4to. Bologna, 1871. 
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cenici dell' antico bacino del Mediterraneo e del Mar oNero. (Tract.) 

4to. Bologna, 1872. 
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Cannibales a l'epoque de la Madeleine. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1873. 
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dei dintorni di Bisano. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1873. 

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4to. Bologna, 1874. 

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I . Sui terreni Terziari di una parte del versante settentrionale dell' 

Apennino. (Tract.) 4to. Bologna, 1876. 

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jj . Balenottere fossili e Pachyacanthus dell' Italia meridionale. 

(Tract.) 4to. Borne, 1877. 

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8vo. Bologna, 1877. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1877. 

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4to. Bologna, 1878. 
■ . II Calcare di Leitha, il Sarmatiano, e gli strati a Congerie nei monti 

di Livorno, di Castellina marittima, di Mierno e di Monte Catini. 

(Tract.) 4to. Borne, 1878. 



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loro. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1878. 

. Sulla Prehnite clei monti Livornesi e sui minerali che l'accom- 

pagnano. (Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1878. 

■ . JBalenottera fossile delle Colombaie presso Volterra. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1879. 

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del Golfo di Spezia. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Bologna, 1879. 

. G-li strati a Congerie e le marne cornpatte Mioceniche dei dintorni 

di Ancona. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Rome, 1879. 

■ . See Jeffreys (John Gwyn) and Omboxi (G-.). 

and Heer (0.). Les Phyllites cretacees du Nebraska. (Tract.) 

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derlausitz, insbesondere aber des Mineralreichs derselben. (Tract.) 

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bachtet in Polen. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1783. 

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. See British Museum. 

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CAE 85 

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North of the British Isles, carried on in Her Majesty's steam-vessel 
1 Lightning,' by Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Wyville Thomson. (Tract.) 

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in their relation to Geological inquiry. (Tract.) 

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8vo. London, 1880. 

. See ' Porcupine ' and ' Valorous ' Expeditions. 

and Jeffreys (J. Gwyn). Report on Deep-sea Researches carried 

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the Capitol at Madison (Wis.), before the Board of Regents of the 
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land, showing the nature of the land purchases of the Company, etc. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

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the Island of Bombay, with Observations on their Structure and 
Development. (Tract.) 8vo. Bombay, 1849. 

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silized state in Arabia, Sindh, Kutch, and Khattyawar. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bombay, 1849. 

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neighbourhood, and on the Limestone formation at their circum- 
ference. (Tract.) 8vo. Bombay, 1850. 

86 CAR— CAT 

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the South-east Coast of Arabia, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bombay, 1851 "' 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Bombay, 1851. 

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the South-east Coast of Arabia. Edited for the Government of India. 

2 copies. 4to; Atlas, fol. Bombay, 1857. 
. . Extract from a compilation entitled Geological Papers on Western 

India, edited for the Government of Bombay. 

4to. Bombay, 1857 ? 
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by Lieutenant C. G. Constable. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1860. 
. Eurther observations on the structure of Eoraminifera, and on 

the larger fossilized forms of Scinde, &c. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1861. 
. On contributions to the Geology of Western India, including 

Sind and Beloochistan. (Tract.) 8vo. Bombay, 1862. 
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male nach einem vollstandigen Exemplare beschrieben und abgebil- 

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The Literature of Zoology, which has appeared in periodicals, trans- 
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. See Brongniart (Alexandre) etc., and Elie de Beaumont (L.). 

Catalogue of Botanical, Conch ological, Entomological and Mineralogical 

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CAT 87 

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. . 8vo. Paris, 1780. 

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. See Bowles (William), Dr£e (Marquis de), Harrington (H.), 

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Penpark-Hole, in the parish of Westbury-upon-Trim, in the county 
of Gloucester, in the year 1775 ; also the narratives of Captains 
Sturmey and Collins, containing their descriptions of the same, in 
the years 1669 and 1682.- (Tract.) 8vo. Bristol, 1792. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Livomo, 1870. 

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taining portraits, landscapes, costumes, &c. ... of the North 
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. The lifted and subsided rocks of America, with their influences on 

the oceanic, atmospheric, and land currents, and the distribution of 
Paces. 8vo. London, 1870. 

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Nomenclator. A Catalogue of all the Becent Species of Shells in- 
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88 CAT— CAU 

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. Trattato sopra la costituzione geognostico-fisica dei terreni allu- 

viali o postdiluviani delle Provincie Venete. 8vo. Padua, 1838. 
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l'anno 1838. (Tract.) 4 copies. 4to. Padua, 1840. 
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8vo ; Plates, 4to. Bologna, 1846. 
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d' alcune specie di Cefalopodi trovate nella Calcaria rossa Ammonirica, 

e nelBiancone riferibili alio stesso sistema. (Tract.) 8vo. Venice, 1846. 
. Osservazioni sopra uno scritto del Nob. Achille de Zigno intorno 

alia non promiscuita dei fossili tra il Biancone e la Calcaria Ammo- 

nitica delle Alpi Venete. (Tract.) 8vo. Padua, 1847. 

. Intorno le JSTereidi fossili di monte Bolca. (Tract.) 

8vo. Padua, no date. 
. [Tavole inedite di Polepai fossili formanti seguito delle gia pubbli- 

cate l'anno 1847 di cui fa cenno il Cav. Murchison nel Quarterly 

1848 e 49.] (Tract.) 4to. 1850 ? 
. Lettera Geologica al celebre Cavaliere Impey Bodrigo Murchison. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Bologna, 1851. 
. Intorno ad una nuova classificazione delle Calcare rosse Ammo- 

nitiche delle Alpi Venete. (Tract.) 4to. Venice, 1853. 
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(Tract.) 4to. Padua, 1854. 

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. Sopra le scoperte del chiaro uomo Sig. Dott. Lioy. . . . Nota 

Storico-geologica. (Tract.) 8vo. Padua, 1865. 

See Pilla (L.). 

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Alpi Venete. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1842. 

Cauchy (F. P.). Memoire couronne en reponse a la question proposee 
par l'Academie Eoyale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres des Bruxelles : 
" Decrire la constitution geologique de la Province de Namur," etc. 

4to. Brussels, 1825. 

CAU— OHA 89 

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Namur, 1832. 

Caumont ( — de). Essai sur la Topographie Ge'ognostique du Departe- 

raent du Calvados. 8vo. Caen, 1828. 

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the Sivalik Hills. (Tract.) 4to. Calcutta (?), 1836. 

. Eeport ou the Ganges Canal Works. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Plans.- 2 vols. fol. London, 1860. 

. The Ganges Canal. 8vo. London, 1864. 

. A Valedictory note to Major-General Sir Arthur Cotton, respect- 
ing the Ganges Canal. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1864. 

. See Falconer (Hugh). 

and Falconer (Hugh). Note on the Ursus siualensis, a new Fossil 

species from the Sivalik Hills. (Tract.) 4to. Calcutta, 1836. 

Cecchi (Filippo). Sismografo elettrico a carte affumicate scorrevoli. 
(Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1876. 

Celnart ( — ). Manuel complet des jeux de Societe. 

12mo. Paris, 1827. 

Cermelli (Pier Maria). Carte corografiche e memorie riguardanti le 

Pietre, le Miniere, e i Fossili per servire alia Storia naturale delle 

Provincie del Patrimonio, Sabina, Lazio, Marittima, Campagna, e 

dell' Agro Eomano. 2 copies. 4to. Naples, 1782. 

Ceselli (Luigi). Sopra una Tartarnga trovata alle acque caje di Yiterbo. 

. (Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1846. 

■ . Meraoria Geologica sopra i colli Giannicolesi. (Tract.) 

8vo. Rome, 1848. 

. Esposizione descrittiva ed analitica sui minerali dei dintorni di 

Eoma e della Quiritina. (Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1866. 

. Stromenti in silice della prima epoca della pietra della Campagna 

Eomana. (Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1866. 

. [Eesume du memoire sur les silex tailles de l'e'poque archeolithique 

qu'on trouve dans la Campagne Eomaine.] (Tract.) 

8vo. Rome?, 1867. 

■ . Sopra l'arte ceramica primitiva nel Lazio. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1868. 
Chalbas (F.). Notice sur la decouverte d'une couche abondante de Cri- 
noides fossiles de l'espece Pentacrinus. (Tract.) 

8vo. Chalon-sur-Saone, 1877. 
Chabriol (J. S. Deveze de). See Deveze de Chabriol (J. S.). 
Chaill et (Jean-Frederic de). Biographical Notice. See Candolle (Aug. 

Pyr. de). 
w Challenger Expedition." Eeports of Ocean Soundings and Tempera- 
tures, 1873-1876. Nos. 1-7. Fol. London, 1873-1876. 

. Papers by Sir Wyville Thomson, Mr. Murray, Mr. Moseley, Mr. 

Buchanan, and the late Dr. Yon Willemoes-Suhm. 

8vo. London, 1876. 

. The Yoyage of the ' Challenger.' The Atlantic : a preliminary 

account of the general results of the Exploring Yoyage of H.M.S. 
' Challenger/ 1873 and 1876. By Sir C. Wyville Thomson. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1877. 
Chalmas (— Munier-). See Hebert (E.). 

90 CHA 

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8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 
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Chamhers (J.). Geology o£ Norfolk. (Tract.) 8vo. Norwich, 1829. 
Chamhers (Eobert). Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 4th 

edition. 8vo. London, 1845. 

. 11th edition. 8vo. London, 1860. 

. Explanations : a Sequel to ' Vestiges of the Natural History of 

Creation.' 8vo. London, 1845. 

. Ancient Sea-margins. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1848. 

. Tracings of the North of Europe. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1850. 

. On Glacial Phenomena in Scotland and part of England. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1853. 
Chambers (V. T.). Papers on the Tineina and Entomostraca of Colorado. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1877. 
. III. New Tineina from Texas. IV. Eood-plants of Tineina. 

V. Index to the described Tineina of the United States and Canada. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1878. 

Chambrun de Rosemont (A. de). Etudes geologiques sur le Var et le 

Rhone pendant les periodes tertiaires et quaternaires. La periode 

pluviaire. 8vo. Nice, 1873. 

Chandler (C. F.). Lecture on Water. (Tract.) 8vo. Albany, 1871. 
Channel Tunnel. Statement by the Executive Committee, with Engineers' 

Report and Diagram. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1869. 
. Practical opinions on the Construction and Eight Position for 

the Channel Tunnel [by S. C. Homersham and E. A. L. Murray]. 

(Tract.) 4to. London, 1873 
. [Newspaper Report of a discussion at the British Association.] 

(Tract.) 4to. Barrow, 1875. 

Chanter eaux ( — Bouchard-). See Botjchaed-Cha^teeeattx ( — ). 
Chantre (Ernest). Les faunes mammalogiques tertiaire et quaternaire 

du bassin du Rhone. (Tract.) 8vo. Lyons, 1874. 

■ . See Ealsaist (Albert) and Loetet (P.). 

diaper ( — ). Sur le Plagioptychus. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Toronto, 1855. 
. A Popular and Practical Exposition of the Minerals and G-eology 

of Canada. 8vo. Toronto, 1864. 

. A Popular Exposition of the Minerals and G-eology of Canada. 

8vo." Toronto, 1871. 

. An Outline of the Geology of Canada. 8yo. Toronto, 1876. 

. On the probable nature of the supposed fossil tracks known as 

Protichnites and Climactichnites. (Tract.) 8yo. Toronto, 1877. 

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dares de la province de Luxembourg. Part I. 4to. Brussels, 1858. 
Charlesworth (Edward). Observations on the Crag-formation and its 

Organic Remains ; with a view to establish a Division of the Ter- 
tiary Strata overlying the London Clay in Suffolk. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1835. 
. Reply to Mr. Woodward's Remarks on the Coralline Crag, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1835. 

CHA— CHE 91 

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New Series of the Magazine of Natural History. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1840. 

. Catalogue of British Marine recent shells. 8yo. Yorlc, 1852. 

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malium : quibus accedunt Mantissa Anatomica, etc. 2nd edition. 

4to. Oxford, 1677. 

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names. (Anthropological Society.) 8vo. London, 1866. 

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graphic der chursiichsischen Lander. 4to. Leipzig, 1778. 

. Beobachtungen iiber die Lagerstatte der Erze : hauptsachlich aus 

den sachsischen Gebirgen. 4to. Leipzig, 1799. 

. Beytrag zur geognostischen Kenntniss des Biesengebirges schle- 

sischen Antheils. 2 copies. 4to. Leipzig, 1804. 

. Essai sur la constitution geognostique des Pyrenees. 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris and Strasburg, 1823. 

. Notice sur la cause probable du transport des blocs erratiques de 

la Suisse. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1835. 

. Essai sur les glaciers et sur le terrain erratique du bassin du 

Rhone. 2 copies. 8vo. Lausanne, 1841. 

Charpentier ( — Toussaint). Darstellung der Hohen verschiedener 
Berge, Eliisse und Orte Schlesiens. 4to. Breslau, 1812. 

Charpentier de Cossigny (J.). La Terre, sa formation et sa constitution 
actuelle. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

Charriere (E.). See Levchine (Alexis de). 

Chassot de Florencourt (Carl). Ueber die Bergwerke der Alten. 

8vo. Gottingen, 1785. 

Chatel (Victor). Decouverte a Montcbauvet de restes d'un grand align e- 
ment de pierres, dites Celtiques, et de plusieurs cromlechs ou cereles 
de pierres, de silex tailles et d'une petite hache celtique, etc. au 
sommet des Bois de Valcongrain. (Tract.) 8vo. Caen, 1864. 

. Lettre relative aux silex taille's de main d'homme ou antehistori- 

ques, addressee a M. Boucher de Perthes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Caen, 1866. 

Chaulaire (P. G.). See Puy-de-D6me. 

Chavannes (D. A.). Discours prononce a Lausanne, en ouvrant la pre- 
miere Seance de la reunion periodique de la Societe Helvetique des 
Sciences Naturelles. (Tract.) 8vo. Lausanne, 1818. 

Chavannes (S.). Notice ne'crologique sur Ch. Adolphe Morlot. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berne, 1867. 

Cheadle (E. W.) and Woodward (B. B.). Notes on the Pleistocene 
deposits at Crayford and Erith. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 

Chellonneix (E.). See Oetlteb (J.). 

Chemnitz (Johann Hieronymus). See Maetent (E. H. W.). 

Chenevix (Eichard). Observations on Mineralogical Systems, translated 
from the Erench. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1811. 

Cheney (T. Apoleon). Illustrations of the Ancient Monuments in 
Western New York. (Tract.) 8vo. Mtu York?, 1859. 

Chenu (J. C). Notice sur le Muse'e Conchyliologique de M. le Baron 
Benjamin Delessert. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

92 CHE— CLA 

Cheshire (Edward). The Results of the Census of Great Britain in 1851. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

■ . -* . [Abstract.] (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

Chevalier (E.). Voyage autour du Monde execute pendant les annees 
% 1836 et 1837 sur la corvette ' La Bonite.' Geologie et Mineralogie. 

8vo. Paris, 1844. 
Chevalier (Michel). Remarks on the production of the Precious Metals, 

and on the Depreciation of Gold. Translated by D. Eorbes Camp- 
bell. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 
Chevallier (J. B. A.) and Robinet (S.). Notice historique sur L. N. 

Vauquelin. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1830. 

Chevandier (Eugene). See Poncelet ( — ). 
Chevreul (E.). Expose d'un moyen de definir et de nommer les couleurs 

d'apres une mcbhode precise et experimentale. Atlas. 

4to. Paris, 1861. 
Chiavetta (Benedetto). Memoria dell' ultima eruzione dell' Etna, 1809. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Messina, 1809. 

Children (John George). Account of some Experiments with a large 

Voltaic Battery. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1815. 

. See Bebzelitjs (J. J.) and Thenard (L. J.). 

China. A Complete view of the Chinese Empire. . . . And a genuine and 

copious Account of Earl Macartney's Embassy. 8vo. London, 1798. 
Chiswick. See Hammersmith. 

Chittenden (George B.). See Surveys : United States. 
Choffat (Paul). Age du gisement fossilifere des seches des Amburnets. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1877. 

Christ (Wilhelm). Von der Bedeutung der Sanskritstudien fur die grie- 

chische Philologie. Eestrede gehalten in der offentlichen Sitzung 

der k. b. Akademie der Wissenschaften ... am 28 Marz, 1860. 

4to. Munich, 1860. 
Christie (Alexander Turnbull). A Treatise on the Epidemic Cholera ; 

containing its History, Symptoms, Autopsy, Etiology, Causes, and 

Treatment. 8vo. London, 1833. 

Christy (Henry). See Lartet (Edouard). 
Church (John A.). The Heat of the Comstock Mines. (Tract.) 

8vo. Columbus, 1878. 
Cialdi (Alessandro). . Cenni sul moto ondoso del mare e sulle correnti di 

esso. (Tract.) 4to. Pome, 1856. 

■ . Les Ports-Canaux. (Tract.) 4to. Pome, 1866. 

. Sul moto ondoso del mare e su le correnti di esso specialmente su 

quelle littorali. 8vo. Pome, 1866. 

. Port Said. (Tract.) 8vo. Pome, 1868. 

Ciofalo (Saverio). Descrizione della Natica Gemmellaroi, nuova specie 

del cretaceo superiore dei dintorni di Termini-Imerese. (Tract.) 

8vo. Palermo, 1869. 
Clanny (W. Reid). A History and Analysis of the Mineral "Waters 

situated at Butterby, near Durham. (Tract.) 8vo. Durham, 1807. 

■ . A Treatise on the Mineral Waters at Gilsland. 

8vo. Sunderland, 1816. 
Claraz (Charles). See Heusser (J. Ch.). 
Clark (Hamlet). See British Museum. 

CLA 93 

Clark (James). The Influence of Climate in the Prevention and Cure of 
Chronic Diseases, more particularly of the Chest and Digestive 
Organs : comprising an account of the principal places resorted to 
by Invalids in England and the South of Europe. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1829. 

. . Additions in the Second Edition, etc. etc. 

8vo. London, 1830. 
Clark (William). Observations on the Littorinidae. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 
Clark {Rev. William). See Van der Hoeyex (J.). 
Clarke (A. E.). Determination of the positions of Feaghmain and 
Haverfordwest. 4to. London, 1867. 

and James (Henry). Comparisons of the Standards of Length in 

England, Erance, Belgium, Prussia, Eussia, India, and Australia. 

4to. London, 1866. 

. See Surveys : Great Britain". Ordnance Survey. 

Clarke (Edward Daniel). A Syllabus of Lectures on Mineralogy, con- 
taining a Methodical distribution of Minerals. 

8vo. London, 1818. 
Clarke (Hyde). On Geological Surveys. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 
Clarke (William Branwhite). On the Geological Phenomena in the 
vicinity of Cape Town, Southern Africa. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1841. 

. On the Discovery of Gold in Australia. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1852. 

. Eesearches in the Southern Gold-fields of New South Wales. 

8vo. Sydney, I860. 

. Eecent Geological Discoveries in Australasia. 2nd edition. 

2 copies. 8vo. Sydney, 1861. 

. Catalogue of Specimens from the Wianamatta and Hawkesbury 

Eocks, overlying the productive upper Coal-measures of New South 
Wales. (Tract.) Eol. Sydney, 1866. 

— — . On the Transmutation of Eocks in Australasia. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1866. 

i . Eemarks on the Sedimentary Formations of New South Wales. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1867. 

. Eemarks on the Sedimentary Formations of New South Wales. 

2nd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1870-71. 

. Eemarks on the Sedimentary Formations of New South Wales. 

3rd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1875. 

. Eemarks on the Sedimentary Formations of New South Wales, 

illustrated by references to other provinces of Australasia. 4th 
edition. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Sydney, 1878. 

. Address delivered to the Eoyal Society of New South Wales at 

the Anniversary Meeting, 25th May, 1870. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1871. 

. Address delivered to the Eoyal Society of New South Wales, 

1873. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1 873. 

• . Address delivered to the Eoyal Society of New South Wales at 

the Anniversary Meeting, 17th May, 1876. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1876. 

94 CLA— COB 

Clarke (William Bran white). On the Deep Oceanic Depression off 
Moreton Bay. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1870. 

. See Exhibition of 1876 ; Leichardt (Ludwig) ; New South 

Wales ; and Eepoets, Colonial, New South Wales. 

Claussen (P.). Notes geologiques sur la Province de Minas G-eraes au 
Bresil. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1841. 

Claypole (E. W.). On the Occurrence of a Fossil Tree (Glyptodendron) 
in the Clinton Limestone (base of Upper Silurian) of Ohio, U.S. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1878. 

Clayton (Robert). Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New 
Testament (in answer to the objections of the late Lord Bolingbroke). 
4th edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1754. 

Cleaveland (Parker). Account of Fossil Shells. (Tract.) 4to. 

. An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geology, being an 

introduction to the study of these Sciences, and designed for the 
use of pupils, etc., in the United States of America. 

8vo. Boston, 1816. 

. . 2nd edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1822. 

Clifford (H. F.). See Hall (Basil). 

Clifford (John). Recent Sciences — Geology (Tract.) 

8vo. Leicester, 1880. 

Clift (William). See Whidbey (Joseph). 

Clissold (Frederick). Narrative of an ascent to the summit of Mont 
Blanc, August 18th, 1822. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1823. 

Cloquet ( — ). Sur des Silex tailles. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1866. 

Clutterbuck (J. C). The Agriculture of Berkshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1861. 

Coal. Observations on the proposed duties on the Exportation of Coals, 
etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1842. 

. Reports received from H.M. Secretaries of Embassy and Legation 

respecting Coal. 8vo. London, 1864. 

. Reports received from H.M. Secretaries of Embassy and Legation 

respecting Coal. With an Appendix, and Reports as to Coal pro- 
duction in British Colonies. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1867. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1868* 

. See Johnson (Walter R.) and Reports. 

Coal-mines, Explosions. Essays on the prevention of explosions and 
accidents in coal-mines. By Wilfred Creswick of Sheffield, Wilham 
Gralloway of London, and William Hopton of St. Helen's. 

8vo. London, 1874 

. . See Reports. 

Coan (Titus). On the recent Eruption of Mauna Loa. (Tract.) 

8vo. Newhaven, 1856. 

. On the Volcanic Eruptions in Hawaii. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
Coates (Thomas). Statement of the Plan for supplying London with 
Water proposed in the " Metropolitan Waterworks Bill (Henley- 
on-Thames and London Aqueduct)." (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1850. 

Cobbold (R. H.). On the Occurrence of Coal near the City of E-u in 

China. (Tract.) 8vo. London^ 1856. 

COC— COL 95 

Cocchi (Igino). Description des Eoches ignees et sedimentaires de la 
Toscane. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. Geologia dell' Isola di Sardegua. [Keview of] Voyage en Sar- 

daigne . . . 3me partie. Description geologique. Par A. de la 
Marmora (1857). (Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. Turin, 1857. 

. Monografia dei Pharyngodopilidre, nuova f amiglia di pesci labroidi. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Florence, 1864. 

. Sulla Geologia dell' Italia Centrale. Lezioni Eaccolte e pubblicate 

per cura di C. Puini e di A Mariani. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Florence, 1864. 

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terite, or Iron Clay formation of India, with a description of that 

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96 COL 

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. Bemarks on the Successive Mining Schools of Cornwall. (Tract.) 


Collinson (P.). Extract of three very remarkable Letters communicated 
by Pr. Collinson, Esq., concerning Elephant's bones of vast size 
dug up in England, with observations. [Extracted from the 
< Gentleman's Magazine,' 1757-1785.] (Tract.) 

Ecap. fol. Manuscript. 

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See also Lecoq (H.). 

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— — See Scilla (Agosf.). 

COL— COO 97 

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Comtes de Cornwall et de Devon. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1834. 

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vallees du Lot et de ses affluents, la Theze, la Lemance et la Lede, 
departement de Lot-et-Garonne. (Tract.) 8vo. Agen, 1865. 

Comte (Achille). See Edwards (H. Mil^e-). 

Conchology. Verzeichniss einer Sammlung von Meeres-, Siisswasser- 
und Land-Conch vlien, von 1216 Species, georduet nach Philippi's 
Handbuch der Conchyliologie. (Tract.) 8vo. Heidelberg, 1850. 

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imbedded in the Limestone of Burdiehouso, near Edinburgh. (Tract.) 

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. Explorations from the Mississippi to the Pacific. See United 


.. See Blake (William P.), and Surveys : United States. 

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ware County, Pennsylvania. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1875. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1877. 


98 COO— COP 

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Cooke from Santa Ee to San Diego, &c. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1840. 

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Sickness and Mortality in the Army. 

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Environs of London. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

— — . Elora Metropolitana ; or Botanical Eambles within thirty miles 
of London, with Supplement. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1837. 

. Catalogue of the British Natural Orders and Genera, arranged 

according to the system of Decandolle (extracted from Dr. D. C. 
Macreight's Manual of British Botany), together with the whole of 
the Linnsean Classes and Orders (from Sir W. J. Hooker's British 
Elora). Printed by order of the Council of the Botanical Society of 
London. (Tract.) Eol. London, 1838. 

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. See Eeports, Parliamentary. Coal. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1870. 
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SaurodontidsB. — On the Eishes of a Freshwater Tertiary in Idaho, 

discovered by Capt. Clarence King. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1870. 
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dinata. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
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Eocene Basin, Wyoming. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

. [Fossil discoveries in Southern Wyoming.] (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
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Wyoming Territory. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

. . Second Notice. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

. Second account of new Vertebrata from the Bridger Eocene. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
. Third account of new Vertebrata from the Bridger Eocene of 

Wyoming Valley. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
. On a new Vertebrate Genus from the northern part of the Tertiary 

basin of Green Eiver. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

. On the Dentition of Metalophodon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
. On the Existence of Dinosauria in the Transition beds of 

Wyoming. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 
. On the structure and systematic position of the genus Eobasileus, 

Cope. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

. On the Tertiary Coal and Fossils of Osino, Nevada. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1872. 

COP 99 

Cope (Edward Dwight). On some Eocene Mammals obtained by Hayden'"s 
Geological Survey of 1872. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

. On some of Prof. Marsh's criticisms. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1873. 

. On the Age of the Coal series of Bitter Creek. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

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8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

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8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

. On two new Perissodactyles from the Bridger Eocene. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1873. 

. Synopsis of new Vertebrata from the Tertiary of Colorado, ob- 
tained during the summer of 1873. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1873. 

. Eeport upon Vertebrate Fossils discovered in New Mexico, with 

descriptions of new Species. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1874. 

. Consciousness in Evolution. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1875. 

. On the supposed Carnivora of the Eocene of the Bocky Moun- 
tains. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1875. 

. Synopsis of the Vertebrata of the Miocene of Cumberland County, 

New Jersey. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1875. 

. Systematic Catalogue of Vertebrata of the Eocene of New Mexico, 

collected in 1874. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1875. 

. The Eelation of Man to the Tertiary Mammalia. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1875. 

. Description of some Vertebrate Eemains from the Fort Union 

Beds of Montana. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. On some Extinct Eeptiles and Batrachia from the Judith Eiver 

and Fox Hills beds of Montana. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. On the Geologic Age of the Vertebrate Fauna of the Eocene of 

New Mexico. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. (Palseontological Bulletin, No. 21.) On the Geologic Age of the 

Vertebrate Fauna of the Eocene of New Mexico. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. ( , No. 22.) Description of some Vertebrate remains from 

the Fort Union beds of Montana. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. ( , No. 23.) On some Extinct Eeptiles and Batrachia from 

the Judith Eiver and Fox Hills beds of Montana. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. The Extinct Vertebrata of North Carolina. — Synopsis of the 

Vertebrata whose remains have been preserved in the Formations of 
North Carolina. (Tract.) 8vo. Raleigh, 1876. 

. A Continuation of Eesearches among the Batrachia of the Coal- 
measures of Ohio. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

. On a Carnivorous Dinosaurian from the Dakota beds of Colorado. 

A Contribution to the knowledge of the Ichthyological Fauna of the 
Green Eiver Shales. — On the Genus Erisichthe. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1877# 

100 COP 

Cope (Edward D wight). On Amphicoelias, a genus of Saurians 
from the Dakota epoch of Colorado. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 
. On some new or little-known Eeptiles and Fishes of the Creta- 
ceous No. 3, of Kansas. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

. On the Vertebrata of the Bone-bed in Eastern Illinois. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

* . (Palaeontological Bulletin, No. 24.) A continuation of Eesearches 

among the Batrachia of the Coal-measures of Ohio. — On a Dino- 
saurian from the Trias of Utah. — On a new Proboscidian. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

— . ( , No. 25.) Verbal communication on a new locality of the 

Green Eiver Shales containing Fishes, Insects, and Plants in a good 
' state of preservation. — On a new species of Adocidse from the Ter- 
tiary of Georgia. — On a Gigantic Saurian from the Dakota epoch of 
Colorado. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

. ( , No. 26.) On some new or little-known Eeptiles and 

Fishes of the Cretaceous No. 3, of Kansas. — Description of Extinct 
Vertebrata from the Permian and Triassic Formations of the United 
States. — On Eeptilian remains from the Dakota beds of Colorado. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 

< — — . ( , No. 27.) On Amphicoelias, a genus of Saurians from the 

Dakota epoch of Colorado. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1877. 
. Eeporfc on the Geology of the Eegion of the Judith Eiver, Mon- 
tana, and on Vertebrate Fossils obtained on or near the Missouri 
Eiver. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1877. 

. The Suessonian Fauna in North America. (Tract.) 

8vo. Salem, 1877. 

. Verbal Communication on a new locality of the Green Eiver 

Shales containing Fishes, Insects, and Plants, in a good state of pre- 
servation. (Tract.) 8\<o. Philadelphia, 1877. 

. A new Opisthoccelous Dinosaur. — Prof. Marsh on Permian 

Eeptiles. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. A new Species of Amphicoelias. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. Contributions to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Miocene of Oregon. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1878. 

. Descriptions of Fishes from the Cretaceous and Tertiary Deposits 

west of the Mississippi Eiver. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Washington, 1878. 

. Descriptions of Fishes from the Tertiary Deposits west of the 

Mississippi Eiver. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1878. 

. On the Classification of the Extinct Fishes of the Lower Types. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. (Palaeontological Bulletin, No. 28.) Descriptions of new Extinct 

Vertebrata from the Upper Tertiary Formations of the West. — On 
some Saurians found in the Triassic of Pennsylvania, by C. M. 
Wheatley. — On the Vertebrata of the Dakota Epoch of Colorado. 
(Tract). * 8vo. Philadelphia, 1878. 

. ( " No. 29.) Descriptions of Extinct Batrachia and Eeptilia 

from the Permian Formation of Texas. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1878. 

COP— COE 101 

Cope (Edward Dwight). (Palaeontological Bulletin, No. 30.) Contribu- 
tion to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Miocene of Oregon, [or] On some 
of the Characters of the Miocene Fauna of Oregon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1878. 

. Prof. Owen on the Pythonomorpha. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1878. 

. The Eelation of Animal Motion to Animal Evolution. (Tract.) 

8vo. Nashville'?, 1878. 

■ . The Eeport of the Committee of the American Association of 

1876 on Biological Nomenclature. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. The Theromorphous Eeptilia. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. The Vertebra of Rachitomus. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1878. 

. See Surveys : United States. 

Copland (John). Notice sur la Mine de Cornaline de Barotch, entre 
Bombay et Brouda ; extrait communique par M. Michelin. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1856. 

Copper Mines. See Eeports, Parliamentary. 

Copper Smelting. Proceedings of the Subscribers to the Fund for obvia- 
ting the inconvenience arising from the Smoke produced by Smelting 
Copper Ores, etc. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Swansea, 1823. 

Coquand (H.). Traite des Boches. 8vo. Paris, etc., 1857. 

. Description physique, geologique, pale'ontologique et mineralogique 

du departement de la Charente. Vol. I. 8vo. Besangon, 1858. 

. Geologie et Paleontologie de la region sud de la province de Con- 

stantine. 8vo; Atlas, 4to. Marseilles, 1862. 

. Monographie de l'etage Aptien de l'Espagne. 

8vo. Marseilles, 1865. 

. De l'age et de la position des marbres blancs statuaires des Pyre- 
nees et des Alpes Apuennes en Toscane. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1874. 

. Histoire des terrains stratifies de l'ltalie centrale se referant aux 

periodes primaire, paleozoi'que, triasique, rhetienne et jurassique. 
2 parts. (Tracts.) 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

. Note sur les calcaires coralliens a Terebratula repelliniana de la 

Basse-Provence et du Languedoc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. Sur l'age de la Terebratula janitor . (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

. Description des terrains a Petrole et a Ozokerite du versant sep- 
tentrional du Caucase. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. Note sur quelques points de la Geologie de l'arrondissement de 

Corte et sur les ressemblances qui rattachent cette partie de la bande 
occidentale de la Toscane. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

Coquebert ( — ). On Examining the bottom of the Sea. (Tract.) 

Coquebert de Montbret (Charles-Etienne), Baron. Biographical Notice. 
See Lamathiere (Theodore). 

Coral Islands. [A Eeview of ' The Structure and Distribution of Coral 
Beefs,' by C. Darwin.] (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1842. 

Corbaux (Fanny). On the Comparative Physical Geography of the 
Arabian Frontier of Egypt, at the earliest epoch of the Egyptian 
history, and at the present time. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, no date. 

102 COEr-COS 

Corda (August Joseph C). Beitrage zur Flora der Vorwelt. 

4to. Prague, 1845. 

. See Hawle (Ignaz). 

Cordeiro (A. X. E.). A' memoria do Excellentissimo senhor Agostinho 

Jose Pinto de Almeida. (Tract.) 4to. Coimbra, 1848. 

Cordelia (A.). La Grece sous le rapport geologique et mineralogique. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

Corden (G-eorge). The Meteorology of Croydon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Croydon, 1878. 
Cordier (J.). De la Navigation interieure du Departement du Nord, et 

particulierement des Travaux du Port de Dunkerque. Tom. II. 

4to. PaHs, 1828. 
Cordier (Pierre Louis Antoine). Biographical Notice. See Jaubeet, 

• . Memoire sur la Montagne de Sel Gemme de Cardonne en Espagne. 

(Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1816. 
. Memoire sur les substances minerales dites en masse, qui entrent 

dans la composition des roches volcaniques. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Paris, 1816. 

! . Essai sur la temperature de l'mterieur de la Terre. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1827. 
. Catalogue [a vente] de Livres et d'une belle collection des cartes 

geologiques provenant de sa bibliotheque, precede d'une notice sur 

la vie et les travaux de M. Cordier. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. See Jatjbeet, Comte, and Eattlin (Victor). 

Cornalia (Emilio). Notizie Zoologiche sul Pachypleura Edwardsii. 

(Tract.) 4to. Milan, 1854. 

Cornet (F. L.) and Briart (A.). Note sur la decouverte dans le Hainaut 

d'un Calcaire Grossier avec faune tertiaire. Avec rapports de M. 

Dewalque et M. d'Omalius. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1865. 
. Notice sur l'extension du Calcaire Grossier de Mons dans la 

vallee de la Haine. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1866. 
. Sur la division de l'etage de la craie blanche du Hainaut en 

quatre assises. (Tract.) 4to. Brussels, 1868. 
. Notice sur les depots qui recouvrent le calcaire carbonifere a 

Soignies. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1869. 

. . See Beiaet (A.). 

Cornwall. Prospectus for a School of Mines in Cornwall. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1825. 
Cor si (Eaustino). Delle pietre antichi. Libri quattro. 

8vo. Rome, 1828. 
Cort (E.). See Moeeis (George). 
Cortesi (Giuseppe). Saggi geologici degli stati di Parma e Piacenza. 

4to. Placentia, 1819. 
Cossa (Alfonso). Sulla determinazione delle formole mineralogiche di 

alcuni carbonati romboedrici misti. (Tract.) 4to. Turin, 1869. 
. Sulla diorite quarzifera porfiroide di Cossato nel Bielese. 

(Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1876. 

. . Sulla predazzite periclasifera del Monte Somma. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1876. 
. . Sulla Molibdenide del Biellese. (Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1877. 

COS— COT 103 

Cossa (Alfonso). Bicerche chimiche su minerali e roccie dell' Isola di 
Vulcano. (Tract.) 4to. Borne, 1878. 

. Sulla diabase peridotifera di Mosso nel Biellese. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1878. 

. Sul serpentino di Verrayes in Valle de' Aosta. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1878. 

i Sui cristalli microscopici di Butilo contenuti in una eclogite di 

Yal Tournanche. (Tract.) 8vo. Turin, 1879. 

. Sulla diffusione del Cerio, del Lantano e del Didimio. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1879. 

. Sulla eomposizione di alcuni serpentine della Toscana. (Tract.) 

4to. Rome, 1880. 

. Sulla eufotide dell' Isola d'Elba. (Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1880. 

Cossigny (J. Charpentier de). See Chakpe^tiee de Cossigny (J.). 
Cossio (Eloy de). See Anciola (Antonio L.). 
Costa (Emanuel Mendes da). See Cronstedt (Axel Fredric). 
Cotta (Bernhard von). Die Dendrolithen in Beziehung auf ihren inneren 
Bau. (Tract.) 4to. Dresden and Leipzig, 1832. 

. G-eognostische Wanderungen. I. 

8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1836. 

. . II. Die Lagerungsverhaltnisse an der Grenze zwischen 

Granit unci Quader-Sandstein bei Meissen, Hohnstein, Zittau, und 
Liebenau. (Tract.) 8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1838. 

. Leitfaden und Vademecum der Geognosie als dritte Auflage des 

Grundrisses der Geognosie und Geologie. 

8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1849. 

. Der innere Bau der Gebirge. 8vo. Freiberg, 1851. 

. Erzgangbildung in der Sohle eines Elammofens der konigl. 

Muldner Schmelzhiitte bei Ereiberg. (Tract.) 8vo. Freiberg, 1851. 

. Die Gesteinslehre. 8vo. Freiberg, 1855. 

. Bocks classified and described. A treatise on Lithology. Trans- 
lated by Philip Henry Lawrence. 8vo. London, 1866. 
A Treatise on Ore Deposits. Translated from the second German 
edition by Erederick Prime. 8vo. New York, 1870. 
Der Altai. Sein geologischer Bau und seine Erzlagerstatten. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1871. 
The Development-Law of the Earth. Translated by B. B. Noel. 

8vo. London, 1875. 
Beitrage zur Geschichte der Geologie. I. Abtheil. Geologisches 
Bepertorium. 8vo. Leipzig, 1877. 

See Eouenet (J.). 

Cotteau (Gustave). Etudes sur les Echinides fossiles du departement de 
l'Yonne. Vols. I.-II. [incomplete]. 8vo. Paris, 1849-76. 

. Catalogue methodique des Echinides recueilHs dans l'etage 

Neocomien du departement de l'Yonne. (Tract.) 

8vo. Auccerre, 1851. 

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l er fascicule, comprenant l'Introduction et le Prodrome. 

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104 COT 

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COT 105 

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106 COT— COU 

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CUV— DAL 111 

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. See Brush (George J.). 

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. On the Volcanoes of the Moon. (Tract.) 

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. Structure and Classification of Zoophytes. 

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from a state of igneous fusion. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1847. 

• . Geological results of the Earth's contraction in consequence of 

cooling. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1847. 

DAN 113 

Dana (James D wight). On certain laws of Cohesive Attraction. 
(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1847. 

. On the origin of Continents. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1847. 

. Origin of the grand outline features of the Earth. (Tract.) 

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. Geology, with a folio atlas of twenty-one plates, being the 10th 

vol. of the United States Exploring Expedition during the years 
1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, under the command of Charles Wilkes. 

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Synopsis of the genera of Gainmaracea. (Tract.) 

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On the classification and geographical distribution of Crustacea. 

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-. . Sixth Supplement. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1858. 

-. On American Geological History. (Tract.) 

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■ . On volcanic action at Mauna Loa. (Tract.) 

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-. Science and the Bible. A review of ' The Six Days of Crea- 
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-. Notes on the Currents of the Ocean. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1858. 
-. Review of Marcou's ' Geology of North America.' (Tract.) 

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-. Manual of Geology; treating of the principles of the science 
with special reference to American Geological History. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1863. 

-. . 2nd edition. 8vo. Neiv York, 1874. 

-. On Cephalization, and on Megasihenes and Microsthenes in Classi- 
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-. The Classification of Animals based on the principle of Ce- 
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-. On Cephalization. — Part V. Cephalization, a fundamental prin- 
ciple in the development of the system of Animal Life. (Tract.) 

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114 DAN 

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brates, and on some characteristics of the Eeptilian Birds. (Tract.) 

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. On the existence of a Mohawk-valley Glacier in the Glacial 

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. On the higher subdivisions in the classification of Mammals. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1864. 

. Textbook of G-eology. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1864. 

. On the Connecticut Eiver-valley Glacier, and other examples of 

glacier-movement along the valleys of New England. (Tract.) 

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. On the Geology of the New Haven region, with special reference 

to the origin of some of its topographical features. (Tract.) 

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. On the position and height of the elevated plateau in which the 

glacier of New England, in the Glacial era, had its origin. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1871. 
. On the supposed legs of the Trilobite, Asaphus platycephalus. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven. 1871. 

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. Green Mountain Geology. On the Quartzite. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1872. 
. Notice of the Address of T. Sterry Hunt before the American 

Association at Indianopolis. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. New Haven, 1872. 
. On some results of the Earth's contraction from cooling, including 

a discussion of the Origin of Mountains, and the nature of the Earth's 

interior. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1873. 

. On the Glacial and Champlain Eras in New England. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1873. 
. Notes on some of the phenomena of the Glacial Era and their 

origin, in book notices. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1875. 
. Notice of the Chemical and Geological Essays of T. Sterry Hunt, 

with corrections of some of their misrepresentations. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1875. 
. On Dr. Koch's evidence with regard to the contemporaneity of 

Man and the Mastodon in Missouri. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1875. 
. On Southern New England during the melting of the Great 

Glacier. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. New Haven, IS 75. 
. Note on the " Chloritic Formation " on the western border of the 

New Haven region. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1876. 
. On the damming of streams by drift-ice during the melting of the 

Great Glacier. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1876. 
. An account of the discoveries in Vermont G-eology of the Rev. 

Augustus "Wing. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1877. 
. On the relations of the Geology of Vermont to that of Berkshire. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1877. 

DAN— DAE 115 

Dana (James D wight). On some points in Lithology. — I. On some of 

the characters employed in distinguishing different kinds of rocks. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1878. 
. See Dana (Edward Salisbury), Scacchi (Archangelo), and 

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Mineralogy, comprising the most recent discoveries. 5th edition. 

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Fol. Leipzig, 1867. 
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■ . Notes on some superficial deposits at Great Orme's Head, &c. ; 

and on Pholas holes at high levels, near Buxton. (Tract.) 

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. Notes on marine shells found in stratified drift near Macclesfield. 

(Tract.) 8vo. 

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Darwin (Charles Eobert). [Extracts from Letters addressed to Professor 

Henslow.] (Tract.) 2 copies. Privately printed. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1835. 
. [Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of H.M.SS. ' Adventure ' 

and ' Beagle,' describing their examination of the Southern Shores of 

South America. Vol. III.] Journal and Eemarks, 1332-1836. 

8vo. London, 1839. 

116 DAE— DAU 

Darwin (Charles Eobert). Observations on the Parallel Eoads of Glen 
Eoy, etc. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1839. 

. The structure and distribution of Coral reefs. 

8vo. London, 1842. 

. . New edition. 8vo. London, 1874. 

. Geological observations on the Volcanic Islands visited during 

the voyage of H.M.S ' Beagle/ together with some brief notices on 
the Geology of Australia and the Cape of Good Hope. Being the 
second part of the Geology of the Voyage of the ' Beagle.' 

8vo. London, 1844. 

. Geological observations on South America. 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1846. 

. Geological observations. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1876. 

* # * Includes the two preceding works. 

. A monograph of the .Fossil Lepadidae, or pedunculated Cirri- 

pedes of Great Britain. [Palaeontographical Society.] 

4to. London, 1851. 

. A monograph on the Fossil Balanidae and Verrucidae. [Palaaon- 

tographical Society.] 4to. London, 1854. 

. A monograph of the subclass Cirripedia, with figures of all the 

species. 2 vols. [Bay Society.] 8vo. London, 1854. 

. On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the 

preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. 

8vo. London, 1859. 

. . 4th edition. 8vo. London, 1866. 

-, The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1868. 

. The Descent of Man, and selection in relation to Sex. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1871. 

. Geology. [Prom the Admiralty Manual of Scientific Enquiry.] 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

* . See Beagle Expedition and Krattse (Ernst). 

Darwinian Theory. See Anon. The Darwinian theory examined. 
Dathe (E.). See Surveys : Saxony. 

Daubeny (Charles Giles Bridle). Obituary notice. See Phillips 

. A description of Active and Extinct Volcanos. 

8vo. London, 1826. 

. . 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1848. 

. On the Diluvial Theory, and on the Origin of the Valleys of 

Auvergne. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1831. 

. Eemarks on Thermal Springs, and their connection with Volcanos. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1832. 

. Note on a Paper by Dr. John Davy, entitled, 'Notice on the 

Eemains of the recent Volcano in the Mediterranean.' (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1833. 

. Eeply to Prof. Bischof's Objections to the Chemical Theory of 

Volcanos. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1833. 

. An Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Botany, read in the Library 

of the Botanic Garden, Oxford, 1834. (Tract.) 

8vo. Oxford, 1834. 

DAU 117 

Daubeny (Charles Giles Bridle). On the Quantity and Quality of the 

Gases disengaged from the Thermal Spring which supplies the 

King's Bath in the City of Bath. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1834. 
. Narrative of an Excursion to the Lake Amsauctus and to Mount 

Vultur in Apulia in 1834. (Tract.) 8vo. Oxford, 1835. 
. Some account of the Eruption of Vesuvius which occurred in 

1834. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1835. 
. Keport on the present state of our Knowledge with respect to 

Mineral and Thermal Waters. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1837. 

. Sketch of the Geology of North America. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Oxford, 1839. 

. Supplement to the Introduction to the Atomic Theory. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1840. 

. Three Lectures on Agriculture. (Tract.) 8vo. Oxford, 1841. 

. Lecture on the Application of Science to Agriculture. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1842. 

. On the Chemical Constituents of Crops. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1842. 
. On the Public Institutions for the Advancement of Agricultural 

Science which exist in other countries, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1842. 
. Sketch of the Writings and Philosophical Character of Augustine 

Pyramus DeCandolle. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1843. 
. On Institutions for the better Education of the Farming Classes, 

etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Oxford, 1844. 
. Memoir on the Rotation of Crops, and on the quantity of In- 
organic Matters abstracted from the soil by various plants under 

different circumstances. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1845. 
. On the Site of the Ancient City of the Aurunci, and on the 

Volcanic Phenomena which it exhibits. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Oxford, 1846. 

. Introduction to the Atomic Theory. 2nd edition. 

8vo. Oxford, 1850. 
. On the Influence of Carbonic Acid Gas on the Health of Plants, 

etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1850. 
. Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Chemical 

Society, March 1853. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 
. Can Physical Science obtain a home in an English University? 

(Tract.) 8vo.* Oxford, 1853. 
. On the Produce obtained from Barley sown in Rocks of various 

ages. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 
. Address to the British Association for the Advancement of 

Science, 1856. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 
. Lectures on Roman Husbandry delivered before the University of 

Oxford. 8vo. Oxford, 1857. 
. On the Elevation Theory of Volcanoes, in reply to a Paper of 

Mr. Poulett Scrope. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1860. 
. Catalogue of [his] Philosophical Apparatus, Minerals, Geological 

Specimens, &c. (Tract.) 4to. Oxford, 1861. 
. Remarks on the Recent Eruption of Vesuvius in December 1861. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

118 DAT! 

Daubeny (Charles Giles Bridle). Christianity and Eationalism in their 

relations to Natural Science. (Tract.) 

8vo. Oxford and London, 1867. 
. Miscellanies : being a collection of Memoirs and Essays on 

Scientific and Literary Subjects, published at various times. 2 vols. 

8vo. Oxford and London, 1867. 
. Hints for Enquiry, suggested by a Eecent Tour in Scandinavia. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Oxford, no date. 
. On the importance of the Study of Chemistry as a Branch of 

Education for all Classes. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 
. Volcanic Greology, from the ' Encyclopaedia Metropolitana.' 

(Tract.) 4to. London, 1847. 

— — . Specimen of a proposed Index to the Oxfordshire Elora. (Tract.) 

8vo., no date. 

. See Phillips (John). 

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amas de minerai d'etain. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1841. 
. Memoire sur les depots metalliferes de la Suede et de la Norvege. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1843; 
. Note sur le phenomene erratique du nord de l'Europe, et sur les 

mouvements recents du sol scandinave. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1843. 
. Memoire sur la distribution de For dans la plaine du Bhin, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1846. 
. Becherches sur la formation journaliere du minerai de fer des 

marais et des lacs. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1846. 
. Becherches sur la production artificielle de quelques especes 

minerales cristallines particulierement de l'oxyde d'etain, de 

l'oxyde de titane et du quartz. Observations sur rorigine des 

filons titaniferes des Alpes. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris, 1849. 
. Memoire sur le gisement du bitume, du lignite et du sel dans le 

terrain tertiaire des environs de Bechelbronn et de Lobsann, Bas- 

Bhin. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 
. Notice sur les filons de fer de la region meridionale des Vosges, et 

sur la correlation des gites metalliferes des Vosges et de la Eoret- 

Noire. (Tract.) 4to. Strasburg, 1850. 
. Observations stir les alluvions anciennes et modernes d'une partie 

du bassin du Bhin. (Tract.) 4to. Strasburg, 1850. 
. Experiences sur la production artificielle de l'apatite, de la topaze 

et de quelques autres mineraux fluoriferes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Pains, 1851. 
. Description geologique et mineralogique du departement du Bas- 

Bhin. 2 copies. 8vo. Strasburg, 1852. 
. Decouverte de traces de pattes quadrupedes dans le gres bigarre 

de Saint- Valbert, pres Luxeuil (Haute-Saone). (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1858. 
. Observations sur le metamorphisme et recherches experimentales 

sur quelques-uns des agents qui ont pu le produire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1858. 
. Becherches experimentales sur le striage des roches du au phe^ 

nomene erratique, sur la formation des galets, des sables et du limon, 

DAU 119 

et sur les decompositions chimiques produites par les agents meca- 

niques. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

Daubree (A.). Memoire sur la relation des sources thermales de Plom- 

bieres avec les filons metallif eres, et sur la formation contemporaine 

des zeolithes. (Tracts.) 8vo. Paris, 1858-59. 
. Etudes et experiences synthetiques sur le metamorpbisme et 

sur la formation des roches cristallines. 2 copies. 

4to. Paris, 1860. 
. Expe'riences sur la possibilite d'une infiltration capillaire au 

travers des matieres poreuses, malgre une forte contre-pression 

de vapeur; applications possibles aux phenomenes geologiques. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. Notice des Travaux. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. Experiences synthetiques relatives aux meteorites, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. Experiences synthetiques relatives aux meteorites. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1868. 
. Classification adoptee pour la collection des roches du Museum 

d'histoire naturelle de Paris. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. Eapport sur les progres de la G-eologie experimentale. 

4to. Paris, 1867. 

. Substances minerales. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. Notice sur la de'couverte et la mise en exploitation de nouveaux 

gisements de chaux phosphatee. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 
. Note sur le kaolin de La Lizolle et d'Echassieres, departement de 

l'Allier, et sur l'existence de minerai cVetain qui y a ete exploite a une 

epoque extremement reculee. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1869. 
. Note sur l'existence de gisements de bauxite dans les departe- 

ments de l'Herault et de l'Ariege. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1869. 
. Examen des meteorites d'Ovifak (Groenland), au point de vue du 

carbone et des sels solubles qu'ils renferment. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1872. 
. Examen des roches avec fer natif, decouvertes en 1870, par M. 

Nordenskiold, au Groenland. (Tract). 4to. Paris, 1872. 
. Kapport sur un memoire de M. Delesse, intitule 'Etude des 

deformations subies par les terrains de la Erance.' (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris, 1872. 
. Discours . . . prononce aux funerailles de M. de Verneuil . . . 

1873. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1873. 

i . Association du platine natif a des roches a base de peridot, imi- 
tation artificielle du platine natif magnetipolaire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1876. 
. Discours prononce a l'Inauguration de la Statue de M. Elie de 

Beaumont, 1876. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1876. 
. Experiences sur la schistosite des roches et sur les deformations 

des fossiles, correlatives de ce phenomene : consequences geologiques 

de ces experiences. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1876. 
. Eormation contemporaine de diverses especes minerales cristal- 

lisees dans la source thermale de Bourbonne-les-Bains. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1876. 
. Becherches experimentales sur les cassures qui traversent l'e'corce 

120 DAU— DAV 

terrestre, particulierement celles qui sont connues sous les noms de 
joints et de failles. — Experiences tendant a imiter des formes diverses 
de ploiements, contournements et ruptures que presente l'ecorce ter- 
restre. — Experiences relatives a la chaleur qui a pu se develop per 
par les actions mecaniques dans l'intc'rieur des roches, etc. (Tracts.) 

4to. Paris, 1878. 

*^* With title in manuscript : — Experiences sur les deformations 

et ruptures de l'ecorce terrestre. 

Daubree (A.). Hecherches experimentales sur les cassures qui tra- 

versent l'ecorce terrestre, particulierement celles qui sont connues 

sous les noms de joints et de failles. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1878. 

. Etudes synthetiques de geologie experiment ale. Application de 

la methode experimentale a l'etude de divers phenomenes cosmo- 
logiques. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. Eapport sur un memoire de M. Lawrence Smith, relatif au fer 

natif du Groenland et a la dolerite qui le renferme. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1879. 

. Seance publique annuelle des cinq Academies de l'lnstitut de 

Erance. Discours presidentiel. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1879. 

. . (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1880. 

See Duerenoy ( — ). 

Daussy (P.). Table des Positions Geographiques des principaux lieux 
du Globe. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

See Beatjtemps Beattpee (C. E.). 

Davey (E. C). Papers contributed to the second volume of Transactions 
of the Newbury district Eield Club. 8vo. Wantage, 1874. 

. Catalogue of Eossils from the Cretaceous beds of Berkshire. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Wantage,lS77. 

Davidson (Thomas). Memoire sur les Brachiopodes du systeme Silurien 
superieur d'Angleterre ; suivi d'observations sur quelque Brachio- 
podes de File de Gothland et sur des Lejotama a crochet perfore, 
par M. de Yerneuil. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1848. 

. Memoire sur quelques Brachiopodes nouveaux ou peu connus. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

. Notes on an Examination of Lamarck's species of Eossil Tere- 

bratulce. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1850. 

. On the Genus Waltonia. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1850. 

• . On the Internal Structure of Terebratula pectunculoides, Schl., 

T. pulchella, Nils., and T. Deslongchampsii, nob. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. British Eossil Brachiopoda. Vols. I. etc. (Palaeontographieal 

Society.) 4to. London, 1851, etc. 

. Descriptions of a few new recent species of Brachiopoda. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1852. 

. Notes and Descriptions of a few Brachiopoda : including a mono- 
graph of the Erench Liassic Spirifers. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. Sketch of a Classification of Eecent Brachiopoda ; based upon 

Internal Organization. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. Sur la distribution geologique des Brachiopodes, vivants, tertiaires, 

cretaces et jurassiques, receuillis jusqu'ici dans les lies Britanniques. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

DAY 121 

Davidson (Thomas). A few remarks on the Brachiopoda. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1855. 
. Introduction a l'histoire naturelle des Brachiopodes vivants et 

fossiles, ou considerations generates sur la Classification de ces etres 

en families et en genres. Traduit par J. A. Eudes-Desloiigchamps 

et Eugene Eudes-Deslongchamps. (Tract.) 4to. Gam, 1856. 
. Notes sur les genres Athyris (=Sjoirigera), Camarophoria, Or- 

thisina et Strojohalosia, des terrains permiens dAngleterre. (Tract.) 

8vo, Caen, 1857. 

. Palaeontological Notes on the Brachiopoda. (Tracts.) 

8vo. London, 1858-59. 
. Memoire sur les genres et les sous-genres des Brachiopodes 

munis d'appendices spiraux, et sur leurs especes decouvertes dans 

les couches carboniferes des lies Britanniques, traduit et augmente 

de notes par L. de Koninck. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Liege, 1859. 

. A Monograph of the Carboniferous Brachiopoda of Scotland. 

8vo. London, 1860. 

. On Becent Terebratulae. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

. On the Becent and Tertiary Species of the Genus Thecidium. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1864. 
. Notes on some Becent Brachiopoda dredged by the late Lucas 

Barrett off the north-east coast of Jamaica, and now forming part 

of the Collection of Mr. E. MacAndrew. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1866. 

. Notes on Continental Geology and Palaeontology. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1869. 
. Notes on some Becent Mediterranean species of Brachiopoda. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1869. 

. On Italian Tertiary Brachiopoda. — Parts I.-III. (Tracts.) 

8vo. London, 1870. 
. Sur les Brachiopodes tertiaires de Belgique. Traduit de l'anglais 

par Th. Lefevre. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Brussels, 1874. 
. Qu'est-ce qu'un Brachiopode ? Memoire inedit traduit de l'An- 

glais par Th. Lefevre. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Brussels, 1875. 

. Brachiopoda. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1876. 

. Notice sur la vie et les travaux de Sir Charles Lyell, Bart. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1876. 
. On the Brachiopoda of the Inferior Oolite of Bradford Abbas 

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DAV— DAW 123 

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DAW— DEC 125 

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126 DEC— DEL 

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Greognostische Uebersicht des Begierungs-Bezirks Arnsberg. 
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Greognostische Beschreibung der Vulkanreihe der Vorder-Eifel. 

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Geognostischer Eiibrer in das Siebengebirge am Ehein. 

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Geognostischer Eiihrer zu der Vulkanreihe der Vorder-Eifel. 

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Geognostischer Eiihrer zu dem Laacher See. 

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Die nutzbaren Mineralien und Gebirgsarten im deutschen Beiche. 

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DEL 127 

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and Sitevets, England and Wales and Great Britain. 
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l'existence d'une mer diluvienne baignant les Alpes. (Tract.) 

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. Quelques mots sur la Elore Tertiaire de l'Angleterre. (Tract.) 

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Baleares Majorque et Minorque. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Turin, 1834. 
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politique de cette ile, avec des recherches sur ses productions natu- 

relles et ses antiquites. Troisieme partie. Description geologique. 

2 vols., and atlas in duplicate. 8vo ; Atlas, fol. Turin and Paris, 1857. 

. Memoire geologique sur l'ile de Sardaigne. l re partie. (Tract.) 


. See Cocchi (Igino) and Meneghini (G.) 

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De la Palun ( — ). See Du Ponceau (Peter S.). 

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sur la ville de Clermont. 8vo. Clermont, 1805 

128 DEL 

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M. Poisson, qui se rapporte a, la chaleur terrestre. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1835. 
■ and Marcet (F.). Quelques observations de physique terrestre, 

faites a l'occasion de la perforation d'un puits artesien, et relatives 

principalement a la temperature de la terre a differentes profondeurs. 

(Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1834. 

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trale du Globe Terrestre. (Tract.) 8vo. Tours, 1840. 

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geologique et mineralogique du departement du Haut-Ehin. 2 vols. 

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Delcros, — . Notice sur les altitudes du Mont Blanc et du Mont Eose. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

De la Vallee-Poussin ( — ). See Dewalque (G-.). 
Delesse (Achille). Etude de quelques phenomenes presentes par les roches 

lorsqu'elles sont amenees a l'etat de fusion, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1847. 
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roches des Vosges. (Tracts, some in duplicate.) 

8vo. Besanpoti and Paris, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1851, and 1853. 

. Note sur le Chrysotil des Vosges. (Tract.) 8vo. Epinal, 1847. 

. Eecherches sur les verres provenant de la fusion des roches. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1847. 
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phyre. (Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1847. 

. Notice sur les caracteres de l'arkose dans les Vosges. (Tract.) 

8vo. Geneva, 1848. 
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des roches. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1848. 

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8vo. Paris, 1848. 

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feldspathiques. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Eecherches sur le Porphvre quartzifere. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Eecherches sur l'Euphotide. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Sur la Diorite orbiculaire de Corse. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Sur le Porphyre amygdaloide d'Oberstein. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Sur le pouvoir magne'tique des roches. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1849. 
. Sur le pouvoir maguetique du fer et de ses produits metallur- 

glques. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

-. Sur la Variolite de la Durance. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

. Sur le Porphyre de Lessines et de Quenast, Belgique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1850. 

.* Sur la Syenite rose d'Egypte. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

. Sur la Porphyre rouge antique. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

DEL 129 

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(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1851 . 

. 1851. (Tract.) 8yo. Paris, 1853. 

. Becherches sur l'association des mine'raux dans les roches qui ont 

im pouvoir magnetique eleve. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. Becherches sur les roches globuleuses. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1851-52. 

. Sur les variations des roches granitiques. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1852. 

. Untersuchungen iiber den rothen Porphyr der Alten und iiber 

den rothen egyptischen Syenit. Ins Deutsche iibertragen von Gr. 
Leonhard. (Tract.) 8a t o. Stuttgart, 1852. 

. De Faction des alcalis sur les roches. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Notice sur les Betinites de la Sardaigne. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Sur la Pegmatite de l'lrlande. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Sur le gisement et sur Sexploitation de Tor en Australie. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Notice sur les mines de cuivre du Cap de Bonne-Esperance. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. Materiaux de construction de l'exposition universelle de 1855. 

8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. Etudes sur le Metamorphisme. (Tract.) Incomplete. 

8vo. Paris, 1857. 
. Etudes sur le Metamorphisme. [l re partie, suite.] Boches gra- 
nitiques. ■ — 2 me partie. Metamorphisme de la roche eruptive. 
(Tracts.) 8vo. Paris, 1857-58. 

. Mcmoire sur la Minette. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. Becherches sur l'origine des roches. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. Becherches sur les pseudomorphoses. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1859. 

. Becherches sur Torigine des roches. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1859. 

. Untersuchungen iiber die Entstehung der Gesteine. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1859. 

. Untersuchungen iiber die Pseudomorphosen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1860. 

. Cartes geologique et hydrolo^ique de la ville de Paris. (Tract). 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. De l'azote et des matieres organiques dans l'ecorce terrestre. 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. Etudes sur le metamorphisme des roches. 4to. Paris, 1861. 

. Becherches sur l'eau dans l'interieur de la terre. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. La machoire humaine de Moulin- Quignon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. Extraits de Geologie pour les annees 1862 et 1863. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1864. 

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. Distribution de la pluie en Prance. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

. Etudes sur le metamorphisme des roches. 8vo. Paris, 1869, 

. Notice sur ses travaux scientifiques. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1869. 

130 DEL 

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8vo. Berlin, 1870. 

. Lithologie des mers de France et des mers principales du globe. 

8vo ; Atlas, folio. Paris, 1871 . 

. Les oscillations des cotes de France. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1872. 

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. Sur les gisements de chaux phosphatee de l'Estremadure. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1877. 

. Cours d'Agriculture professe [a 1'] Ecole Rationale des Mines. 

Annee 1877-78. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. Notice sur ses titres scientifiques. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1878. 

. Explosion d'acide carbonique dans une mine de houille. (Tract). 

4to. Paris, 1879. 

. See Daubeee (A.), Exhibition of 1862, and Gaeniee (Jules). 

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and Lapparent (A. de). Extraits de Geologic l re partie. Pa- 

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. pour les annees 1865, 1876 et 1877. 

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. Empietement de la mer sur la plage d'Arcacnon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. Note supplementaire sur l'affaissement des cotes de Gascogne. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1874. 

. Etude des phenomenes geologiques qui se produisent depuis des 

siecles, sans discontinuite, sur le littoral des departements de la 
Vendee et de la Charente-inferieure. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1876. 

. Nouveaux documents sur l'affaissement des cotes de Gascogne, 

etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1876. 

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. See Stteyeys : Poettjgal. 

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-: . Essai sur les plicatules fossiles des terrains du Calvados et sur 

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DES 135 

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Somme et de la Seine. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1863. 

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136 DES— DEW 

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DEW 137 

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Faire connaitre, notamment au point de vue de leur composition, les 

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particulier sur la disposition du massif Devillien de Grand-Halleux, 

et sur celle de l'hyalophyre de Maim, pres Deville (dep. des Ardennes). 

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On demande la description du systeme houiller du bassin de Liege. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1875. 
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dans le bassin de Theux, dans le bassin septentrional (entre Aix-la- 

Chapelle et Ath) et dans le Boulonnais, par M. Mourlon. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Brussels, 1875. 
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quelques localites pliocenes de la rive gauche de FEscaut. (Tract.) 

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Meuse et de ses affluentes. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels. 
. See Coeket (F. L.) and Malaise (C). 

138 DEZ— DIC 

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DTTM— DUN 145 

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Ein Beitrag zur Geognosie und Naturgeschichte der Vorwelt. Nebst 
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DOT— DTJT 147 

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the Chinese system of writing ; to which are subjoined a vocabu- 
lary of the Cochinchinese language by Joseph Morrone ; with 
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i< 2 

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with an alphabetical and stratigraphical catalogue of the same 

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12000 Fuss Tiefe. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1854. 

. TJeber eine auf der Insel Ischia jiingst beobachtete, zur Er- 

liiuterung einer ungarischen aus Kieselorganismen bestehenden 
Felsart dienende Wirkung heisser Quellen. (Tract.) 

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EHE— EIC 151 

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sicht der mikroscopischen Paliioutologie gleichartig analysirter 
Gebirgsarten der Erde, init specieller Biicksicht auf den Polycystic en- 
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152 EIS— ELI 

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le systeme des Vosges, separent la formation Houillere de celle du 
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Considerations generales sur la Geologie de l'Amerique meridionale. 
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Systeme Silurien de l'Amerique septentrionale. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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ELI— EMM 153 

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tunnel des Alpes occidentales, entre Modane et Bardonneehe, 

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etc, Bapport sur un memoire de M. A. Bravais, relatif aux lignes 

d'ancien niveau de la mer dans le Eimnark. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Paris, 1842 
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geologique sur la formation neocomienne dans le departement de 

l'Ain, et sur son etendue en Europe. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1842. 
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Norcl. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1855. 
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154 EMM— ENG 

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Cervin) Gebirg, aus der Inseite seines Erhebungsbogens gen Xord ; 

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Mischabeldom iiber dem Gletscherkrater von Fee. (Tract.) 

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Jahren 1700-1846 erschienen sind. l er Band. Svo. Leipzig, 1846. 

. See Cares (J. Victor). 

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ENG— ERM 155 

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beauties, antiquities, and geological phenomena of the Isle of "Wight. 

4to. London, 1816. 
. Review of their ' Picturesque beauties . . . and geological 

phenomena of the Isle of Wight.' (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1818, 
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welt, insbesondere der Elorengebiete seit der Tertitirperiode. 1 Theil. 

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Sveriges Geologiska Forhallanden och med fastadt afseende tillika pa" 

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Svo. Stockholm, 1868. 
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. See Surveys : Sweden - . 

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wicklung der reinen Chemie. Eine Denkschrift. (Tract.) 

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Schropp. (Tract.) 4to. Berlin?, 1838 ? 

156 ERM— ETA 

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Heft 2. 8vo. Berlin, 1841. 
and Herter (P.) Ueber Tertiarschichten, welche die Bernstein- 

fiihrende Braunkohle an der samlandischen Ostseekiiste bedeckeD. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1850, 

Ertborn (P. van). See Surveys : Belgium. 
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Auflage. Mit Yerbesserungen und vielen Zusatsen von G-. C, Lich- 

tenberg. 8vo. Gottingen, 1794, 

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der ostlichen Schweiz. (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1847. 

. Ueber die Thermalquellen von Pfafers. (Tract.) 

8vo. Zurich, 1848. 
. Geologiscbe Bernerkungen iiber das nordliche Yorarlberg und 

angrenzenden G-egenden. (Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1853. 
. See Heer (Oswald), Pictet (P. J.), Studer (B.), and Surteys, 

Switzerland, Materiaux pour la carte ge'ologiqne de la Suisse. 
and Bu'rkli (Arnold). Die Wasserverhaltnisse der Stadt Zurich und 

ihrer Umgebung. (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1871. 

and Studer (B.). G-eologische Beschreibung von Mittel-Biindten. 

(Tract.) 4to. NeufcMtel, 1839. 

Eschricht (Bernhardt) and Lilljeborg (TV.). Eecent memoirs on the Ce- 

tacea. Edited by TV. H. Plower. (Bay Society.) 4to. London, 1866. 
Eschwege (TV. L. von). Geognostisches G-emalde von Brasilien, und 

wahrscheinliches Muttergestein der Diamanten. (Tract.) 

8vo. Weimar, 1822. 

. Beitriige zur Gebirgskunde Brasiliens. 8vo. Berlin, 1832. 

Esenbeck (Christ. Gottfried JS T ees von). See Nees von Esenbeck (Christ. 

Esmark (Jens). Kurze Beschreibung einer mineralogischen Beise durch 

Ungarn, Siebenbiirgen und das Bannat. 8vo. Freiburg, 1798. 
. Beise fra Christiania til Trondhjem op igjennem Osterdalen, og 

tilbage over Dovre, samt en Tour til Jemteland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1829. 
Esmark (M. T.). Om nogle nye Arter af Trilobiter. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 
Esper (Johann Priedrich). Ausfiihrliche Nachricht von neuentdeckten 

Zoolithen unbekannter vierfiissiger Thiere, und denen sie enthal- 

tenden, so wie verschiedenen andern denkwiirdigen Griiften der 

obergebiirgischen Lande des Marggrafthums Beyreuth. 

Pol. Nuremberg, 1774. 
Espine (Adolph d') and Pavre (Ernest). Observations geologiques et 

paleontologiques sur quelques parties des Alpes de la Savoie et du 

Canton de Schwyz. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1865. 

Espy (James P.). Pourth Meteorological Beport. (United States.) 

4to. Washington, 1857. 
Estner (Pranz Joseph Anton). Versuch einer Mineralogie fiir Anfiinger 

und Liebhaber nach . . . Werner's Methode. 

3 vols. 8vo. Vienna, 1794. 
Etallon (A.) Esquisse d'une description geologique da Haut-Jura eten 

particulier des environs de St.-Claude. (Tract.) 8vo, Paris t 1857, 

ETA— ETT 157 

Etallon (A.). See TmJEMAinsr (J.). 

Etheridge (Eobert). Palaeozoic Bocks under London. (Erom tlie ' Times,' 
May 1877.) 

. See Beistow (Henry "William), Phillips (John) ; and Sueveys, 

England and "Wales, Geeat Beitain, Museum oe Peactical Geo- 
logy, and West Indies. 

Etheridge (Eobert, jun.). Note on the shells contained in the Shell-marl 
of the alluvial deposit of The Meadows, Edinburgh. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1873. 

. On some undescribed species of Lamellibranchiata from the Car- 
boniferous series of Scotland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1873. 

. On the occurrence of Eoraminifera (Saccammina Carteri, Brady) 

in the Carboniferous Limestone series of the East of Scotland. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1873, 

. Description of a section of the Burdiehouse Limestone and con- 
nected strata at Grange Quarry, Burntisland. (Tract.) 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1874. 

. Notes on Carboniferous Lamellibranchiata (Monomyaria). (Tract.) 

Svo. London, 1874. 

. On the remains of Pterggotus and other Crustaceans from the 

Upper Silurian series of the Pentland Hills. (Tract.) 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1874. 

• . Notice of additional species of fossils from the Upper Silurian 

series of the Pentland Hills. (Tract.) Svo. Edinburgh, 1874. 

. See Nicholson (Henry Alleyne). 

Etna. Vera relatione del nuovo incendio della montagna di Mongibello. 
(Tract.) 12mo. Borne and Naples, 1669. 

. An exact relation of the famous earthquake and eruption of Mount 

iEtna, or Mont Gibello, a.d. 1 669, reprinted from a scarce pamphlet, 
containing a letter from the Earl of Winchelsea to his Majesty King 
Charles the Second, &c. 2 copies. Svo. London, 1775. 

. SeeE***(W. B.). 

Etter (C). See Museums. St. Petersburg. 

Ettingshausen (Constantin von). Die Proteaceen der Vonvelt. (Tract.) 

Svo. Vienna, 1851. 

. Begriindung einiger neuen oder nicht genau bekannten Arten der 

Lias- und der Oolithflora. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Vienna, 1852. 

. Beitrag zur Elora der Wealdenperiode. (Tract.) 

Long 4to. Vienna, 1S52. 

. Beitrag zur fossilen Elora von Wildshuth in Oberb'sterreich. 

(Tract.) Svo. Vienna, 1852. 

- . Die Steinkohlenflora von Stradonitz in Bohmen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1852. 

. Eossile Pflanzenreste aus dem trachytischen Sandstein von Hei- 

ligenkreuz bei Kremnitz. (Tract,) 4-to. Vienna, 1852. 

■ — — . Ueber fossile Pandaneen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1852. 

. Ueber fossile Proteaceen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1852* 

. Ueber Palaobromelia, ein neues fossiles Pflanzengeschlecht. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1852. 

. Ueber die fossile Elora des Monte Promina in Dalmatien. (Tract). 

8vo. Vienna, 1853. 

158 ETT— EVA 

Ettingshausen (Constantin von). Beit-rag zur Kenntniss der fossilen 
Flora von Tokay. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1854. 

. Die Steinkohlen flora von Eadnitz in Bohmen. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1854. 

. Die tertiare Flora von Haring in Tirol. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1855. 

. Ueber die Entdeckung des neuholliindischen Charakters der 

Eocenflora Europa's, &c. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1862. 

. Ueber die Blattskelette der Loranthaceen. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1871. 

. Die fossile Flora von Sagor in Krain. Theil I. & II. (Tracts.) 

4to. Vienna, 1872-77. 

. Die genetische Gliederung der Flora Australiens. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1875. 

. Ueber die genetische Grliederung der Cap-Flora. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, IS 75. 

. Beitriige znr Erforschimg der Phylogenie der Pfianzenarten. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1877. 

- — — . Beitriige znr Kenntniss der fossilen Flora von Parscblug in Steier- 
mark. I. Blattpilze mid Moose. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1877. 

— — -. Beport on Phyto-Palaeontological investigations generally, and on 
tbose relating to the Eocene flora o£ Great Britain in particular. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1878. 

. See Debey (Matthias Hubert), and Seeials, etc., Loxdo^, Pala> 

ontographical Society. 
Eudes-Deslongchamps (Eugene and J. A.). See Desloxgchamps (Eugene 

Eudes- and J. A. Eudes-). 
' Eugenies ' Expedition. Kongliga Svenska fregatten Eugenies Besa 
omkring Jorden under befal a£ C. A. Virgin. Aren 1851-1853. 
Bef alining utgifna af K. Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademien. 

4to. Stockholm, 1857-64. 

1, 11. Botanik, i. ii. (Om Galapagos-Oarnes Vegetation; af IS". J. 
Andersson), 1857-1861. 

2, 4, 6, 7, 10. Zoologi, i.-v., 1857-1861. 

3, 8, 13. Fysik, i.-iii., 1858-1864. 

5, 9, 14. Physique, i.-iii., 1858-1861. 
Euphrates Expedition. See Ainswoetii (William). 
Evans (Caleb). On some sections of Chalk between Croydon and Oxtead, 
with observations on the classification of the Chalk. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1870. 
Evans (John). On flint implements from Beigate. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 
. Flint implements in the Drift ; being an account of their disco- 
very on the Continent and in England. (Tract.) 

4to, London, 1860. 
. Flint implements in the Drift; being an account of further dis- 
coveries on the Continent and in England. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1862. 
. An Address delivered in the department of Ethnology and An- 
thropology — British Association for the Advancement of Science. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

EVA— EXH 159 

Evans (John). The ancient stone implements, weapons, and ornaments 
of Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1872. 

. Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological 

Society of London, 1875. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1875. 

. Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological 

Society of London, 1876. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1876. 

. An Address delivered in the department of Geology — British As- 
sociation, Dublin, 1878. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1878. 

. Note on a proposed international code of symbols for nse on 

archaeological maps. (Tract.) 8vo. 

. See Prestwich (Joseph). 

Evans (Thomas). See Beports, Parliamentary. Mines. 

Everest (George). An account of the measurement of the sections of the 
Meridional Arc of India. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1847. 

Everest (Bobert). On the influence of social degradation in producing 
pauperism and crime. (Tract.) Svo. London, 1S54. 

. A journev through Norway, Lapland, and part of Sweden. 

. Svo. London, 1829. 

. A journey through the United States and part of Canada. 

Svo. London, 1855. 

Everett (J. D.) Illustrations of the centimetre-gramme-second (C. G. S.) 
system of units. (Published by the Physical Society.) 

Svo. London, 1875. 

Eversmann (Eduard). Additamenta quaedam levia ad Eischeri de 
"Waldheim celeberrimi Orthoptera Rossica. See Eisciier de Wald- 
heim (Gotthelf): Jubilamm, &c. Eol. Moscow, 1847. 

Ewing W. C). See Woodward (Samuel). 

Exhibition of 1823 (Paris). See Heron de Villeeosse (A. M.). 

Exhibition of 1851 (London). Beport of the Juries on the subjects in 
the thirty classes into which the Exhibition was divided. 

Svo. London, 1852. 

. Beports of the Commissioners . . . to the Bight Hon. S. H. Wal- 

pole, etc. : ii., iii., iv., v. (2 copies), and vi. 

Svo. London, 1852, 1856, 1861, 1867. 

. Beport. — Class X. Philosophical Instruments and Processes de- 
pending on their use. By James Glaisher. 8vo. London 1851. 

— — . Tasmanian contributions to the Exhibition of the Industry of all 
Nations. Eol. Tasmania, 1851. 

- — . See Dilke (Sir Charles Wentworth) and Dtjfrenoy (P. A.). 

Exhibition of 1854 (Florence). Catalogo dei prodotti naturali e indus- 
trial! della Toscana, presentati all esposizione nell' I. E. E. Istituto 
technico. 2nd edition. Svo. Florence, 1854. 

Exhibition of 1854? (New York). See Beports, Parliamentary. 

Exhibition of 1855 (Madras). Exhibition of Baw Products, Arts, and 
Manufactures of Southern India, 1855. Beports by the Juries. 
(Tract.) 4to. Madras, 1856. 

xhibition of 1855 (Paris). Brazil. Belatorio sobre a Exposigao Uni- 
versal da Industria de 1855. Trabalhos da Commissao Brazileira. 
Por Giacomo Baja Gabaglia. 8vo. 

. Great Britain. Catalogue of the wo exhibited in the British 

section of the Exhibition. Svo. London, 1855. 

160 EXH 

Exhibition of 1855 (Paris). Metals. Beports on the Paris Universal 
Exhibition. — Part II. (Metals.) 8vo. London, 1856. 
. Beport on general metal-work. — Part I. and Supplement. By- 
Alfred Tylor. 8vo. London, 1857 

. Tasmania. Tasmanian contributions to the Universal Exhibition 

of Industry. Pol. Tasmania, 1855. 
. See Logan (W. E.). 

Exhibition of 1861. Why it should be. "What it should be. Where 
it should be. (Tract). 8vo. London, 1859. 

Exhibition of 1861 (Florence). Esposizione Italiana, 1861. Consiglio 
dei Giurati. — Classe YI. Cenno sommario sui giudizi emessi dalla 
Commissione dei Giurati a tutto settembre 1861. (Tract.) 

8vo. Florence, 1861. 

. . Belazioni dei Griurati. — Classe VI. Carte e raccolte geolo- 

giche, mineralogiche, e litologiche. Arte delle miuiere e metallurgia. 
Armi. Sezione secunda. Industria mineraria e metallurgica. By 
C. Perazzi. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Exhibition of 1861 (Victoria). Catalogue of the Victorian Exhibition, 
1861; with prefatory essays, indicating the progress, resources, and 
physical characteristics of the colony. 2 copies. 

8vo. Melbourne, 1861. 

. Beport on Class III. Indigenous vegetable substances. (Tract.) 

8vo. Melbourne, 1862. 

. Essais divers, servant d'introduction au catalogue de l'exposition 

des produits de la Colonie de Victoria. Par W. H. Archer, Ferd. 
Midler, B. Brough Smyth, Prof. Neuinayer, F. M'Coy, A. B. C. 
Selwyn, and W. Birkmyre. 8vo. Melbourne, 1861. 

. Die Colonie Victoria in Australien; ihr fortschritt, ihre Hilf- 

squellen und ihr physikalischer Charakter. Von W. H. Archer, etc. 

8vo. Melbourne, 1861. 

Exhibition of 1862 (London). Jurors' Beports. Class XXXI. Manu- 
factures in iron, copper, &c, and general hardware. By Alfred 
Tylor. (Tract.) ■ 4to. London, 1862. 

. Algeria. Catalogue special accompagne de notices historiques et 

statustiques sur les produits agricoles et industriels de l'Algerie. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. Aluminium. Beference to the specimens ... of aluminium and 

aluminium-bronze. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

— . Austria. The Imperial and Boyal Geological Institute of the 

Austrian Empire. (Catalogue.) 8vo. Vienna, 1862. 

— — . Canada. Geological Survey of Canada. Descriptive catalogue of 
a collection of the economic minerals of Canada and of its crystalline 
rocks. 8vo. Montreal 1S6 

. . The City of Hamilton, Canada West; its position, re- 
sources, etc. 8vo. Hamilton, 1862. 

-. Ceylon. A catalogue of contributions to the Ceylon Court. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

. France. Section Francaise. Catalogue officiel. 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. French Colonies. Catalogue des produits des Colonies Francaises. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 


EXH 161 

Exhibition of 1862 (London). India. Official classified and descriptive 
catalogue of the contributions from India. By A. M. Dowleans. 

4to. Calcutta, 1862. 

. Iron. Description of articles from the Low Moor Iron-works. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. Italy. Kingdom of Italy. Official descriptive catalogue. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. . Regno d'ltalia. Catalogo descrittivo publicato per cura 

del E. Comitato Italiano. Mineralogia et Geologia. 

8vo. Florence, 1862. 
. Metallurgy. [Departments of metallurgy represented in the Ex- 
hibition.] Newspaper cutting. London, 1862, 

. Metals, etc. Materiaux de construction. Par M. Delesse. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. Mining, etc. Handbook to the industrial department of the 

International Exhibition of 1862. — Part I. Class I. Mining, quar- 
rying, metallurgy, and mineral Products. By Bobert Hunt. 

8vo. London, 1862. 
. New South "Wales. Catalogue of the natural and industrial Pro- 
ducts of New South "Wales. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1861. 

. . Catalogue of the natural and industrial Products of New 

South "Wales. 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Nova Scotia. Catalogue of the Nova-Scotian department. (Tract.) 

8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1862. 

. Portugal. Catalogue des produits mineraux du Portugal. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 
. Prussia. Official catalogue of the mining and metallurgical Pro- 
ducts ; Class I. in the Zollverein department, compiled under the 
immediate direction of Mr. von Dechen by Dr. H. "Wedding. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 8vo. Berlin, 1862. 

. . Special catalogue of the Zollverein department. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1862. 

. South Australia. Catalogue of articles, the produce of South 

Australia, exhibited in the South Australian Court. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. Spain. Spanish department. Official catalogue. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. . Class X. Civil Engineering. Model of the passage of 

the Tudela and Bilbao Bailway across the chain of the Cantabrian 
Pyrenees, through the Basque Provinces in the North of Spain. 
Designed and exhibited by C. Yignoles. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. Tasmania. The products and resources of Tasmania. Compiled 

by George "Whiting ; with an Appendix, .... on the vegetable pro- 
ducts .... by "W. Archer ; and on the climate .... by E. S. Hall. 

8vo. Hobart Town, 1862. 
. United States. A large collection of American Minerals, con- 
taining many hundred unique specimens of gigantic crystals and ores. 

8vo. New York, 1862. 

. Vancouver Island. Catalogue of the Minerals of Vancouver 

Island. MS. Ecap. London, 1862. 


162 EXH 

Exhibition of 1862 (London). Wales. List of the gold ores from 
Merionethshire, North Wales. Exhibited by T. A. Keadwin. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Western Australia. Descriptive catalogue of the collection of 

Products and Manufactures contributed by the Colony of Western 
Australia. (Tract.) 8yo. London, 1862. 

See Korizmics (Ladislas), Chief products of Hungary ; and 

Ltnnett (Frederick). 

Exhibition of 1865 (Dublin). Kingdom of Italy. Official catalogue, 
illustrated with engravings, published by order of the Eoyal Italian 
Commission. 2nd edition. 8vo. Turin, 1865. 

. New Zealand. Reports and Awards of the Jurors. 

8vo. Dunedin, 1866. 

. See Bagot (Andrew H.). 

Exhibition of 1867 (Paris). Official and other correspondence, etc., re- 
lating to the plan promulgated by M. Le Play, the Erench Com- 
missioner-General, for the Exhibition Palace, by Gr. Maw and E. J. 
Payne. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1866. 

. Rapports du Jury International. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

. Reports of artizans selected by a Committee appointed by the 

Council of the Society of Arts to visit the Paris Universal Exhibi- 
tion, 1867. 8vo. London, 1867. 

. British G-uiana. Catalogue of contributions transmitted from 

British Guiana. 8vo. London, 1867. 

. Canada. Esguisse geologique du Canada, suivi d'un catalogue 

descriptif de la collection envoyee a l'Exposition. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

Exhibition of 1868 (Havre). International Maritime Exhibition. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1*868. 

Exhibition of 1871 (Cordoba, Argentine Republic). La Exposicion 
National. Aiio 1871. Publication autorizada por la Comision di- 
rectiva de la Exposicion. Num. 1-15. 4to. Cordoba, 1871-72. 

Exhibition of 1873 (Vienna). Brazil. The Empire of Brazil at the 
Universal Exhibition of 1873. 8vo. Bio de Janeiro, 1873. 

. Die Ausstellung der geologischen Lundes-Untersuchung Schwe- 

dens auf der Weltausstellung in Wien, 1873. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1873. 

(London). See Victoria. 

Exhibition of 1875 (Rio de Janeiro). Brazil. Catalogo da Exposicao de 
Obras publicas do Ministerio da Agricultura. Supplemento N. 1 ao 
catalogo da Exposicao nacional em 1875. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bio de Janeiro, 1876. 

Exhibition of 1876 (Philadelphia). Canada. Descriptive catalogue of a 
collection of the economic Minerals of Canada, and notes on a 
stratigraphical collection of Rocks, by A. R. C. Selwyn. 

8vo. Montreal, 1876. 

. New South Wales. Intercolonial and Philadelphia Interna- 
tional Exhibition. Mines and mineral statistics of New South 
Wales, and notes on the geological collection of the department 
of Mines ; also remarks on the sedimentary formations of N. S. 
Wales, by Rev. W. B. Clarke ; and notes on the iron and coal 
deposits, Wallerawang, and on the diamond-fields, by Professor 
Liversidge. 2 copies. 8vo. Sydney, 1875. 

EXH— PAI 163 

Exhibition of 1876 (Philadelphia). Victoria. Official record, containing 
catalogues, etc., and essays and statistics on the social and economic 
resources of the Colony of Victoria. 8vo. Melbourne, 1875. 

Exhibition of 1878 (Paris). Prance &c. Guide du geologue a l'Exposi- 
tion Universelle de 1878 et dans les collections publiques et prive'es 
de Paris. (Tract.) 8yo. Paris, 1878. 

. Prance. Notices relatives a la participation du ministere des 

travaux publics a l'Exposition Universelle, en ce qui concerne le Corps 
des Mines, Prance. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. Peru. Le Perou en 1878. Notice historique et statistique, 

suivie du catalogue des exposants. Par L. E. Albertini. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. Russia. Apergu des richesses minerales de la Russie d'Europe, 

publiee par le Departement des Mines du ministere du domaine de 
l'Etat. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1878. 

See Vom Rath (G-.) 

Eyries (J. B. B.). See Bach (J. P.). 

Eyton (Robert H.). See Reports, Colonial. New Zealand. 

Ezquerra del Bayo (Joaquin). Descripcion geologica del terreno donde 

surten las Aguas termales en las inmediaciones de Pitero, Provincia 

de Navarra. (Tract.) 8vo. Madrid, 1850. 
. Die Bergwerke von Hiendelencina in der Provinz Guadalajara, 

Spanien. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart?, 1850. 
. Essayo de una descripcion general de la estructura geologica del 

terreno de EspaSa en la Peninsula. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Madrid, 1850-57. 

. Elementos delaboreodeminas. 2nd edition. 8vo. Madrid, 1851. 

. Geognostische Uebersichts-Karte von Spanien ; erlautert von 

Dr. Gustav Leonhard. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1851. 
. See Ltell (Sir Charles). 


P * * *. On the Geological System of Werner. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1813. 
P * * * (J.). See Paracelsus and Sandivogius (Micheel). 
Fairbairn (William). An account of the Construction of the Britannia 
and Conway Tubular Bridges. 8vo. London, 1849. 
. On the application of Cast and Wrought Iron to Building-pur- 
poses. 8vo. London, 1854. 

. Useful information for Engineers. 8vo. London, 1856. 

Fairbanks (Samuel P.). See Reports, Colonial. Nova Scotia. 
Fairholme (George). A general view of the Geology of Scripture. 

8vo. London, 1833. 

. New and conclusive physical demonstrations both of the Pact 

and Period of the Mosaic Deluge. 8vo. London, 1837. 

Fairman (Edward St. John). Geology and Agriculture. (Tract.) 

8vo. Florence, 1867. 
. [Sain Gon.] Ghirghis Mahomed, or Reports of the New Egyp- 
tian Parliament (1st Session), shewing the way things are done in 
Egypt, etc. 8vo. Jericho (Pisa), 1867. 


164 FAI— FAL 

Fairman (Edward St. John). A Treatise on the Petroleum Zones of 

Italy. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1868. 

. I Petrolii in Italia. 8vo. Florence, 1869. 

. [Wassa Effendi.] The Truth on Albania and the Albanians, 

historical and critical. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1879. 

Falb (Budolf). Gredanken und Studien iiber den Vulcanismus. 

8vo. Graz, 1875. 
Falconer (Hugh). On the American Fossil Elephant of the regions 

bordering the G-ulf of Mexico, etc. (Tract.) 8vo, London, 1863. 
. Palseontological Memoirs and Notes. "With a biographical sketch 

of the author. Compiled and edited by Charles Murchison. 2 vols. 

2 copies. 8vo. London, 1868. 
and Cautley (Sir Proby T.). Sivatherium giganteum, a new fossil 

ruminant genus from the valley of the Markanda, in the Sivalik 

Branch of the Sub-Himalayan Mountains. (Tract.) 

4to. Calcutta, 1835. 
. Note on the Felis cristata, a new fossil Tiger from the 

Sivalik Hills. (Tract.) 4to. Calcutta, 1836. 

. Note on the fossil Camel of the Sivalik Hills. (Tract.) 

4to. Calcutta, 1836. 
. Note on the fossil Hippopotamus of the Sivalik „ Hills. 

(Tract.) 4to. Calcutta, 1836. 
. Fauna Antiqua Sivalensis, being the fossil zoology of the 

Sewalik Hills, in the North of India. Edited by Hugh Falconer. 

Letterpress 8vo. Ilustrations, including a series of photographs of 

the unpublished plates, fol. London, 1846. 

. See Catjtlet (Sir Proby T.). 

and Walker (H.). Descriptive catalogue of the remains of Verte- 

brata from the Sewalik Hills, the Nerbudda, Perim Island, etc., in 

the Museum of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 8vo. Calcutta, 1859. 
Falconer (Thomas). See Falconer (William). 
Falconer (William). Dissertation on St. Paul's Voyage from Caesarea 

to Puteoli ; and on the Apostle's shipwreck on the Island Melite. 

2nd edition, with additional notes by Thomas Falconer. 

8vo. London, 1870. 

. . 3rd edition, with notes by Thomas Falconer. 

8vo. London, 1872. 
Falconi (Biase Antonio delli). GJ-li terrori del titubante Vesuvio. 

(Tract.) 12mo. Naples, 1632. 

Fallanx (Cornelius). See Hohenegger (Ludwig). 
Fallou (Friedrich Albert). Grluckauf aus Waldhehn. 

4to. Moscow, 1847. 
Falsan (Albert). See Saporta (G-. de). 
and Chantre (Ernest). Appel aux amis des sciences naturelles pour 

le trace d'une carte geologique du terrain et des blocs erratiques des 

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Bugey, et pour la conservation des blocs erratiques dans les memes 

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and Dumortier (E.). Note sur les terrains subordonnes aux gise- 

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FAN— FAE 165 

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observations. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1834. 

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Mr. Faraday contained in his ' Eesearches in Electricity.' " (Tract.) 

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peculiar Voltaic Condition of Iron reobserved by Professor Schonbein. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 
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Eotation. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

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respecting the Basaltic district in the North of Ireland, etc. (Tract.) 

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etc., in and near to Derbyshire. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1810. 

. A List of about five hundred Collieries in and near to Derbvshire. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1810. 

. A List of about 700 Hills and Eminences in and near to Derby- 
shire, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1811. 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1811-13. 

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8vo. London, 1812. 

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Paper on the Great Derbyshire Denudation, etc. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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166 FAK— FAV 

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others in the North-east part of Ireland, etc. (Tracts.) 

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— — . Short Notices of Geological Observations made in the summer of 

1814, in the South of Yorkshire and in North Wales, and of some 

inferences therefrom as to the Structure of England and Wales. 

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See Cuvieb (G.). 

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■ . Becherches sur les volcans eteints du Vivarais et du Velay. 

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the purpose of examining the state of the Arts, the Sciences, Natural 

History, and Manners, in Great Britain. 2 vols. 

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- . Becherches geologiques faites dans les environs de Chamounix en 

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des roches contenant des Ammonites et des Belemnites superposees 

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8vo. Geneva, 1849. 
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dolomie. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Geneva, 1849. 

FAY 167 

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de la Savoie ou plutot a la jonction des Alpes et du Jura. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1859. 
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Maurienne. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. Notice sur la reunion extraordinaire de la Societe geologique de 

France a Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Savoie. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1861 

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Piemont et de la Suisse voisines du Mont-Blanc. 

8vo. Geneva, 1862. 

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-. Sur la structure en eventail du Mont-Blanc. (Tract.) 

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Naturelle de Geneve de juin 1866 a mai 1867. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

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8vo. Paris, 1870. 

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• 8vo. Geneva, 1876. 

168 EAV— FEA 

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et d'Histoire Naturelle de Geneve pour la periode annuelle du 31 
mai 1876 au l r juin 1877. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1877. 

. Experiences sur les effets des refoulements ou ecrasements late- 

raux en geologie. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1878. 

. Sur une defense d'elephant trouvee au Bois de la Batie, pres de 

Geneve, et sur les elephants fossiles recueillis en Suisse. (Tract.) 

8vo. Geneva, 1878. 

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and Soret (Louis). Kapport sur l'etude et la conservation de., 

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environs de Lemberg en Galicie. 2 copies. 

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les montagnes environnantes dans le Canton de Eribourg. (Tract.) 

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la Suisse pendant les annees 1869-1872. (Tracts.) 

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8vo. Geneva, Basle, and Lyons, 1874-79. 

— . Description des Eossiles du terrain Jurassique de la montagne 

des Voirons (Savoie). (Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 

4to. Basle and Geneva, 1875. 
(Tract.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1875. 

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Caucase. 4to. Geneva, Basle, and Lyons, 1875. 

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bourgeoises. (Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 

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-. . (Tract.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1876. 

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suivi de la description de quelques Echinides de cette region par 

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-. La zone a Ammonites acanthicus dans les Alpes de la Suisse et 

de la Savoie. (Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 

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(Tract.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1877. 

■. Quelques remarques sur l'origine de l'Alluvion Ancienne. (Tract.) 

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. . See Espine (Adolphe d') and Serials, etc. : Switzerland. 

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in 1834 of the elevated country between the Missouri and Eed 

Eivers. 2 copies. 8vo. Washington, 1835. 

. Excursion through the Slave States, from Washington on the 

Potomac to the frontier of Mexico, with sketches of popular manners 
and geological notices. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1>44. 

PEH— PEE 169 

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formam Academiae Naturae-curiosorum elaborata, anno salutiferi 
partus mdclxvi. Accessit Schediasma curiosum de Unicornu fossili 
Joh. Laurentii Bausch. (Tract.) 8vo. Breslau, 1666 ? 

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Greenland, and Note by J. Gwyn Jeffreys. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1877. 

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in the Eaniganj Coalfield, collected by Mr. J. Wood-Mason. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1876. 

. Ueber das Verhaltniss gewisser fossilen Ploren und Landfaunen 

untereinander und zu den gleichzeitigen Meeresfaunen in Indien, 
Afrika und Australien. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1877. 

Feistmantel (C). See Krejci (J.). 
Felton (C. C.). See Gfyot (Arnold). 

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8vo. Berlin, 1774. 

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ralischen Gegenden der herzoglich-zweybriickischen, chur-pfal- 
zischen, wild- und rheingraflichen und nassauischen Lander. 
2 copies. 8vo. Mittau, 1772. 

. Lettres sur la Mineralogie et sur divers autres objets de l'histoire 

naturelle de l'ltalie. Traduit de l'Allemand, enrichi de notes, par 
M. le B. de Dietrich. 8vo. Strasburg, 1776. 

. Travels through Italy, in the years 1771 and 1772. Described in 

a series of Letters to Baron Born, on the Natural History, par- 
ticularly of the Mountains and Volcanos, of that country. Trans- 
lated, with Explanatory Notes, by E. E. Easpe. 

8vo. London, 1776. 

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Pranche Comte und Bourgogne, im Jahr 1788. 8vo. Berlin, 1789. 

. See Bergman (Torbern), Bobn (Ignaz von), and Pischer 

(J. B.). 
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on the New "World and its People. 8vo. London, 1856. 

. The Eaised Beaches of the Prith of Clyde ; with notices of the 

discovery of numerous ancient canoes in the neighbourhood of 
Glasgow. (Tract.) 8vo. Liverpool, 1853. 

170 FEE— FIG 

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. Memorie sopra il Lago Naftia nella Sicilia meridionale ; sopra 

l'Ambra Siciliana, etc. 8vo. Palermo, 1805. 

. I Campi Flegrei della Sicilia e delle Isole che le sono intorno, o 

descrizione fisica e mineralogica di queste isole. 

4to. Messina, 1810. 

— — . Storia naturale della Sicilia, che comprende la mineralogia, con un 

discorso sopra lo studio in varj tempi delle Scienze naturali in quest* 

isola. (Tract.) 4to. Catania, 1813. 

. Descrizione dell' Etna con la storia delle eruzioni e il Catalogo dei 

prodotti. 8vo. Palermo, 1818. 

. Memoria sopra i tremuoti della Sicilia in . . . 1823. (Tract.) 

8vo. Palermo, 1823. 

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Ferry ( — ). See Orbignt (Alcide d'). 

Ferry de Pigny (— ). See Levchine (Alexis de). 

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formes sous l'eau douce par les debris fossiles des mollusques vivant 

sur la terre ou dans l'eau non salee. 2 copies. 4to. Paris, 1814. 

. Concordance systematique pour les mollusques terrestres et 

fluviatiles de la Grande-Bretagne ; avec un apergu des travaux 
modernes des savans Anglais sur ces animaux. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1820. 

. Monographic des especes vivantes et fossiles du genre Melanop- 

side Melanopsis, etc. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1823. 

. Eecherches sur les ossemens fossiles du departement du Puy-de- 

Dome par MM. A. Bravard, Croizet et Jobert. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1826. 

. Examen analytique de la Conference de Mgr. l'Eveque d'Hermo- 

polis, dans laquelle Moi'se est considere comme historien des temps 
primitifs. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1827. 

. De la necessite d'une correspondance reguliere et sans cesse 

active entre tous les amis des sciences et de l'industrie. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1829. 

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Siebenbiirgen. 2 vols. 4to. Nuremberg, 1780. 

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8vo. Vienna, 1791. 

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(Tract.) 4to. Breslau and Bonn, 1857. 

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Ellen 5% Zoll langen Blitzrohre bei Dresden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dresden, 1822. 
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Colours. 4to. London, 1817. 

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8vo. Paris, 1863. 

FIG— FIS 171 

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revised by H. W. Bristow. 

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Coburg. (Tract.) 4to. Gotha, 1855. 

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8vo. London, 1833. 
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Augustin d'). 
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schichte von Livland, nebst einigen Anmerkungen zur physischen 
Erdbeschreibung von Kurland, entworfen von J. J. Ferber. 

8vo. Riga, 1784. 

. Versuch einer Naturgeschichte von Livland. 

8vo. Konigsberg, 1791. 
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Fischer (P.). See Crosse (H.), G-atjdry (Albert), and Tchihatchepe 

(Pierre de). 
Fischer-Benzon (E. von). Ueber das relative Aelter des Faxekalkes und 
iiber die in demselben vorkommenden Anomuren und Brachyuren. 
(Tract.) 4to. Kiel,' 1866. 

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la Siberite. (Tract.) 4to. Moscow, 1811 ? 

Essai sur la Pellegrina, ou la perle incomparable des freres Zozima. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Moscow, 1818. 

Essai sur la turquoise et sur la calaite. 2nd edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. Moscow, 1818. 
Adversaria Zoologica. Fasc. 1 and 2. (Tract.) 

4to. Moscow, 1819. 
Notice sur le Tettigopsis, nouveau genre d'Orthopteres de la Eussie. 
(Tract.) 4to. Moscow, 1830. 

Oryctographie du gouvernement de Moscou. 

Fol. Moscow, 1830. 

. Another edition. Eol. Moscow, 1837. 

Bibliographia palaeontologica Animalium systematica. 

8vo. Moscow, 1834. 

. Eecherches sur les ossemens fossiles de la Eussie. I. Sur le 

Gryphus antiquitatis des naturalistes allemands. (Tract.) 

4to. Moscow, 1836. 

. . II. Sur deux Poissons fossiles. (Tract.) 

4to. Moscow, 1838. 

■ . Notice sur YEurypterus de Podolie et le CMrotherium de Livonie. 

(Tract.) 4to. Moscow, 1839. 

. Sur le Ehopalodon, genre de Saurien fossile du versant occidental 

de FOural. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Moscow, 1841. 

. Nachtrag zu Hrn. Major von Qualen's geognostischen Beytragen 

zur Kenntniss des westlichen Urals. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Moscow, 1842. 

172 FIS-FIT 

Fischer de Waldheim (G-otthelf). Catalogus coleopterorum in Siberia 
orientali a Oel. Gregorio Silide Karelin collectorum. (Tract.) 

8vo. Moscow, 1842. 

. Notice sur les fossiles et les petrifications du gouvernement de 

Moscou. (Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. Moscow, 1842. 

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du terrain oolithique. (Tract.) 8vo. Moscow, 1843. 

. Notice sur quelques Sauriens fossiles du gouvernement de Moscou. 

(Tract.) 4to. Moscow, 1846. 

. Jubilseum semisaecularem Doctoris Medicinal et Philosophise 

celebrant Sodales Societatis Csesarese, Naturae Scrutatoruin Mos- 
quensis. Fol. Moscow, 1847. 

« . Notice sur quelques Sauriens de l'oolithe du gouvernement de 

Simbirsk. Suivi d'une lettre de Pierre de Jasikow. (Tract.) 

8ro. Moscow, 1847. 

. Notice sur le Crioceras Voronzovii de Sperk. (Tract.) 

4to. Moscow, 1849. i 

. Ommatolampes et Trachelacanihus, genera piscium fossilium nova. ' 

(Tract.) 4to. Moscow, 1851. 

Fischer-Ooster (0. von). See Oostee (W. A.). 
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(Tract.) (Table.) Dorchester, 1852. 

. On the Purbeck strata of Dorsetshire. (Tract.) 

4to. Cambridge, 1855. 

. On Roslyn or Eoswell Hill Clay-pit, near Ely. (Tract). 

8vo. Cambridge, 1866. 

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and the Amount of it, with a Speculation on the Origin of Volcanic 
Action. (Tract.) 4to. Cambridge, 1869. 

. On the Inequalities of the Earth's Surface viewed in connection 

with the secular cooling. (Tract.) 4to. Cambridge, 1874. 

. Mr. Mallet's Theory of Volcanic Energy tested. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1875. 

. On the Inequalities of the Earth's Surface as produced by Lateral 

Pressure, upon the hypothesis of a liquid substratum. (Tract.) 

4to. Cambridge, 1875. 

. Remarks upon Mr. Mallet's Strictures on the Mathematical test 

applied to the theory of Volcanic Energy, by Mr. O. Fisher. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1876. 
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8vo. London, 1835. 
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8vo. London, 1813. 

. Articles published in the * Edinburgh Review/ 1817-1849. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1817-49. 

. Mr. Smith's Geological Claims stated. [Imperfect.] (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1818. 

. An Account of some geological specimens from the coasts of 

Australia. (Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. London, 1826. 


PIT— FLO 173 

Fitton (William Henry). Instructions for collecting Geological specimens. 
(Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. London, 1826. 

— — . Notes on the Progress of Geology in England. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1832-33. 

. A Geological Sketch of the Vicinity of Hastings. 3 copies. 

8vo. London, 1833. 

. Inquiries respecting the geological relations of the beds between 

the Chalk and the Purbeck Limestone in the south-east of England. 

4to. London, 1833. 

. Observations on some of the strata between the Chalk and the 

Oxford Oolite, in the south-east of England. [From the ' Transac- 
tions of the Geological Society of London.'] 4to. London, 1836. 

. Geological notice of the New Country passed over by Captain 

Back during his late Expedition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

. A Beview of Mr. LyelTs * Elements of Geology/ with Observa- 
tions on the progress of the Huttonian Theory of the Earth. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1839. 

. A stratigraphical account of the Section from Atherfield to 

Bocken-End, on the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

. Catalogue of his valuable Scientific and Miscellaneous Library. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 

. See Broderip (W. J.) and Stephens (Walter). 

Fitz-Roy (Bobert). Considerations on the Great Isthmus of Central 
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FLO— res 

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9 r Esckrice: 

Fltigel i.J. G. . L::erarische Sympathien oder industrielle BuchmacheifM 
Beitrag zur Geschichte der neueren englischen Lexicographic, 
nebst einem Torwort von Gott. Hermann. (Tract 

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. Bee DiCTioyxBixs, German and English. 

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. See DrMOBTXEE (E. . 

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(Tract. 5vo. Pari 

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;. London, 1- 



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176 FOR 

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/ / 

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afhoengighed af landets indre geognostiske bygning. (Tract.) 

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8vo. Copenhagen, 1858. 

. Om Sovandets Bestanddele og deres fordeling i havet. (Tract.) 

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•. [Notitser angaaende den sandsynlige Eorekomst af Jura- 

formationen i det nordlige Jylland.] (Tract.) 

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Bescbreibung der Ebene von Troia, mit einer Karte von T. A. B. 

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with the evidence regarding that country taken before a Com- 
mittee of the House of Commons in May 1852, etc. 

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lately taken place in sundry Port Wines in England. (Tract.) 

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more on Port Wine.' (Tract.) 8vo. Oporto, 1860. 

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certain internal improvements in the State of Louisiana. (Tract.) 

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Beitrage zur geognostischen Kenntniss des Erzgebirges. 
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edition, corrected and enlarged, ... to which is added the Calendar 

of Nature. 8vo. London, 1823. 
. Illustrations of the Atmospheric Origin of Epidemic Diseases, etc. 

2nd edition. 8vo. Chelmsford, 1829. 

178 FOE— FOS 

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nomenes de l'atmosphere. (Tract.) 8vo. Aix-la-Chapelle, 1836. 

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near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and concluding on the west side of the 

mountain of Cross Fell, etc. 8vo. Newcastle, 1809. 

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to the mountain of Cross Fell in Cumberland. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, Alston, and Newcastle, 1821. 

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of vertical sections only.) 2nd edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. London?, 1821. 
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dem italianischen iibersetzt von F. A. Weber. 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1779. 

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l'oryctographie de l'ltalie. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802. 

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Altitude from Two Altitudes observed near the Meridian. (Tract.) 

Fol. London, 1852. 

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paesiVeneti. 8vo. Florence, 1847. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Falmouth, 1876. 

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wall, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, and part of Somersetshire, for 
the year ending 31st December, 1876. (Tract.) 

Fol. London, 1877. 

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. Eeport on the Inspection of metalliferous Mines in Cornwall, 

Devonshire, Dorsetshire, and part of Somersetshire, for the year 
ended 31st December, 1878. Fol. London, 1879. 

. See Callow (J.), Diest (P. van), and Surveys, England and 


and Pike (Walter). Suggestions for the formation of a Miner's 

permanent Club and Belief Society for Cornwall and Devon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Truro, 1877. 

and Topley (William). On the Superficial deposits of the Valley 

of the Medway, with remarks on the denudation of the Weald. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1865. 

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Foster (J. W.). See Surveys : Michigan. 
Foster (Peter Le Neve). Aluminium. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

FOT— FOU 179 

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Theiles von Siid-Amerika. Mit einein Yorwort von W. Haidinger. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1854. 

. Das Yorkommen, die Production und Circulation des mineralischen 

Brennstoffes in der dsterreichisch-ungarischen Monarchic im Jahre 
1868. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1870. 

. gee Hatjer (Franz von). 

Fougt (Heinrich). Dissertatio, Corallia Baltica adumbrans. 

4to. Upsala,l74:5. 
Foulke (William Parker). Account of the Kemains of a Fossil Extinct 
Eeptile recently discovered at Haddonfield, New Jersey. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1859. 

. See Miller (Hugh). 

, Leidy (J.), Lea (I.), and Hammond ( — ). On Fossil bones from 

Haddonfield, Camden County, New Jersey, United States. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1858. 

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l'Etna en 1865. 4to. Paris, 1866. 

. Rapport sur les tremblements de terre de Cephalonie et de 

Metelin en 1867. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. Premier rapport sur une mission scientifique a File de Santorin. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

. Santorin et ses eruptions. 4to. Paris, 1879. 

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Chemistry, translated into English. (2nd edition.) 4 vols, and 
Supplement. 8vo. London, 1788-89. 

. See Gtjyton de Morveau (L. B.). Chemistry. 

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. Rich esse minerale de l'A]gerie. 2 vols. 

4to ; Atlas, fol. Paris, 1849-54. 
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. Description geologique du bassin houiller des environs de Ter- 

nay et Communay, departement de l'Isere. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lyons, 1838. 

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partie du bassin du Rhone. (Tract.) 8vo. Lyons, 1838. 

; . Etudes sur le terrain jurassique et les minerals de fer de l'Ardecbe. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Lyons, 1843. 

. Die Metamorphose der Gesteine nachgewiesen in den westlichen 

Alpen ; aus dem franzosischen iibersetzt von W. Yogelgesang. Mit 
einem Yorwort von B. Cotta. (Tract.) 8vo. Freiberg, 1847. 

. Histoire de la Dolomie. 8vo. Lyons, 1847. 

■ . Suite des Etudes sur la Geologie de la partie des Alpes comprise 

entre le Yalais et l'Oisans. 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. Note sur un effet de coloration des Nuages, observe en 1852, a 

Oullins. (Tract.) 8vo. Lyons, 1852. 

. Sur la distribution des coups de foudre a Lyon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lyons, 1852. 

. Details au sujet de la formation des oolites calcaires. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lyons, 1853. 

180 YOU— EKA 

Pournet (J.). Eecherches sur la distribution et sur les modifications des 
caracteres de quelques animaux aquatiques du bassin du Bhone. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Lyons, 1853. 

— t — . Apergus sur la structure du Jura septentrional. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lyons, 1860-61. 

. Greologie Lyonnaise. 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. See Perrey (Alexis). 

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tion^ Civil Engineers. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1866. 
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8vo. Falmouth, 1837. 

. Purport of a paper relative to springs of water. (Tract.) 

8vo. Truro, 1844. 

. On certain pseudomorphous crystals of quartz. (Tract.) 

8vo. Falmouth, 1846. 

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(Tract.) Eol. No date. 

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der Sinai-Halbinsel und in Syrien. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1867. 

. Die Fauna von Steinheim. 4to. Stuttgart, 1870. 

. Aetosaurus ferratus. See Serials, etc. : Stuttgart. Verein 

f iir vaterlandische Naturkunde. 
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Schmelzarbeiten : — Description abregee de tous les travaux, tant 
d' Amalgamation, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Dresden, 1800. 

France. Depot de la Marine. Catalogue chronologique des cartes, plans, 
vues de cotes, memoires, instructions nautiques, etc., qui composent 
l'hydrographie francaise. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

' . . ° 8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. . 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. . 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . '- 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. Catalogue par ordre geographique des cartes, plans, vues 

de cotes, memoires, instructions nautiques, etc., qui composent l'hy- 
drographie frangaise. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

-. . . 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

-. . 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

-. . Instructions nautiques par James Horsburgh. l e et 2 e 

parties. 3 e edition. 4to. Paris, 1861-62. 

-. . Avis aux navigateurs. Cotes des lies Britanniques. 

8vo. Paris, 1861-62. 

-. . . Mer Mediterrane'e, mer Noire, et mer d'Azof. 

8vo. Paris,1862. 

- . . . Cotes orientales de l'Amerique anglaise et des 

Etats-Unis. - 8vo. Pans, 1862. 

-. . . Cotes orientales de l'Amerique du Sud. 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

... . . Mers des Indes et de Chine, de l'Australie, terre 

de Van-Diemen et Nouvelle-Zelande. 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

FEA 181 

France. Depot de la Marine. Note sur les sondes faites par de grandes 

profondeurs ; traduction de la brochure anglaise de J. E. Davys, par 

M. Bouquet de la Grye. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 
. . La latitude par les hauteurs hors du meridien, par Louis 

Pagel. 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

- . . Formule generale pour trouver la latitude et la longitude 

par les hauteurs hors du meridien, par Louis Pagel. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 
. . Instruction pour le micrometre Lugeol a cadran Lorieux, 

par M. Bosc. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 
. . Usage du cercle meridien portatif pour la determination 

des positions geographiques, par F. Laugier. 4to. Paris, 1852. 
. . Instruction sur les cartes pour la navigation par Tare de 

grand circle, par M. Hilleret. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. . Tables pour revaluation des distances en mer. 

8vo. Paris, no date. 
. . Note sur 1'evaluation des distances en mer, par M. de la 

Eoche-Poncie. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1860. 
. . Aden. Pilote du golfe d'Aden, par C. Y. Ward ; traduit 

par J. Lafont. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 
. . Adriatic Sea. Manuel de la navigation dans la mer 

Adriatique, par M. Alexandre Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1855. 
. . Africa. Manuel de la navigation de la cote occidentale 

d'Afrique, par C. P. de Kerhallet. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1851-52. 
. . . Eoutier de la cote sud et sud-est d'Afrique. De 

1'ile Eobben a Natal. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 
. . . Eoutier des cotes sud, sud-est et est d'Afrique du 

cap de Bonne-Esperance au cap Guardafui. Compile a different es 

sources, par Algernon F. E. De Horsey. 2 e edition. Traduit de 

l'anglais par A. MacDermott. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 
. — — . . Supplement a lTnstruction No. 421. Afrique. 

Cote sud et est. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1875. 
. . . Supplement a l'Jnstruction No. 352. Cotes sud 

et est d'Afrique. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

Eenseignements sur la partie de la cote occidentale 

d'Afrique comprise entre le cap Negro et le cap Lopez. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1850. 

. . . Description nautique de la cote occidentale 

d'Afrique, depuis le cap Eoxo jusqu'aux iles de Los, par C. Philippes 
de Kerhallet. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

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d'Afrique, par Charles Philippes de Kerhallet. 3 vols. 

8vo. Paris, 1867-70-71. 

. . . Influence des courants sur la navigation a la cote 

occidentale d'Afrique, par M. A. Vallon. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. . Alexandria. Instruction pour entrer dans le port d' Alex- 
andria Egypte. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. . Algeria. Description nautique des cotes de l'Algerie, 

par A. Berard ; suivi des notes par M. de Tessan. 8vo. Paris, 1837. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur les cotes de l'Algerie 

par Mouchez. Svo. Paris, 1S79. 

182 FRA 

France. Depot de la Marine. America, Central. Reconnaissance 
hydrographique des cotes occidentales clu Centre-Amerique. Par T. 
de Lapelin. 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

. . . Province de Veraguas (Nouvelle-Grenade), par M. 

de Rosencoat. 8vo. Paris, .1857. 

. — _ America, North. Cote occidentale d'Amerique. Baie 

de San Francisco et cote au nord. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

. . . . Cotes de Californie. Traduites de l'ame- 

ricain . . . par A. Frickmann. 8vo. Paris, 1872. 

. . . . Cotes de l'Oregon et du territoire de "Wash- 
ington. Instructions traduites de l'americain . . . par A. Frickmann. 

8vo. Paris, 1872. 

. . — — . Instructions nautiques pour les principaux ports 

de la cote est de l'Amerique du Nord . . . traduit de l'anglais, par 
M. MacDermott. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

- . . . Tableau general des phares et fanaux des cotes 

orientales de l'Amerique du nord. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. . America, South. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes 

occidentales d'Amerique du golfe de Penas a la Riviere Tumbez, par 
R. Fitz-Roy, traduit de l'anglais par M. MacDermott. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. 1 . . Instructions nautiques sur les cotes occidentales 

d'Amerique de la riviere Tumbez a Panama, par R. Fitz-Roy, traduit 
de l'anglais par M. MacDermott. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur les cotes orientales de 

l'Amerique du Sud, comprises entre la Plata et le detroit de Magel- 
lan, par P. K. Parker et R. Fitz-Roy. Traduites de l'anglais par E. 
Hamelin. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . Atlantic. Considerations generates sur l'ocean Atlan- 

tique, par C. Philippes de Kerhallet. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1852. 

. . . . S e edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1854/ 

. . . Observations sur la navigation des paquebots qui 

traversent l'Atlantique, par A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. . . Des vents et des coups de vent observes dans 

l'Atlantique Nord, sur les routes des batiments a vapeur allant de 
la Manche a New York et vice versa ; traduit de l'anglais par M. de 
la Tour du Pin. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . . Geographie physique de la partie equatoriale de 

l'ocean Atlantique, par M. Toynbee. Traduit et resume par M. Ch. 
Ploix. 4to. Paris, 1877. 

. . Auriony. Routier de File Aurigny . . . traduit de 

l'anglais, par Jules Vavin. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. . Australia. Routier de l'Australie ; traduit de l'anglais 

par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

■ . . . Routier de l'Australie*(c6te est), detroit de Torres 

et mer de Corail, traduit et annote d'apres les travaux h} r dro- 
graphiques les plus recents par A. Le Gras. Vol. II. 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

■ . . . Supplement au routier de l'Australie. Tom. II. 

Cote est, detroit de Torres et mer de Corail. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

ERA 183 

France. Depot de la Marine. Australia. Eoutier de l'Australie, par 
Charles B. Yule, l re partie, Vols. I. et II. traduit de l'anglais .... 
par M. Erickniann ; 2 me partie, Vols. I. et II. traduit par A. Le 
Grras, et Vol. III. traduit par M. Bessou. 5 vols. 

8vo. Paris, 1871-73. 

. . . Supplements aux Instructions Nos. 521, 535, 420, 

486. Cotes est, nord, nord-ouest et sud de l'Australie. 

8vo. Paris, 1877. 

. . Azof, Sea of. Benseignernents hydrographiques sur la 

mer d'Azof, recueillis et rediges par Gr. C. Cloue. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

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Philippes de Kerhallet. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. . . Description nautique des Azores, par C. Philippes 

de Kerhallet. 2 e edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. . Baltic. Pilote de la mer Baltique de 1'amiral G. Klint, 

traduit et publie par A. Le Grras. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. . . Supplement (No. 1) au Pilote de la mer Baltique. 

8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . . Instructions Nautiques sur la mer Baltique et le 

golfe de Einlande, par A. Le Grras. Tom. L, parties 1 et 2. 2nd 
edition. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

. . . Mer Baltique. Cote de Prusse. De Memel a 

Darserort. 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

. . . Description des cotes de l'Esthonie, de la Livonie, 

de la Courlande, de la Prusse et de la Pomeranie, jusqu'au cap 
Darserort, d'apres les instructions nautiques de J. Hjorth. 

8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. . Bayonne. Instruction pour aborder et franchir la barre 

de Bayonne. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1837. 

. . . Instruction pour aller chercher la barre de' 

Bayonne et entrer dans la riviere, ou pour relacher ou mouiller dans 
les environs. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . Behring's Straits, etc. Instructions pour naviguer sur 

les cotes de Tile Beine-Charlotte et d'Alaska, dans les iles Aleou- 
tiennes, la mer de Behring et le detroit de Behring, traduites de 
l'americain par M. le Vicomte de la Tour du Pin. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . Black Sea. Pilote de la mer Noire, traduit du russe et 

mis a jour par H. de la Planche. Cote d'Asie. 

Long 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. . . Pilote de la mer Noire. Traduit du russe par 

M. H. de la Planche. Cote d'Europe. Long 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . Brazil. Instructions pour naviguer sur la cote septen- 

trionale du Bresil et dans le fleuve des Amazones : pour faire suite 
au Pilote du Bresil : par L. Tardy de Montravel. 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

. . . Les cotes du Bresil, description et instructions 

nautiques, par M. Ernest Mouchez. l e section. Du cap San 
Roque a Bahia. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. . . 2 e section. De Bahia a Bio Janeiro. 

8vo. Paris, 1864. 

. . . 4 e section. Cote Nord. Du cap San Boque a 

Maranhao. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

184 FRA 

France. Depot de la Marine. Beest. Essai sur l'atterrage et P entree 
de la rade de Brest par temps brumeux, avec un batiment a vapeur. 
Par H. de Roujoux. 8vo. Paris, 1808. 

. . Bristol Channel. Instructions pour naviguer dans le 

canal de Bristol. Par E. J. Bedford. Traduit par Paul Martin. 

8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. . Canaeies, etc. Description de Parchipel des Canaries et 

de Parchipel des lies du Cap Vert. Par C. Philippes de Kerhallet. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

■ . . Cape de Veede. Description nautique des iles du Cap 

Vert par C. Philippes de Kerhallet. 2 e edition. 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

- . . . Instructions nautiques sur les iles du Cap Yert, 

par C. P. de Kerhallet et A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. . Cape of Goon Hope. Rapport sur une nouvelle route 

pour doubler le cap de Bonne-Esperance, de Pest a Pouest, pendant 
la saison d'hiver, de mai a septembre, proposee par M. Briet. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . Cheeboueg. Notice sur la carte des environs de Cher- 
bourg, par M. Keller. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. . Chili, etc. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes du Chili 

et de la Bolivie, d'apres les documents les plus recents, par E. Char- 
donneau. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . Chinese Seas. Rapport sur la campagne de la corvette 

La Bayonnaise dans les mers de Chine, par M. E. Jurieu de Lagra- 
viere. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. . . Mer de Chine Parties L, III., IV., et V. 

compilees, . . . par A. Le Gras. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1865-68. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur les cotes est de la 

Chine, la mer Jaune, les golfes de Pe-Chili et de Lian-Tung, et la 
cote ouest de la Coree, traduits sur la derniere edition du ' Chiua 
Pilot/ par M. de Vautre, et annotees par M. A. Le Gras. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Supplement aux Instructions (No. 373) sur la mer 

de Chine. II. partie, contenant des instructions sur les cotes est 
de Chine, la mer Jaune, les golfes de Pe-Chili et de Lian-Tung et la 
cote ouest de la Coree, traduit de la derniere edition du ' China 
Pilot,' par M. Costa. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. . . Deuxieme supplement aux Instructions (No. 373) 

sur la mer de Chine. 2 e partie, contenant des renseignements 
nautiques sur la cote ouest de la Coree et la riviere de Seoul, etc. 
Par C. A. Roze. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. . ■ . Mer de Chine. 3 e partie. Instructions 

nautiques sur les iles et les passages entre les Philippines et le 
Japon et les iles du Japon, etc., par A. Le Gras. 

8vo. Paris, 1877. 

. . . Mer de Chine. 3 e partie. Supplement No. viii. 

a PInstruction No. 426. Iles du Japon. 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

. . . Mer de Chine. 4 e partie. Supplement No. iii. 

a PInstruction No. 447. 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

. . . Mer de Chine. Route de Sincapour a Saigon. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

PEA 185 

France. Depot de la Marine. China and Japan. Notice meteoro- 
logique sur les mers comprises entre la Chine et le Japon. 

4to. Paris, 1879. 

, . . Cheonometey, etc. Eecherches sur les variations de la 

marche des pendules et des chronometres, par A. Lieussou. (Tract.) 

8yo. Paris, 1854. 

. . . Observations chronometriques faites pendant la 

campagne de circumnavigation de la corvette la Capricieuse, par E. 
Mouchez. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 
. . . Eecherches chronometriques. [Sur les Chrono- 
metres et les Instruments Nautiques.] Cah. 1 et 5-12. 

8vo. Paris, 1859-76. 

. . Cochin China. Me'moire sur les marees de la Basse 

Cochinchine, par M. G. Heraud. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . . Annuaire des marees de la Basse Cochinchine 

pour les annees 1873, 1874 et 1876-1879. 

8vo. Paris, 1872-78. 

. . . Annuaire des marees de la Basse Cochinchine et 

du Toug-kin pour Fan 1880. 24mo. Paris, 1879. 

. . Compass Deviations. Manuel de l'Amiraute pour les 

deviations des compas par E. J. Evans et Archibald Smith. 
3 me edition, traduite par M. A. Collet. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. . . Sur l'emploi du compas Etalon et la courbe des 

deviations a bord des navires en fer et autres, par M. B. Darondeau. 

8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . Compass Eegulation. Note sur la regulation des compas 

par des observations de force horizontale, par M. E. Caspari. 

8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . Coeea, etc. Description hydrographique de la cote 

orientale de la Coree et du golfe d'Osaka, traduite du russe par 
M. H. de la Planche. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

I . . Coesica. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes de Corse, 

par M. Sallot des Noyers. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. . Ceete. Instructions sur l'ile de crete ou Candie, par le 

commandant Spratt, traduction par A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. . Dardanelles. Instructions nautiques sur le detroit des 

Dardanelles, la mer de Marmora, et le Bosphore, par A. Le Gras. 

8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. . Denmaek. Le Pilote Danois, traduit de la derniere 

edition du Danske-Lods, du depot Hydrographique de Copenhague. 

8vo. Paris, 1855. 
Ecuadoe, etc. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes 
de l'Equateur et des Etats-Unis de Colombie, d'apres les Capi- 
taines Kellett et de Eosencoat, par E. Chardonneau. 

8vo. Paris, 1874. 

-. . England. Instructions pour naviguer sur la cote occi- 

dentale dAngleterre, de Milford Haven a la Mull of Galloway, tra- 
duites d'anglais par A. Erickmann. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

-. . . Cote est d'Angleterre. Supplement a l'lnstruc- 

tion No. 302. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

186 ERA 

France. Depot de la Marine. English Channel. Expose du regime 
des courants observes depuis le xvi e siecle jusqu'a nos jours dans 
la Manche et la mer d'Allemagne, etc. Par F. A. E. Keller. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. . . Portulan des cotes de la Manche, dn canal de 

Bristol et de la cote sud de Tlrlande, traduit des instructions 
anglaises de M. White et J. Purdy, extrait du pilote francais de 
M. Givry, et complete d'apres les renseignements les plus recents, 
par Y. A. Moulac. 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. . . Pilote de la Manche. Cotes sud et sud-ouest de 

l'Angleterre. Par John W. King, traduit de Tanglais par M. 
Sallot des Noyers. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . . Cotes nord de France. Par M. Thomassin. 

Vol. I. De la pointe de Penmarch a Tile de Bas. 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

. . . . 2 me partie. De Tile de Bas aux Heaux 

de Brehat. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. . . 3 me partie. Des Heaux de Brehat au cap de la 

Hogue. 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

. . . Annuaire des courants de maree de la Manche 

pour Tan 1879, par M. Gaussin. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

■ ■. . . Annuaire des courants de maree de la Manche 

pour Tan 1880. 8vo. Paris, 1880. 

. . Finland and Bothnia, Gules or. Description du golfe 

de Finlande et de l'entree du golfe de Bothnie, d'apres les instruc- 
tions nautiques de J. Hjorth. 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

, m Prance. Annuaire des marees des cotes de France pour 

les annees 1849-1877. [Incomplete set.] 12mo. Paris, 1848-76. 

. — - — . . Expose des operations geodesiques executes sur 

les cotes septentrionales de France, par P. Begat. 

4to. Paris, 1839. 

. . . Expose des operations geodesiques executes sur 

les cotes meridionales de France, par P. Begat. 4to. Paris, 1844. 

. . . Pilote frangais. Instructions nautiques (Partie 

des cotes septentrionales de France comprise entre la pointe de Bar- 
fleur et Dunkerque et partie des cotes de France comprise entre les 
Casquets et la pointe de Barfleur. — Environs de Cherbourg), redi- 
gees par M. Givry. 4to. Paris, 1842-45. 

. ■ . . Pilote des cotes sud de France. Par A. Germain. 

Texte. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. . . y ues . Sm. fol. Paris, 1876. 

. . . Pilote des cotes nord de France. l er volume. 

Cherbourg au Havre, par M. Estignard. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. . . Pilote des cotes ouest de France. Par A. Bou- 
quet de la Grye. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1869-73. 

. . Gibraltar. Manuel de la navigation dans le detroit de 

Gibraltar, par C. A. Yinceudon-Dumoulin et C. P. de Kerhallet. 

8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . Guadeloupe. Pilote de la Guadeloupe, par M. E. Ploix. 

8vo. Pains, 1875. 

. . Guernsey. Pilote de File Guernesey publie par ordre de 

l'Amiraute anglaise et traduit par M. Massias. Svo. Paris, 1864. 

FKA 187 

France. Depot de la Marine. Guiana. Instructions nautiques pour 
naviguer sur les cotes des Guyanes, par M. Sardy de Montravel. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

-. . Guiana, French. Renseignements sur la navigation des 

cotes et des rivieres de la Guyane francaise, par M. Em. Courg. 

8vo. Paris, 1865. 

-. . . Guyane francaise et fleuve des Amazones. 

8vo. Paris, 1877. 
Guinea. Guide pour l'usage des cartes des vents et des 

courants du golfe de Guinee, par M. de Brito Capello, traduit du 
portugais par MM. West et A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

-. . Holland and Belgium. Tableau general des phares et 

fanaux des cotes de Hollande et de Belgique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1849. 

-. . Hydrography. Annales hydrographiques, recueil d'avis, 

instructions, documents et memoires relatifs a rhydrographie et a la 
navigation. Tom. I.-VIIL, X.-XXIII., and XXXV., etc. 

8vo. Paris, 1849, etc. 
-. . . Melanges hydrographiques, ou recueil de docu- 
ments relatifs a rhydrographie et de la navigation. Tom. I.-III. 

8vo. Paris, 1846-47. 

-. . . Eecherches hydrographiques sur le regime des 

cotes. Cahiers I.-IV. et VI.-IX. 4to. Paris, 1874-78. 

-. . Iceland. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes d'Islande, 

par M. Barlatier de Mas. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

-. . . Renseignements sur quelques mouillages de la 

cote d'Islande et de Norvege, par M. Thoyon (1863-1864). 

8vo. Paris, 1865. 

-. . India. Pilote de la cote oceidentale de 1'Hindoustan . . . 

par A. D. Taylor, traduit de l'auglais par J. Lafont. 

8vo. Paris, 1868. 

-. . Indian Archipelago. Instructions sur les iles et les 

passages du grand archipel d'Asie, redigees d'apres les documents 
les plus recents . . . par M. Sallot des N overs. 5 vols. 

8vo. Paris, 1867-68. 

-. . . Detroit de Banka. Nouvelle passe pour donner 

dans le detroit en venant du sud. Position de quelques ecueils 
dans la mer de Corail. Par A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1860. 

-. . Indian Ocean. Instructions nautiques sur les mers de 

l'lnde, par James Horsburgh, traduites de TangJais, en 1837, par 
M. Le Predour. 2 e edition. Tom. II. 4to. Paris, 1856. 

-. . . . 3 e edition. Tom. III. Part 2. 

4to. Paris, 1860. 

-. • . Considerations generales sur l'ocean Indien, par 

0. Philippes de Kerhallet. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

-. — . . ■ . 2 e edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

-. . . Ocean Indien. Golfe du Bengale, depuis la pointe 

de Galle jusqu'a la tete d'Achem, compile par M. Weyl. 

8vo. Paris, 1877. 

188 PEA 

France. Depot de la Marine. Indian Ocean. Ocean Indien. lie de 
Ceylan. Description des basses et des dangers qui sont pres de la 
cote S.E. d'ile de Ceylan. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. . . Memoire sur les ouragans de la mer des 

Indes aii sud de l'equateur, par A. Lefebvre. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1852. 

. . . Table chronologique de quatre cents cyclones qui 

ont sevi dans les Indes occidentales et dans l'ocean Atlantique du 
nord, pendant un intervalle de 362 annees (depuis 1493 jusqu'en 
1855), par Andres Poey< 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. . . Notes sur la forme des Cyclones dans l'ocean 

Indien, etc. Par M. Meldrum. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. . . Eenseignements nautiques sur quelques iles 

eparses de l'ocean Indien Sud, Prince Edouard, Crozet, Ker- 
guelen, MacDonald, Eodriguez, Maurice, la Eeunion, Saint Paul 
et Amsterdam, les Seychelles, Madagascar et Mayotte. 

8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. . Ieeland. Instructions nautiques pour la cote d'Irlande. 

Par Eichard Hoskyn. l e partie traduit par H. de Laplanche ; 2£ 
partie par J. Lafont. 8vo. Paris, 1870-71. 

. . Japan, etc. Description des iles et des passages compris 

entre la partie nord de File Lucon et iles les du Japon, par A. Le 
G-ras. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . -. Eenseignements hydrographiques sur les iles 

Pormose et Lou-tchou, la Coree, la mer du Japon, et la mer d'Ok- 
hotsk, mis en ordre et publics par A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1859. 

. . . . 2 e edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. . . Le Seto Utchi, mer interieure du Japon et ses 

approches. Instructions nautiques redige'es . . . par M. A. Banare. 

8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. . Java, etc. Instructions nautiques sur les traversers 

d'aller et de retour de la Manche a Java par C. Le Helloco. 

4to. Paris, 1861. 

. . Jeeset. Eoutier de Tile Jersey, par John Eichards, tra- 
duit de l'anglais par M. Jules Vavin. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. . Kattegat. Le Kattegat, le Sund et les Belts. Extraifc 

du Danske-Lods : traduit du danois par A. Le Gras. 

8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. . Labeadoe. Supplement a Hnstruction 2so. 353. Labra- 
dor : Cote nord-est. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. . Lighthouses. Phares des mers du Globe. Par Alexandre 

Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. . . Supplement aux livres des Phares. 1857-1859. 

8vo. Paris, 1857-59. 

. . Madagascae. Madagascar, cote orientale. Partie compre- 

nant Tile Fong, Tamatave, Poulepointe, Mahambo, Fenerive, Sainte- 
Marie et Tintingue. Par M. Germain. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

-„ . Madeiea, etc. Description nautique de Madere et des 

Canaries par C. Philippes de Kerhallet. 2 e edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1858. 

EEA 189 

France. Depot de la Marine. Magellan's Straits. Instructions 
pour naviguer dans le detroit de Magellan et les canaux con- 
duisant au golfe de Penas, par E. C. Mayne. Traduit de 
l'anglais par MM. E. Talpomba at E. de Lapierre. 

8vo. Paris, 1872. 

. . Morocco. Description nautique de la cote N. du Maroc, 

par C. A. Vincendon-Dumoulin et C. P. de Kerhallet. 

8vo. Paris, 1857. 

*.. . Marquesas. Notes sur la navigation de 1'archipel des 

Marquises pendant les annees 1855-1856. Par M. Jouan. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1858. 
. . Martinique. Description nautique des cotes de la Mar- 
tinique, precedee d'un memoire sur les operations hydrographiques 
et geodesiques executes dans cette ile en 1824 et 1825, par P. 
Monnier. ' 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

. . Mediterranean. Mer Mediterranee . . . Par J. S. Bayot. 

8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. . . Mer Mediterranee. Cotes sud et sud-est d'Espagne, 

du detroit de Gibraltar a la frontiere de Erance, et les iles Baleares. 

8vo. Paris, 1875. 

. . . Mer Mediterranee. Golfe de Genes, cotes ouest 

et sud d'ltalie (de la frontiere de Erance a Brindisi). 

8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. . . Considerations generales sur la mer Mediterranee. 

Vents, courants, et routes de cette mer . . . mis en ordre par A. Le 
Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. . . Tableau general des phares et fanaux des cotes de 

la Mediterranee de la mer Noire et de la mer d'Azof. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1852. 

. . Meteorology. Des Typhous de 1848. Par E. A. E. 

Keller. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

. . . Instructions destinees a accompagner les Cartes 

de Vents et de Courants, par M. E. Maury, traduites par Ed. Vannee- 
chout. 4to. Paris, 1859. 

. . . Meteorologie nautique. Vents et Courants. 

Eoutes Generales, extrait des ' Sailing Directions ' de Maury et des 
travaux les plus recents, par M. Charles Ploix. 4to. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Explication et usage des Wind ansl Current Charts, 

par E. Tricault. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . . Des Ouragans, Tornados, Typhons et Tempetes. 

Typhons de 1848 ; Typhon de 1843. Par M. E. A. E. Keller. 

8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. . . Le vrai principe de la Loi des Ouragans, applique 

d'une maniere pratique aux deux hemispheres, par James Sedgwick. 
Traduit de l'anglais par H. de l'Aulnoit. 8vo. Paris, 1861. 
. . . La Loi des Tempetes considered dans ses rap- 
ports avec les mouvements de l'atmosphere, par H. W. Dove; 
traduit par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 
1 . . . jNouvelle classification des Nuages, suivie de- 
structions pour servir a l'observation des nuages et des courants 
atmospheriques, par Andre Poey. 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

190 PEA 

France. Depot de ia Marine. Mexico, etc. Manuel de la Navigation 
clans la mer cles Antilles et dans le golfe du Mexique, par C. P. do 
Kerhallet. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. . . Manuel de la Navigation dans la mer des An- 
tilles et dans le golfe du Mexique, par Charles Philippes de 
Kerhallet. 2 e edition. Parties 1-3. 3 vols. 

8vo. Paris, 1862-64. 

. . . Mer des Antilles et golfe du Mexique. 2 e partie. 

(2 e et 3 e parties du Manuel du la Navigation dans la mer des 
Antilles, par A. Le Gras.) 4to. Paris, 1875. 

. . . Mer des Antilles et golfe du Mexique. l e partie 

. . . compilee par M. A. Ballot des Noyers. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur les cotes ouest du 

Centro-Amerique et du Mexique redigees d'apres les travaux de 
M. Le Contre-Amiral de Lapelin, et les documents anglais et ame- 
ricains, par A. Pailhes. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. . . Note sur les traversers de retour du golfe du 

Mexique en Prance. Par M. B. P. Grasset. Eoute d'Europe au 
Mexico. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

-. . New Caledonia. Instructions sur la Nouvelle-Caledonie, 

par M. Tardy de Montravel. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur la Nouvelle-Cale- 
donie, par MM. de Montravel, Grimoult et Jouan. 

8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. . . Instructions nautiques sur la Nouvelle-Caledonie, 

par MM. Chambeyron et Banare, suivies d'une Note sur les iles 
Loyalty, par M. Jouan. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . . Eenseignements nautiques sur la Nouvelle-Cale- 
donie et les iles Loyalty, par M. Grimoult. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1859. 

. . . Instructions a donner aux batiments venant en 

Nouvelle-Caledonie par le cap de Bonne-Esperance. Par E. du 
Bouzet. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . Neweotjkdlakd. Pilote de Terre-neuve, et supplement, 

par G. C. Cloue. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1869-70. 

. . . Supplement aux Instructions Nos. 468 et 469. 

Terre-neuve. Cotes est et sud. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

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. . Nile. Etude sur les embouchures du Nil et sur les change- 

ments qui s'y sont produits dans les dernier s siecles, d'apres une 
reconnaissance hydrographique executee en 1860 par M. Larousse. 

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terre. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

FBA 191 

France. Depot de la Marine. North Sea. Guide du Marin et du 
Caboteur sur les cotes est de la mer du Nord depuis le cap Grisnez 
jusqu'au nord du Daneniark, sur les cotes de la mer Baltique, sur 
les cotes ouest de Norve'ge, et sur celles de la mer Blanche, par P. 
Guery. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Avis aux Navigateurs. Mer de Nord, mer Bal- 
tique, et mer Blanche. 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

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direction -Hydrographique de Norvege, reunis et traduits par le 
Baron de Long. 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. . Nova Scotia. Boutier de la baie de Fundy et de la Nou- 

velle-Ecosse. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

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la Nouvelle-Ecosse et la baie de Fundy, par G. F. McDougall. 
Traduit de l'anglais par M. J. Lafont. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . Pacieic, etc. Benseignements nautiques sur quelques 

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E. Foy. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. . . Ocean Pacifique nord. Benseignements sur les 

iles Havaii ou Sandwich, etc. Compiles par M. Frickmann. 

8vo. Paris, 1871. 

. . . Ocean Pacifique. Benseignements sur les archi- 

pels Marshall et Gilbert, d'apres les documents les plus recents, 
reunis par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. . Considerations generales sur l'ocean Pacifique, par 

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. . . . 2 e edition. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

\ . . . Determination des Longitudes au moyen des 

chronometres. Observations pour la determination des longitudes 
des iles Taiti, Ana, Faarava, Taroa, Manihi, Auura, Bairoa, par 
A. Kulczycki; discussion par M. Vincendon-Dumoulin. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. . . Observations chronometriques et autres, faites 

en 1853, dans l'archipel des Pomotous, par MM. Paschappe et de 
la Mark. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . . Ocean Pacifique Sud. (Notice No. 3) Les iles 

Salomon. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

• . . . . (Notice No. 4) Nouvelles Hebrides, iles 

Banks et archipel de Santa-Cruz. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. . . . (Notice No. 5) Iles Wallis. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

_. . Patagonia. Instructions nautiques sur les cotes de la 

Patagonie, depuis la Terre des Etats, a Test, jusqu'au cap Tres Montes, 
a, l'ouest, compris le detroit de Magellan et la cote du Large de la 
Terre de Feu. Traduites de l'ouvrage anglais des Capitaines 
P. King et B. FitzBoy, par Paul Martin. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Benseignements nautiques sur les cotes de Pata- 
gonie. Par M. Dupin-de-Saint-Andre. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. . . (Supplement a l'lnstruction No. 361.) Benseigne- 
ments sur la cote nord du golfe Saint-Georges (Patagonie), par 
J. B.' Olry. 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

192 EEA 

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canaux lateraux ; Cap Horn et Terre de Feu. Instruction par Paul 
Cave. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

. . Persian Gulf. Le Pilote du golfe Persique comprenant 

le golfe d'Omman. 2 parts. Long 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. . Peru. Instructions nautiques sur la cote du Perou, par 

P. Chardonneau, d'apres Aurelio Garcia y Garcia. 8vo. Paris, 1872. 

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Ilo-ilo, a, Zebu et a, Samboangon. Supplement No. VI. a Instruc- 
tion 447. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

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tugal, compile d'apres les travaux les plus recents, par A. Le Gras. 
(Edition de 1869.) 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . Eed Sea. Eenseignements sur la mer Eouge, par 

M. Lapierre. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Instructions pour naviguer dans la mer Eouge. 

Par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

i . . Eio de la Plata. Manuel de la Navigation dans le Eio 

de la Plata, par A. Boucarut. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. . . Nouveau Manuel de la Navigation dans le Eio de 

la Plata d'apres les documents francais et espagnols. Par Ernest 
Mouchez. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. . Eussia. Description hydrographique des cotes septen- 

trionales de la Eussie, par M. Eeineke. Premiere partie. Mer 
Blanche. Deuxieme partie. Cote de la Laponie. Traduction de 
russe par H. de La Planche. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1860-62. 

., , . Sailing- Directions. Eesume de Ja partie physique et 

descriptive des Sailing Directions du Lieut. Maury, par E. Tricault. 

8vo. PaAs, 1857. 

. . St. Lawrence. Pilote du golfe et du fleuve St. Lau- 
rent. Parties 1 et 3. Par H. W. Bayfield ; traduction par A. Le 
Gras et A. MacDermott. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1863-65. 

m . Scotland. Instructions pour la navigation de la cote 

ouest d'Ecosse, traduites et mises en ordre par M. Erickmann, 
l e partie. Hebrides, ou iles de l'ouest. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. . -. Instructions nautiques. Cote ouest d'Ecosse. 

Traduit de l'anglais par M. L. de la Chauviniere. 2 e partie. 

8vo. Paris, 1874. 

, . . Instructions nautiques sur le sound de Harris et 

le petit Minch. Traduit par A. Le Gras. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

, . Southern Hemisphere. Etude sur les ouragans de 

l'hemisphere Austral, par M. Bridet. 2 3 e'dition. 

8vo. Paris, 1869. 

, . Spain. Eoutier de la cote nord d'Espagne, traduit de 

l'espagnol par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

. .. . Eoutier des cotes N.O., ouest et sud d'Espagne, 

redige par A. Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

m . and Portugal. Instructions sur les cotes d'Espagne 

et de Portugal, de la Corogne au cap Trafalgar, redigees par M. A. 
Le Gras. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

TEA—PEE 193 

France. Depot de la Marine. Syria. Eenseigneinents hydrogra- 
phiques et statistiques sur la cote de Syrie par M. Desmoulins. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. . Tekeriffe etc. Instruction a suivre pour aller niouiller 

sur la rade de Santa-Cruz (cote orientale del'ile de Teneriffe). 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, no date. 

. . Vancouver Island. Pilote de l'ile Vancouver. Par 

G. H. Eichards ; traduit par H. Perigot. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. . . Pilote de l'ile Vancouver. Par G. H. Eicbards ; 

traduit de l'anglais par M. Hocquart. 2rne partie. 

8vo. Paris, 1867. 

Prance. Geographie de la Prance. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802. 

France (Mines etc.). Edicts, ordonnances, arrests, et reglements sur le 

faict, ordre, et police des mines et minieres de France, depuis le 

Eoy Charles VI, jusques a Louis XIII, a present regnant. 

12mo. Paris, 1631. 

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Vallanzasca. (Tract.) 8vo. Pallanza, 1859. 

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1846. (Tract.) 8vo. Dresden, 1860. 

Franklin (Sir John). Narrative of a second Expedition to the Shores of 

the Polar Sea in the years 1825, 1826, and 1827 ; including an 

account of a detachment to the eastward, by John Eichardson. 

4to. London, 1828. 

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Frapoli or Frapolli (L.). Memoire sur la disposition du terrain Silurien 

dans le Pinistere, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1845. 

. Paits qui peuvent servir a l'histoire des depots de gypse, de 

dolomie et de sel-gemme. (Tract.) 8vo. Pat-is, 1847. 

. Quelques mots a propos d'une carte geologique des collines sub- 

hercyniennes, et essai d'une topographie geologique de ce pays. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1847. 
. Eeflexions sur la nature et sur Implication du caractere geolo- 
gique. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

. See Pilla (Leopoldo). 

Franenfeld (Georg von). Ueber die sogenannte Sagspan-See, beo- 
bachtet wahrend der Weltreise der Novara. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1862. 

. Die Grundlagen des Vogelschutzgesetzes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1871. 

. Die Pflege der Jungen bei Thieren. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1871. 

Frazer (George Alexander). See Admiralty Publications. 

Frears (H.). See Atjerbach (J.). 

Freeman (John). Life of the Eev. William Kirby, Eector of Barham. 

8vo. London, 1852. 
Freiesleben (Johann Carl). Bemerkungen iiber den Harz. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1795, 

. Geognostische Arbeiten. 6 vols. 8vo. Freiberg, 1807-17. 

Freke (H.). Observations on Mr. Darwin's recently published work ' On 
the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection/ (Tract.) 

4to. Lublin, 1860. 

194 FEE— FBI 

Freke (H.). On the Origin of Species by means of Organic Affinity. 

8vo. London, Dublin, and Edinburgh, 1801. 

. An Appeal to Physiologists and the Press. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1802. 

Fremerij (Mcol Cornelis de). Over eenen Hoorn en Gedeelte des Bekke- 

neels van Bos primigenius, in 1825 bij de Eembrugge gevonden. Mit 

Bijvoegsel van C. G. C. Beinwardt. (Tract.) 4to. Amsterdam, 1831. 

. Brjdrage tot de Kennis der fossile Zoogdieren in Koord-Neder- 

land gevonden. (Tract.) 4to. Amsterdam, 1840. 

Fremont (John Charles). Eeport of the Exploring Expedition to the 
Eocky Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and Xorth Cali- 
fornia in the years 1843-44. 8vo. Washington, 1845. 

. Geographical Memoir upon Upper California in illustration of 

his Map of Oregon and California. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1848. 

and Emory (W. H.). Notes of Travel in California. 

8vo. New York and Philadelphia, 1849. 
Frenzel (David). Verzeichniss der Edelgesteine, Fossilien, Xaturalien, 
Erdarten und Versteinerungen, welche im Bezirk der Stadt Chem- 
nitz, in Meisen gefunden und bemerket worden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Chemnitz, 1769. 
Fresenius (E.). See Seeials etc. : Geehany. Versammlung der deut- 

schen JNaturforscher und Aerzte. 
Fresnel (Augustin Jean). See Beezelius (J. J.). 
Fric (Anton). See Eeitsch (Anton). 
Frick (Georg Eriedrich Christoph). Ueber die Anwendung des Iridiums 
zum Porzellanfarben. (Tract.) 8vo. Halle, 1834. 

Friedlander (H,). The Country of Earth-Oil in Upper Burma. (Tract.) 

Eol. Rangoon?, 1874. 
Friren ( — ). Melanges Paleontologiques. ler Article. Orthoidea, Stra- 
parolus, Ammonites, Aulacoceras et Tisoa siphonalis du Lias moyen. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Metz, 1875. 

Frisch (Samuel Gottlob). Lebensbeschreibung Abraham Gottlob Wer- 
ners. Nebst zwei Abhandlungen iiber Werners Verdienste urn 
Oryktognosie und Geognosie, von Christian Samuel Weiss. 

12mo. Leipzig, 1825. 
Fritsch (Anton). Cephalopoden der bohmischen Kreideformation. 

4to. Prague, 1872. 

. Eauna der Steinkohlenformation Bbhmens. (Tract.) 

8vo. Prague, 1876. 

. Eauna der Gaskohle und der Kalksteine der Permformation 

Bohmens. Band I., Heft i. 4to. Prague, 1879. 

. See Keejci (J.). 

Fritsch (Johann Christian). See Kunkel (Johann). 
Fritscli (Johann Heinrich). Taschenbuch fiir Eeisende ins Eiesengebirge. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1816. 
Fritsch (Karl). Kalender der Elora des Horizontes von Prag. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1852. 
Fritsch (Karl von). Beitrag zur Geognosie des Balkan. (Tract.) 

4to. Halle, 1879. 

. Ueber neuere Beobachtungen in den Apeuninen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1879. 

Fill— FUH 195 

Fritsch (Karl von). See Surveys : Switzerland. Materiaux pour la 
carte geologique de la Suisse. 

and Reiss (W.). Geologische Beschreibung der Insel Tenerife. 

Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss vulkanischer Gebirge. 

8vo. Winterthur, 1868. 
Frodshain (Charles). A few remarks upon the Construction and Prin- 
ciples of Action of the Aneroid Barometer. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1849. 
Frodsham (W. J.). Eesults of Experiments on the Vibrations of Pen- 
dulums with different suspending springs. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1838. 

Fromentel (E. de). Description des Polypiers fossiles de l'etage neoco- 

mien. (Tract.) 8vo. Auxerre and Paris, 1857. 

. Catalogue raisonne des Spongitaires de l'etage neocomien. (Tract.) 

8vo. Auxerre, 1801. 

. See Orbigny (Alcide d'). 

Fromherz (Carl). Geognostische Beschreibung des Schonbergs bei Frei- 
berg im Breisgau. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Freiberg, 1837. 

. Die Juraformationen des Breisgaues. (Tract.) 

4to. Carlsruhe, 1838. 
Frost (John). Some account of the Science of Botany, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1827. 
Fryar (Mark). See Lebour (G-. A.). 

Fuchs (Carl W. C). Practical Guide to the Determination of Minerals 
by the Blowpipe. Translated and edited by T. "W. Danby. 

8vo. London, 1875. 

. Vulkane und Erdbeben. 2 copies. 8vo. Leipzig, 1875. 

Fuchs (Theodor). Die Conchylienfauna der Eociinbildungen von Kali- 
nowka im Gouvernement Cherson im sudlichen Eussland. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1869. 

. Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Conchylienfauna des vicentinischen 

Tertiargebirges. I. Abtheilung. — Die obere Schichtengruppe, oder 
die Schichten von Gomberto, Laverda und Sangonini. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1870. 

. Ueber Dreissenomya, ein neues Bivalvengenus aus der Eamilie der 

Mytilaceen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1870. 

. Ueber eigenthiimliche Storungen in den Tertiarbildungen des 

Wiener Beck ens und iiber eine selbstandige Bewegung loser Terrain- 
massen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1872. 

■ . Das Alter der Tertiar schichten von Malta. 2 copies. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1874. 

. Die Tertiarbildungen von Tarent. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Vienna, 1874. 

■ . Ueber das Auftreten von Miocanschichten vom Charakter der 

sarmatischen Stufe bei Syrakus. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Vienna, 1874. 

-— — and Karrer (Felix). Geologische Studien in den Tertiarbildungen 

des Wiener Beckens. 1-21. (Tracts.) 8vo. Vienna, 1868-75. 

Fuchs (Wilhelm). Die Yenetianer Alpen. Fol. Vienna, 1844. 

Fuhlrott (C). Menschliche Ueberreste aus einer Felsengrotte des Dus- 

selthals. (Tract.) 8vo. Bonn, 1859. 


196 FUH— GAM 

Fahlrott (C). I>er fossile Mensch aus dein Neanderthal und sein 
Verhaltniss zum Alter des Menschengeschlechts. (Tract.) 

8vo. Duisburg, 1865. 

Fyfe (Andrew). On the Quantity of Saline Matter in the "Water of the 
North Polar Seas. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 


Gabaglia (G-iacoino Baja). See Exhibition op 1855 (Paris). 

Gabb (William M.). Catalogue of the Invertebrate Fossils of the Cre- 
taceous Formation of the United States. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1859. 

. Synopsis of the Mollusca of the Cretaceous Formation, including 

the geographical and stratigraphical range and synonymy. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1861. 

. Notes on American Cretaceous Fossils, with descriptions of some 

new species. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. Description of a Collection of Fossils made by Dr. Eaimondi in 

Peru. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1877. 

. See Surveys : California. 

Gagliardo (Giovanni Battista). Descrizione topografica di Taranto. 

8vo. Naples, 1811. 

Gaimard (Paul). Voyage en Islande et au Groenland, execute pendant 
les annees 1835 et 1836. Litterature islandaise ; premiere partie, 
par M. Xavier Marmier. 8vo ; Plates, fol. Paris, 1843. 

. See Quot (J. E. C). 

Gairdner (Meredith). Essay on the Natural History, Origin, Compo- 
sition, and Medicinal Effects of Mineral and Thermal Springs. 

8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1832. 

Galeotti (Henri Guillaume). Me'moire sur la constitution geognostique 
de la province de Brabant. (Tract.) 4to. Brussels, 1837. 

. Notice geologique sur les environs de San Jose del Oro, au 

Mexique. (Tract.) 8vo. Bwssels, 1838. 

. Notice sur un gite de mercure dans le sol tertiaire recent du 

Gigante au Mexique. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1838. 

. Coup d'oeil sur la Laguna de Chapala au Mexique, avec notes 

geognostiques. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1839. 

. See Ntst (P. H.). 

Galiffe-Pictet (— ). See Pictet (— Galiffe). 

Gallerani (Giovanni Venturi). See Ventuei-Gallerant (Giovanni). 

Gallitzin (Dimitri de). Traite de Mineralogie. 8vo. Helmstedt, 1796. 

. Eecueil de noms par ordre alphabetique appropries en mineralogie 

aux terres et pierres, etc., et leurs synonymies en allemand, latin, 
et anglois. 8vo. Brunswick, 1802. 

Galloway (William). See Coal-Mines (Explosions), and Scott (Eobert 

Gamboa (Francisco Xavier de). Comentariosa las Ordenanzas de Minas. 

Fol. Madrid, 1761. 

. . Commentaries on the Mining Ordinances of Spain. Translated 

by Eichard Heathfield. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1S30. 

GAN— GAR 197 

Gannett (Henry). On the Arable and Pasture-Lands of Colorado. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1878. 
. See Surveys, United States : Territories. Miscellaneous 

Gar ay (Jose de). Survey of the Isthmus of Tchuantepec, executed in the 

years 1842-43. 8vo. London, 1844. 

Garden (R. J.). Notice of some Cretaceous Rocks near Natal, South 

Africa. (Tract.) 8vo. London, J 855. 

See also Bailt (William H.). 
Gardner (George). Travels in the Interior of Brazil during the years 

1836-1841. 8vo. London, 1846. 

Gardner (J. S.). On Cretaceous "Aporrhaidae." (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1875. 

. On the Gault " Aporrhaidae." (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1875. 

. On Cretaceous Gasteropoda. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 

. Notes on Cretaceous Gasteropoda. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. On British Cretaceous Patellidae and other Families of Patelloid 

Gastropoda. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 
. On Ettingshausen's theory of Development of Vegetation on the 

earth. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. On the Lower Bagshot Beds of the Hampshire Basin. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1877. 

■ . On the Cretaceous Dentaliidae. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1878. 

. Correlation of the Tertiary Series. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

. Description and Correlation of the Bournemouth Beds. Part I. 

Upper Marine Series. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1879. 

. On the British Eocenes and their deposition. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1879. 

. Cretaceous Gasteropoda. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1880. 

and Ettingshausen (Constantin von). A Monograph of the British 

Eocene Elora. (Palceontographiccd Society. ) 

8vo. London, 1879, etc. 
Garner (Robert). The Natural History of the county of Stafford. 

8vo. London, 1844. 
Gamier (Jules). La lithologie du fond des mers, par M. Delete. 

Compte-rendu et extraits. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

Gamier (P.). Me'moire ge'ologique sur les terrains du Bas-Boulonnais, 

etc. (Tract.) 4to. Boulogne-s.-M., 1823. 

Garrigou (Felix). Etude chimique et medicale des eaux sulfureuses 

d'Ax (Ariege) precedee d'une notice bistorique sur cette ville, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris and Toulouse, 1862. 
. L'homme fossile, historique general de la question et discussion de 

la decouverte d'Abbeville. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris and Toulouse, 1863. 
• . Me'moire sur les cav ernes de Lherm et de Bouicheta, Ariege. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

. Sur les cranes de la caverne de Lombrives. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1864. 
. Etude comparative des alluvions quaternaires anciennes et des 

cavernes a ossements des Pyre'nees et de l'ouest de l'Europe au point 

de vue geologique, pale'ontologique et anthropologique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Toidouse and Paris, 186o« 

198 GAR— GAS 

Garrigou (Felix). La verite sur les objets de l'age de la pierre polie 
des cavernes de Tarascon. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. See Eames (J.-B.). 

Gartner (0. L.). See Leonhard (C. C). 

Gastaldi (Bartolomeo). Cenni sui Yertebrati fossili del Piemonte. 
(Tract.) 4to. Turin, 1858. 

. Su alcune ossa di Mammiferi fossili del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1860. 

. Cenni su alcune armi di pietra e di bronzo trovate nell' Imolese, 

nelle marniere del Modenese e del Parmigiano, e nelle torbiere della 
Lombardia e del Piemonte. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1861. 

. Prammenti di geologia del Piemonte. Sugli elementi che com- 

pongono i conglomerati mioceni del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

' 4to. Turin, 1861. 

. Nuovi cenni sugli oggetti di alta antichita trovati nelle torbiere e 

nelle marniere dell' Italia. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Turin, 1862. 
— — . Intorno ad alcuni fossili della Toscana e del Piemonte. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1865. 

. Lake-habitations and prehistoric Remains in the Turbaries and 

Marl-beds of Northern and Central Italy. Translated by Charles 
Harcourt Chambers. 8vo. London, 1865. 

. Sulla riescavazione dei bacini lacustri per opera degli antichi 

ghiacciai. (Tract.) 4to. Milan, 1865. 

. Nuove osservazioni sull' origine dei bacini lacustri. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1866. 

. Alcuni dati sulle punte Alpine situate fra la Levanna ed il Roc- 

ciamelone. (Tract.) 8yo. Turin, 1868. 

. Scandagli dei laghi del Moncenisio, di Avigliaua, di Trana e di 

Mergozzo (nei circondari di Susa, di Torino e di Pallanza) con 
brevi cenni sull' origine dei bacini lacustri. (Tract.) 

8yo. Turin, 1868. 
Studii geologici sulle Alpi occidentali, con appendice di G. Striiver. 

4to. Florence, 1871. 
Deux mots sur la geologie des Alpes Cottiennes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1872. 
Appunti sulla memoria del Sig. Gr. Geikie ' On changes of climate 
during the glacial epoch.' (Tract.) 8vo. Turin, 1873. 

Cenni sulla giacitura del Cervus euryceros. (Tract.) 

4to. Borne, 1875. 
Sulla cossaite, varieta sodica di onkosina. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1875. 
Sur les glaciers plioceniques de M. E. Desor. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1875. 

Prammenti di paleetnologia italiana. (Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1876. 

Sui fossili del calcare dolomitico del Chaberton (Alpi cozie), stu- 

diati da G. Michelotti. (Tract.) 8vo. Borne, 1876. 

Deux mots d'explication de la carte geologique d'une partie des 

Alpes piemontaises. (MS. tract.) 4to. 187S. 

See Lessona (M.), Martins (Charles), and Omboni (G.). 
- and Baretti (M.). Sui rilevamenti geologici in grande scala, fatti 
nelle Alpi piemontesi nel 1875. (Tract.) 4to. Borne, 1876. 

GAS— GAU 199 

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200 GAU— GAZ 

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GEB— GEI 201 

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vasorum et fornacum. Denique libri investigationis magisterii et 
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lo g.y- 

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202 GEI— GEM 

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oder dem unteren Eothliegenden, der Gegend von Hohenelbe. 
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8vo. Dresden, 1863. 

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Mittheilungen aus dem koniglichen mineralogischen Museum in 

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See also Kaysek (Emanuel). 

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GEM— GEE 203 

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2 copies. 4to. Catania, 1835. 
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Messina. (Tract.) 4to. Catania, 1835. 

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MS. fol. No date. 
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204 GEE 

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GEE— GET 205 

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l'Amerique meridionale. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1878. 

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Prance. (Tract.) 4to. Montpellier. 

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. See Verneuil (P. Ed. de). 

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206 GEY— G1E 

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Ablagerungen Sicilien's. (Tract.) 4to. Cassel, 1 ; 

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4to. Cassel, 1877. 
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formation JMordostasiens. (Tract.) 8vo. Frankfort, 1878. 
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und Referate. (Tract.) 8vo. ] I 

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in Kent. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1858. 

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mens from the Eocene Green Sand of South Carolina. (Tract.) 

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GIE— GIB 207 

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. See Burmeister (Hermann). 

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208 GIR—GOB 

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. See Hamilton (Sir William). 

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. See Exhibition of 1851 (London) ; and Serials etc, London, 

Royal Microscopical Society. 
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adhuc reperta sunt, mineralium nomina complectens. 

8vo. Halle, 1847. 
" Gliick auf ! " der koniglich preussischen gesammten edeln Bergknapp- 

schaft zum neuen Jahr 1832. (Tract.) 8yo. 1832. 

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. See Berzelitts (J. J.). 

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Oesel, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1854. 

29 Anril 

. Untersuchung eines am * * . 1855 auf Oesel niedergefallenen 

° 11. Mai 

Meteorsteins. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1856. 

. Quellwasser aus ]N"ordpersien nebst Betrachtungen iiber die Her- 

kunft der Soda und des Glaubersalzes in den Seen von Armenien. 

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GOB— GOL 209 

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(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1862. 

Chemisclie Untersuchung der Zinkbliithe von Taft (Prov. Jesd) 

in Persien, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1862. 

. Mineralogisch-cheinische Beitrage. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1862. 

. Ueber das Erde-Essen in Persien, etc. (Tract.) 

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. Ueber die in dem Bestande einiger Salzseen der Kryin vor sich 

gehenden Veranderungen, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1862. 

. Ueber einen vermeintlichen Heerd vulcanischer Thiitigkeit in 

Chorassan, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1862. 

| . Ueber die von Lomonossow edirteu Cataloge des mineralogischen 

Museums der Akademie, und deren Inhalt. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1865. 

\ . Untersuchung des Carnallits von Maman in Persien, etc. (Tract.) 

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I . Bericht an die physikalisch-mathematische Classe liber die Durch- 

schneidung der Pallas'schen Eisenmasse. (Tract.) 

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. Kritische Uebersicht der im Besitze der kaiserlichen Akademie 

der Wissenschaften befindlichen Aerolithen. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1866. 
. Uebersicht der in den Museen und Sammlungen von St. Peters- 
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| . Ueber Aerolithenfalle in Eussland aus friiheren Jahrhunderten. 

(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1867, 

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| . See Palisst (Bernard). 

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odwin (G.). See Donaldson (T. L.). 
odwin- Austin. See Austin (Godwin-). 

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4to. Saarbruch, 1855-62. 
-. Pauna Sarsepontana fossilis. Die fossilen Thiere aus der Stein- 
kohlenformation von Saarbriicken. Heft 1 u. 2. 

4to. Saarbrilclc, 1873-77. 

Oldfuss (August). Petrefacta Germanise tarn ea quse Museo Univerei- 

tatis Eegia3 Borussicse Predericia? Wilhelmia3 Ehenanas quam alia in 

Museis Hoeninghusiano, Miinsteriano, aliisque, iconibus et descrip- 

tionibus illustrata. 3 vols. 2 copies. Pol. Dusseldorf, 1826-44. 

[Index, see Giebel (C. G.)] 

— . Beitrage zur vorweltlichen Fauna des Steinkohlengebirges. (Tract,) 

4to. Bonn, 1847. 

210 GOL— GOP 

Goldfuss (August). Catalogue d'une collection — Auctionscatalog einer 
ausgezeichneten zoologischen unci petrefactologischen Bucher-JSamm- 
lung, enthaltend die Bibliothek des verst. Prof, im Bonn Dr. A. G. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1850. 

Gomes (Bernardino Antonio). See Surveys : Portugal. 

Good (J. B.). A vocabulary and outlines of grammar of the Nitlakapamuk 
or Tompson Tongue, the Indian language spoken between Tale, Lil- 
looet, Cache Creek, aud Nicola Lake, together with a Phonetic 
Chinook Dictionary, adapted for use in the Province of British 
Columbia. 8vo. Victoria, B. C, 1880. 

Goppert (Heinrich Eobert). Die f ossilen Parrnkrauter. 

4to. Breslau, 1836. 

. Die Gattungen der f ossilen Pnanzen verglichen mit denen der 

Jetztwelt und durch Abbildungen erlautert. (Les genres des plantes 
fossiles etc.) 4to. Bonn, 1841. 

. Ueber die fossile Plora des Quadersandsteins von Schlesien und 

der TJmgegend von Aachen. (Tract.) 4to. Breslau^ 1841. 

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Beitrag zur Plora der Tertiargebilde.) (Tract.) 4to. Bonn, 1842. 

. Zur Plora des Quadersandsteins in Schlesien, als Nachtrag zu der 

friiher erschienenen Abhandlung iiber denselben gegenstand in Nova 
Acta. (Tract.) 4to. Nuremberg, 1847. 

. Abhandlung [iiber die Urspruug der Steinkohlen] eingesandt als 

Antwort auf eine Preisfrage. 4to. Haarlem, 1848. 

. Ueber pflanzenahnliche Einschliisse in den Chalcedonen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Breslau, 1848. 

. Possile Holzer gesammelt wahrend MiddendorfPs sibirischer 

Eeise. (Tract.) 4to. St. Petersburg, 1848. 

. Ueber Beobachtungen der in der alteren Kohlenformation 

zuweilen in aufrechter Stellung vorkommenden Stamme. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bonn, 1849. 

. Berichte iiber eine in den preussischen Bheinlanden und einem 

Theile Westphalens unternommenen Beise zum Zwecke der Erfor- 
schung der fossilen Plora jener Gegenden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1850. 

. Ueber die Entwickelungsperioden der Erde vom heutigen Stand- 

punkte der JNaturwissenschaften. (Tract.) 4to. Breslau, 1850. 

. Ueber die gegenwartigen Yerhaltnisse der Palaontologie in 

Schlesien; so wie iiber fossile Cycadeen. (Tract.). 4to. Breslau, 1853. 

. Bericht iiber eine im Auftrage des Hohen Mimsteriums fur 

Handel, Gewerbe und offlentliche Arbeiten im August und Sep- 
tember 1850 in dem westphalischen Hauptbergdistrict unternom- 
mene Beise zum Zwecke der Untersuchung der in der dortigen 
Stemkohlenformation vorkommenden fossilen Plora. (Tract.) 3 

8vo. Breslau, 1854. 

. Beispiel einer merkwiirdigen Veranderung [in der Bothtanne]. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Breslau, 1854. 

. Die Tertiarflora auf der Insel Java. 4to. The Hague, 1854. 

. Stigmaria ficoides. (Tract.) 8vo. Bonn, 1854. 

. Die tertiiire Plora von Schossnitz in Schlesien. 2 copies. 

4to, Gorliiz, 1855. 

GOP— G08 211 

Goppert (Heinrich Robert). Ueber ein ini hiesigen ktinigl. botanischen 
Garten zur Erlauterung der Steinkohlenformation errichtctes Profil. 
2 copies. 8vo. Breslau, 1856. 

. Ueber den versteinten Wald von Eadowenz bei Adersbach in 

Bohmen, imd iiber den Versteinungsprocess iiberhaupt. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1857. 

. Ueber den versteinten Wald von Eadowenz bei Adersbach, so 

wie iiber den Versteinungsprozess. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1857. 

Ueber die fossile Flora der silurisclien, der devonischen und 

unteren Kohlenformation oder des sogenannten Uebergangsgebirges. 

4to. Jena, 1859. 

. Ueber die versteinten "Walder ini nordlichen Bohmen und in 

Schlesien. (Tract.) 4to. Breslau, 1859. 

. Ueber das Vorkonimen von Liaspflanzen im Kaukasus und der 

Alborus-Kette. (Tract.) 8vo. Breslau, 1861. 

. Ueber die Tertiar-Flora der Polargegenden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Breslau, 1861. 

. Ueber die in der Geschiebeformation vorkommenden versteinten 

Holzer. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1862. 

. Ueber die Flora der permischen Formation. (Tract.) 

Lith. 4to. Breslau, 1865. 

. Ueber die fossile Kreideflora und ihre Leitpflanzen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1865. 

. Beitrage zur Kenntniss fossiler Cycadeen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1866. 

. Sur la structure de la Houille. (Tract.) 8vo. Breslau. 

. See Beinert (C. C.) and Bronn (H. G.). 

Gordon (Alexander). An historical and practical treatise upon Elemental 
Locomotion by means of Steam-carriages on common Roads. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1832. 

. Observations addressed to those interested in either Rail-ways or 

Turnpike-roads, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1837. 

. Observations on Railway Monopolies, and remedial measures. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1841. 

. See Serials, etc. : London. Journal of Elemental Locomotion. 

Gordon (Lewis D. B.). Statement explanatory of a plan for preventing 
the spread of Explosions in Coal-mines. (Tract.) 

4to. Glasgow, 1847. 
Gore (George). The national importance of scientific Research. (Tract.) 

8vo. Birmingham, 1873. 

Gorini (Paolo). Sull' origine delle montagne e dei vulcani ; studio spe- 

rimentale. 8vo. Lodi, 1851. 

. Gli esperimenti sulla formazione delle montagne. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1852. 
See also Susani (Guido). 
Gorresio (Gaspare). See Serials, etc. : Turin. Accaclemia delle 

Goss (Herbert). Three papers on fossil Insects, and the British and 
For eign Formations in which Insect remains have been detected. 

8vo. London, 1878-80. 

. The geological antiquity of Insects. Twelve papers on Fossil 

Entomology. 8vo. London, 1880. 


212 GOS— GRA 

Gosselet (Jules). Memoire sur les terrains primaires de la Belgique, 
des environs d'Avesnes et du Boulonnais. 8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. Le systeme du poudingue de Burnot entre Dinant et Namur. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1873. 

. Etudes sur le gisement de la Houille dans le nord de la France. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1874. 

. L'etage eocene inf erieur dans le nord de la France et en Belgique. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

. Oours elementaire de Geologic 12mo. Paris, 1876. 

. Le calcaire de Givet. (Tract.) 8vo. Lille, 1876. 

. Le terrain devonien des environs de Stolberg. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lille, 1876. 

. Description geologique du Canton de Maubeuge. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lille, 1879. 

and Malaise (C). Observations sur le terrain silurien de FAr- 

denne. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1868. 

Gothe (J. F. W. von). Zur Kenntniss der bdhmischen Gebirge. (Tract.) 

8vo. Jena, 1817. 
Gotthard Tunnel. See Switzerland. 
Gottschalck (Friedrich). Taschenbuch fur Reisende in den Harz. 

12mo. Magdeburg, 1817. 

Gbtzinger (Wilhelm Lebrecht). Schandau und seine Umgebungen oder 

Beschreibung der sachsischen Schweiz. 8vo. Dresden, 1812. 

Goubert (Emile). Note sur le gisement de Glos ; suivi de la description 

des fossiles du Coral-rag de Glos, par K. Zittel et Em. Goubert. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

. See Hebert (Ed.). 

Gould (Augustus A.). Descriptions of shells from the coast of Africa. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1845. 

. Expedition Shells : described for the work of the United States 

Exploring Expedition, commanded by Charles Wilkes, U.S.N., during 
the years 1838-1842. (Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1846. 

. Report on the Invertebrata of Massachusetts. 2nd edition. 

Edited by W. G. Binney. 8vo. Boston, 1870. 

. See Blake (William P.). 

Gould (Benjamin Apthorp, jun.). Eeport on the history of the discovery 
of Neptune. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1850. 
. Reply to the ' Statement of the Trustees of the Dudley Obser- 
vatory.' (Tract.) 8vo. Albany, 1859. 
See also Dudley Obseryatory. 
Gould (Charles). See Reports, Colonial. Tasmania. 
Gould (John). See Beagle Expedition. 
Gould (Nathaniel). Sketch of the trade of British America. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1833. 
Gover (William). Modern doubts and difficulties in relation to revealed 
Religion. (Tract.) 8vo. Sheffield, 1878. 

Graah (W. A.). Narrative of an expedition to the east coast of Green- 
land under the command of Capt. W. A. Graah. Translated from 
the Danish by G. Gordon Macdougall. 8vo. London, 1837 

Grabau (Enrico). Cenni sulla propriety e la legislazione delle miniere" 
(Tract.) 8vo. Leghorn, I860' 

GEA 213 

Grabau (Enrico). Le ininiere dell' Elba e rindustria del ferro in Italia. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Leghorn, 1860. 
. Sulla proprieta e legislazione delle miniere. Osservazioni ... in 

replica ai Senatori Poggi e Marzucchi e Prof. Savi e Meneghini. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Leghorn, 1861. 

Graells (Mariano de la Paz). Catalogo de los Moluscos terrestres y de 

agua dulce observados en Espana, &c. (Tract.) 

8vo. Madrid and Lima, 1846. 
. Noticias sobre las larvas de las Agapanthias, que podran utilizarse 

en la historia general de este genero. (Tract.) 4to. Madrid, 1850. 
Graffenauer (Jean Philippe). Essai d'une inineralogie economico-tech- 

nique des departemens du Haut- et Bas-Bhin. 8vo. Strasburg, 1806. 

. See Peez (A. H.). 

Graham (James D.). Annual report on the improvement of the harbours 

of Lakes Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain for the 

year 1860. 8vo. Washington, 1860. 

. . See Surveys : Maryland, Pennsylvania, and United States. 

Graham (Maria). See Callcott (Maria). 

Grande de Lorenzana (Francisco). Breve conpendio del lamentable 

ynzendio del monte de Soma. (Tract.) 12mo. Naples, 1632. 

Grand'Eury (F. Cyrille). Flore carbonifere du departement de la Loire 

et du centre de la France. (3 parts.) 4to. Paris, 1877. 

Grant (Bobert Edmond). Dissertatio Physiologica inauguralis de cir- 

cuitu sanguinis in fcetu. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1814. 

-. Observations on the structure of some siliceous Sponges. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1826. 

. On the siliceous spicula of two Zoophytes from Shetland. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1826. 

. Eemarks on the structure of some calcareous Sponges. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1826. 
. Observations on the structure and functions of the Sponge ; with 

notice of two new species of British Sponge. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1827. 

. Observations on the structure and nature of Elustrce. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1827. 
. On the structure and characters of Octopus ventricosus, Gr., a rare 

species of Octopus from the Firth of Forth. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1827. 

. On the structure of the eye of the Swordiish. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1827. 
. Notice regarding the structure and mode of generatiou of the Vir- 

gularia mirabilis and Pennatula phosphorea. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1827. 

. On the viscera of the common Swordfish. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1828. 

. An essay on the study of the Animal Kingdom. 

8vo. London, 1828. 
. Observations on the anatomy of the Paca of Brazil (Ccelogenys, 

F. Cuv.). 8vo. Edinburgh, 1828. 

. Observations on the generation of the Lobularia digitata, Lam. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1828. 

. Further observations on the generation of the Virgularia mirabilis. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1829. 

. On the influence of light on the motions of Infusoria. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1829, 

214 GEA 

Grant (liobert Edmond). Sketch of the scientific writings of Baron 
Cuvier. 8vo. London, 1830. 

. On the study of Medicine. 8vo. London, 1833. 

. Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, delivered in the University of 

London during 1833. 8vo. London, 1833-34. 

. On the footmarks of Chirotherium in the New Red Sandstone of 

Stourton-hill, near Liverpool. (Tract.) 8vo. Liverpool, 1838. 

. On the principles of classification as applied to the primary divi- 
sions of the Animal Kingdom. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1838. 

. G-eneral view of the characters and the distribution of Extinct 

Animals. 8vo. London, 1839. 

■ . Outlines of Comparative Anatomy. 8vo. London, 1841. 

. Syllabus of a course of twelve lectures on Palaeozoology, or the 

natural history of Extinct Animals. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 
Syllabus of four lectures, on Foraminiferous Animalcules, Poly- 

piferous Animals, Insects, and Eeptiles. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 

. Tabular view of the primary divisions of the Animal Kingdom, 

intended to serve as an outline of an Elementary Course of Recent 
Zoology (Cainozoology), or the natural history of existing animals. 

8vo. London, 1861. 
Granville (Augustus Bozzi). A reply to an article contained in the XXth 
number of the ' Journal of Science,' edited by W. T. Brande, pur- 
porting to be a review of Dr. Granville's ' Treatise on Prussic Acid.' 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1821. 

. An essay on Egyptian mummies. 4to. London, 1825. 

. The Eoyal Society in the XlXth century; being a statistical 

summary of its labours during the last thirty-five years, etc. 

8vo. London, 1836. 

, The Spas of Germany. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1838. 

Gras (Albin). Description des Oursins fossiles du departement de l'lsere, 
etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Grenoble and Paris, 1848. 

. Catalogue des corps organises fossiles qui se rencontrent dans le 

departement de l'lsere. (Tract.) 8vo. Grenoble, 1852. 

Gras (Scipion). Statisque mineralogique du departement de la Drome. 

8vo. Grenoble, 1835. 

. Considerations sur les anciens lits de dejection des torrents des 

Alpes, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Grenoble, 1846. 

. Traite elementaire de geologie agronomique. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

Gratelonp (Jean Pierre Silvestre de). Notice geognostique sur les roches 
de Tercis, aux environs de Dax. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1833. 

. Discours sur la geologie, d'application a l'agriculture et aux arts 

industriels pour le departement de la Gironde. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, no date. 

. Memoire de geo-zoologie sur les Oursins fossiles (Echmides), qui 

se rencontrent dans les terrains calcaires des environs de Dax, de- 
partement des Landes. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Bordeaux, 1836. 
Notice sur la famille des Bulleens, dont on trouve les depouilles 

fossiles dans les terrains marins superieurs du bassin de l'Adour, aux 
environs de Dax etc. (Tract.) 8vo Bordeaux, 1837, 

GEA 215 

Grateloup (Jean Pierre Silvestre de). Conchyliologie fossile du bassin 
de l'Adour, ou description des coquilles fossiles qui onfc ete trouvees 
dans les terrains marins tertiaires, aux environs de Dax. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1837. 

. . 4 e memoire. Description des genres et des especes de 

coquilles fossiles appartenant a cette famille de Trachelipodes 
[Melaniens], qu'on observe dans les couches des terrains marins 
superieurs du bassin de l'Adour, aux environs de Dax. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1838. 

. . 5 e memoire. Famille des Plicaces. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1838. 

. . 6 C memoire. Memoire de geo-zoologie sur les coquilles 

fossiles de la famille des Neritaces, observees dans les terrains ter- 
tiaires du bassin de l'Adour, aux environs de Dax. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1840, 

. . Atlas, Vol. I. 4to. Bordeaux, 1840. 

. Memoire sur les coquilles fossiles des mollusques terrestres et flu- 

viatiles (de la classe des Trachelipodes) observees dans les terrains 
tertiaires du bassin de l'Adour, faisant suite a la conchyliologie fossile 
de ce bassin. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1838. 

. Catalogue zoologique renfermant les debris fossiles des animaux 

vertebres et invert ebres, decou verts dans les different s etages des 
terrains qui constituent les formations geognostiques du bassin de la 
Gironde, environs de Bordeaux. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1838. 

. Tableau statitisque des coquilles univalves fossiles trouvees dans 

les couches tertiaires du bassin de l'Adour, environs de Dax. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bordeaux, 1838. 

. Description d'un fragment de machoire fossile d'un genre nou- 

veau de reptile (Saurien), trouve dans le gres marin, a Leognan, 
pres Bordeaux. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1840. 

. Memoire sur plusieurs especes de coquilles nouvelles ou peu 

connues de Mollusques. (Tract.) 8vo. Bordeaux, 1840. 

Graves (Louis). Biographical Notice. See Passy (A.). 

. Essai sur la topographie geognostique du departement de l'Oise. 

8vo. Beauvais, 1847. 

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216 GEA— GEE 

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GEE 217 

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G-EO— GUA 219 

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de Malves (Jean Paul de). Projet d'ouverture et d'exploitation de 
minieres et mines d'or et d'autres metaux, aux environs du Ceze, 
du Gardon, de l'Eraut, et d'autres rivieres du Languedoc, de 
la Comte de Foix, du Bouergue .... etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1764. 

220 GTTA— GUM 

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particuliers du Directoire Executif aux Isles du Vent, par la com- 
mission pour examiner la situation du Volcan de la Guadeloupe. 

4to. Guadeloupe, 1797. 

. . English translation. 4to. MS., 1814. 

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sublimazioni vesuviane. (Tract.) 4to. Naples, 1860. 

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. Di una Grotta con ossami nella Provincia di Bari. (Tract.) 

4to. Naples, 1873. 

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al lago d'Averno.] 8vo. Naples, 1879. 

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Club, read at Tewkesbury on the 26th February 1861. (Tract.) 

8vo. Gloucester, 1861. 

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Cave of Bellamar.] (Tract.) 8vo. Matanzas, 1863. 

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(Tract.) 4to. Christiania, 1867. 

Gumselius (Otto). See Sukyeys: Sweden. 

GUM 221 

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Alpengebirges und seines Yorlandes. (Geognostische Beschreibung 

des Konigreichs Bayern, Abtheil. I.) 8vo. Gotha, 1861. 
. Geognostische Beschreibung des ostbayerischen Grenzgebirges, 

oder des bayerischen und oberpfalzer Waldgebirges. (Geognostische 

Beschreibung des Konigreichs Bayern, Abtheil. II.) 8vo. Gotha, 1868. 
. Geognostische Beschreibung des Eichtelgebirges mit dem Fran- 

kenwalde und dem westlichen Yorlande. (Geognostische Beschrei- 
bung des Konigreichs Bayern, Abtheil. III.) 8vo. Gotha, 1879. 

1 Die geognostischen Verhaltnisse der frankischen Alb. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1864. 
. Ueber das Knochenbett (Bonebed) und die Pflanzen-Schichten in 

der rhatischen Stufe Frankens. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1864. 
. Ueber ein neuentdecktes Vorkommen von phosphorsaurem Kalke 

in den jurassischen Ablagerungeu von Franken. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1864. 
. Die geognostischen Verhaltnisse des frankischen Triasgebiets. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1865. 
. Die Nuinmuliten-f iihrenden Schichten des Kressenbergs in Bezug 

auf ihre Darstellung in der Lethsea geognostica von Siidbayern. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, i865. 

. Geognostische Verhaltnisse der Pfalz. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1865. 

. Ueber das Vorkommen hohler Kalkgeschiebe in Bayern. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1866. 
. Ueber das Vorkommen unterer Trias schichten in Hochasien. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1866. 
. Ueber das Vorkommen von Eozoon im ostbayerischen Urgebirge. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1866. 
. Ueber neue Fundstellen von Gosauschichten und Vilser-Kalk bei 

Eeichenhall. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1866. 
. Kurze Notiz iiber die Gliederung der sachsischen und bayerischen 

oberen Kreideschichten. (Tract.). 8vo. Dresden, 1867. 
. Ueber das Vorkommen von Phosphorsaure in den Schicht- 

gesteinen Bayerns. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1867. 
. Ueber den Eiesvulkan und iiber vulkanische Erscheinungen im 

Eieskessel. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1870. 

« . Vergleichung der Poraminif erenfauna aus den Gosaumergeln und 

den Belemnitellen-Schichten der bayerischen Alpen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1870. 
— — . Die sogenannten Nulliporen (Lithothamnium und Dactylopora), 

und ihre Betheiligung an der Zusammensetzung der Kalkgesteine. 

Theil I. u. II. (Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1871-72. 

— — -. Gletschererscheinungen aus der Eiszeit (Gletscherschliffe und 

Erdpfeiler im Etsch- und Innthale). (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1872. 
. Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Organisation und systematischen 

Stellung von Receptaculites. (Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1875. 

— --- . Ueber die Natur von Eozoon. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1876* 

. Die geognostische Durchforschiing Bayerns. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Munich, 1877. 

222 GUM— GUN 

Gtimbel (Carl Wilhelm). Die in Bayern gefundenen Steinmeteoriten. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1878. 

. Einige Bemerkungen liber Graptolithen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1878. 

. Kurze Anleitung zu geologischen Beobachtungen in den Alpen. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1878. 

. Die Pflanzenrestefiibrenden Sandsteinschichten von Becoaro. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1879. 

. Ueber das Eruption smaterial des Schlanimvulkans von Paterno 

am Aetna, und der Schlainmvulkane ini Allgemeinen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1879. 

. Vulkaniscbe Asche des Aetna von 1879. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1879. 

. Geognostisclie Mittheilungen aus den Alpen. VI. Ein geognos- 

tiscber Streifzug durcb die Bergamasker Alpen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Munich, 1880. 

. Ueber die mit einer Flussigkeit erfullten Cbalcedonmandeln 

(Enhydros) von Uruguay. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1880. 

Glimbel (Theodor). Die fiinf Wiirfelschnitte. Ein Versuch, der ver- 
scbiedenen Krystallgestalten in einen innigen Zusammeuhang zu 
bringen. (Tract.J 4to. Landau, 1852. 

Gumprecnt (Tbaddaus Eduard). Beitrage zur geognostiscben Kennt- 
niss einiger Tbeile Sachsens und Bobmens. 2 copies. 

8vo. Berlin, 1835. 
Fortsetzuug. (Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1836. 

. Ueber einige geognostiscbe Verhaltnisse des Grossberzogtbums 

Posen und der ibm angranzenden Landstricbe. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1845. 

. Zur geognostiscben Kenntniss von Poinmern. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1846. 

. Die vulcaniscbe Tbatigkeit atif dem Eestlande von Africa, in 

Arabien und au£ den Inseln des Botben Meeres. 

8vo. Berlin, 1849. 

. Einige Beitrage zur Gescbichte der Geognosie. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1850. 
— — . Untersucbungen iiber die Geograpbie des Continents von Africa, 
besonders in Beziebung au£ die Etvmologie der Namen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1850. 

. Die Bedeutung der Versteinerungen fiir die wissenscbaftliche 

Erdkunde. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1851. 

. Die Mineralquellen auf dem Eestlande von Africa, besonders in 

Bezug auf ibre geognostiscben Verbaltnisse. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1851. 

. Ueber J. J. Forrester's zwei Cbarten vom Laufe des Douro in 

Portugal. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin. 

Gunn (John). A sketch of tbe Geology of Norfolk. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sheffield, 1864. 

. A diagram of Coast and Inland Sections of Strata in Norfolk and 

Suffolk, with explanatory remarks. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Norwich. 
. See Seeials, etc. : Norwich : Geological Society. 

GUN— GUT 223 

Gunn (W.). See Surveys : England and Wales. 
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Society.) 4to. London, 1864. 

. Contributions to our Knowledge of the Fish-fauna of the Tertiary 

Deposits of the Highlands of Padaug, Sumatra. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1876. 

. See British Museum and Surveys : Great Britain. 

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schlesischen Klimatologie. (Tract.) 4to. Breslau, 1857. 

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Tertiary Beds at San Fernando, Trinidad. (Tract.) 

8vo. Port-of-Spain, 1863. 

. On the Terrestrial and Fluviatile Mollusca of Trinidad. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1866. 

. Notes on West Indian Geology, with remarks on the existence of 

an Atlantis in the early Tertiary period, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1867. 
. On the Tertiary Fossils of the West Indies, with especial refe- 
rence to the Classification of the Kainozoic Bocks of Trinidad. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Trinidad, 1867. 

. On the Terrestrial Mollusca of Dominica and Grenada ; 'with an 

account of some new species from Trinidad. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1868. 

. . Notes of a Visit to Dominica. (Tract.) 8vo. Trinidad, 1869. 

. On the present condition of the Trinidad Public Library ; with 

suggestions for the improvement and development of that Institu- 
tion. (Tract.) 8vo. Trinidad, 1869. 

. Notes on (some new forms of Terrestrial and Fluviatile Mollusca 

found in Trinidad. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1870. 

. Third Series of additions to the Catalogue of the Land and 

Freshwater Mollusca of Trinidad ; with a revised List of all the 
Species. (Tract.) 8vo. Trinidad,US72. 

On the West Indian Tertiary Fossils. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1874. 
and Hogg (Jabez). On the Lingual Dentition of some West- 
Indian Gasteropoda. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1866. 
Gurley (B. B.). Beport on Liberia. (Tract.) 

8yo. Washington, 1850. 

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und ihrer Bewohner der Menschen. 8vo. Vienna. 1782. 

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alcnni luoghi del regno di Napoli. (Tract.) 8vo. Naples, 1838. 

. Osservazioni fisico-geognostiche fatte in un viaggio per di- 

versi luoghi delle provincie di Terra di Lavoro e di Abruzzo, nella 

state del 1834. (Tract.) 4to. Naples?, 1835 ? 

Gutberlet (Wilhelm Carl Julius). Einschliisse in vulkanoidischen 

Gesteinen. (Tract.) 8vo. Fidda, 1853. 

. Ueber Schwarzbraunstein in Trachvtporphvr der Bhon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1853. 

. Ueber das Vorkommen und die Aufbereitung des Edder-Goldes. 

(Tracts 8vo. Stuttgart, 1854. 

226 HAC— HAI 

Hacquet (Balth.). Oryctographia Carniolica, oder physikalische En 1 - 
beschreibung des Herzogthums Krain, Istrien und zum Theil der 
benachbarten Lander. 4 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1778 

. Nachricht von Versteinerungen von Schalthieren, die sich in air - 

gebrannten feuerspeyenden Bergen finden . . . herausgegeben und 
mit Anmerkungen vermebrt von J. S. Schroter. (Tract.) 

8vo. Weimar, 1780. 

. Mineralogisch-botanische Lust-Seise, von clem Berg Terglou in 

Krain, zu dem Berg Glockner in Tyrol, im Jahr 1779 und 81. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1784. 

. Physikalisch-politische Beise aus den dinarischen durch die 

julischen, carnischen, rhatischen in die norischen Alpen, im Jahre 
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HAI-HAL 227 

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the Loo-Choo Language, by H. J. Clifford, Esq. . 

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and other Parts of the Peninsula of the Cape. (Tract.) 

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topography of the surrounding country. (Tract.) 

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Q 2 

%m HAL 

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also a Description of the Cranium of the same, by Jeffries Wyman. 
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; . Rejoinder to the Criticisms of the American Journal of Science 

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Sandstone Series of Summit County, Ohio, supposed to be of the 
age of the Chemung group of New York. (Tract.) 

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Lower Sandstone of the Upper Mississippi Valley. (Tract.) 

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St. Paul to the western part of the State. (Tract.) 

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Helderburg, Hamilton and Chemung groups. (Tract). 

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Brachiopoda, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia ?, 1871. 

. . (Tract.) 8vo. Neiv York, 1872. 

— — . Preliminary Notice of the Lamellibranchiate Shells of the Upper 
Helderberg, Hamilton and Chemung groups, with others from 
the Waverlv Sandstones. Part 2. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia ?, 1872 ? 
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HAL— HAM 229 

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8vo. Plymouth, 1875. 

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8vo. Ilfracombe, 1876. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

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8vo. Sheffield, 1878. 

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8vo. London, 1879. 

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gouvernement d'Aigle mise au jour par orclre Souverain. Traduite 

fm frangais par M. de Leuze. 8vo. Tvert, 1777. 

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2 copies. 8vo. Dublin, 1845. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1S19. 

2m HAL 

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also a Description of the Cranium of the same, by Jeffries Wyman. 
(Tract.) 4to. Boston,' '1846. 

. Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Harvard 

Natural History Society, May, 1848. (Tract.) 

8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1848. 
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Limestones of Indiana and Illinois. (Tract.) 8vo. Albany \ 1857. 

. Descriptions of new Species of Palaeozoic Fossils from the Lower 

Helderberg, Oriskany Sandstone, Upper Helderberg, Hamilton and 

Chemung Groups. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Albany, 1857. 

— ■ — . On the Carboniferous Limestones of the Mississippi Tallev. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1857. 

i . Eeport on Canadian Graptolites. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Montreal, 1858. 

. Descriptions of new Species of Fossils from the Silurian Rocks of 

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8vo. Albany^ 1861. 

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the Iowa Geological Survey. (Tract.) 8vo. Albany, 1861. 

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8vo. Montreal, 1862. 

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and Arts, on his Contributions to Palaeontology. (Tract.) 

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Sandstone Series of Summit County, Ohio, supposed to be of the 
age of the Chemung group of New York. (Tract.) 

8vo. Albany, 1863. 
Preliminary Notice of the Fauna of the Potsdam Sandstone, or 

Lower Sandstone of the Upper Mississippi Vallev. (Tract.) 

8vo. Albany, 1867. 

. Note upon the Genus Palceaster and other fossil Starfishes. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1869. 

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St. Paul to the western part of the State. (Tract.) 

4to. Philadelphia, 1869. 

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Helderburg, Hamilton and Chemung groups. (Tract). 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1869. 

. Notes on some new or imperfectly known Forms among the 

Brachiopoda, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia ?, 1871. 

. . (Tract.) 8vo. New Tori; 1872. 

— — . Preliminary Notice of the Lamellibranchiate Shells of the Upper 
Helderberg, Hamilton and Chemung groups, with others from 
the Waverlv Saudstones. Part 2. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia?, 1872? 
. The Louisville Limestones. (Tract.) 4to. Albany, 1877. 

HAL— HAM 229 

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Canada, Iowa, New York, ITitited States, and Wisconsin. 

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from the vicinity of Louisville, Kentucky, and the Falls of Ohio ; 
from the Collection of Dr. James Knapp, of Louisville. (Tracts.) 

8vo. N&w York, 1872. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Plymouth, 1871. 

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amongst the pebbles on Northam Bidge. (Tract.) 

8vo. Plymouth, 1871. 

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of December 22nd, 1870. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1871. 

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Period in North Devon. (Tract.) 8vo. Exeter, 1872. 

. Note on the Occurrence of Mineral Oil in Shale at Barnstaple. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Plymouth, 1874. 

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8vo. Plymouth, 1875. 

. Geology and Mineralogy of North Devon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Ilfracombe, 1876. 

. Bemarks on the Distribution of Minerals in North Devon. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. A Sketch of the Geologv of Devonshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sheffield, 1878. 

. Contributions towards a History of British Meteorites. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1879. 

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Meeting of the Geological Society of Dublin, 1845. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Dublin, 1845. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

230 HAM— HAN 

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look Agency. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1853. 

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tion of Hindostan and the adjacent Countries. 2 vols. 

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County of Antrim, containing such circumstances as appear worthy 
of notice respecting the Antiquities, Manners and Customs of the 
Country, together with the Natural History of the Basaltes, etc. 

8vo. Dublin, 1790. 

Hamilton (Sir William). Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, 
and other Volcanos j in a series of Letters addressed to the Royal 
Society. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1772. 

. (Eiwres complettes de M. le Ch. H., commentees par M. Giraud- 

Soulavie. 8vo. Paris, 1781. 

. Relation des derniers Tremblemens de Terre arrives en 

Calabre et en Sicile. Traduite de l'anglois, et enrichie de notes 
traduites de l'italien clu Doct. G. Sella. (Tract.) 

8vo. Geneva, 1784. 

. Champs Phlegreens, ou observations sur les volcans des deux 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1838. 

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Kodj-hissar and Caesarea of Cappadocia, including a brief description 
of Mount Argseus. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1840. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1848. 

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vered at the Anniversary Meeting, 1849. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

and Strickland (Hugh Edwin). On the Geology of the Western 

Part of Asia Minor. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1842. 

Hamilton (Sir William Rowan-). Addresses to the Royal Geographical 
Society of London, delivered at the Anniversaries 1838 and 1843. 
(Tract.) Svo. London, 1838-43. 

Hammersmith, etc. Well-borings at Hammersmith and Chiswick. 
(Tract.) MS., no date. 

Hammond ( — ). See Eoulke (William Parker). 

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. See Sattvage (H. Em.). 

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British Guiana. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1840. 

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HAN— HAH 231 

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Erdkunde. Ein Leitfaden der astronomischen Geographie, Meteo- 

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8vo. London, 1864. 
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Erde. Uebersetzt von P. Treschow Hanson. Theil I. 

4to. Christ iania, 1819. 
. Om det rette Aar og Dagen, da Slaget ved Stikklestad blev holdt. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 

. Om Merkurs gang foran Solens skive. (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1832-33. 
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dem Eelde der Naturforschung des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. 

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(Ungarische Revue.) 8vo. Leipzig and Vienna, 1869. 

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a Hydrous Silicate of peculiar composition, from Carnmoney Hill, 

co. Antrim. With Notes on the Microscopical Appearances, by E. 

Hull. (Tract.) Svo. Dublin, 1878. 

. See Hull (Edward). 

Hardy ( — ). See Anon. (Mining). 

Hare (Robert). Of the Conclusion arrived at by a Committee of the 

Academy of Sciences of Erance, agreeably to which Tornados are 

caused by Heat ; while, agreeably to Peltier's Report to the same 

body, certain insurers had been obliged to pay for a Tornado as an 

Electrical Storm, etc. 2nd edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1852. 
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(Tract.) Ecap. fol. Manuscript, 1815. 

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8vo. London, 1865. 
. E. H. H. and the 25th Anniversary of the Gold Discovery. 

(Tract.) 1876. 

. See Reports, Colonial. New South Wales. , 

Harkness (Eobert). On Professor Agassiz's glacial theory. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1843. 
— — . On the Climate of the Coal Epoch. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1843. 
. On Coal. The nature of the plants forming coal ; the changes 

produced by chemical action and compression ; associated mineral 

matter ; origin of coal. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1854. 

. On Mineral Charcoal. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 

. On a Deposit containing sub-fossil Diatomacese in Dumfriesshire. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 
. On the Annelid-tracks in the Equivalents of the Millstone-grits in 

the South-west of the county of Clare. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 

. On the Geology of the Dingle Promontory. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 

232 HAB 

Harkness (Eobert). On the Occurrence of Scalariform Tissue in the 
Devonian Strata of the South of Ireland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1856. 

. On the [Records of a Triassic Shore. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1857. 

. See Binney (Edward William). 

and Blyth (John). On the Cleavage of the Devonians of the South- 
west of Ireland. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. 

. On the Lignites of the Giant's Causeway and the Isle of 

Mull. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1856. 

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tions. 8vo. London, 1876. 

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of the Family Fucoides. (Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1831. 

. Description of the fossil Bones of the Megalonyx discovered in 

" White Cave," Kentucky. (Tract.) 3 copies. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1831. 

. Notice of fossil Bones found in the Tertiary Formation of the 

State of Louisiana. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1832. 

. Notice of the Discovery of the Eemains of the Ichthyosaurus in 

Missouri, N. A. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1832. 

. Critical Notices of various Organic Eemains hitherto discovered 

in North America. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835. 

. . Medical and Physical Eesearches. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835. 

. On the Structure of the Teeth in the " Edentata," fossil and 

recent. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835. 

. Notice on the Discovery of the Basilosaurus and Batrachosaurus. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1839. 

Harless (Emil). Grenzen und Grenzgebiete der physiologischen For- 
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Akademie der Wissenschaften am 28. November 1860. 

4to. Munich, 1860. 

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lar description of the geology of the county. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1877. 

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(Tract.) Fol. Manuscript, 1831. 

Harris (John). Eemarks on some late Papers relating to the Universal 
Deluge, and to the Natural History of the Earth. 

8vo. London, 1697. 

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Dorchester. (Tract.) 4to. Boston, 1809. 

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Samuel H. Scudder. 8vo. Boston, 1869. 

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Harrington (B. J.). See Dawson (J. W.). 

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moved from Ireland for sale in London. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1833. 

Harrington Museum. Catalogue explanatory of the first day's sale of 
the splendid cabinet of minerals. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1S33. 

HAE 233 

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Counties, Leicester, Eutland, Derby, and Notts. (Tract.) 

8yo. Leicester 1 ! ', 1876. 

. Outlines of the Geology of the Counties of England. Nos. II. and 

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Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckingham- 
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i . Practical Geology in the Town of Leicester. (Tract.) 

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8vo. Sheffield, 1877. 

. A Sketch of the Geology of Leicestershire and Eutland. 

8vo. Sheffield, 1877. 

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. ( .) West Eiding of Yorkshire. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Leicester, 1878. 
. A Scheme for the Examination of the Glacial Deposits of the Mid- 
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234 HAE— HAU 

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HAU 235 

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236 HAU 

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HAU 237 

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238 HAU 

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pern bewirkten Eormveranderungen. (Tract.) 4to. Gottingen, 1856. 

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bewerkte Eormveranderungen, welche an metallurgischen Erzeug- 
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Basaltes der Werra- und Eulda-Gegenden. (Tract.) 

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le nom de Fassaite. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1817. 

HAU— HAW 239 

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de reconnoitre la presence du fer dans les mineraux. (Tract.) 

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240 HAW— HEA 

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posit forming the Bad Lands of Judith Eiver. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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See also Leidt (Joseph). 

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of the Rocky Mountains near the sources of the Missouri river and 
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See also Lesqtjereux (Leo). 

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phic reproductions of water-color sketches by Thomas Moran. 

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popular description of the marvellous scenery, physical geography, 
fossils, and glaciers of the wonderful region ; and the recent explo- 
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8vo. Philadelphia, 1880. 

. See Meek (F. B.), Yellowstone Park, and Surveys : IJnited 

States, and U.S. Scrv. of Terr. 

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Geological Phenomena to be found in various Parts of America and 
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Animal, discovered in a Marl-pit near Moorestown, New Jersey 
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Cabinet of the American Philosophical Society, etc. (Tract.) 

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factures, and Fisheries of the Island of Arran. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1854. 

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land. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1854. 

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HE A— HEB 241 

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tors, and all Persons interested in the Development of the Gold-fields 
of Nova Scotia. 2 copies. 8vo. Montreal, 1868. 

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. The Mining Industries of Nova Scotia, comprising a review of the 

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Paris et de la craie superieure de Maestricht. (Tract.) 

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parisien. (Tract.) » 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

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Darwini, Heb.) (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

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clans la partie meridionale du bassin de Paris, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1854. 

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pendant la periode jurassique. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1856. 

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paleozoiques de l'Ardenne frangaise et du Hainaut. (Tract.) 

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classification des terrains par les oscillations du sol. l Ti partie. 
Terrain Jurassique. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

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Maine. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857 

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8vo. Paris, 1857 

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siens. Mammiferes pachydermes du genre Coryjohodon. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1857 

. Becherches sur les mammiferes pachydermes du genre Coryphodou. 

Extrait. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1857 


242 HEB 

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HEB 243 

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244 HEB 

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HEB— HEE 245 

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246 HEE— HEL 

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— — . See Capellini (Giovanni), and Pengelly (William). 

and Escher von der Linth (A.) Zwei geologische Yortrage : 1. 

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HEL 247 

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248 HEL 

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den einst an der lapplandischen Kiiste stattgefundenen Bergbau. 
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land. (Tract.) 4to. St. Petersburg, 1867. 

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rabalbinsel, und die Naphthaquellen und Schlamm-Vulkane bei 
Kertsch und Tainan. (Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1867. 

; , — . Die Steinkoblen des mittleren Eusslands, ihre Bedeutung und 

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. f Ueber die ' Beitrag zur Geschichte der Geognosie und Palaonto- 

logie in Eussland ' von Herrn Eichwald.] (Tract.) 

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und bei Jelisawetgrad im Gouvernement Cberson. (Tract.) 

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HEL— HEN 249 

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der Halbinsel Mangyschlac, am Ostufer des kaspischen Meeres. 
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(Tract.) Newspaper cutting. St. Petersburg, 1870 

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. See Baer (C. E. von), Brandt (J. P.), Hofmann (E.), and 

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250 HEN 

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of Land and Water at different geological Epochs. (Tract.) 

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in Upper India. (Tract.) 8vo. Truro, 1856. 

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. Note on Changes produced by the Deepening and Extension of 

Mines in the Temperatures at their previous Bottoms. (Tract.) 

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HEN— HEE 251 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1861. 
. Address delivered at the Spring Meeting of the Eoyal Institution 

of Cornwall, 1869. (Tract.) 8vo. Penzance, 1869. 

. , 1870. (Tract.) 8vo. Penzance, 1870. 

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. Observations on the detrital Tin-ore of Cornwall. 

8vo. Truro, 1873. 
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Traduction, par extraits, par M. Zeiller. (Tract.) 

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Vertebrata, including Eossil Mammals, by John Eichardson. 

* 4to. London, 1854. 
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Mountains lying between the Eivers Sutlej and Kalee. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1842. 
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sur les vestiges fossiles de vegetaux du sol des environs de Paris. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1814. 
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vant la methode artesienne, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1828. 
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ment des eaux des puits fores ou fontaines artificielles ; etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1829. 

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8vo. Paris, 1829. 
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sondeur, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1829. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1830. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1831. 
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d'obtenir des eaux jaillissantes applicables aux besoins de l'agricul- 

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and Brongniart (Alex.). Eapport . . . sur un memoire relatif a 

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et les terrains qui lui sont inferieurs, entre les rivieres d'Aisne et 

d'Ourcq. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1821. 
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252 HEE 

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(Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1853. 

. TJeber die Gliederung der Bevolkerung des Konigreichs Bayern. 

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. TJeber den Anbau und Ertrag des Bodens im Konigreiche Bayern. 

I. Abtheilung. (Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1857. 

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the Conducting-powers for Heat of certain Bocks, with Bemarks on 
the Geological Aspects of the Investigation. (Tract.) 

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let (Adolphe). 

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connexion with the TJndulatory Theory. (Tract.) 

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HER— HIB 253 

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prepared for the use of officers in Her Majesty's Navy and travellers 
generally. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1851. 

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Communication between the Eastern and Western parts of the 
Metropolis be straight or crooked ? (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1854. 

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1870 und 1871. Part III. Fauna, Flora und Geologic 

8vo. Brunswick, 1874. 

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Minerals. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1830. 

. Catalogue of his costly Collection of Minerals. . . . being a con- 
tinuation of his late sale, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1834. 

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compose sur des documents publics et particuliers ; et publie par 
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and Claraz (George). Beitrage zur geognostischen und physika- 

lischen Kenntniss der Provinz Buenos Aires. (Tract.) 

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Journals of several tours through various parts of the Peninsula; 
also an Account of Sumatra, in a series of letters. 

4to. London, 1S4L 

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Heywood (Peter). See Admiralty Publications. 

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an account of their Geology, Scenery, Antiquities, and Superstitions. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1822. 

254 HIB— HIN 

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Neuwied, on the Lower Ehine. 8vo. Edinburgh, 18o2. 

. Additional notices relative to the Freshwater Limestones in the 

vicinity of Edinburgh, belonging to the Carboniferous group of 
Bocks. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1834. 

. Memoir on the Freshwater Limestone of Burdiehouse, in the 

neighbourhood of Edinburgh. Also Analysis of coprolites and other 
organic remains imbedded in the Limestone of Burdiehouse, by 
Arthur Oonnell. 4to. Edinburgh, 1835. 

. On the fossil Eishes of the Limestone of Burdiehouse. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1850 ? 

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Eocks. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1872. 

. Some Considerations on the probable Conditions under which the 

Palaeozoic Eocks were deposited over the Northern Hemisphere. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 187G. 

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County of Tipperary. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Dublin, 1811. 

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8vo. London, 1880. 
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scriptions of the Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals of the different 
parts of the World, etc. (Vol. I.) A History of Fossils ; (Vol. III.) 
A History of Animals ; containing descriptions of the birds, beasts, 
fishes, and insects of the several parts of the world, etc. 

Eol. London, 1748-52. 

. Eossils arranged according to their obvious Characters, etc. 

8vo. London, 1771. 


— Theophrastus's History of Stones. With an English Version, 
and Notes, including the Modern History of the Gems described by 
that Author, and of many other of the Native Eossils ; etc. 2nd 
edition. 8vo. London, 1774. 

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on the Phoenix Copper Company (Lake Superior). (Tract.) 

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History Society. (Tract.) 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1853. 

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neighbourhood of Midhurst. (Tract.) 4to. MS. 

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8vo. London, 1880. 
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and General Eeport on the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Ex- 
ploring Expedition, Canada. 4to. Toronto, 1859. 

HIN— HIT 255 

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Expedition of 1857 and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Ex- 
ploring Expedition of 1858. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1860. 

. Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Peninsula. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1863. 

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8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1869. 

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8vo. London, 1870. 

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on the Gneisses of Nova Scotia, and an abstract of a paper on Gold 
Mining in Nova Scotia. 8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1870. 

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Mining districts. 8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1872. 

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Coal Field, with notices of the coal seams, and their relation to the 
iron deposits of Cobequids. 8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1873. 

, Notes on some Geological Features of the North-eastern coast of 

Labrador. (Tract.) 8vo. Montreal, 1877. 

. See Serials, etc. : Toronto, Canadian Journal; and Surveys: 

New Brunswick. 

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holdte Boiler. (Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1863. 

. Om Underberget ved Kongsberg, og om guldets forekomst sam- 

mesteds. (Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1868. 

and Irgens (M.). Geologiske Undersogelser i Bergens Omegn, med 

et tillseg om f jeldstykket mellem Lserdal og Urland samt om profilet 
over Filef jeld [af Dr. Theodor Kjerulf]. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Christiania, 1862. 

. See Ircens (M.). 

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sationsgesetze. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1873. 

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Sverige. (Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1808. 

. Anteckningar i physik och geognosi under res or uti Sverige och 

Norrige. 8vo. Upsala, 1819. 

. Upplysningar rbrande geognostiska kartan ofver medlersta och 

sodra delarne af Sverige. (Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1834. 

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Hislop (Stephen). Geology of the Nagpur State. (Tract.) 

8vo. Bombay, 1853. 

. On the Tertiary Deposits, associated with Trap-rock, in the East 

Indies, with descriptions of the fossil Shells, and of the fossil 
Insects, by Andrew Murray; and a note on the fossil Cypridae by T. 
Rupert Jones. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Hitchcock (Charles H.). See Surveys: New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Hitchcock ("Edward). [A series of maps and sketches illustrating the 
geology of parts of America.] 

. An Account of the Ornithichnites, or Footmarks of Birds, on the 

New Red Sandstone of the Valley of the Connecticut. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1836. 



Hitchcock (Edward). Eeport on a Re-examination of the Economical 
Geology of Massachusetts. (Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1838. 

. Eirst Anniversary Address before the Association of American 

Geologists, at their Second Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, April 5, 
1841, with Abstract of the Proceedings at their Eirst Meeting in 
1840. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1841. 

. Explanation of the Geological Map attached to the Topographical 

Map of Massachusetts. (Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1844. 

. Eeport on certain Points in the Geology of Massachusetts. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Boston?, 1853. 

. See Bed River and Surveys : Massachusetts and Vermont. 

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Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at Hobarton, in Van 
Diemen Land, by the Antarctic Naval Expedition. Printed under 
the superintendence of Edward Sabine. Vols. I.-III. 

4to. London, 1850-53. 

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nisse und seine Quellen. 8vo. Karlsbad, 1856. 

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land. (Tract.) 4to. Auckland, 1859. 

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4to. Auckland, 1864. 

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. Ueber das Vorkommen und die verschiedenen Abarten von neu- 

seelandischem Nephrit, Punaum der Maoris. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1864. 

. Ueber das Vorkommen von Eozoon im krystallinischen Kalke 

von Krummau im siidlichen Bohmen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1866. 

■ . Geologische Skizze von Gibraltar. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1866. 

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History. Translated from the German by Edward Santer. 

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New Zealand. 

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8vo. Boston, 1850. 

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Himalaya. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1835. 

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nachgewiesenen naturlichenVeranderungen der Erdoberflache. 3 vols. 

8vo. Gotha, 1822-34. 

. Hohen-Messungen in und umThiiringen. 4to. Gotha, 1833. 

. See Sepials, etc. : Leipzig. Magazin fiir die gesammte Minera- 

lo^ie, etc. 

HOF-HOG 257 

Hoffel (Johann Theophilus). Historia Balsami mineralis Alsatici seu 
Petrolei vallis Sancti Lamperti. Germanice : Der hanauische Erd- 
Balsam, Lamperslocher (El, oder Bachel-Brunn, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Strasburg, 1734. 
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rarum. (Tract.) 4to. Jena, 1695. 

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8vo. Washington, 1878. 

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2 vols. 8vo. Freiberg, 1811-12. 

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Weserufers bis zum Teutoburger Wald. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin?, 1825. 

. Geognostischer Atlas vom nordwestlichen Deutschland. 

4to. Berlin, 1830. 

. Uebersicht der orographischen und geognostischen Verhaltnisse 

vom nordwestlichen Deutschland. Vol. I. Orographische Uebersicht. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1830. 

. Ueber die geognostische Beschaffenheit der liparischen Inseln. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1832. 

. Geschichte der Geognosie und Schilderung der vulkanischen Er- 

scheinungen. [Hinterlassene "Werke, Band II.] 8vo. Berlin, 1838. 
Geognostische Beobachtungen. Gesammelt auf einer Eeise durch 

Italien und Sicilien in den Jahren 1830 bis 1832. 

8vo. Berlin, 1839. 
Hofmann (August Wilhelm). The Chemical Laboratories in course of 
Erection in the Universities of Bonn and Berlin. 

4to. London, 1866. 
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4to. Hof, 1783. 
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des Siid-Ural-Gebirges. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1831. 

Hofmeister (Wilhelm). On the Germination, Development, and Fructifi- 
cation of the higher Cryptogainia, and on the Fructification of the 
Coniferse. Translated by Frederick Currey. [Bay Society.] 

8vo. London, 1862. 
Hogard (Henri). Description mineralogique et geologique des regions 
granitiques et arenacees du systeme des Vosges. Plates only. 

Fol. Fpinal, 1837. 

. Becherches sur les Glaciers et sur les formations erratiques des 

Alpes de la Suisse. 8vo. Fpinal, 1858. 

See Martins (Charles). 

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Chemical Analysis by D. Campbell, with Introductory notes by S. C. 
Homersham. (Tract). 8vo. London, 1874. 

. See Guppy (R. J. Lechmere). 

Hogg (John). On the Natural History of the vicinity of Stockton-on- 
Tees. 8vo. Stockton, 1827. 

. A Catalogue of Sicilian Plants, with some remarks on the Geo- 
graphy, Geology, and Vegetation of Sicily] (Tract.) 

8vo. London^ 1842. 

258 HOG-HOL 

Hogg (John). Eemarks on Mount Serbal, being the true Mount Sinai, 
etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

. On the Geography and Geology of the Peninsula of Mount Sinai, 

and the adjacent Countries. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850. 

■. Address to the Members of the Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club, 
read at the Eleventh Anniversary Meeting, April 1857. (Tract.) 

8vo. Newcastle-upon-Tyne^ 1857. 

. On the History of Iceland, and the Icelandic Language and Lite- 
rature. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

. On Gebel Hauran, its adjacent Districts, and the Eastern Desert of 

Syria, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1860. 

— — . On some old Maps of Africa in which the central Equatorial 
Lakes are laid down nearly in their true Positions. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1864. 

Hogg's Instructor. January 1854. (Tract.) 8vo. 

Hohenegger (Ludwig). Geognostische Karte des ehemaligen Gebietes von 
Krakau mit dem siidlich angrenzenden Theile von Galizien. Zusam- 
mengestellt durch Cornelius Fallaux. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1866. 

Holden (J. S.). See Tate (Ealph). 

Holdsworth (Joseph). On the Extension of the English Coal-Fields 
beneath the Secondary Formations of the Midland Counties. [Also] 
Does Coal exist near London ? geologically considered. 

8vo. London, 1866. 

Holl (Friedrich). Handbuch der Petrefactenkunde, mit einer Einleitung 
iiber die Vorwelt der organischen Wesen auf der Erde, von Ludwig 
Choulant. 12mo. Dresden, 1829. 

Holl (Harvey B.). See Jones (Thomas Eupert). 

Holland. See Netheelands. 

Holloway (Benjamin). See Woodwaed (John). 

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Fornlemningar. I. Stenaldern. II. Bronsaldern. (Bidrag till Fin- 
lands Naturkannedoin, Etnografi och Statistik, utgifna af Finska 
Vetenskaps Societeten. Haft IX.) (Tract.) 8vo. Helsingfors, 1863. 

Holmboe (Berndt Michael). Formen af den Function som fyldestgjor 
Ligningen F(# + z) + {so - z) = «F(a?) . F(z) . (Tract.) 

8vo. Christiania, 1833. 

Holmes (Francis S.). Postpliocene Fossils of South Carolina. Nos. 1 
and 2. x 4to. Charleston, S. C, 1858. 

. Eemains of domestic Animals discovered among Postpliocene 

Fossils in South Carolina. Also extracts from a paper by Profes- 
sor Leidy . . . and a letter by Professor Agassiz. (Tract.) 

8vo. Charleston, S. (7., 1858. 

. The Horse not originally imported into America from the east. 

(Tracts.) 2 copies. 8vo. Charleston, S. C, 1858. 

. Phosphate rocks of South Carolina and the " Great Carolina Marl 

Bed." (Tract.) 8vo. Charleston, 1870. 

. See Tuomet (M.). 

Holmes (James Ivory). The Inspiration of Moses proved by the perfect 
agreement of his accounts of the Creation and Deluge with the dis- 
located State of the Crust of our Globe, as recorded by modern Geo- 
logists ; etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 

HOL— HOM 259 

Holmes (James Ivory). The Inspiration of the Mosaic Account of the 
Creation and Deluge confirmed and established by the geological 
Discoveries of modern times. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1857. 

Holmes (J. IT. H.). A Treatise on the Coal-mines of Durham and North- 
umberland. 8vo. London, 1816. 
Holmes (T. V.). See Surveys : England and "Wales. 
Holmes's Magneto-electric Light, as applicable to Lighthouses. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

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. Notice sur des dents fossiles de poisson. (Tract.) 

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■ . Memoire sur la f ormation d'un cabinet d'amateur, et d'une collec- 
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8vo. Nismes, 1838. 

. Description de la Nerinee toupie Nerinea trochiformis. (Tract.) 

3 copies. 8vo. Nismes, 1838. 

. 10 me addition au memoire sur les Hippurites et les Spherulites 

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(Tract.) 4 copies. 8vo. Nismes, 1838. 

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8vo. Nismes, 1838. 

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union extraordinaire a Alais. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1846. 
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bratules inedites. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

. Description de la Terebratula alesiensis (Nobis). 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

. Memoire sur le Rhinoceros minutus de Saint-Martin-d'Arenes, pres 

d' Alais, Gard ; (et) Extraits de l'itineraire du voyageur-naturaliste 
dans les Cevennes. (Tract.) 8vo. Alais, 1854. 

. See Linne (Carolus a). 


260 HOM— HOO 

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of the grinding-teeth of the Wild Boar, and Animal incognitum. 
(Tract.) 4to. London, 1801. 

. An account of some fossil remains of the Rhinoceros discovered 

in a cavern ... at Plymouth. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1817. 

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stones contained therein. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Hanley, 1875. 
Homersham (Samuel Collett). Report to the Directors [of the] London 
(Watford) Spring-water Company. 3rd edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. [Canterbury Gas and Water. New Water Supply.] Report 

from the Engineer [S. C. H.] to the Waterworks, and a chemical 
analysis of the water from the new works at Wincheap, by Dugald 
Campbell. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1869. 
. See Channel Tunnel ; Hogg ( Jabez) ; and Wateb Supply : Can- 
terbury, and London. 
Hondt (P. de). See Donati (Vitaliano). 
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8vo. Halifax, N. S., 1866. 
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4to. Crefeld, 1827. 

. Beitrag zur Monographie der Gattung Crania. (Tract.) 

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rung grosseren Nutzens in den Naturwissenschaften iiberlassenen 
Petrefacten-Sammlung. 8vo. Crefeld, 1829. 

. Versuch einer geognostischen Eintheilung seiner Versteinerung- 

Sammlung. 2er Theil. Eiinfte Abtheilung. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1831. 

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4to. Crefeld, 1835. 

. [Ueber ein schones Exemplar des Geschlechts Dentalium (D. sa* 

turni).~] (Tract, lith.) Crefeld, 1836. 
. [Ueber Pflanzenabdriicke aus dem Siisswasser-Kalk von Mom- 
bach.] (Tract, lith.) 4to. Crefeld, 1840. 

. Trilobites der geognostischen Sammlung. (Tract.) 

8vo. Crefeld, 1843. 

. [Sur le Harpes refiexus (n. s.) de l'Eifel.] (Tract.) 

4to. Crefeld, 1847. 
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Himala, and Borneo. Part II. Calcutta to Darjeeling. (Tract.) 

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and Thomson (Thomas). Introductory Essay to the 'Flora Indica.' 

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HOP 261 

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sects in the Collection of Major-General Hardwicke. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1831. 
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"Weights and Measures Bill. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1868. 

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. . 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1851. 

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. On the Vertical Structure of the Primary Bocks and the general 

Character of their gold-bearing Varieties. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
, Sir Roderick Murchison, and The Bev. Dr. dimming. Piery 

Globe and the Australian gold-fields. (Tract.) Pol. London, 1861. 
. Terrestrial Magnetism with reference to the Compasses of Iron 

Ships ; their " deviation " and remedies. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1866. 
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. (Second series.) (Tract.) 4to. London, 1840. 

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8vo. Cambridge, 1836. 
. Theoretical investigations on the Motion of Glaciers. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Cambridge, 1842. 

. On the Motion of Glaciers. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Cambridge, 1844. 

. On the Transport of Erratic Blocks. (Tract.) 4to. Cambridge, 1844. 

. On the Internal Pressure to which Bock-masses may be subjected, 

and its possible Influence in the production of Laminated Structure. 

(Tract). 3 copies. 8vo. Cambridge, 1847. 
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superficial temperature. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 
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the Solar System. (Tract.) 4to. Cambridge, 1856. 

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8vo. London, 1870. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1871. 

. On Dicellograpsus, a new genus of Graptolites. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1871. 
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Association at Edinburgh, 1871. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1871. 

. On Callograptus radicans, a new dendroid Graptolite. (Tract.) 

8vo, London, 1872. 

262 HOP— HOE 

Hopkinson (John). On some new Species of Graptolites from the south 

of Scotland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1872. 
. Excursion of the Geologists' Association to Eastbourne and 

St. Leonards, May 23rd and 24th, 1873. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1873. 
. On some Graptolites from the Upper Arenig rocks of Eamsey 

Island, St. David's. (Tract.) 8vo, London, 1873. 
. Eeports of the Field Meetings of the Watford Natural History 

Society in 1875-1879. (Tracts.) 8vo. Watford, 1876-80. 
. On the recent Discovery of Silurian Bocks in Hertfordshire and 

their Eelation to the "Water-bearing Strata of the London Basin. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Hertford, 1880. 

Hopton (William). See Coal-mines. Explosions. 
Hbrbye (J. C). Observations sur les phenomenes d'erosion en 1ST orvege, 

publiees par B. M. Keilhau. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Christians a, 1857. 
. Eortsatte Jagttagelser over de erratiske Phasnomener. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Ohristiania, 1859. 

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4to. Wittemberg, 1703. 
Horn (George H.). See Le Conte (John L.). 
Horner (G. E. B.). Medical Topography of Brazil and Uruguay. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1845. 
Horner (Leonard). On an artificial substance resembling shell ; with an 

account of an examination of the same, by Sir David Brewster. 

(Tract.) 4to. London, 1836. 
. On the occurrence of the Megalichihys in a bed of Cannel Coal in 

the west of Eifeshire, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1836. 
. Observations on Professor Lepsius' Discovery of sculptured Marks 

on Eocks in the Nile Valley in Nubia. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1850. 
. An account of some recent Eesearches near Cairo, undertaken 

with the view of throwing light upon the geological history of the 

alluvial land of Egypt. Part I. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1855. 

. An account of some recent Eesearches near Cairo, &c. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1858. 

. See Greenough (George Bellas). 

Hbrnes (Moriz). Sammlungen von Tertiarpetrefacten des Wiener Beckens. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1852. 
. Ueber die Gastropoden und Acephalen der Hallstatter Schichten. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1855. 

. Die fossilen Mollusken des Tertiarbeckens von Wien. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1864. 
— — . See Hauee (Eranz von), and Novaea Expedition. 
Hornsey. Section of Mr. Warner's Well at Hornsey. (Tract.) MS. 
Hornstein (E. E.). Ein letztes Wort in Sachen Zangerle. (Tract.) 

8vo. CasseU, 1874. 
Horry (S. C). See Beeteand (Alexandre). 
Horsfield (Thomas). Zoological Eesearches in Java and the neighbouring 

Islands. Part 2. (Tract, imperfect.) 4to. London, 1821. 
. See Museums. East-India Company. Catalogue of the East- 
India Company's Museum, 

HOE— HOW 263 

Horsfield (Thomas), Bennett (John), and Brown (Robert). Plantse 
JavanicaB rariores, descriptae iconibusque illustrate, quas in insula 
Java, annis 1802-1818, legit et investigavit T. H. 

Fol. London, 1838-52. 

, , . Map of the Island of Java, to illustrate the Re- 
searches of Thomas Horsfield, M.D., with the Geographical Preface 
and Postscript of ' Plantae Javanicae rariores.' 4to. London, 1852. 

Horticultural Exhibition. The International Horticultural Exhibition 
and Botanical Congress, held in London, from May 22nd to May 
31st, 1866. Report of Proceedings. 8vo. London, 1866. 

Horton (William S.). On the Geology of the Stonesfield Slate and its 
associate Formations. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Hoskins (S. Elliott). Tables for the extemporaneous application of Cor- 
rections for Temperature to Barometric Observations. (Tract.) 

8vo. Guernsey, 1842. 

Hough (Franklin B.). The Elephant's Tusk lately found near Copen- 
hagen. (Tract.) 2 copies. Slips. Lowville, N. Y. 1877. 

Houghton (Thomas). Rara Avis in Terris : or the Compleat Miner ; 
in Two Books. The Second Edition. See Metals, Mines, and 

. The Miner's Guide, or Complete Miner, selected, arranged, and 

printed (verbatim) from the works of Hardy and Houghton. 

8vo. Wirksworth, 1810. 

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8vo. Brussels, 1854. 

. Histoire du sol de l'Europe. 8vo. Brussels, 1857. 

. De la symetrie des formes des continents. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels. 

Houzeau-de-Lehaie (A.). See Briart (A.). 

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in der Grafschaft Mark. (Tract.) 4to. Hanover, 1806. 

Howard (Luke). BarometrOgraphia : Twenty years' variation of the 
Barometer in the climate of Britain. Fol. London, 1847. 

. Papers on Meteorology, relating especially to the climate of 

Britain, and to the variations of the Barometer. (Being Parts I. and 
II. of the Appendix to ' Barometrographia.') 

4to. London, 1850-54. 

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Blanc, made in 1819. (Tract.) 8vo. Baltimore, 1821. 

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bourhood of Edinburgh. With appendix and lists of fossils, by J. 
W. Salter. (Memoir on map 32 of the Geological Survey of Scot- 
land.) (2 copies.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

, , and Young (John). The Geology of East Lothian, including 

parts of the counties of Edinburgh and Berwick. Appendix on the 
fossils by J. W. Salter. (Memoir on map 33 of the Geological Survey 
of Scotland.) 8vo. London, 1866. 

Howell (James). Geological Formations above the Chalk at Brighton. 
(Tract.) 12mo. Brighton, 1872, 

Howley (James P.), See Surveys : Newfoundland, 

264 - HOW— HUL 

Howse (Eichard). Notes on a Dredging Excursion off the Coast of 
Durham ; with descriptions of the ova-capsules of Fusus norvegicus 
and F. Turtoni. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1847. 

'. A Catalogue of the Fossils of the Permian System of the counties 

of Northumberland and Durham. (Tract.) 

8vo. Newcastle and London, 1848. 

. Supplemental Note on the Priority of the Tyneside Catalogue, 

published August 17th, 1848. (Tract.) 8vo. North Shields, 1859. 

and Kirkby (J. W.). A Synopsis of the Geology of Durham and 

Part of Northumberland. (Tract.) 8vo. Newcastle, 1863. 

Hiiber (G-eorg Ludovic). See Beeingee (Johann Barthol. Adam). 

Hubertz (J. E.). De Sindssyge i Danmark, efter undersogelsen af 1. 
Juli 1847. (Tract.) 4to. Copenhagen, 1851. 

Hudleston (Wilfred H.). The Yorkshire Oolites. 8vo. London, 1875. 

. On the Controversy respecting the Gneiss Eocks of the North-west 

Highlands. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1879. 

. See Blake (J. E.). 

Hudson (James). Eeport on the Adjudication of the Copley, Eumford, 
and Eoyal Medals : and Appointment of the Bakerian, Croonian, and 
Eairchild Lecturers. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1834. 

. See Link (H. E.). 

Hudson's Bay. Meteorological Observations made at Nelson Encamp- 
ment [near York Eort], 181 1-12. (Tract, MS.) 4to. 1816. 

Hudson's-Bay Company. See Eepoets, Paeliamentaey. 

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Huguenin (Jules). Coup d'ceil sur la geologie du Morbihan. 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

Hulke (John Whitaker). Memorandum on some fossil Vertebrate Ee- 
mains collected by the Swedish Expeditious to Spitzbergen in 1864 
and 1868. (Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1873. 

Hull (Edward). The Geology of the Country around Cheltenham. Sheet 
44 of the Geological Survey. (Memoirs of the Geological Survey of 
England.) (3 copies.) 8vo. London, 1857. 

. On the Vestiges of Extinct Glaciers in the Highlands of Great 

Britain and Ireland. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1861. 

. The Coal-fields of Great Britain. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1861. 

. . 3rd edition. 8vo. London, 1873. 

. Additional Observations on the Drift-deposits and more recent 

Gravels in the Neighbourhood of Manchester. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1865. 

. On the New Eed Sandstone and Permian Formations, as Sources 

of Water-supply for towns. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1865. 

— — . Introductory Lecture to the Geological Class. Eoyal College of 
Science for Ireland. Session 1869-70. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1869. 

. On the Extension of the Coal-fields beneath the newer Forma- 
tions of England ; and the Succession of Physical Changes whereby 
the Coal-measures have been reduced to their present dimensions. 
(Tract.) 8vo, London, 1870, 

HUL— HUM . 265 

Hull (Edward). On the Geological Age of the Ballycastle Coal-field, 
and its Relations to the Carboniferous Eocks of the West of Scot- 
land : with Palseontological notes by W. H. Baily. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dublin, 1871. 

A Treatise on the Building and Ornamental Stones of Great 

Britain and foreign Countries. 8vo. London, 1872. 

. On the Volcanic Phenomena of County Antrim and adjoining 

Districts. (Tract.) 8vo. London ?, 1874. 

. A Scheme of Water-supply for Villages, Hamlets, and country 

Parishes of the Central and Eastern Counties. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1876. 

. On a Deep Boring for Coal at Scarle, Lincolnshire ; and its bearing 

on the question of the easterly limit of the Yorkshire Coal-measures 
beneath the newer formations. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. The Physical Geology and Geography of Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1878. 

. See Hahdman (Edward T.), and Hatjghton (Samuel). 

and Hardman (Edward T.). On the Nature and Origin of the 

Beds of Chert in the Upper Carboniferous Limestone of Ireland, 
[and] on the Chemical Composition of Chert and the Chemistry of 
the Process by which it is formed. (Tract.) 4to. Dublin, 1878. 

. See Surveys : England and Wales. 

Hull (Hugh M.). Tasmania in 1870; or Hints to Emigrants, in- 
tending Settlers, and Capitalists, etc. (Tract.) 

12mo. Hobart Town, 1870. 

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4to. Upsala, 1753. 

Humbert (Alois). See Pictet (F. J.) 

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8vo. London, 1840. 

Humboldt (Eriedrich Heinrich Alexander von). Biographical Notice. 
See Agassiz (Louis), and Maetius (Carl Eriedrich Philipp von). 

. Aphorismen aus der chemischen Physiologie der Pflanzen. Nebst 

einer Vorrede von Christ. Eriedr. Ludwig. 8vo. Leipzig, 1794. 

. Versuche iiber die chemische Zerlegung des Luftkreises und liber 

einige andere Gegenstande der Naturlehre. 8vo. Brunswick, 1799. 

. Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland. 3 me partie. Essai politique 

sur le royaume de la nouvelle Espagne. 2 vols. 

Eol. Paris, 1811. 

. Atlas geographique et physique du royaume de la Nouvelle- 

Espagne. Eol. Paris, 1812. 

. Essai geognostique sur le gisement des roches dans les deux he'- 

mispheres. 8vo. Paris, 1823. 

. Ueber den Bau und die Wirkungsart der Vulcane in verschiedenen 

Erdstrichen. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1823. 

. Bericht iiber die naturhistorischen Reisen der Herren Ehrenberg 

und Hemprich durch Aegypten, Dongola, Syrien, Arabien, etc., in 
den Jahren 1820-1825. (Tract.) 4to. Berlin, 1826. 

. Memoire sur les chaines de montagnes et les volcans de l'Asie 

interieure, et sur une nouvelle eruption volcanique dans la chaine des 
Andes, avec notes par M. Klaproth. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1830. 

266 HUM—HUN 

Humboldt (Eriedrich Heinrich Alexander von). Eragmens de geologie 

et de climatologie asiatiques. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1831. 
. G-eognostische und physikalische Beobachtungen iiber die Vnlcane 

des Hochlandes von Quito. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1837. 
. Asie centrale. Keener ches sur les chaines de montagnes et la 

climatologie comparee. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843. 
. Aspects of Nature in different Lands in different Climates ; with 

scientific elucidations. Translated by-Mrs. Sabine. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1849. 
— '—. Cosmos : A sketch of a physical description of the Universe. 

Translated by E. C. Otte. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1849. 

. See Buch (Leopold von), Pictet (J. E.), and Tayloe (John). 

and Bonpland (A.). Voyage aux regions e'quinoxiales du jNouveau 

Continent, fait en 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803 et 1804, par A. de 

Humboldt et A. Bonpland. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1816-17. 
, and Brochant de Villiers (A. J. M.). L T eber Canzocolli unweit 

Predazzo in Siidtirol. (Tract.) 8vo. Innsbruck, 1826. 

Hume (A.). The Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of the United 

Kingdom. 8vo. London, 1847. 
Hummel (David). See Surveys : Sweden. 1 
Humphreys (A. A.). See Suevets : United States. 
and Abbot (H. C). Eeport upon the Physics and Hydraulics of 

the Mississipi Biver. 4to. Philadelphia, 1861. 

Hunt (E. B.). On the Origin, Substructure, and Chronology of the Flo- 
rida Beef. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1863. 
Hunt (James). Introductory Address on the Study of Anthropology. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 
. Anniversary Address, delivered before the Anthropological Society 

of London, 1864. 8vo. London, 1864. 
. Anniversary Address delivered before the Anthropological Society 

of London, 1865. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1865. 

. On Physio-anthropology, its aim and method. (Tract.) 8vo. London. 

. See Yogt (Carl). 

Hunt (Bobert). A popular Treatise on the art of Photography, including 

Daguerreotype, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Glasgow, 1841. 
. Particulars of the Earthquake felt in Parts of Cornwall on Eeb. 

17, 1842. (Tract.) 8vo. Penzance, 1842. 

. On the Importance of cultivating Habits of Observation. 

8vo. London, 1851. 
. Note on Coal raised and Iron made at present (1852) in South 

Staffordshire. 8vo. London, 1853. 
. Statistics of the Produce of Copper, Tin, Lead, and Silver from the 

Mines of the United Kingdom. 8vo. London, 1853. 

. Mining Becords. 8vo. London, 1856-57. 

. A descriptive Gruide to the Museum of Practical G-eology. 

8vo. London, 1857. 
. On the Mines, Minerals, and Miners of the United Kingdom. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. Svo. London, 1863. 
. See Exhibition of 1862 ; Jukes (J. Beete) ; Bepoets, Paeliamex- 

taet, Mines ; and Surveys, Great Britain. 
Hunt (Thomas S terry). Note sur les sources acides et les gypses du Haut 

Canada. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1855. 

HUN—HUT 267 

Hunt (Thomas Sterry). Contributions to the history of Euphotide and 
Saussurite. (Tract.) 8yo. New Haven, 1859. 

. On some points in Chemical Geology. (Tract.) 

8vo. Montreal, 1859. 

. Eeview. — On some points in the Geology of the Alps. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1859. 

. On some Eeactions of the Salts of Lime and Magnesia, and on the 

Formation of Gypsums and Magnesian Eocks. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1859. 

. On some points in American Geology. (Tract.) 

8yo. New Haven, 1861. 

. Notes on Iron and Iron-ores. (Tract.) 8vo. Montreal, 1870. 

. The Geognosy of the Appalachians and the Origin of Crystalline 

Eocks. Address to the American Association for the Advancement 
of Science. (Tract.) 8vo. Salem, 1871. 

. The Coal and Iron of Southern Ohio, considered with relation to the 

Hocking-valley Coal-field and its Iron-ores. 8vo. Salem, Mass., 1874. 

. Chemical and Geological Essays. 

8vo. London and Boston, Mass., 1875. 

. See Logan (Sir W. E.). 

, and Michel (A.). Eeports on the Gold Eegion of the county of 

Hastings. (Tract.) 8vo. Montreal, 1867. 

Hunter (John). Account of some remarkable Caves in the Principality of 
Bayreuth, and of the fossil bones found therein. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1793. 

. Observations and Eeflections on Geology. 4to. London, 1859. 

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4to. London, 1880. 
Hunter (W. Perceval). See Azara (Eelix de). 

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shire, Geology. 
Huot (J. J. N.). Eesume gcologique sur les ossemens fossiles. 

8vo. Paris, 1826. 

. Nouveau manuel complet de geologic Nouvelle edition, par M. 

C. d'Orbigny. 8vo. Paris, 1852. 

Hupe (H.). See Dujardin (F.). 

Hiipscn (J. G. C. A. von). Nouvelles decouvertes de quelques testaces 
petrifies rares et inconnus ; pour servir a l'histoire naturelle de la 
Bas-Allemagne, etc. Traduit de l'allemand. (Tract.) 

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. See Eeports, Colonial, New Zealand; and Suryeys, New 


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IAN— IBE 269 


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*^* The pamphlet is entitled " On the existence of rocks contaiuing 
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. On preparing specimens of rocks. (Tract.) 

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270 IEE— JAC 

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. Om de geologiske forhold paa kyststrsekningen af nordre 

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See Eeports, Colonial. Queensland. 

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See Surveys : Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hamp- 

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JAC— JAM 271 

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perfect Plants growing spontaneously about Favershain, in the 

County of Kent ; with an Appendix exhibiting a short view of the 

Fossil Bodies of the adjacent Island of Sheppey. 

8vo. London, 1777. 
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made in a tour through different parts of the mainland of Scotland, 

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8vo. Edinburgh, 1811-16. 
— . On Porphyry, (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1811-16. 

— ~—. Outline of the Mineralogy of the Pentland Hills. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1811-16* 
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Glenstrathfarrar. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 
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Eed Sandstone. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

272 JAM— JEF 

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Origin ; Veins which connect Mineral Beds together, not confined to 
Trap-rocks ; and Trap Veins (Whindikes) probably of Contempora- 
neous Formation with the Trap-rocks which they traverse. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

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Eootmarks impressed on the New Bed Sandstone of Corncockle Muir. 

Fol. Edinburgh, 1853. 

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(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

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ed un catalogo speciale per il golfo deila Spezzia, del prof. G. Capel- 
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— — . Bemarks on Mr. M' Andrew's " Note on the comparative Size of 
Marine Mollusca in various Latitudes of the European Seas." 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

. Beport of the Besults of Deep-sea Dredging in Zetland ; with a 

Notice of several Species of Mollusca new to Science or to the 
British Isles. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

- — -—. British Conchology, or an account of the Mollusca which now 
inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas, 5 vols. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

^ — . Beport of the Committee for Dredging on the North and East 
Coasts of Scotland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Beport of the Committee appointed for exploring the Coasts of 

Shetland by means of the Dredge. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

JEF— JEN 273 

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Report on Shetland Dredgings. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1865. 
Report on Dredging among the Hebrides. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1866. 
Fourth Report on Dredging among the Shetland Isles. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1867. 
Last Report on DredgiDg among the Shetland Isles. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1868. 
Mediterranean Mollusca. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 
Norwegian Mollusca. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1870. 
The Mollusca of Europe compared with those of Eastern North 
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Address to the Biological Section of the British Association, 
Plymouth, 16th August, 1877. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 
The Post-Tertiary Eossils procured in the late Arctic Expedition ; 
with notes on some of the Recent or Living Mollusca from the same 
Expedition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 
. See Carpenter (William Benjamin), Feilden (H. W.), " Porcu- 
pine Expedition," and " Valorous Expedition." 
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8vo. London, 1871. 

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1858 in den Karpathen und Sudeten. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1859. 

. Versuch einer Geschichte der Erdbeben in den Karpathen- und 

Sudeten-Landern bis zu Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. (Tract.) 

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. See Mallet (Robert). 

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of one of the Dublin mountains. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

. On the Lakes and Rivers of Damascus. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1858. 

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Konigreiches Sachsen von 1835 bis 1873. [Greologische Landesun- 

tersuchung des Konigr. Sachsen.] 8vo. Leipzig, 1874. 

. Bericht iiber die geologische Durchf orschung der Provinz Preussen 

im Jahre 1876. (Tract.) 4to. Konigsberg, 1877. 

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- . Phosphatic Nodules obtained in the Eastern Counties for agri- 
cultural purposes. (Tract.) 8vo. Bath, 1866. 
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mischen Mittelgebirges. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1856. 
. Considerations relatives a la partie mineralogique des Instruc- 
tions pour l'Expedition scientifique bresilienne. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Dresden, 1857. 

274 JEN— JEE 

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8vo. Berlin, 1858. 

. Die Verbreitung cles Melaphyr und Sanidin-Quarzporphyr in dem 

im Jahre 1858 in Abban stehenden Theile des Steinkohlenbassins 
von Zwickau iin Konigreich Sachsen. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, ~\ 858. 

. Ueber des Herrn Geinitz Eemerkungen zu meiner Abhandlung, 

die Verbreitung des Melaphyrs und Sanidinquarzporphvrs in der 
G-egend von Zwickau. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1858. 

. Lithologie, die Basis der rationellen Geologic (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1858. 

. Neugebildete Sanidin- (glasige Eeldspath-) Krystalle. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1858. 

. Ueber die Krystallform des Kupferoxydes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1859. 

. Bemerkungen iiber optisch zweiaxige Turrualine. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1859. 

. Ueber eine mikroskopische Flora krystallinischer Massenge- 

steine (Eruptivgesteine). (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1868. 

. Ueber die am Quarze vorkommenden Gesetze regelmassiger Ver- 

wachsuDg mit gekreuzten Hauptaxen. (Tract.) 8vo. Erfurt, 1870. 

. Zur Erinnerung an Dr. Gustav Jenzsch. (Tract.) 

8vo. Dresden 187< 

Jerdan (William). Illustrations of the Plan of a National Association 
for the Encouragement and Protection of Authors, and men of talent 
and genius. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1839. 

. See Beeneatjd (Arsenne Thiebaut de). 

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in Prussian Saxony. (Tract.) 8vo. London, no date. 

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8vo. London, 1860. 

. Mineral Eesources of Tuscany. VI. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 

. On the History, Geological and Geographical Distribution, and 

Commercial Bearing of the Marbles of Tuscany and Modena, and of 
the Boracic acid Lagoons of the Maremme. (Tract.) 

8vo, London, 1860. 

. The Marbles and Boracic acid Lagoons of Tuscany. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1860. 

. The Mineral Eesources of Central Italy. 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Supplement to the Mineral Eesources of Central Italy. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1868. 

. Guida alle Acque Minerali d'ltalia, cenni storici e geologici, 

coll' indicazione delle proprieta fisiche, chimiche e mediche delle 
singole sorgenti corredata di analisi chimiche. Provincie centrali. 
2 copies. 8vo. Turin, 1868. 

. Cenni geologici sulle montagne poste in prossimita al giacimento 

di Antracite di Demonte. (Tract.) 8vo. Turin, 1873. 

. I Tesori sotterranei dell' Italia. 2 vols. 8vo. Turin, 1873-74. 

. Sul Giacimento di Carbon fossile antracitico di Demonte (presso 

Cuneo), Studi geologici, tecnici, industriali. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1875 

JER— JOH 275 

Jervis (William Paget [Guglielmo']). The Anthracite Coal of Demonte, 
near Cuneo, in the Italian Alps. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1875. 

. I combustibili minerali d'ltalia. 8vo. Turin, 1879. 

Jerwood (James). A Lecture on the new Planet Neptune, and its dis- 
covery. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

. A Dissertation on the Eights to the Sea Shores, and to the soil and 

bed of Tidal Harbours and Navigable Rivers. 8vo. London, 1850. 

. On the Application of Weight to test the Figure of the Earth. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Plymouth, 1869. 

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progress of the nation, and the probable exhaustion of our Coal- 
mines. 8vo. London and Cambridge, 1865. 

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America. [Smithsonian Reports.] (Tract). 

8vo. Washington, 1851. 

. On the Construction of Catalogues of Libraries, etc. 2nd edition. 

[Smithsonian Reports.] (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1853. 

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. Ideas or Outlines of a new System of Philosophy. 2 vols. 

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. See Botje (A.) and Ceoizet ( — ). 

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collection of Fossils, Minerals, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Bristol, 1845. 

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. The nature and formation of Flint and allied bodies. (Tract.) 

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notes illustrating the geographical distribution of Natural Phe- 
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land. With remarks on the Scale adopted for the Ordnance Map of 
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8vo. Edinburgh, 1838. 

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of Natural Science and Medicine at Hamburgh, in September 1830. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1831. 

• . On a gradual elevation of the Land in Scandinavia. (Tract.) 

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8vo. Durham, 1838. 

276 JOH— JON 

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. Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1847. 

. Contributions to Scientific Agriculture. 8vo. London, 1849. 

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8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1864. 

. See Eeports, Colonial. New Brunswick. 

Johnston (Margaret). See Meyen (F. J. F.). 

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Cape, Tasmania. (Tract.) 8vo. Hobart Town, 1876. 

See also "Woods (J. E. Tenison-). 
Johnstrup (Fr.). Gronsandslagene i Danmark. (Tract.) 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1872. 

. Om Kullagene paa Fseroerne samt Analyser af de i Danmark og 

de nordlige Bilande forekommende Kul. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1873. 

. Om Haevningsfaenomenerue i Moens Klint. 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1874. 

. Oversigt over de palseozoiske Dannelser paa Bornholm. (Tract.) 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1874. 

. Om Gronsandet i Sjselland. (Tract.) 8vo. Copenhagen, 1876. 

. Indberetning om den . . . foretagne Undersogelsesreise paa Island 

i sommeren 1876. (Tract.) 8vo. Copenhagen, 1877. 

. Gieseckes Mineralogiske Bejse i Gronland, med efc tillseg om de 

Gronlandske stednavnes Eetskrivning og etymologie af Dr. H. Eink. 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1878. 
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4to. Munich, 1857 
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zoologiquement et geologiquement. (Tract.) 8vo. Toulouse, 1848 
Jomard (E. Francois). Eapport fait a FAcademie Eoyale des Inscri 
tions et Belles-lettres sur un pied romain trouve dans la foret de 
Maulevrier, pres de Caudebec. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1839. 

. Observations sur le Voyage au Darfour, suivies d'un vocabulaire 

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: es 



JON 277 

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278 JON 

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JON 279 

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280 JON— JUD 

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JUD— JIJK 281 

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282 JUK— KAR 

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KAE 283 

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284 KAE— KEI 

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. See Eiess ( Johaim Philipp). 

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Studien aus dem Gebiete des rheinischen Devon. III. Die Fauna 
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See also Geunttz (Hans Bruno). 

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IN"orwegen ; nach dem Manuscripte iibersetzt von Dr. Carl JNaumann. 
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KEI— KEN 285 

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Bjergarters samt de krystalliniske Skiferes Theorie, f rem sat i Eore- 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1836. 

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some remarks on Mr. Whiston's theory of the Earth. ... To the 
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286 KER— KIN 

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KIN 287 

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288 KIR— KJE 

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KJE— KLE 289 

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Edita et synonymis . . . aucta a Nathanaele Godofredo Leske. 

4to. Leipzig, 1778. 
U ' 

290 KLE— KNI 

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Eine umfassendere Darlegung unserer Kenntnisse von dem anato- 
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Amphibien, sowie eine eingehende Schilderung des Lebens dieser 
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KNI— KOH 291 

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schulen. , 8vo. Leipzig, 1876. 

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(dessinees, gravees et enluminees) d'apres les originaux. Continue 
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visegrad-esztergomi hegyesoport) foldtani leirasa a hegy-es vizrajzi 
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292 KOH— KON 

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4to. St. Petersburg etc., 1862.' 
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4to. St. Petersburg, 1865. 
KaTajiort .... Catalogue of Russian Topazes &c. (Tract.) 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1866. 

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8vo. Berlin, 1865. 

. Ueber einige Aufschliisse im Diluvium siidlich und ostlich von 

Berlin. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1866. 

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KON— KOT 293 

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Spitzberg. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1846. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1847. 

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De 1'influence de la chimie sur les progres de 1'industric (Tract.) 

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Belgique. Part I.] (Ann. Mus. Boy. d'Hist. Nat. Belgique, torn, ii.) 

Pol. Brussels, 1878. 
■ . See Beneden (P. J. van), Bosquet (J.), Davidson (Thomas), 

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fere de la Belgique. 4to. Brussels, 1 854. 
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! . See Saxony. 

294 KRA— KUN 

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. Oporpa#HHecKin — Orographical Outline of the districts round 

Mennsensk and Krasnoiarsk in the Government of Eneseiskoe. 
(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1873. 

. , 06ui,iH OiepK'B — General Orographical Outline of Eastern Siberia. 

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KUN— LAM 295 

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. Syteraatisches Verzeichniss der in der ersten Serie (Heft I.-X.) 

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Dorpat's uud seiner niichsten Umgebungen. (Tract.) 

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sandsteins am westlichen Abhange des Urals. (Tract.) 

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(Tract.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1848. 


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the whole American Continent. (Tract.) 8vo. Cincinnati, 1859. 

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vallee de la Yezere etde ses affluents. (Tract.) 8vo. Per igueux, 1877. 

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volcanisees qui forment la chaine du Puy-de-D6me. (Tract.) 

8vo. Clermbnt, 1808. 

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et des genres de ces animaux. 8vo. Paris, 1801. 

296 LAM— LAN 

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fossiles des environs de Paris. 4to. Paris, 1802-00. 

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sans vertebres, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1812. 

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caracteres generaux et particuliers de ces anirnaux, leur distribu- 
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4to. Paris, 1823. 

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A., and Ad.-T. Brongniart, of M. Coquebert de Montbret, and of 
M. Audouin.] (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

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Erance. Accompagne de la carte geologique de Erance, par MM, 
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that Electricity is the only ponderable element in Nature, etc. 
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warte bei Miinchen. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Munich, 1841. 

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Puncten des Kbnigreichs Bayern und an einigen auswartigen Sta- 
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octobre 1873 dans la Prusse Bhenane et en Belgique. (Tract.) 

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LAN— LAP 297 

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an Essay on the drill husbandry of Turnips. (Tract.) 

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of their situation, climate, and productions, etc. Translated from 
the Danish. 8vo. London, 1810. 

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Embankment. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Gottingen, 1879. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1879, 

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8vo. Vienna, 1871. 

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and Redfern (Peter). Beports made to the Directors of the 

London (Watford) Spring Water Company, on the results of 
microscopical examinations of the organic matters and solid contents 
of waters supplied from the Thames and other sources, etc. 

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. See Powbie (James). 

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July 5, 1839, on the government plan for promoting National Edu- 
cation. 7th edition. See also Bessell (Lord John). 

8vo. London, 1839 

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velles especes d'Orthoceratites et d'Ostracites. (Tract.) 

Eol. Erlangen, 1781. 

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artesian well at the Surrey County Lunatic Asylum, at Springfield, 
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8vo. Paris, 1796. 

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. See Delesse (A.), and Sebveys, Ebance. 

298 LAP— LAR 

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among the Graptolitic Black Shales of the South of Scotland. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1872. 

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8vo. London, 1873. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1874. 
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the Silurian Shales of Habbie's Howe, Pentland Hills. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1874. 

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and Wilson (James). On the Silurian Rocks of the counties of 

Roxburgh and Selkirk. (Tract.) 8vo. Glasgow, 1876. 

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(Tract.) 4to. Zurich?, 1829. 

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— — . Note sur un grand singe fossile qui se rattache au groupe des 

singes superieurs. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1856. 
. Observations a propos des debris f ossiles de divers elephants dont 

la decouverte a ete signalee par M. Ponzi, aux environs de Rome. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 
. Sur les migrations anciennes des mammiferes de l'epoque actuelle. 

(Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1858. 
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elephants), et sur la distribution geographique et stratigraphique de 

leurs debris en Europe. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1859. 
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mammiferes fossiles. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 

: . Sur une ancienne station humaine, avec sepulture contemporaine 

des grands mammiferes fossiles reputes caracteristiques de la derniere 

periode geologique. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 
. Sur une portion de crane fossile d'Ovibos musque {0. moschatus, 

Blainville), trouvee par M. le Dr. Eug. Robert dans le diluvium de 

Precy (Oise). (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Paris, 1864. 
. Lettre . . . relative a une lame d'ivoire fossile trouvee dans un 

gisement ossif ere du Perigord, et portant des incisions qui paraissent 

constituer la reproduction d'un elephant a longue criniere. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1865. 
. Note sur deux nouveaux sireniens fossiles des terrains tertiaires 

du bassin de la Garonne. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 
. Note sur deux tetes de carnassiers fossiles ( Ursus et Felis) etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 
. De quelques cas de progression organique verifiables dans la suc- 
cession des temps geologiques sur des mammiferes de meme famille 

et de meme genre. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1868. 
. See Gaudry (A.). 

LAE— LAT 299 

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graves et sculptes des temps prehistoriques dans l'Europe occiden- 
tale. 2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

. Eeliquiae Aquitanicse ; being contributions to the Archaeo- 
logy and Palaeontology of Perigord and the adjoining provinces of 
Southern France. Edited by Thomas Eupert Jones. 

4to. London, 1856-75. 

Lartet (Louis). Note sur la decouverte de silex tailles en Syrie, etc. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. Note sur la formation du bassin de la mer Morte ou lac Asphal- 

tite et sur les changements survenus dans le niveau de ce lac. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

■ . Poteries primitives, instruments en os et silex tailles des cavernes 

de la Vieille Castille, Espagne. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. Eecherches sur les variations de salure de l'eau de la mer Morte 

en divers points de sa surface et a differentes profondeurs, ainsi que 
sur Torigine probable des sels qui entrent dans sa composition. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. Essai sur la geologie de la Palestine et des contrees avoisinantes 

telles que l'Egypte et l'Arabie. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. Compte rendu de la course du lundi, 13 Septembre, faite 

par les membres de la Societe Geologique a Eouzon, a Ceyssac, 
a la Denise, a Espaly et a Saint-Marcel. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. Exploration geologique de la mer Morte, de la Palestine et de 

l'Idumee. 4to. Paris, 1877. 

. See Verkeuil (Ed. de). 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Bonn, 1872. 

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. Ueber die Eruptivgesteine des Vicentinischen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1873. 

. Das Erdbeben von Herzogenrath am 22, October 1873. 

8vo. Bonn, 1874. 

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. Aus Irland. Eeiseskizzen und Studien. 8vo. Bonn, 1877. 

. See Mallet (Eobert). 

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nebst einem Profilrisse. 8vo. Hanover, 1789. 

. Verzeichniss derer im Cabinet der harzischen Gebirgarten befind- 

lichen Sachen, nach der Ordnung der Nummern. (Tract.) 

8vo. Hanover, 1789. 

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Translated from the German. 2 copies. 8vo. Dublin, 1805. 

. Extracts from Lasius's Observations on the Hartz Mountains. 

From the German original. 8vo. Dublin, 1805. 

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of Works of Sewerage and House Drainage, etc. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1878. 

Latham (Eobert Gordon). See Afsted (David Thomas). 
La Tour (Due de). See Vesuvius. 

300 LAU 

Laube (G-ustav C). Die Fauna der Schichten von St. Cassian. Em 
Beitrag zur Palaontologie der alpinen Trias. 

4to. Vienna, 1865-69. 

. . (Tracts.) 8vo. Vienna, 1864-68. 

. Die Bivalven des braunen Jura von Balin. Mit Beriicksich- 

tigung ihrer geognostischen Verbreitung in Frankreich, England, 
Schwaben, und in anderen Landern. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1866. 

. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1867. 

Die Echinoderrnen des braunen Jura von Balin, etc. 

8vo. Vienna, 1866. 

. 4to. Vienna, 1867. 

Die Gastropoden des braunen Jura von Balin, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Vienna, 1866. 

Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Echinoderrnen des vicentinischen 

Tertiargebietes. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1867. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1868. 

Ueber Ammonites Aon, Miinster, und dessen Verwandte. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1869. 

Die Echinoiden der bsterreichisch-ungarischen oberen Tertiar- 

ablagerungen. (Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1871. 

Geologische Beobachtungen gesammelt wahrend der Reise auf der 

"Hansa" und gelegentlich des Aufenthaltes in Siid-Gronland. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1873. 

Laugel (A.). Tableau resume de la classification du terrain jurassique, 

etablie par Albert Oppel. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. Memoire sur la geologie du departement d'Eure-et-Loire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. La faune de Saint-Prest, pres Chartres, Eure-et-Loire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1862. 

. See Delesse (A.) and Ltell (Sir Charles). 

Laugier (Andre). Experiences propres a confirmer l'opinion emise 
par les naturalistes sur l'identite d'origine entre le fer de Siberie 
et les pierres meteoriques ou aerolithes. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1817. 
Laumond ( — ). Statistique du departement du Bas-Rhin. 

8vo. Paris, 1802. 
Laumont (Gillet). Letter on Mineralogy. (Tract.) MS. 

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8vo. London, 1780. 

. Essai sur l'histoire naturelle des roches. 8vo. Brussels, 1786. 

. Mineralogie des anciens. 2 vols. 8vo. Brussels, 1803. 

Laurance (John). Geology in 1835 ; a popular sketch of the progress, 
leading features, and latest discoveries of this rising science. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1835. 

. Geologie im Jahr 1835. 8vo. Weimar, 1836. 

Laurence (Philip Henry). See Cotta (Bernhard von). 
Laurent (Ch.). Memoire sur le Sahara oriental au point de vue de 
Tetablissement de puits artesiens dans l'Oued-Souf, l'Oued-R'ir et 
les Zibans. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

Laurillard (C. L.). Eloge de M. le Baron Cuvier. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1833. 

LAV— LEA 301 

Lavis (H. J. Johnston). Notes on the Geology of Lewisham. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1876. 

. On the Triassic Strata which are exposed in the Cliff sections 

near Sidmouth, and a note on the occurrence of an ossiferous zone 
containing bones of a Labyrinthodon. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876. 
See also Seelet (H. G.). 

Lavizzari (Louis). Nouveaux phenomenes des corps cristallises. (Tract.) 

Fol. Lugano, 1865. 

Lavoisier (A. L.). See Guyton de Moeveatj (L. B.). 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1875. 

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siology. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1823. 

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(Tracts.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1858. 

Lazari (Vincenzo). See Polo (Marco). 

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tiary of Petersburg, Va. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1843. 

. . Abstract. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1843. 

. Descriptions of some new species of Marine Shells, inhabiting the 

coast of the United States. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1845. 

. Catalogue of the Tertiary Testacea of the United States. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1848. 

. See Lea (Isaac). 

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Index. 4to. Philadelphia, 1832-74. 

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. Characters of three new species of Indian Freshwater Bivalves, 

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8vo. Philadelphia and London, 1836. 

. A Synopsis of the family of Naiades. 3rd edition. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1852. 

. Descriptions of new Freshwater and Land Shells. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1840. 

. Description of nineteen new species of Colimacea. (Tract.) 

4to. Philadelphia, 1840. 

. Notice of the Oolite Formation in America, with descriptions of 

some of its Organic Bemains. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1840. 

. On the genus Acostcea of D'Orbigny, a Freshwater Lamelli- 

branchia. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1851. 

. On a fossil Saurian of the New Bed Sandstone formation of Penn- 
sylvania, with some account of that formation. Also on some new 
Fossil Molluscs, in the Carboniferous Slates of the Anthracite seams 
of the Wilkesbarre Coal formation. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1852. 

. On the Fossil Foot-marks in the Bed Sandstone of Pottsville, 

Pennsylvania. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1852. 

. Bectification of Mr. T. A. Conrad's " Synopsis of the Family of 

Naiades of North America." (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1854. 

302 LEA 

Lea (Isaac). [On the great size and weight to which some of the Naiades 
attain in the waters of the Valley of the Ohio.] (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia ? ', 1854. 

. [On the soft parts of the American Fresh- water Mollusc 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia?, 1854. 

. Description of a new Mollusk from the Red Sandstone near 

Pottsville, Pa. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855. 
. Fossil Footmarks in the Eed Sandstone of Pottsville, Pennsyl- 
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of the North. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1858. 

. (Check-list of the Shells of North America.) Unionidse. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1860. 

. Descriptions of eight new species of Unionidse from G-eorgia, 

Mississippi, and Texas ; of twenty-one new species of Exotic Unio- 
nidse ; and of two new species of Uniones from Georgia ; Remarks 
on the death of Alexander von Humboldt ; Descriptions of twelve 
new species of Uniones from Georgia, and other papers on Unionidse, 
etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1860. 

. Publications on recent Conchology, extracted from a list of 

American Writers on recent Conchology, by George W. Tryon, Jun. 
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. Conchological Papers : — Remarks on the number of Unionidse ; 

Descriptions of fifteen new species of Uruguayan Unionidse ; De- 
scriptions of four new species of Unionidse from Brazil and Buenos 
Ayres ; Remarks on the color of the Unionidse ; Descriptions of 
four new species of Melanice of the United States ; Descriptions of 

LEA 303 

five new species of Uniones from North America ; Remarks on the 
form of the Palpi of Anodontce from Uruguay ; Remarks on Physce 
in a cistern ; Remarks on Echinus perforating granite ; Descriptions 
of fourteen new species of Schizostoma, &c, and reclamation of the 
name ; Descriptions of two new species of Uniones from Georgia ; 
Descriptions of three new species of Uniones from Mexico ; Descrip- 
tions of seven new species of Unionidae from the United States ; 
Descriptions of six new species of Unionidae from Alabama ; De- 
scriptions of three new species of exotic Unionidae ; Descriptions of 
twenty-five new species of Unionidae ; Description of a new species 
of Neritina from Coosa River ; Descriptions of two new species of 
Anodontce from Arctic America ; Descriptions of new species of 
Schizostoma, &c. ; Descriptions of twelve new species of Uniones 
from Alabama ; Description of a new genus (Strephobasis) ; Descrip- 
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Eossil Mollusca from New Jersey ; Descriptions of eleven new species 
of the genus Unio ; Descriptions of seven new species of the genus 
Io. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1862. 

Lea (Isaac). Description of a new genus (Trypanosoma) of the Family 
Melanidae, and of forty-five new species. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1862. 

. Descriptions of eleven new species of Melanidae of the United 

States. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1862. 

. Conchological Papers, viz. : — On Leaia Leidyi = Cypricardia Leidyi; 

Descriptions of fourteen new species of Melanidae ; Descriptions of 
eleven new species of Exotic Unionidae ; Descriptions of twenty-four 
new species of Unionidae ; Descriptions of a new species of Unio and 
a Monocondylcea ; Description of a new genus of the family Melanidae; 
Descriptions of eleven new species of Melanidae ; Description of and 
remarks on Planorbis Neivberryi ; Descriptions of six new species of 
Unionidae from Lake Nyassa ; Descriptions of six new species of 
Succinea, etc. ; Descriptions of thirteen new species of Melanidae ; 
Description of a new species of Planorbis ; Descriptions of five new 
species of Lymnea ; Descriptions of two new species of Unionidae 
from South Africa; Descriptions of twenty-four new species of 
Physa ; Descriptions of six new species of "Western Asiatic Unionidae ; 
Descriptions of three new species of Exotic Uniones ; and descrip- 
tions of eight new species of Unio. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 186P. 

. Tables of the Rectification of Mr. T. A. Conrad's " Synopsis of 

the family of Naiades of North America." (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1866. 

. Conchological and Mineralogical Papers, viz. : — Descriptions of 

twelve new species of Unionidae from South America; Notes on 
some members of the Eeldspar family ; Descriptions of two new 
species of the genus Lithasia ; Descriptions of five new species of 
the genus Unio : On two new Minerals from Chester Co., Penn. ; 
Descriptions of five new species of Unionidae and one Paludina of 
the United States ; Descriptions of nine species of Unionidae from 
Lake Nicaragua, Central America; Descriptions of sixteen new 
species of the genus Unio of the United States ; Notes on some sin- 

304 LEA— LEB 

gular forms of Chinese species of Unio ; Descriptions of four new 
species o£ Exotic Unionidae ; Descriptions of twenty-six new species 
of Melanidae of the United States ; Descriptions of seven new species 
of Unio from North Carolina ; Descriptions of two new species of 
Unionidse from Equador ; and descriptions of Unionidae from the 
Lower Cretaceous formation of New Jersey. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1868 

Lea (Isaac). Notes on Microscopic Crystals included in some Minerals. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1869. 

. Notes on Microscopic Crystals in some of the Gems, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1869. 

. A Synopsis of the Family Unionidae. 4th edition. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1870. 
. Conchological and Mineralogical Papers, viz. : — Notes on Micro- 
scopic Crystals included in some Minerals ; Further notes on Micro- 
scopic Crystals in some of the G-ems, etc. ; Descriptions of six new 
species of Freshwater Shells ; Descriptions of three new species of 
Exotic Unionidae ; Descriptions of twenty new species of Uniones 
of the United States ; Descriptions of twenty-nine species of Unio- 
nidae of the United States ; Descriptions of seven new species of 
Unionidae of the United States ; Descriptions of three new species 
of Uniones of the United States. [1869-1873.] (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1874. 

. A Catalogue of his published works from 1817 to 1876. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. Further notes on " Inclusions " in Gems, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

. See Fotjlke (William Parker). 

and Lea (Henry C). Description of a new genus of the family 

Melaniana, and of many new species of the genus Melania, etc. ; 

also Descriptions of five new species of Anodontce, collected in the 

East Indies. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

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in the vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio, during the years 1834-1844. 

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magonnerie. 12 mo. Paris, 1832. 

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de Douvres et de Luc, pres Caen, au mois de Septembre, 1849. 

(Tract.) 4to. Caen, 1849. 

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8vo. London. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1875. 

LEB— LEE 305 

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in South Northumberland. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Neiucastle-on-Tyne, 1875. 

, On the geological relations of the Secondary Iron ores of France. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Neivcastle-on-Tyne, 1876 . 

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. Outlines of the Geology of Northumberland. 

8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne and London, 1878. 

. See Herschel (A. S.). 

and Fryar (Mark). On the Harkess Rocks, near Bamburgh. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1877. 

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blemens de terre de 1755. 2 e edition. (Tract.) 

8vo. The Hague, 1756. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1858. 

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Mexico. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1876. 

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rAuvergne. (Tract.) 8vo. Clermont-Ferrand, 1838. 

. Reclamation addressee, a 1 'occasion de communications faites a 

l'Academie, par M. C. Prevost et M. E. Collomb, concernant l'epoque 
a laquelle les glaciers out commence a jouer un role dans les forma- 
tions geologiques ; Reponse de M. Constant Prevost, et Note addi- 
tionelle par M. Constant Prevost. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1851. 

. Sur ]a geologie du plateau centrale de la France et sur la grande 

carte geologique du departement du Puy-de-D6ine. (Tract.) 

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. Me'moire sur la chimie et la physiologie vegetales et sur l'agri- 

culture. 8vo. Brussels, 1849. 

Le Due (E. Viollet). See Viollet le Due (E.). 

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ouest de la France, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. No date. 

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Syracusa, Torquay. 8vo. Torquay, 1880. 

. See Keller (Ferdinand). 

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Remains . . . from the Mountain Limestone of the County of Derby. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

Lse (Samuel). See Ibn Batuta. 
Leeds Water Supply. See Dresser (C. L.). 


306 LEE— LEH 

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teur et le 10 e degre de latitude N. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

evre (Theodore). Une anomalie observee chez le Pecten corneus, Sow. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1873. 
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Bruxelles. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1875. 
. Note sur le gisement des fruits et des bois fossiles recueillis dans 

les environs de Bruxelles. (Tract.) 8vo. Liege, 1875. 
. Bapport sur la description de la JRostellaria robusta de M. Butot. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1876. 
. Sur la disposition d'un travail preparatoire a la redaction des 

listes paleontologiques. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1870. 
. Excursions malacologiques a Valenciennes, Soissons et Baris, 

Septembre 1876. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1877. 
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faune de l'etage Landenien inferieur de la Belgique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Brussels, 1877. 
. Description de l'Ovule des environs de Bruxelles, Ovula (Strombus) 

gigantea, Miinst., sp. [Becherches paleontologiques. Les grandee 

Ovules des terrains eocenes.] 4to. Brussels, 1878. 

- — — . Note succincte sur les Rostellaria ampla de l'eocene et de l'oligo- 

cene. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1878. 

. See Davidson (Thomas). 

and Vincent (G.). Note sur la faune Laekenienne superieure des 

environs de Bruxelles. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1872 
and Watelin (A.). Description de deux Solens nouveaux. Addition 

a, la faune tertiaire du bassin de Baris. 4to. Brussels, 1877. 

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4to. JStrasburg, 1830. 
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Legrand ( — ). Voyage fait en 1787 et 1788, dans la ci-devant Haute et 

Basse Auvergne, aujourd'hui departemens du Mont-d'Or, du Cantal 

et partie de celui de la Haute-Loire. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1794-95. 
Legrand ( — ). La nouvelle societe Indo-chinoise fondee par M. le 

Marquis de Croizier et son ouvrage Tart Khmer. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1878. 
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Lehigh Coal Company. Beport of the Board of Managers of the Lehigh 

Coal and Navigation Co. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1869. 

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Lehmann (Johann Christian von). Der Basalt, chemisch und phvsisch 

beurtheilt. (Tract.) 8vo. Frankfort, *17 '89. 

Lehmann (Johann Georg). Anweisuug zum richtigen Erkennen und 

genauen Abbilden der Erd-Oberfliiche, in topographischen Karten 

und Situations-Planen. 4to. Dresden, 1812. 

LEH— LEI 307 

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der Erzengung der Metalle. 8vo. Berlin, 1753. 

. Versuch einer Geschichte von Flotz-Gebiirgeu, betreffend deren 

Entstehung, Lage, darinne befindliche Metallen, Mineralien und 
Fossilien. 8vo. Berlin, 1756. 

. L'art des mines, ou Introduction aux connoissances necessaires pour 

1 'exploitation des mines metalliques. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1759. 

. Cadmiologia, oder Geschichte des Farben-Kobolds, nach seinen 

Nahmen, Arten, Lagerstadten, etc. 4to. Konigsberg, 1761. 

. Physikaliscb-cbymische Schriften, als eine Fortsetzung der Probier- 

Kunst. 8vo. Berlin, 1761. 

2te Auflage. 8vo. Berlin, 1775. 

. Entwurf einer Mineralogie zum Dienst der Studierenden. 3te 

Auflage. 8vo. Frank-fort and Leipzig, 1769. 

Le Hon (H.). Periodicite des grands deluges resultant du mouvement 
graduel de la ligne des apsides de la terre. (Tract.) 

8vo. Brussels, Leipzig, and Paris, 1858. 

. Histoire complete de la grand eruption du Vesuve de 1631. 

8vo. Brussels, 1865. 

. See Koninck (L. de). 

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in lucem edita a Christian Ludowic Schiedius. 4to. Gottingen, 1749, 

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Wales and Queensland, made in 1842-43, edited by W. B. Clarke. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1866. 

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Poebrotherium Wilsoni. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1847. 

. On a new fossil genus and species of Euminantoid Pachydermata : 

Merycoidodon Culbertsonii. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1848. 

. On Bathygnathus borealis, an extinct Saurian of the New Red 

Sandstone of Prince Edward's Island. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1850-54. 

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of Nebraska.) (Tract.) 8vo. Washington ?, 1852. 

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Jersey.) (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia?, 1852-53. 

. The Ancient Fauna of Nebraska. (Tract.) 4to. Washing ton, 1853. 

. A Memoir on the extinct Sloth Tribe of North America. (Tract.) 

4to. Washington, 1855. 

. Descriptions of some Remains of Fishes from the Carboniferous 

and Devonian Formations of the United States, (and) Descriptions of 
some Extinct Mammalia. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelp>hia, 1856. 

. Notice of the Remains of the Walrus discovered on the coast of 

the United States ; Description of remains of Fishes from the Car- 
boniferous Limestone of Illinois and Missouri ; Remarks on Sauro- 
cephalus and its Allies ; Observations on the Extinct Peccary of 
North America ; (and) Remarks on the Structure of the Feet of 
Megalonyx. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1857. 

. Extinct Vertebrata from the Judith River and Great Lignite For- 
mations of Nebraska. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Philadelphia, 1859. 
See also Hatden (F. V.). 


308 LEI— LEO 

Leidy (Joseph). Cretaceous Beptiles of the United States. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1865. 

. Description of Vertebrate Bemains, chiefly from the Phosphate 

Beds of: South Carolina. (Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia , 1877. 
. See Foulke (William Parker) ; Holmes (Francis S.) ; and Sur- 
veys, United States. 
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Peak, in Derbyshire. 8vo. Oxford and London, 1700. 
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dated by their Sporidia. [Bay Society.] 8vo. London, 1851. 
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eithart (John). Practical observations on the mechanical structure, 
mode of formation, the repletion or filling up, and the inter- 
section and relative age of mineral veins, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1838. 
Leitner (W. G.). Results of Tour [1865-1866] in "Dardistan, Kashmir, 
Little Tibet, Ladak, Zanskar," &c. Vol. I. parts 1 & 2. The Lan- 
guages and Baces of Dardistan. 4to. Lahore and London, 1869. 
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poussieres, dites meteoriques. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1818. 

. See Dufresne (L.). 

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Profils an der Bergstrasse in Dorpat. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1866. 

. Die Gebirgsarten der Insel Hochland, chemisch-geognostisch un- 

tersucht. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1868. 

. Die Gebirgsarten der Insel Hochland, chemisch-geognostisch un- 

tersucht. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1877. 

. Ueber Silicatumwandlungen. (Tract.) 8vo. Dorpat, 1877. 

Lenhossek (Jozef). Polymikroskop. (Tract.) 4to. Pesth, 1877. 

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la Seine et les falaises de la Haute-Normandie. 4to. Havre, no date. 
Lennox (Arthur). See Sawkins (James Gay). 
Le Normand (L. Seb.). Manuel du relieur dans toutes ses parties. 

12mo. Paris, 1827. 
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8vo. Periguenx, 1863. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Halle, 1870. 

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8vo. Vienna, 1873. 

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8vo. London, 1879. 

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1783 nella provincia di Catanzaro. 8vo. Naples, 1783. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Heidelberg, 1844. 

. Die Quarzf iihrenden Porphyre, nach ihrem "Wesen, ihrerVerbreituDg, 

ihrem Verhalten zu abnormen und normalen Gesteinen, so wie zu 
Erzgiingen. 2 copies. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1851. 

LEO— LES 309 

Leonhard (Gustav). Beitrage zur mineralogischen und geognostischen 
Kenntniss des Grossherzogthums Baden. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1854. 

. Grundziige der Geognosie und Geologie. 

8vo. Leipzig and Heidelberg, 1874. 

. See Delesse (A.), Ezquerea del Bato (Joaquin), and Mtjrchison 

(Sir Roderick Impey). 
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chen Mineralogie. 3 vols. 8vo. Frankfort, 1805-09. 

. Bedeutung und Stand der Mineralogie. 4to. Frankfort, 1816. 

■ . Zu Werners Andenken. (Tract.) 8vo. Frankfort, 1817. 

. Phonolith-Berge der Rhon. (Tract.) 8vo. Frankfort, 1827. 

. Agenda geognostica. Hiilfsbuch f iir reisende Gebirgsf orscher und 

Leitfaden zu Vortriigen iiber angewandte Geognosie. 

12mo. Heidelberg, 1829. 

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. Lebrbucb der Geognosie und Geologie. 

8vo ; Plates, 4to. Stuttgart, 1835. 

. Hiitten-Erzeugnisse als Stiitzpuncte geologischer Hypothesen. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1852. 

. Kiinstlicber Glimmer. Ein Brucbstiick aus : Hiitten-Erzeugnisse 

als Stiitzpunkte geologiscber Hypothesen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgartf, 1854. 

. See Boue (Ami). 

and Gmelin (L.). Nephelin in Dolerit am Kazzenbukkel. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Heidelberg, 1822. 

, Kopp (J. H.), and Gartner (C. L.). Einleitung und Vorbereitung 

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and Selb (C. J.). Mineralogische Studien. l cr Theil. 

8vo. Nuremberg, 1812. 

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Tripban's und Tantalits. (Tract.) 3 copies. 8vo. Munich, 1818. 

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Unter-Elsass. 8vo. Leipzig, 1875. 

. Das westliche Siid-Tirol. 4to. Berlin, 1878. 

Le Puillon de Boblaye (Emile). Biographical Notices. See Rozet (C. 
A.) and Viklet-d'Aoust (T.). 

. Memoire sur la formation jurassique dans le nord de la Erance. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1829. 

. Recherches sur les roches designees par les anciens sous les noms 

de Marbre Lacedemonien et d'Ophites. 4to. Paris, 1833 

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and Virlet (Theodore). Expedition scientifique de Moree. Tome ii. 

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Le Saulnier de Vauhello ( — ). Memoire sur les atterages des cotes 

occidentales de Erance, etc. 4to. Paris, 1833. 

Leschevin (Ph. X.). Notice sur l'ouvrage singulier intitule : Lithogra- 

pbia Wirceburgensis, et sur la mystification qui y a donne lieu. 

8vo. Paris, 1808. 
*.^* See Beriistger (Johaun Barthol. Adam). Lithographia "Wirce- 
burgensis, etc. 

310 LES— LEW 

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. See Klein (Jacob Theodor). 

Leskean Museum. See Karsten (Dietrich Ludwig Gustav). 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia^, 1862. 

. Mont Alto Lignite and Appalachian Erosion. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1864. 

. Petroleum. Geological Eeport on Lands on Paint Lick Fork of 

Sandy Eiver, in Eastern Kentucky. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1865. 

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fossil plants, from specimens procured in the explorations of Dr. F. 
Y. Hayden in 1870. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1872. 

. Report on the Cretaceous and Tertiary Floras of the Western 

Territories. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1874. 

• . A Eeview of the Fossil Flora of North America. (Tract.) 

8vo. Washington, 1875. 

. I. On some new Species of Fossil Plants of the Lignitic Forma- 
tions. — II. New Species of Fossil Plants from the Cretaceous 
Formation of the Dakota Group. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1876. 
See also Hayden (F. V.) ; and Surveys, United States. 

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turelle des Mammiferes. 12mo. Paris, 1827. 

-. Manuel d'Ornithologie, ou Description des genres et des princi- 

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. (Descriptions of the new Genus Mollienisia, and of Poecilia multi- 

lineata, Lebia ellipsoidea, and Mollienisia latipinna.) (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1821. 

Le Touze de Longuemar (A.). See Longtjemar (A. le Touze de). 

Lettsom (William G.). See Greg (Eobert Phillips). 

Leuze (M. de). See Haller (M. de). 

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ghiz-Kasaks. Traduite du russe par Ferry de Pigny; revue et 
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and Freshwater Shells of the United States]. (Tract.) 

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LEW— LIB 311 

Lewy (Bernhard Karl). Note sur la composition de la paraffine. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1843. 

. Becherches sur la composition de Fair atmospherique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1843. 

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secondaire du departeinent du Rhone. (Avec rapport sur le meme 

par M. Elie de Beaumont, etc.) (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 1838. 

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8vo. Lyons, 1838. 

. Memoire sur le terrain cretace du departement de l'Aube. 

4to. Paris, 1842. 

. Memoire sur le terrain a Nuinmulites (Epicretace) des Corbieres 

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. Statistique geologique et mineralogique du departement de l'Aube. 

8vo ; Atlas, 4to. Troyes, Paris, and London, 1846. 

. Memoire sur un nouveau type Pyreneen parallele a la craie pro- 

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. Essai d'une methode eclectique ou Wernerienne de Mineralogie. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Catalogue des travaux geologiques et mineralogiques publies 

jusqu'en 1870. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris and Toulouse, 1869. 

. Elements de Geologie. 3 e edition. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. Elements de Mineralogie et de Lithologie. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

.* Memoire sur le type Garumnien, comprenant une description 

de la montagne d'Ausseing, un apercu des principaux gites du 
departement de la Haute-Garonne, et une notice sur la faune 
d'Anzas, suivi d'une description des oursins de la colonic (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1878. 

. See Joly (N.). 

and Cotteau (Gustave). Catalogue des Echinides fossiles des 

Pyrenees. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

L'Herminier (Felix). Notes sur la soufriere Guadeloupe. (Tract.) 

MS. 1811? 

. Histoire naturelle, Geologie. Essai geologique sur l'etat primi- 

tif des Antilles. MS. 

Lhotsky (John). A Journey from Sydney to the Australian Alps, 

undertaken in 1834. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1835. 

. Sketches of Tasman's Peninsula. (Tract.) 8vo. HobartTown, 1837. 

Liais (Emmanuel). Climats, geologie, faune et geographie botanique du 

Bresil. 8vo. Paris, 1872. 

Liancourt (C. A. de G.). An Appeal against the present mode of 

teaching Erench, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, no date. 

Libraries, Catalogues of. 

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8vo. Philadelphia, 1824. 

. . Parts I.-III. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1863-78. 

Austrian Geological Survey (Beichsanstalt). Katalog der Biblio- 

thek des k.-k. Hof-Mineralien- Cabinets in Wien, zusammengestellt 

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Berlin. Konigliche preussische geologische Landesanstalt und Berg- 

akademie. Katalog der Bibliothek, mit Nachtrag 1875-79. 

8vo. Berlin, 1876, 1880. 

312 LIB 

Libraries, Catalogues of. 

Brussels. Academie Boyale des Sciences. Catalogue des livres de la 
Bibliotheque. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1850. 

. Bibliotheque de M. le baron de Stassart, leguee a 1' Academie 

Boyale de Belgique. 8vo. Brussels, 1863. 

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. Classified Catalogue of the Library to December 1870. 

8vo. London, 1871. 
Geologists' Association. Catalogue of the Library. 

8vo. London, 1879. 
Haarlem. Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen. Listes des 
Publications des Societies savantes et des Gouvernements, ainsi que 
des journaux scientifiques qui se trouvent dans la Bibliotheque de 
la Societe. 8vo. Haarlem, 1869. 

Institute or Actuaries of Great Britain and Ireland. Catalogue 
of the Library corrected to July 1852. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1852. 

. Constitution and Laws, List of Members, and Catalogue of 

Books 1851-55 and 1860. 8vo. London, 1851-60. 

Institution op Civil Engineers. Library Catalogue, and Regulations 

of the Telford Premiums. (Tract.) 8yo. London, 1857. 

Isle op Wight Institution. Catalogue of the Books . . . and of the 

Museum. (Tract.) 8yo. Newport, 1848. 

London Institution. Catalogue of the Library. 8yo. London, 1813. 

. Catalogue of the Library, systematically classed. 4 yoIs. 

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London Library. Catalogue. (Tract.) 8yo. London, 1842. 

. Catalogue. 2nd edition, by J. G. Cochrane. 2 vols. 

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Manchester Pree Library. Catalogue of the Books. 

8vo. London, 1864. 
Manchester Geological Society. Catalogue of the Library. (Tract.) 

8vo. Manchester, 1875. 

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. Catalogue of 

Books in the Library. (Tract.) 8vo. Manchester, 1875. 

Manchester Mechanics' Institution. Catalogue of the Library &c. 

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Melbourne. Catalogue of the Melbourne Public Library for 1861. 

8yo. Melbourne, 1861. 
Museum of Practical Geology and Geological Survey. Catalogue 
of the Library, compiled by H. "White and T. "W. Newton. 

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. Catalogue of the Library &c. 8vo. Newcastle, 1848. 

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. Catalogue 1872. Subject Index of the general Library. 

8vo. Albany, 1872. 

LIB -LIE 313 

Libraries, Catalogues of. 

Eotal Asiatic Society. Catalogue of the Chinese Library. By Rev. 
S. Kidd. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1838. 

■. Catalogue of the Historical Manuscripts in the Arabic and 

Persian languages preserved in the Library. By William H. Morley. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1854. 

Eotal College of Surgeons. Catalogue of the Library. 

8vo. London, 1831. 

. Index. 8vo. London, 1832. 

Eotal Institution. Catalogue of the Library. By William Harris. 

8vo. London, 1809. 
. Catalogue (New Classified) of the Library. By Benjamin Yin- 
cent. 8vo. London, 1857. 
Additions to the Library, Nos. 6, 8-10, 15, and 17-20. 

(Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1863-77. 

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. Catalogue of the Scientific Books in the Library. 

8vo. London, 1839. 
United-Service Museum. Catalogue of the Library. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1836. 
Universitt College, London. Catalogue of Books in the General 
Library and in the South Library. With an Appendix. 3 vols. 

8vo. London, 1879-80. 

Vienna. Katalog der Bibliothek des k.-k. Hofmineralien-Kabinets in 

Wien. 2nd edition. By Dr. Albrecht Schrauf . 8vo. Vienna, 1864. 

Zoological Societt. Catalogue of the Library. 8vo. London, 1872. 

See Admiraltt Publications and Survets, Great Britain, Eoyal 

School of Mines. 

Libri (G. B. J. T.). Catalogue d'une collection extraordinaire de livres, 

principalement sur les sciences mathematiques, etc. . . . provenant 

de sa Bibliotheque. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

Libri (Melanie). A Petition addressed to the Senate in the case of 

M. Libri, with a note in support signed by MM. Guizot, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

Lichtenberg (Ludwig Christian). See Dolomieu (Deodat de) and Erx- 

leben (J. C. P.). 
Liddell (Eobert Andrew). See Wilson (Joseph). 
Liebe (K. Th.). See Geinitz (H. B.). 

Liebenroth (Fr. Er. von). Geognostische Beobachtungen unci Entdec- 
kungen in der Gegend von Dresden. (Tract.) 

4to. Weissenfels, 1798. 
Lieber (Oscar M.). Eeports on the Survey of South Carolina, embracing 
the progress of the Survey during the years 1856-1859. 

8vo. Columbus, S.C., 1856-60. 
Liebig (Justus von). Biographical Notices. See Eblenmeter (Emil), 
Pettene:ofer (Max von), and Vogel (Heinr. August). 

. Francis Bacon von Verulam, und die Geschichte der Natur- 

wissenschaften. Eede in der offentlichen Sitzung der k. (baye- 
rischen) Akademie der Wissenschaften am 28. Marz 1863 gehalten. 
(Tract.) 4to. Munich, 1863. 
. Induction und Deduction. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1865. 

314 LIE— LIN 

Liebig (Justus von). Die Entwicklung der Ideen in der Naturwissen- 
schaft. Rede in der offentlichen Sitzung der k. (bayerischen) Aka- 
demie der Wissenschaften am 25. Juli 1866 gehalten. 

4to. Munich, 1866. 
— — . See Seetals, etc. : Giessen, Jahresbericht ; Munich, Akademie 

der Wissenschaften ; and Tuenee (Edward). 
Liebknecht (G\). Hassiae subterraneae Specimen, clarissima testimonia 
diluvii universalis, hie et in locis vicinioribus occurrentia, ex triplici 
regno, animali, vegetabili et mineral i petita, figurisque aeneis expo- 
sita, imd omnis antiquitatis exempla certissima exhibens, etc. 

4to. Giessen and Frankfort, 1730. 

Liege. Reponse de 1' Union des Charbonnages, Mines et Usines metal - 

lurgiques de la province de Liege, au Memoire de M. Gustave 

Dumont,Des affaissements du sol produits par Sexploitation houillere. 

4to. LUge, 1875. 
— — . See Namtje and Li£ge Railway. 
Lightning Expedition. See Caepenter (William Benjamin). 
Lilljeborg (Wilhelm). On two Subfossil Whales discovered in Sweden. 

4to. Upsala, 1867. 
— . See Escheicht (Reinhardt). 

Linant de Bellefonds (Adolphe). Memoire sur le lac Moeris. (Tract.) 

4to. Alexandria, 1843. 

Lincklaen (Ledyard). G-uide to the G-eology of New York, and to the 

State Geological Cabinet. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1861. 

Lindemann (E. von). Index Plantarum usualium florae Chersonensis. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Odessa, 1872. 

Lindley (John). An Outline of the First Principles of Botany. (Tract.) 

12mo. London, 1830. 

. Nixus Plantarum. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1833. 

, Elements of Botany, Structural, Systematical, and Medical. 

8vo. London, 1841. 

and Hutton (William). The Eossil Elora of Great Britain. 3 vols. 

2 copies. 8vo. London, 1831-37. 

Lindner (Ignaz Karl). Das kaiserliche konigliche oberosterreichische 

und steyermarkische Salzkammergut mit den Umgebungen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Wels, 1819. 

Lindsay (William Lauder). On the Eruption, in May 1860, of the 

Kotlugja Volcano, Iceland. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1861. 

. On the Geology of the G-old-fields of Auckland, New Zealand. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1862. 

. Illustrations of the Geology and Mineralogy of Otago, New 

Zealand. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1863. 

. The place and power of Natural History in Colonization, with 

special reference to Otago, New Zealand. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh ?, 1863. 

. The Auriferous Quartzites of Scotland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1875. 

. Contributions to Geology and Mineralogy. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh*!, 1876? 
Lindsey (C). An Investigation of the unsettled boundaries of Ontario. 

8vo. Toronto, 1873. 

LIN— LIO 315 

Lindstrom (Gustaf). Nigra iakttagelser ofver Zoantharia rugosa. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1865. 

-. Om tvenne nya ofversiluriska koraller fran Gotland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1868. 

. A Description of the Anthozoa perforata of Gotland. (Tract.) 

4to. Stockholm, 1870. 

. See Sueyets : Sweden. 

Link (Heinrich Fr.). Versuch einer Anleitung zur geologischen Kennt- 
niss der Mineralien. 8vo. Gottingen, 1790. 

. Beytrage zur Naturgeschichte. (Geologische und mineralogische 

Bemerkungen auf einer Reise durch das siidwestliche Europa, be- 
sonders Portugal.) 2ter Theil. 8vo. Rostock and Leipzig, 1801. 

. The progress of Physiological Botany in 1841. Translated by 

E. Lankester. (Ray Society.) 8vo. London, 1841-42. 

. Report on Botany. Translated by J. Hudson. (Bay Society.) 

8vo. London, 1846. 

. Report on Physiological Botany for 1844-1845. (Ray Society.) 

8vo. London, 1849. 

Linnarsson (J. G. 0.). Om Vestergotlands cambriska och siluriska afla- 
gringar. (Tract.) 4to. Stockholm, 1869. 

. On some Fossils found in the Eophyton Sandstone at Lugnas, in 

Sweden. (Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1869. 

. En egendomlig Trilobifcfaunafran Jemtland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1875. 

. Ofversigt af Nerikes ofvergangsbildningar. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1875. 

. Geologiska iakttagelser under en resa pa Oland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1876. 

. On the Brachiopoda of the Paradoxides beds of Sweden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1876. 

. Om faunan i lagren med Paradoxides olandicus. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1877. 

. Iakttagelser ofver de graptolitforande skinrarne i Skane. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stockholm, 1879. 

. Om forsteningarne i de svenska lagren med Peltura och Sphaz- 

rophthalmus. (Tract.) 8vo. Stockholm, 1880. 

. See Sueyets : Sweden. 

Linne (Carolus a). Fauna Svecica, sistens animalia Sveciae regni, Qua- 
drupedia, Aves, Amphibia, Pisces, Insecta, Vermes, distributa per 
classes et ordines, genera et species. 8vo. Stockhholm, 1746. 

. Systema Naturae per Regna tria Naturae, secundum classes, 

ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, 
locis. 12th edition. 4 vols. 8vo. Stockholm, 1766-67. 

. A General System of Nature, through the three grand kingdoms 

of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals. Translated, amended, and 
enlarged by William Turton. Vols. I.-IV. and Vol. VII. (Animals 
and Minerals). 8vo. London, 1802-06. 

. Lettres inedites de 0. Linne a F. Boissier de Sauvages. (Intro- 
duction and first 10 pages.) Publiees par L. A. Baron d'Hombres 
Firmas. 8vo. Mais, 1851. 

Lionnet (G.). See Brtlinski (M.). 

Lioy (Paoli). Biographical Notice. See Catullo (Ant. Tomaso). 

316 LIP— LLO 

Lippi (C). Qualche cosa intorno ai volcani inseguito di alcune idee 
geologiclie. All' occasione dell' eruzione del Vesuvio del 1812. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Naples, 1813. 

. Fu il fuoco, o l'acqua che sotterro Pompei ed Ercolano ? 

8vo. Naples, 1816. 

. Ilcarbonefossile e la cagione de'vulcani. (Tract.) 8vo. Naples, 1820. 

. Sul progetto di doversi analizzare le acque minerali d'Ischia da 

una commissione della Real Academia di Scienze. (Tract.) 

8vo. Naples, 1820. 
Lister (Martin). Historian animalium Angliae tractatus tres. 

4to. London, 1678. 

. Historic sive synopsis methodica3 Conchy liorum libri IV. Editio 

altera. Recensuit et indicibus auxit GJ-ulielmus Huddesford. 

Fol. Oxford, 1770. 

. Editio tertia. Eecensuit et indice locupletissimo instruxit L. W. 

Dillwyn. (Index only.) Pol. Oxford, 1823. 

Listiny (J. B.). See Saetorius von Waltershausen (W.). 
Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Report [of the Directors]. (Tract.) 

8vo. Liverpool, 1831. 

. See P * * * (F.). 

Liversedge (Archibald). Report on the discovery of Diamonds at Bald 
Hill, near Hill End. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1873. 

. The Bingera Diamond Field. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1873. 

. Note on a new Mineral [Noumeite] from New Caledonia. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1874. 

. Iron and Coal Deposits at Wallerawang, New South Wales. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1875. 

. Nickel Minerals from New Caledonia. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1875. 

. Disease in the Sugar Cane, Queensland. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1876. 

. Minerals of New South Wales. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1876. 

. On the Formation of Moss Gold and Silver. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1876. 

. Examples of Pseudo-Crystallization. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1877. 

. Fossiliferous Siliceous Deposit from the Richmond River, N.S.W. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1877. 

-. On a remarkable example of Contorted Slate. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1877. 

. See Exhibition of 1875 and Reports, Colonial, etc. New 

South Wales. 
Livingstone Farewell Festival. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1858. 
Llanllechid Slate Quarries. Papers relating to the Slate Quarries on 
the Crown's Estate on Llanllechid Common, in the County of Car- 
narvon. (Tract.) Fol. London, 1823. 
Lloyd (Bartholomew). Biographical Notice. See Singer (J. H.). 
. An Address delivered at the first annual meeting of the Geo- 
logical Society of Dublin, 1832. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1832. 
Lloyd (Edward). See Luidius, Edvaedus. 

Lloyd (Colonel J. A.). Papers relating to proposals for establishing 
Colleges of Arts and Manufactures for the better instruction of the 
Industrial Classes. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

LOB— LOM 317 

Lobley (James Logan). Mount Vesuvius. 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1868. 

. On the Stratigraphical Distribution of the British fossil Brachio- 

poda. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1870. 

. The Study of Geology. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1872. 

Locard (Arnould). Description de la faune des terrains tertiaires moyens 
de la Corse. Description des Echinides, par Gustave Cotteau. 

8vo. Paris and Geneva, 1877. 

Locke (John). Antiquity of Man. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1865. 

Locker (Edward Hawke). Report on the Mines of Aldstone Moor. 

(Tract.) Fol. London?, 1823. 

Lockwood (Anthony). A brief Description of Nova Scotia. 

4to. London, 1818. 

Loczy (L. von). Die Liszkovaer Hohle im Barathegy. (Liptauer 

Comitat.) Eine vorgeschichtliche Hohlenwohnung und deren 

Ueberreste. (Tract.) 8vo. Pesth, 1878. 

Loftus (William Kennett). Obituary Notice. (Tract.) 

8vo. Newcastle, 1859. 

. On the Geology of Portions of the Turko-Persian Frontier, and 

of the Districts adjoining. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

Logan (James Richardson). The Rocks of Pulo Ubin. (Tract.) 

4to. Batavia, 1847. 

Logan (Sir William E.). Letter addressed to Mr. Joachim Barrande, on 

the Rocks of the Quebec Group at Point Levis. (Tract.) 3 copies. 

8vo. Montreal, 1863. 

. See Barrande (Joachim) ; and Surveys, Canada. 

and Hunt (T. Sterry). Esquisse geologique du Canada pour 

servir a Intelligence de la carte geologique et de la collection des 

mineraux cconomiques envoyees a i'Exposition Universelle de Paris, 

1855. 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

Login (Thomas). Abrading and transporting power of Water. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1869. 

. On the Material Improvement of India. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1869. 

. Roads, Railways, and Canals for India. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1869. 

. Login's Patent Method of Protecting Foundations. (Tract.) 

8vo. Umballa, 1872. 

. See Wilson (Allan). 

Lommel (J.). Verzeichniss einzelner Meeres-, Susswasser- und Land- 
Conch ylieu, sowie ganzer geordneter Sammlungen, welche zu neben- 
stehenden Preisen abgegeben werden. (Tract.) 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1856. 

. Verzeichniss von Versteinerungen herausgegeben vom Heidel- 

bergerMineralien-Comptoir. (German, French, and English.) (Tract.) 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1861. 

Lommer (Christian Hieronymus). Bergmannischer Beytragzuder von 

der koniglichen grossbrittannischen Societat der Wissenscbaften, aui: 

das Jahr 1781 ausgestellten Preisfrage : "Wie w T aren die Bergwerko 

bey den Alten eigentlich beschaffen und eingerichtet, etc.? (Tract.) 

4to. Freiberg, 1785. 

318 LON— LOR 

London (Archibald, Bishop of). See Tait (Archibald Campbell). 
London University. Report of the Committee appointed to consider the 

propriety of establishing a Degree or Degrees in Science, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1858. 

London Water Supply. General Board of Health. Report on the 

Supply of Water to the Metropolis. Appendix, Nos. I.-IV. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. See Napier {Hon. William). 

Long (S. H. ). Fossil Remains of a Mastodon found in Tennessee. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1832. 

Longman (William). Suggestions for the Exploration of Iceland. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

Longuemar (A. le Touze de). Recherches geologiques et agronomiques 

dans le departement de la Vienne. 8vo. Poictiers, 1866. 

Lorentz (P. G-.). See Von dee Decked (Carl Claus). Reisen in Ost- 

Africa in 1859-1865. 
Lorenzana (Francisco Grande de). See Grande le Lorenzana 

Lorenzen (C. H.). See Steenstrtjp (J oh. Japetus Sm.). 
Loretz (H.). Das tirol-venetianische Grenzgebiet der Gegend von 

Ampezzo. 8vo. Berlin, 1874. 

. Einige Petrefacten des alpinen Trias aus den Sudalpen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1875. 
— — . Untersuchungen iiber Kalk und Dolomit. I. Siid-tiroler Dolo- 

mit. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1878. 
. . II. Einige Kalksteine und Dolomite der Zech stein-For- 
mation. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1879. 
Loriere ( — de). See Vernettil (Ed. de). 
Lorieux (Theodore) and Fourcy (Eugene de). Carte ge'ologique du 

Morbihan. ' 8vo. Pains, 1858. 

Loriol (Percival de). Description des animaux invertebres fossiles con- 

tenus dans l'etage neocomien moyen de Mont Saleve. 

4to. Geneva and Basle, 1861. 
. Description des Echinides des terrains cre'taces de la Suisse. 

[Materiaux pour la Paleontologie Suisse . . . par Pictet.] 

4to. Geneva, Basle, and Lyons, 1873. 
. Echinologie Helvetique. Description des oursius fossiles de la 

Suisse. 3 me partie. Echinides de la periode tertiaire. (Schw. 

palaont. Gesellschaft.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1875-76. 
. Monographic paleontologique des couches de la zone a Ammonites 

tenuilobatus (Badener Schichten) de Baden (Argovie). (Schw. 

palaont. Gesellschaft.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1876-78. 
. Monographic des Crinoides fossiles de la Suisse. (Schw. palaont. 

Gesellschaft.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1877 etc. 

. See Desor (E.) and Fayre (Ernest). 

and G-illieron (V.). Monographie paleontologique et stratigra- 

phique de l'etage urgonien inferieur du Lander on (Canton de 

Neuchatel). 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1869. 

Lortet (P.) and Chantre (E.). Etudes paleontologiques dans le bassin du 

Rhone. Periode quaternaire. 

4^6. Lyons, Geneva, and Basle, 1873-75. 

LOE— LUB 319 

Lory (Charles). Essai geologique sur le groape de montagnes de la 
Grande-Chartreuse. (Tract.) 8vo. Grenoble, 1852. 

. See Favre (Alphonse). 

Lossen (K. A.). Der Bode-Gang ini Harz, eine Granit-Apophyse 
von vorwiegend porphyrischer Ausbildung. (Tract.) 

8vo. Berlin, 1874. 
Loscher (Karl Immanuel). Historisch-bergrnannische Briefe iiber ver- 
schiedene Gegenstande des freybergischen Bergbaues. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1786. 
Lottner (F. H.). Geognostische Skizze des westfalischen Steinkohlen- 
Gebirges. 8vo. Iserlohn, 1868. 

Lotze (Mauritius). See Massalongo (A. B.). 

Loudon (J. C). Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum ; or, the Trees 
and Shrubs of Britain, native and foreign, hardy and half-hardy, 
pictorially and botanically delineated, and scientifically and popu- 
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320 LUB-LUC 

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Ricerche chimiche sulle materie cristallizzate contenute nelle foglie 

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. Ricerche sull' estrazione della mannite dalle foglie di ulivo. 

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LUC— LIJJ 321 

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G-eschieb-, und Lehm-Ablagerungen der Obergrafschaft Hanau. 

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■ . Versuch einer Statistik des Grossherzogthums Hessen auf Grund- 

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quotquot hactenus vel ipse invenit vel ab amicis accepit, distributio 

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Lujan (Erancisco de). Estudios y observaciones geologicas relativos a 

terrenos que comprenden parte de la provincia de Badajoz, y de las 

de Sevilla, Toledo, y Ciudad-Eeal, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Madrid, 1850. 




Lund (P. W.). View of the Fauna of Brazil previous to the last Geolo- 
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. Blik paa Brasiliens dyreverden for sidste jordomvseltning. 

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. Om Inoceramusarterna i kritformationen i Sverige. (Tract.) 

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' . Studier ofver faunan i den stenkolsforande formationen i nord- 

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Liineburg. (Tract.) 8vo. Hanover, 1797 

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(Tract.) 4to. Leipzig, 1745. 

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. See also Morris (John). 

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2nd edition. 

Vol. 1. 


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[2 copies, and Vol. II. in tripli- 


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pipes," in the Chalk near Norwich. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1839. 

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animals in a Crag Pit at Newboum, in Suffolk. (Tract.) 

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Mammalia in the London Clay, near Woodbridge, in Suffolk, with 
description of the remains by E. Owen. (Tract.) 

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the Lias, or Inferior Oolite, near Caen, in Normandy. (Tract.) 

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1853. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1854. 

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Massachusetts, United States. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

■ . On the successive Changes of the Temple of Serapis. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 

■ . On the Structure of Lavas which have consolidated on steep 

slopes ; with remarks on the mode of origin of Mount Etna. (Tract.)- 

8vo. London, 1859. 

■ . Eemarks on Professor C. Piazzi Smyth's supposed proofs of the- 

submarine origin of Teneriffe and other Volcanic Cones in the 
Canaries. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 


324 LYE— LYO 

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Man, with an outline of Glacial and Post-Tertiary Geology, and 
remarks on the Origin of Species, with special reference to Man's 
first appearance on the Earth. 1st edition. 8vo. London, 1863. 

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. . 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1874. 

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and Faraday (Michael). Report on the subject of the Explosion 

at the Has well Colleries, and on the means of preventing similar 
accidents. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1844. 

and Hall (James). Rapport surlapartie geologique de l'exposition 

de New York. Traduit de l'anglais par M. A. Laugel. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1854. 

and Murchison (Sir R. I.). On the Excavation of Valleys, as illus- 
trated by the Volcanic Rocks of Central Erance. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinhurgh, 1829. 
Sur les depots lacustres tertiaires du Cantal, et leurs rap- 

ports avec les roches primordiales et volcaniques. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris, 1829. 
Lyman (Benjamin Smith). Against the supposed former Plasticity of 
the Puddingstone Pebbles of Purgatory, Rhode Island. (Tract.) 

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. On the Link of Gunter's Chain as the unit of a Decimal System 

of Weights and Measures. (Tract.) 8vo. Buffalo, 1866. 

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. Topography of the Punjab Oil Region. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1872. 
. A Report of Progress for the first year of the Oil Surveys — Geo- 
logical Survey of the Oil Lands of Japan. (Tract.) 

8vo. ToTcei, 1877. 

. SeeSuRYETS: Japan. 

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Dead Sea and the River Jordan. 4to. Baltimore, 1852. 

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lies en 1859 dans le bassin de la Saone par les soins de la Commis- 
sion Hydrometrique de Lyon. 16 e annee. (Tract.) 

8vo. Lyons, 1860. 

. [Observations meteorologiques et hydrometriques faites a Lyon, 

1851-1857.] 8vo. Lyons, 1858. 

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1871-1872. 8vo. Lyons, 1869-77. 

M— MAC 325 


M * * * (C). On the Erratic Formation of the Bernese Alps and other 
parts of Switzerland. (Tract.) 12m o. 

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kannte Lophiodonfossilien von Heidenheim am Halenenkamme in 
Mittelfranken, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1865. 

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Belfast. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1850. 

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Mollusca in the North Atlantic and neighbouring Seas. (Tract.) 

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8vo. London, 1855. 

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ing Committee of the British Association. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1860. 

. Note on the Comparative size of Marine Mollusca in various 

latitudes of the European Seas. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

and Forbes (Edward). Notices of new or rare British Animals 

observed during cruises in 1845 and 1846. (Tract.) 

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Sale Catalogue. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

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the source of the Red River of Texas, etc. ; annotated by Dr. Elliott 
Coues. (Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1877. 

MacChaff (Alexander). A Letter to the Editor of the Glasgow 'Argus ;' 
occasioned by an Article which recently appeared in that paper, en- 
titled " Reasons for a new edition of the Nursery Rhymes of Eng- 
land, containing notices of the defects of former impressions." 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1842. 

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to Geology and other branches of Natural Science. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1835. 

■ . Report on the Physical Condition of the Assam Tea Plant, with 

reference to Geological Structure, Soils, and Climate. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1837. 

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1849. 4to. Calcutta, 1850. 

. Sketch of the Medical Topography, or Climate and Soils, of Bengal 

and the N.W. Provinces. 8vo. London, 1859. 

. See Reports, Colonial, India ; and Reports, Parliamentary, 


326 MAC 

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Sir John Franklin and his companions. With Geological Notes and 
Illustrations by S. Haughton. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1857. 

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the Long Room, in the Rotundo, collected by the late Henry Charles 
Sirr. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1841. 

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the Coal of Australia. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1847. 

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2 copies. 8vo. London, 1848. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1848. 

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minifera. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

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tion of the University of Cambridge. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

. On some new Palaeozoic Echinodermata. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1849. 

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— — . See Exhibition" of 1862 ; Griffith (Sir Richard) ; Sedgwick 
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scriptions of their scenery and antiquities, etc. 4 vols. 

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Macdonald (W. B.). See Grisebach (A. H. R.). 

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(Joaquim Jose). 

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MAC 327 

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tific Tendency of Modern Geology. 8vo. London, 1871. 
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Chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, the late House of Commons. 

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Bibliography of British Possil Sponges. (Tract.) 

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328 MAC— MAI 

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the passage of Boats upon Canals, and other Bodies of Water. 
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Sevilla. (Tract.) 8vo. Madrid, 1878. 

. Breve noticia acerca de la especial estructura de la peninsula 

iberica. (Tract.) 8vo. Madrid, 1879. 

. Descripcion de algunas rocas que se encuentran en la serrania de 

Bonda. (Tract.) 8vo. MadAd, 1879. 

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sieurs points de mineralogie/ avec la description des pieces deposees 
chez le Boi, la figure et l'analyse chimique de celles qui sont les plus 
interessantes, et la topographie de Moscow. 8vo. Paris, 1789. 

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(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1875. 

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Edition. (Tract.) 8vo. Madison, 1855. 

. Charter of the City of Madison, Wisconsin. (Tract.) 

8vo. Madison, 1856. 

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gramme de la 6 me session du Congres International de Statistique. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1867. 

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di Aiessandro Volta. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1864. 

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avec un missionnaire francpis sur la diminution de la mer, la for- 
mation de la terre, l'origine de l'homme, &c. Mis en ordre sur les 
memoires de feu M. de M * * * par J. A. G-uer. 2 vols. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1748. 

. Telliamed : or Discourses between an Indian Philosopher and a 

French Missionary, on the Diminution of the Sea, the Formation of 
the Earth, etc. (Translation.) 8vo. London, 1750. 

MAI— MAL 329 

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7th June, 1875. 3rd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1876 

Maine. Board of Agriculture. Sixth Annual Eeport of the Secretary 

1861. 8vo. Augusta, 1861 

Maine. Fisheries. Reports of the Commissioners for the years 1867-70 

8vo. Augusta, 1869-70 
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quaternarj. I. My odes torauatus, Pall., delle caverne del Wiirttem- 

berg. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1872. 
. Note sur des singes fossiles trouves en Italie, precedee d'un apergu 

sur les quadrumanes fossiles en general. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1872. 

. La faune des vertebres de Monte Bamboli. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1873. 
. Nageriiberreste aus Bohnerzen Siiddeutschlands und der Schweiz, 

etc. (Tract.) 4to. Cassel, 1873. 
. Eemarques sur quelques mammiferes post-tertiaires de l'ltalie, 

suivies de considerations generales sur la faune des mammiferes 

post-tertiaires. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1873. 
. Sul livello geologico del terreno in cui fu trovato il cosi detto 

cranio dell' olmo. (Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1876. 
. Beitrage zur G-eschichte der fossilen Pferde insbesondere Italiens. 

(Schw. palaont. Gesellschaft.) 4to. Basle and Geneva, 1877, etc. 
. Alcune parole sullo Sjohcerodus cinctus (di Lawley) del pliocene 

volterrano. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1879. 

. Alcune osservazioni sui cavalli quaternari. (Tract.) 

8vo. Florence, 1879. 

. Materiali per servire ad una storia degli stambecchi. (Tract.) 

8vo. Pisa, 1879. 
Malacarne (Claro Giuseppe). Lettera intorno alle scoperte fatte ulti- 

mamente nella valle del Lavis in Tirolo. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1821. 
. Notizia — Carte geologique du terrain entre le lac d'Orta et celui 

de Lugano, par L. de Buch; ossia Lipo geognostico del Terreno 

che sta in posto tra i due laghi d'Orta e di Lugano del L. de Buch. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1829. 

Malaguti (F. J.). See Beongniart (Alex.). 
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faites en Belgique jusqu'a ce jour. (Tract.) 8vo. Liege, 1860. 
. Note sur quelques ossements humains fossiles et sur quelques 

silex tailles. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1860. 
. De Fage des phyllades fossiliferes de Grand-Manil pres de Gem- 

bloux, suivi du rapport de M. Dewalque. (Tract.) 

8vo. Brussels, 1862. 
. Sur des corps organises, trouves dans le terrain Ardennais de 

Dumont. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1866. 

. Sur les silex ouvres de Spiennes. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1866. 

. Description du terrain silurien du centre de la Belgique. 

4to. Brussels, 1873. 
. Sur l'age de quelques couches du terrain Ardennais des environs 

de Spa. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1874. 

. Sur quelques roches porphyriques de Belgique. (Tract.) 

8vo. Brussels, 1874. 

330 MAL 

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. See Gosselet (J.). 

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Great Basaltic District of India. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1838. 

— — . On the Causes of Bronchocele in India and England. (Tract.) 

8vo. London. 

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houiller de Liege. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1871. 

. See Dewalque (G.). 

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4to. London, 1802. 
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North-western and Central Provinces of India. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1869. 

-r . On the Geological Structure of the country near Aden, with 

reference to the practicability of sinking Artesian wells. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1871. 

- — — . Mineralogical Notes on the Gneiss of South Mirzapur and 

adjoining country. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1872. 

. On the Coal-fields of the Naga Hills bordering the Lakhimpur 

and Sibsagar Districts, Assam. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1876. 

— — . The Mud Volcanoes of Eamri and Cheduba. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1878. 
,-■- . On Corundum from the Khasi Hills. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

. On Mysorin and Atacamite from the Nellore District. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1879* 

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brimiento de esta nueva especie mineral. (Tract.) 8vo. Mexico, 1878. 

Mallet (Eobert). Eeport on the Eailroad constructed from Kingstown 

to Dalkey, in Ireland, upon the atmospheric system, and upon the 

application of this system to railroads in general. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1844. 

. On some secular and diurnal motions of the Earth's crust, etc., 

with a reference to a communication from Sir ¥m. E. Hamilton. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1846. 

•*, The Dynamics of Earthquakes, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Dublin, 1846. 

. First Eeport on the Facts of Earthquake Phenomena. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. Second Eeport on the Facts of Earthquake Phenomena. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1852. 

. Notice of the British Earthquake of November 9, 1852. (Tract.) 

4to. Dublin, 1854. 

. Ueber Erdbeben und die Beobachtung der dabei vorkommenden 

Erscheinungen. Deutsch bearbeitet von Ludw. Heinr. Jeitteles. 
(Tract.) 4to. Kaschau, 1860. 

. The Great Neapolitan Earthquake of 1857. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. President's Address to the Institution of Civil Engineers. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1866. 

MAL— MAN 331 

Mallet (Eobert). Ueber vulkanische Kraft. Aus dem englischen iiber- 

tragen unci mit einigen Anmerkungen begleitet von A. v. Lasaulx. 

8vo. Bonn, 1875. 
. On the Seismic Eesults obtained from the Hallet's-Point Explo- 
sion. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1877. 

. See Palmieri (L.). 

and Mallet (John William). The Earthquake Catalogue of the 

British Association. 8vo. London, 1858. 

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8vo ; Atlas, 4to. Paris, 1812. 
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Observations, intended to elucidate the formation of the Ashby 

Coal-field. 4to. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 1834. 

Man (W.). Theory of the Pormation of Chalk and Plint, and its 

arrangement in Strata. (Tract.) 8vo. Beading, 1833. 
Manchester. See Liverpool and Manchester Eailwat. 
. Pree Library. Report of the Proceedings at a Public Meeting 

held ... to effect the Establishment of a Pree Public Library 

and Museum in Manchester. With an address to the committee. 

(Tract.) 4to. Manchester, 1851. 

. . Catalogue of the Books. Prepared by A. Crestadoro, 

8vo. London, 1864. 
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l'Albe du AVurtemberg. 4to. Strasburg, 1835. 

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Mansel-Pleydell (J. C). See Pletdell (J. C. Mansel). 
Mansfield (E. D.). See Bullock (W.). 
Mansion (P.). See Namur (A.) . 
Mantell (Gideon Algernon). A Reminiscence of Gideon Algernon 

Mantell, by a Member of the Council of the Clapham Athenaeum ; 

to which is appended an obituary by Professor Silliman. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1853. 
. A Sketch of the Geological Structure of the South-eastern part 

of Sussex. (Tract.) 8vo. Lewes, 1818. 

. On the Chalk of Sussex. MS. Sm. 4to. 

. The Fossils of the South Downs ; or Illustrations of the Geology 

of Sussex. 2 copies. 4to. London, 1822. 
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the sandstone of Tilgate Forest, in Sussex. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1825. 

■ . Illustrations of the Geology of Sussex. 4to. London, 1827. 

. Geology of the South-east of England. 8vo. London, 1833.- 

. A descriptive Catalogue of the Collection illustrative of Geology 

and Fossil Comparative Anatomy in his Museum. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1834. 

332 MAN 

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illustrative of Geology and Fossil Comparative Anatomy in his 
Museum. 3rd edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1834. 

. . 4th edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

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and Antiquity (chiefly discovered in Sussex) in the museum attached 
to the Sussex Scientific and Literary Institution, at Brighton. 6th 
edition. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 

. The Wonders of Geology; or, A familiar exposition of Geo- 
logical phenomena, being the substance of a course of lectures 
delivered at Brighton. From notes taken by G. F. Bichardson. 2 
vols. 8vo. London, 1838. 

. The Wonders of Geology; or, A familiar exposition of Geo- 
logical phenomena. 6th edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1848. 

. . 7th edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1857. 

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. On the Geological Structure of the country seen from Leith Hill 

in the County of Surrey. 4to. Dorking, 1840 ? 

. Memoir on a portion of the lower jaw of the Iguanodon, and on 

the remains of the Hylceosaurus and other Saurians, discovered 
in the strata of Tilgate Forest, Sussex. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1841. 

. On the fossil remains of Turtles discovered in the Chalk forma- 
tion of the South-east of England. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1841. 

. A Day's Bamble in and about the ancient town of Lewes. 

2 copies. 8vo. London, 1846. 

. On the Fossil Remains of the soft parts of Foraminifera, discovered 

in the Chalk and Flint of the South-east of England. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1846. 

. Observations on Belemnites, and other fossil remains of Cepha- 
lopoda. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1848. 

. On. Mr. Smith's " Observations " in Annals of Nat. Hist, for 

July, 1848. (Tract.) 8vo. London?, 1848. 

. On the Structure of the Maxillary and Dental Organs of the 

Iguanodon. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1848. 

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with notes on the vertebral column of the Iguanodon, by A. G. 
Melville. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1849. 

. On a dorsal dermal spine of the Hylceosaurus, recently discovered 

in the strata of Tilgate Forest. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1850. 

. On the Pelorosaurus ; an undescribed gigantic terrestrial reptile 

whose remains are associated with those of the Iguanodon and other 
Saurians in the strata of Tilgate Forest, in Sussex. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1850. 

. On the Bemains of Man, and Works of Art imbedded in rocks 

and strata, as illustrative of the connexion between Archaeology and 
Geology. (Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850. 

. Supplementary observations on the structure of the Belemnite 

and Belemnoteuthis. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1850. 

. Geological Excursions round the Isle of Wight, and along the 

adjacent coast of Dorsetshire. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1851. 

MAN— MAR 333 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon). Petrifactions and their Teachings : or a 
handbook to the gallery of organic remains of the British Museum. 
2 copies. 8vo. London, 1851. 

. The Medals of Creation : or, Eirst Lessons in Geology and the 

study of Organic Eemains. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1854. 

. See Serials, etc. : Brighton, Sussex Boyal Institution. 

Manzoni (A.). Delia fauna marina di due lembi miocenici dell' alta 
Italia. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1869. 

. II Monte Titano (territorio della repubblica di San Marino), i 

suoi fossili, la sua eta ed il suo modo d'origine. (Tract.) 

8vo. Florence, 1873. 

. I briozoi del pliocene antico di Castrocaro. (Tract.) 

4to. Bologna, 1875. 

Maraschini (Pietro). Observations geognostiques sur quelques localites 

du Yicentin. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Paris, 1822. 

. Osservazioni sulle rocce pirigene della valle di Eiemine dei Signori 

Bertrand-Geslin, Trettenero e Maraschini. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1823. 

. Sulle formazioni delle rocce del Vicentino ; saggio geologico. 

2 copies. 8vo. Padua, 1824. 

Marcet (Alexander). A chemical account of the Brighton Chalybeate. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1805. 

■ . See Berzelitts (J.) and Wollaston (William Hyde). 

Marcet (P.). See De la Eive (Aug.). 

Marchese (E.). Cenno sulle ricchezze minerali dell' isola di Sardegna, 

etc. (Tract..) 8vo. Cagliari, 1862. 

Marcou (Jules). Notice sur la formation keuperienne dans le Jura 

Salinois. (Tract.) 4to. Salins, 1846. 

. Notice sur les differentes formations des terrains jurassiques 

dans le Jura occidental. (Tract.) 4to. Neuchatel, 1846. 

. Kecherches geologiques sur le Jura Salinois. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1846. 

. Reponse a une lettre de MM. Poster et Whitney sur le lac 

Superieur. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

. A Geological Map of the United States and the British Provinces 

of North America, with an Explanatory Text, &c. 

8vo. Boston, 1853. 

. Esquisse d'une classification des chaines de montagnes d'une 

partie de l'Amerique du nord. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. Le terrain carbonifere dans l'Amerique du nord. (Tract.) 

8vo. Geneva, 1855. 

. Resume explicatif d'une carte geologique des Etats-Unis et des 

provinces anglaises de l'Amerique du nord, avec un profil geolo- 
gique allant de la vallee du Mississipi aux cotes du Pacifique, etc. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. Sur le gisement de l'or en Californie. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1855. 

. Ueber die Geologie der vereinigten Staaten und der englischen 

Provinzen von Nord-Amerika. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Gotha, 1855. 

. Ecole Polytechnique Eederale. Cours de geologie paleonto- 

logique. Legon d'ouverture. (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1856. 

334 MAR 

Marcou (Jules). Lettres sur les roches du Jura et leur distribution 

geographique dans les deux hemispheres. 8vo. Paris, 1857-0* ). 

. Le Jura. (Troisieme lettre.) (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1857. 

■ . American Geology. Letter on some points of the Geology of 

Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska ; addressed to F. B. 

Meek and E. V. Hayden. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Zurich, 1858. 

. Geology of North America. 4to. Zurich, 1858. 

. Notes pour servir a une description geologique des Montagnes 

Eocheuses. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1858. 
. Sur le Neocomien dans le Jura et son role dans la serie strati- 

graphique. (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1858. 
. Dyas et Trias, ou le nouveau gres rouge en Europe, dans 

l'Amerique du nord et dans l'lnde. (Tract.) 8vo. Zurich, 1859. 
. Reply to the criticisms of James D. Dana, including Dana's two 

articles, with a letter of Louis Agassiz. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Zurich, 1859. 
— — . Notes on the Cretaceous and Carboniferous Rocks of Texas. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1861. 
. The Taconic and Lower Silurian Rocks of Vermont and Canada. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Boston, 1862. 
. Letter to M. J. Barrande on the Taconic Rocks of Vermont and 

Canada. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Cambridge, 1862. 
. Observations on the terms " Peneen," " Permian," and " Dyas." 

(Tract.) 8vo. Boston, 1862. 
. Notice sur les gisements des lentilles trilobitiferes taconiques de 

de la Pointe-Levis, au Canada. (Tract.) 8yo. Paris. 1864. 

. Une reconnaissance geologique au Nebraska. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1864. 

-. . Le Niagara quinze ans apres. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

. Le terrain cretace des environs de Sioux-City, de la mission des 

Omahas et de Tekama, sur les bords du Missouri. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1866. 
, La faune primordiale dans le pays de Galles et la geologie cali- 

fornienne. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

i . Sur divers armes, outils et traces de l'homme americain. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1866. 

. Sur le Dyas. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

« . Distribution geographique de Tor et de l'argent aux Etats-Unis et 

dans les Canadas. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. Le Dyas au Nebraska. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

. Une ascension dans les Montagnes Rocheuses. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris, 1867. 
. Notice sur les cartes geologiques de Victoria (Australie) et des 

iles Britanniques. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

. De la science en Erance. l e partie. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

. Les derniers travaux sur le Dyas et Trias de Russie. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 
. Notes sur une meteorite tombee le 11 juillet 1868, a Lavaux, 

pres Ornans (Doubs). (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Pains, 1869. 

— . Notice biographique sur M. Auguste Dollfus-Gros. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1869. 

MAE 335 

Marcou (Jules). Notes pour servir a l'histoire des anciens glaciers de 

l'Auvergue. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. Les hommes dans l'Australasie. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

. Explication d'une seconde edition de la carte geologique de la 

terre. 4to. Paris, Zurich, etc., 1875. 
. Eeport on the Geology of a portion of Southern California. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Washington, 1876. 

. See Agassiz (Louis) and Barrande (Joachim). 

Marcy (Oliver). See Winchell (Alexander). 

Marcy (B. B.). See Bed Biver and United States. War Department. 

Marenzi (Franz von). Die Seen der Vorzeit in Oberkrain und die Fel- 

senschliffe der Save. (Tract.) 8vo. Laibach, 1863. 
. Zwolf Pragmente liber Geologie, oder Beleuchtung dieser Wis- 

senschaft nach den Grundsatzen der Astronomie und der Physik. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Trieste, 1864. 

Mares (Paul). Nivellement barometrique dans les provinces d' Alger et 

de Constantine. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1864. 

Margo (Tivadar). A Puhanyok Isomrostjairol. (Tract.) 

4to. Pesth, 1861. 

. Az Izomidegek Vigzodeseirol. (Tract. 4to. Pesth, 1862. 

Mariani (A.). See Cocchi (Igino). 

Marianini (Pietro Domenico). Sopra il fenomeno che si osserva nelle 

calamite temporarie, di non cessar totalmente, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Modena, 1851. 
. Sopra l'aumento di forza absorbente che si osserva in un' elica 

elettrodinamica quando e circondata da una tubo di ferro. (Tract.) 

4to. Modena, 1852. 
Marion (A. P.). See Saporta (Gaston de). 
Markham (Clements B.). A Memoir on the Indian Surveys. 

8vo. London, 1871. 

. . 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1878. 

Markree Catalogue. Catalogue of Stars near the Ecliptic, observed 

at Markree during the years 1848-1856. 4 vols. 

8vo. Dublin, 1851-56. 
Marmier (Xavier). See Gaimard (Paul). 
Marmora (Albert de la). See De la Marmora (Albert). 
Marnesia (Marquis de). Essai sur la mineralogie du bailliage d'Orgelet, 

en Pranche-Comte. (Tract.) 8vo. Besanqon, 1778. 

Marryat (Capt.). On the environs of Nice. (Tract.) MS. 

Marschall (August von). Auszug aus der Denkschrift des Herrn 

Alphons Milne-Edwards iiber die geologische Yertheilung der fossilen 

Vtigel. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1863. 

-* . Nomenclator Zoologicus. 8vo. Vienna, 1873, 

. See Hauer (Pranz von) and Suess (Edward). 

Marsden (Thomas). The Sacred Steps of Creation. 

8vo. London, 1865-. 
Marsh (Othniel Charles). The Gold of Nova Scotia. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Neiu Haven, 1861, 
. Description of the remains of a New Enaliosaurian (Eosaurus 

acadianus), from the Coal-formation of Nova Scotia. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862* 

336 MAlt 

Marsh (0. C). On the Saurian Vertebrae from Nova Scotia. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1862. 

. Catalogue of Mineral Localities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, 

and Newfoundland. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1863. 

. Notice of a new Fossil Annelid (Helminthodes antiquus) from the 

Lithographic slates of Solenhofen. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1864. 

Description of an Ancient Sepulchral Mound near Newark, Ohio. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1866. 

. Contributions to the Mineralogy of Nova Scotia. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1867. 

. Notice of a new species of Fossil Horse. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1868. 

. Observations on the Metamorphosis of Siredon into Amblystorna. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1868. 

. Description of a New Species of Protichnites from the Potsdam 

Sandstone of New York. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. New Haven, 1869. 
- ■ . Notice of some new Mosasauroid Eeptiles from the Greensand of 
New Jersey (and) Description of a new and gigantic fossil Serpent 
(Dinophis grandis) from the Tertiary of New Jersey. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1869. 

. Notice of some new Reptilian Remains from the Cretaceous of 

Brazil. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1869. 

. Notice of some Fossil Birds from the Cretaceous and Tertiary 

formations of the United States. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1870. 
/ Description of some new Fossil Serpents from the Tertiary de- 
posits of Wyoming. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1871. 

. Notice of a Fossil Forest in the Tertiary of California. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1871. 

. On the Geology of the Eastern Uintah Mountains. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1871. 

. Discovery of additional Remains of Pterosauria, with Descriptions 

of two new species ; Discovery of the Dermal Scutes of Mosasauroid 
Reptiles. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1872. 

. Notice of some new Tertiary and Post-tertiary Birds. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1872. 

. On the Structure of the Skull and Limbs in Mosasauroid Reptiles, 

with descriptions of new genera and species. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1872. 

. Preliminary description of new Tertiary Mammals. Part I. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1872. 

. Preliminary description of Hespevomis regalis, with notices of 

four other new species of Cretaceous Birds. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1872. 

. Additional observations on the Dinocerata. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1873. 

. New observations on the Dinocerata. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1873. 

. On a new Sub-class of Fossil Birds (Odontornithes). (Tract.) 

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MAE 337 

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Jurassic formation of the Eocky Mountains. (Tract.) 

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338 MAE 

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. On the necessity for Harbours of Refuge, and their proved utility 

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spheriques, mais simulant des traces de grands courants diluviens. 
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MAE 339 

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Baveno sur le Lac Majeur. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

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1867. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

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anglais et allemands de la nouvelle ecole. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1871. 

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neuchatelois et de la vegetation speciale qui les caracterise. (Tract.) 

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migrations, sous 1'innuence des causes naturelles et par celle de 
l'homme. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1872. 

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et chez les mammiferes deduite de la torsion de Thinnerus. (Tract.) 

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logique et historique. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

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et de l'echidne comparee a celle des membres correspondants dans 
les reptiles, les oiseaux et les mammiferes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1874. 

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theorie de revolution en histoire naturelle. (Tract.) 

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seaux indigenes du midi de la France, sensibles au froid dans les 
hivers rigoureux. (Tract.) 4to. Montpellier, 1877. 


310 MAE 

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comme moraines sous-marines. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1876. 
. Temperatures de Fair, de la terre et de l'eau au Jar din des Plantes 

de Montpellier, d'apres vingt-six annees d'observations, 1852-77. 

(Tract.) 4to. Montpellier, 1879. 

. See Quetelet (A.). 

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du Po, aux environs de Turin, compares a ceux de la plaine Suisse. 

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NEE (C. E.). 

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4to. Munich, 1851. 

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Maryland and Pennsylvania. Messages from the Governors of Mary- 
land and Pennsylvania, transmitting the Reports of the Joint Com- 
missioners, and of Lieut.-Col. Graham, in relation to the intersection 
of the Boundary lines of the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and 
Delaware. (Tract.) 8vo. Chicago, 1862. 

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osservate nel territorio di Vicenza. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1802. 

. Corsa pel bacino del Eodano e per la Liguria d'occidente, divisa 

in sei sezioni, di cui la principale, cioe quella che diede motivo alT 
opera, contiene la orittografia del Monte Coiron, situato nella 
dianzi provincia Vivarese, ora dipartimento de l'Ardeche. 

8vo. Vicenza, 1806. 

. Descrizione del tachigonimetro, nuovo stromento geoderico, etc. 

(Tract.) 4to. Milan, 1811. 

. Notizia sopra un granito in massa sovrapposta [sul flume Avisio] 

in giacimento discordante, al calcare secondario, etc. (Tract.) 

Eol. Venice, 1820. 

. Quadro delle formazioni che serve d'indice all' Essai geognos- 

tique sur le gisement des roches dans les deux hemispheres del 
Barone di Humboldt, etc. (Tract.) Eol. Venice, 1825. 

MAS— MAU 341 

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selig teniperaturvexel. (Tract.) 8vo. Christiana, 1832-33. 

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anno trigesimo primo sseculi decimi septimi (1631). 

8vo. Naples, 1633. 

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nature of the Crystal Molecule by the instrumentality of Light. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

. See British Museum. 

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mationibus tertiariis agri Veneti delectarum. 8vo. Verona, 1859. 

. See Visiani (Boberto de). 

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. See New Yoke, Natural History ; and Surveys, Ohio. 

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tant anciens que modernes, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1810. 

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. See Keill (J.). 

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k. Akademie der Wissenschaften am 28. Marz 1859. (Tract.) 

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342 MAU— MEA 

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of the Sea. From the Appendix to the Washington Astronomical 
Observations for 1846. (Tract.) 4to. Washington, 1851. 

. On the probable relation between Magnetism and the Circulation 

of the Atmosphere. From the Appendix to the Washington Astro- 
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most interesting Mines in the North of England, in Scotland, and in 

Wales ; and an Analysis of Mr. Williams's work. 8vo. London, 1802. 

. On the Diamond-mines in the Brazils. (Tract.) 

Fol. Manuscript, 1810. 

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8vo. London and Stockholm, 1855. 

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« . See Boslee (Karl Anton). 

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jurassiques et diagnoses des especes nouvelles. (Tract.) 

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tertiaires qui se trouvent au musee federal de Zurich. Cahiers 
2-4. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Zurich, 1867-70. 

. Ueber die Nummuliten-Gebilde Ober-Italiens. (Tract.) 

8vo. Zurich, 1869. 

. Description de coquilles fossiles des terrains tertiaires inferieurs. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

. . See Haetung (G.). 

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etc. (2 tracts.) MS. 1810-11. 

MEC— MEL 343 

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4to. Naples, 1752. 

. Descrizione della lava scorsa nel mese di luglio dell' anno 1754, 

nel cratere, o sia piattaforma del Vesuvio, ed eruttata dalla cima 
d'una montagnuola creatasi quasi nel mezzo di esso cratere ; come 
lo dimostra l'ingiunta carta estratta dal libro dell' osservazioni che 
mensualmente si fanno dentro il cratere del Vesuvio. 

4to. Naples, 1754. 
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. See Campbell (John Francis). 

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map. 3 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

and Theobald (W.). Notes on a Celt found by Mr. Hacket in the 

ossiferous deposits of the Narbada Valley (Pliocene of Falconer) : 
on the age of the deposits by Mr. H. B. M. ; on the associated shells 
by Mr. W. T. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1873. 

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Miocene. (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, 183.) (Tract.) 

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. A Reply to some Eemarks published by Prof. Swallow on certain 

disputed points in the Geology of Kansas and other North-western 
Localities. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia*!, 1869. 

. See Surveys : California, Missouri, Ohio, and United States. 

and Hayden (F. V.). Descriptions of new Organic Eemains col- 
lected in Nebraska Territory in the year 1857, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1858. 

, . Geological Explorations in Kansas Territory. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1859. 

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be Eepresented ? (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1859. 

Meguscher (Francisco). Memoria in risposta al quesito : additare la 

migliore e piu facile maniera per rimettere i boschi nelle montagne 

diboschite dell' alta Lombardia e per conservarli e proft'ettarne. 

8vo. Milan, 1847. 
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8vo. Philadelphia, 1858. 

. Description of a deformed, fragmentary Human Skull, found in 

an ancient quarry-cave at Jerusalem, etc. (Tract.) 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1859. 
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(Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Munich, 1869. 

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gical Observations taken in the Colony of Victoria during the 
years 1859-1862. Edited by George Neumayer. 

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. The Catalogue of the Melbourne Public Library for 1861. 

8vo. Melbourne, 1861. 
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344 MEL— MEN 

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Southern Part of the Nijegorod Government. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1875. 
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graphical description of the island. 8vo. Lmdon, 1875, 
Mello (J. Magens). A general sketch of the Geology of Derbyshire. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1872. 
— — . Coal: its nature and uses. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Derby, 1873. 

. The Midland Coal Eield. 8vo. Derby, 1874. 

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8vo. Paris, 1879. 

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. See British Association. Sheffield Guide Book. 

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the United States, revised by S. S. Haldeman and J. L. Le Conte. 

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8vo. Florence, 1851. 
See also Savi (P.) and Meneghini (G.). 

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scienza geologica.) (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1853. 

. On the Animal Nature of the Diatomese, with an organographies 

revision of the genera established by Kiitzing. Translated by 
Christopher Johnson. (Bay Society.) 8vo. London, 1853. 

Laurea in scienze naturali conferito al Sig. Alessandro Spagnolini. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1857. 

Paleontologie de l'ile de Sardaigne. (Erom De la Marmora's 
Voyage en Sardaigne.') 8vo. Turin, 1857. 

. With plates. 4to. Turin, 1857. 

Descrizione dei resti di due fiere trovati nelle ligniti mioceniche 

di Montebambola. (Tract.) 8vo. Milan, 1862. 

Sugli Echinodermi fossili neogenici di Toscana. (Tract.) 

8vo. Milan, 1862. 
Denteco Munsteri, specie di pesce i cui resti fossili, trovati nelle 
argille subapennine del Volterrano dal Dott. Gaspare Amidei etc. 
(Tract.) 4to. Pisa, 1864. 

. See Savi (Paolo) and Benieei (Stefano Andrea). 

and Achiardi (A. d'). ISTuovi fossili titonici di Monte Primo e di 

Sanvicino, nell' Apennino centrale. (Tract.) 8vo. Pisa, 1879. 

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8 vo . Vie.ei iza, 18 6 8 . 
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MEN— MEU 345 

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range of mountains, as connected with its scenery, soil, and produc- 
tions. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1829. 
Mercer (Nathan). The Chemistry of Gold, with a sketch of its Natural 
History and Geological distribution. 8vo. Liverpool, 1853. 
Mercey (N. de). Note sur la direction adoptee pour le trace des coupes 
de la carte geologique du departement de la Somme, et sur certains 
rapports entre la structure du sol de la Picardie et celle du detroit 
du Pas-de-Calais. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

. Classification de la periode quaternaire en Picardie. (Tract.) 

8vo. Amiens, 1877, 

. Description de YInoceramus Mantelli. (Tract.) 

8vo. Amiens, 1877. 

. Note sur les croupes de la Somme a Ailly-sur-Somme, a Breilly, 

a la Chaussee-Tirancourt, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

. Sur deux questions concernant les croupes de le Somme. Nou- 

velles indications sur les croupes de la Somme. (Tract.) 

8vo. Amiens, 1877. 

. Note sur la formation du limon glaciaire du departement de la 

Somme par le remaniement des sables gras ou alluvions de rive des 
alluvions anciennes. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

Mercier de Boissy (Ange Bernard). Biography. SeeAncHiAC (Vicomted'), 
Merian (Peter). Beitrage zur Geognosie. l er Band. 2 copies. 

8vo. Basle, 1821. 

. Geognostische Uebersicht des siidlichen Schwarzwaldes. 

8vo. Basle, 1831. 

. Ueber die in Basel wahrgenommenen Erdbeben. 

4to. Basle, 1834, 

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8vo. Basle, 1866. 

. Ueber die Grenze zwischen Jura- und Kreideformation. (Tract.) 

8vo. Basle?, 1868. 
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with especial reference to the Ironstone of the Yale of the Esk, of 
Staithes, and Cleveland. (Tract.) 12mo. London, 1853. 

Mersey Channels. Beport from the Committee appointed by the British 
Association ... to investigate and report upon the effects pro- 
duced upon the Channels of the Mersey by the alterations which 
. . . have been made in its Banks. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 
Metals, Mines, and Minerals. A collection of scarce and valuable 
Treatises, upon Metals, Mines, and Minerals. [Edited by O. Payne.] 
In Four Parts. Parts I. and II. Concerning the Art of Metals, 
written originally in Spanish, by the learned Albaro Alonso Barba ; 
translated by the Earl of Sandwich in the year 1669. Part III. 
Containing that invaluable piece of Mr. G. Platte's, viz. a discovery 
of all sorts of Mines from Gold to Coal. Part IV. Houghton's 
Compleat Miner. 12mo. London, 1738. 

Metropolitan University. Eemarks on the Ministerial Plan of a Cen- 
tral University examining Board. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1836. 
Meugy (A.). Historique des mines de Kive-de-Gier (Loire). 1 

8vo. Paris, 1848. 

346 MEU— MET 

Meugy (A.). Essai de geologie pratique sur la Flandre francaise. 

8vo. Lille, Paris, and Brussels, 1852. 

. Memoire sur la decouverte du phosphate de chaux terreux en 

France et sur l'emploi de cet engrais dans la culture. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1857. 

. Lecons elementaires de geologie appliquee a l'agriculture. 2 me 

edition. 8vo. Paris and Troyes, 1871. 

Meunier (Stanislas). Cours de geologie coniparee. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

. Geologie des environs de Paris, ou Description des terrains et 

enumeration des fossiles qui s'y rencontrent, etc. 2 copies. 

8vo. Paris, 1875. 
Mexico. See Zacatecas. 

Meyen (F. J. F.). Outlines of the Geography of Plants. Translated by 
Margaret Johnston. (Pay Society.) 8vo. London, 1846. 

Meijer (0. J. A.). On the Lower Greensand of Godalming. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1869. 

. Notes respecting Chloritic Marl and Upper Greensand. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1878. 
Meyer (Christian Erich Hermann von). Biographical Notice. See Zittel 
(Carl Alfred). 

. Beitrage zur Petrefactenkunde. (Tract.) 4to. Bonn, 1829. 

. Palaeologica : zur Geschichte der Erde und ihrer Geschopfe. 

8vo. Frankfort, 1832. 
■ ■■ ■■ - . Tabelle iiber die Geologie zur Vereinfachung derselben, und zur 
naturgemassen Classification der Gesteine. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Nuremberg, 1833. 

. Die fossilen Ziihne und Knochen und ihre Ablagerung in der 

Gegend von Georgensgemiind in Bayern. (Tract.) 

4to. Frankfort, 1834. 

. Abweichungen von der Fiinfzahl bei Echinideen, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Bonn, 1835. 

. Beitrage zu Eryon, einem geschlechte fossiler langschwanziger 

Krebse. (Tract.) ' 4to. Bonn, 1835. 

. Isoerinus und Chelocrinus, zwei neue Typen aus der Abtheilung 

Crinoideen. (Tract.) 4to. 1835. 

. Pecherches sur les ossemens fossiles du gres bigarre de Soultz- 

les-Bains, Bas-Phin. (Tract.) 4to. Strasburg, 1835. 
. Neue Gattungen fossiler Krebse aus Gebilden vom bunten Sand- 
stein bis in die Kreide. (Tract.) 2 copies. 4to. Stuttgart, 1840. 

. Zur Fauna der Vorwelt. Fol. Frankfort, 1845-60. 

Fossile Siiugethiere, Vogel und Peptilien [1845]. Saurier des 
Muschelkalkes [1847-55]. Peptilien aus der Steinkohlenforrna- 
tion in Deutschland [1858]. Saurier aus dem Kupferschiefer der 
Zechsteinformation [1856]. Peptilien aus dem lithographischen 
Schiefer des Jura in Deutschland und Frankreich [I860]. 

. Pterodactylus (Rhampliorliynchus) Gemmingi aus dem Kalkschiefer 

von Solenhofen. (Tract.) 4to. 1846. 

. Ueber die Peptilien und Saugethiere der verschiedenen Zeiten 

der Erde. 8vo. Frankfort, 1852. 

. (Ueber den Peptilien der Steinkohlenformation Deutschlands.) 

(Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1854. 

MET— MIC 347 

Meyer (Christian Erich Hermann von). See Bronn (H. G.) and 
Dunker (Wilhelm). 

and Plieninger (Theodor). Beitrage zur Palaontologie Wiirttem- 

bergs, enthaltend die f ossilen Wirbelthierreste aus den Triasgebilden, 
mit besonderer Biicksicht auf die Labyrinthodonten des Keupers. 
(Tract.) 4to. Stuttgart, 1844. 

Meyer (J. N.). Ueber die Fortschritte der Cultur in den Fiirstenthiimern 
Wallachei und Moldau in besonderer Beziehung anf naturwissen- 
schaftliche Kenntnisse. (Tract.) 8vo. Bonn, 1835. 

Meyer (Johann Budolf) and Meter (Hieronymus). Beise auf den 
Jungfrau-Gletscher und Ersteigung seines Gipfels. (Tract.) 

8vo. Aarau, 1812, 

. Beise auf die Eisgebirge des Kantons Bern und Ersteigung 

ihrer hochsten Gipfel im Sommer 1812. (Herausgegeben von 
Zschokke.) (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Aarau, 1813. 

Miall (Louis Compton). A Descriptive Guide to the Fossil Collection — 
Museum of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leeds, 1873. 

. Monograph of the Sirenoid and Crossopterygian Ganoids. (Palae- 

ontographical Society.) 4to. London, 1878, etc. 

and Greenwood (F.). Studies in Comparative Anatomy. No. II. 

Anatomy of the Indian Elephant. 8vo. London, 1878. 

Michel (A.). See Hunt (Thomas Sterry). 

Michelin (Hardouiu). Iconographie zoophytologique ; description par 
localites et terrains des polypiers fossiles de France et pays environ- 
nants. 4to. Paris, 1840-47. 

. JN T ote sur differentes especes du genre Vloa. (Tract.) 

' 8vo. Paris, 1846. 

. Note sur le nouveau genre Metaporinus, Echinide de la famille 

des ClypeastroVdes dAgassiz. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1846. 

. Description de quelques nouvelles especes d'Echinodermes fossiles. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

. Note sur quelques Echinides fossiles. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1854. 

. Notice sur un genre nouveau a etablir dans la famille des Spatan- 

goides sous le nom de Moera. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

. Note sur le Conoclypeus conoideus, Agassiz. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1856. 

. Notice relative aux descriptions des Echinides. (Tract.) 

8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. Bevue des especes connues et nouvelles du genre Mellita, famille 

des Clypeastroides. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

. Monographic des Clypeastres fossiles. 4to. Paris, 1861. 

Michell (John). Conjectures concerning the cause, and Observations 

upon the Phsenomena, of Earthquakes : particularly of that Great 

Earthquake of 1755, which proved so fatal to the City of Lisbon. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1760. 

Michelotti (Giovanni). Specimen Zoophytologiae diluvianae. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1838. 

. Brevi cenni di alcuni resti delle classi Brachiopodi ed Acefali, 

trovati fossili in Italia. (Tract.) 4to. Venice, 1839. 

348 MIC— MIL 

Michelotti (Giovanni). Inclice ragionato di alcuni testacei di Cefalopodi 

fossili in Italia, nella Savoja, e nel contado di Nizza. (Tract.) 

4to. Milan, 1840. 
. Eivista di alcune specie fossili della famiglia dei Gasteropodi. 

(Tract.) 4to. Milan, 1840. 

. Brevi cenni sullo studio della zoologia fossile. (Tract.) 

4to. Turin, 1841. 

. Monografia del genere Murex. (Tract.) 4to. Venice, 1841. 

. Saggio storico dei Bizopodi caratteristici dei terreni sopracretacei. 

(Tract.) 4to. Modena, 1841. 

. Etudes sur le Miocene inferieur de l'ltalie septentrionale. 

4to. Haarlem, 1861. 

. See Bellardi (Luigi) and Duchassaing de Eonbressin (P.). 

Middendorff (Alex. Th. von). Beise in den aussersten Norden und Osten 

Sibiriens. 4 vols. 4to; Atlas, fol. St. Petersburg, 1848-51. 

. See Helmersen (Gregor von). 

Middleton (John). Outlines of the Mineral Strata of Great Britain. 

(Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1812-13. 

. General view of the Agriculture of Middlesex, etc. 2nd edition. 

8vo. London, 1813. 
Mietzsch (Hermann). Geologie der Kohlenlager. 8vo. Leipzig, 1875. 

. See Surveys: Saxony. 

Migliarini (M. A.). Osservazioni sopra i numeri che usarono gli Etrusche. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Florence, 1860. 

Milano (Michele). Cenni geologici sulla provincia di Terra d'Otranto. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Naples, 1815. 

. . (Tract.) 8vo. Leghorn, 1820. 

. Cenni geologici sul tenimento di Massa Lubrense. (Tract.) 

8vo. Naples, 1820. 
Military Sciences. Aide Memoire. Part I. Vol. II., comprising E, G, 

H, I, K, L, M. (Geology by J. E. Portlock.) 8vo. London, 1848. 
Milizia (Francesco). See Bowles ("William). 
Millard (John). A Letter to the Et. Hon. Thomas Spring-Bice, . . . 

containing a Plan for the better management of the British Mu- 
seum. 8vo. London, 1836. 
Mille ( — ). See Paris to Brest. Profil geologique, suivant le trace 

du chemin de fer. 
Miller (Henry). See Van den Broeck (Ernest). 
Miller (Hugh). The Old Bed Sandstone, or new walks in an old field. 

3rd edition. , 8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1847. 

. . 4th edition. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1850. 

. Footprints of the Creator ; or the Asterolepis of Stromness. 3rd 

edition. 8vo. London, 1850. 

. Geology. A Lecture. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1854. 

. The Testimony of the Bocks, or Geology in its bearings on the 

two Theologies, natural and revealed. Lecture III. The two Be- 

cords, Mosaic and Geological, with remarks by "Wm. Parker Eoulke. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1854. 
. The Testimony of the Bocks ; or Geology in its bearings on the 

two Theologies, natural and revealed. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1857. 

MTL 349 

Miller (Hugh). (Works : A posthumously published uniform series.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1869. 
My Schools and Schoolmasters. 13th edition. 
Footprints of the Creator, or the Asterolepis of Stromness. With 
Memoir by Louis Agassiz. 11th edition. 

Sketch-book of Popular Geology. 3rd edition. 
Edinburgh and its neighbourhood, Geological and Historical ; with 
the Geology of the Bass Rock. 3rd edition. 

Essays, Historical and Biographical, Political and Social, Literary 
and Scientific. 3rd edition. 

Tales and Sketches. 3rd edition. 

The Cruise of the ' Betsy/ or a summer holiday in the Hebrides, 
with Eambles of a Geologist, or ten thousand miles over the Eossi- 
liferous deposits of Scotland. 7th edition. 

The Headship of Christ, and the rights of the Christian People. 
3rd edition. , 

The Old Bed Sandstone, or new walks in an old field. (11th 

The Testimony of the Rocks, or Geology in its bearings on the 
two theologies, natural and revealed. (36th thousand.) 
Eirst Impressions of England and its People. 9th edition. 
Scenes and Legends of the north of Scotland, or the Traditional 
History of Cromarty. 7th edition. 
Miller (J. S .) . A Natural History of the Crinoidea, or Lily-shaped animals. 
(2 copies.) 4to. Bristol, 1821. 

Miller (William Allen). Experiments and Observations on some Cases 
of Lines in the Prismatic Spectrum produced by the passage of Light 
through Coloured Vapours and Gases, and from certain Coloured 
Elames. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1845. 

Miller (William Hallows). A Treatise on Crystallography. (Tract.) 

8vo. Cambridge and London, 1839. 

. A Tract on Crystallography. 8vo. Cambridge, 1863. 

. On the Crystallographic method of Grassmann, and on its em- 
ployment in the investigation of the general geometric properties of 
Crystals. (Tract.) 8vo. Cambridge, 1868. 

. See Percy (John) and Phillips (William). 

Milligan (Joseph). Reports on the Coal-basins of Van Diemen's Land. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Hobart Town, 1849. 

Millin (A. L.). Mineralogie Homerique, ou Essai sur les mineraux 
dont il est fait mention dans les poemes d'Homere. 2 e edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1816. 
Mills (D.). A report on the boundaries of the province of Ontario. 

8vo. Toronto, 1873. 
Mills (Abraham). Catalogue of his miscellaneous collection of books 
and pictures. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1828. 

Milne-Home (David). A Geological Survey of Berwickshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1837. 

■ . Memoir on the Mid-Lothian and East-Lothian Coal-fields. 

4to. Edinburgh and London, 1839. 

. Geological Account of Roxburghshire. (Tract.) 

4to. Edinburgh, 1843. 

350 MIL-MIT 

Milne (Joshua). Catalogue (sale) of his valuable and extensive library 

of books, comprising . . . Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and 

Natural History, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

Milne Edwards (Alphonse and Henri). See Edwaeds (A. M. and 

H. M.). 
Milner (Thomas). Gallery of Geography. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Miltenberg (Wilhelm Adolph). Die Hdhen der Erde. 

4to. Frankfort, 1815. 
Mine Adventure. A familiar discourse or dialogue concerning the Mine 

Adventure. 8vo. London, 170". 

Mingaud (Ph.). De YErinus alpinus, Erine pourpree des Alpes de ]a 

famille des Personnels de Jussieu, histoire topographique de son 

habitat constate. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1861. 
. Coup-d'oeil rapide sur les terrains du bassin de Saint-Jean-du- 

Gard, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1863. 
. The Arbutus ; its Propagation and Culture, etc. 2nd edition . 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1865. 
Mining. Bericht vom Bergbau. 4to. Leipzig, 1772. 
. Corpus Juris et Systema rerum Metallic-arum, oder ; Neu- 

verfasstes Berg-Buch, Bestehend aus allerhaud, so alten als 

neuern Collectaneis von Bergwercks-Sachen. 

Pol. Frankfort, 1698. 
. Edits, ordonnances, arrets et reglemens sur le faict des mines 

et minieres de Erance, etc. Jouxte la copie imprimee a Paris chez 

Pierre Charpentier, contre l'Horloge du Palais, au Paradis, en 1631. 

8vo. Paris, 1764. 

. See Veith (Heinrich), Metals, etc., and Ancxn". Mining. 

Minnesota: Its Progress and Capabilities. Being the second Annual 

Beport of the Commissioners of Statistics for the years 1860 and 

1861. 8vo. Saint Paul, 1862. 
. Statistics of Minnesota pertaining to its Agriculture, Population, 

Manufactures, etc., for 1869. Being the first annual report of the 
Assistant Secretary of State to the Governor. 

8vo. Saint Paid, 1870. 
Mirabaud ( — ). Systeme de la Nature, ou des loix du monde physique 

et du monde moral. 2 parts. 8vo. London, 1770. 

Mississippi Report. See Hempheeys (A. A.). 
Mitchell (George). See Kaesten (Dietrich Ludwig Gustav). 
Mitchell (Hugh). Notice of new Eossils from the Lower Old Bed 

Sandstone of Scotland. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Mitchell (John). On the Extraction of the Precious Metals by means 

of Mitchell's Amalgamating Machinery. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1858. 
Mitchell (Sir T. L.). Outlines of a System of Surveying, for geographical 

and military purposes. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1827. 

. Three Expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1838. 

. Journal of an Expedition into the interior of Tropical Australia. 

8vo. London, 1848. 
. Geological Eeport on the Goldfields in the Counties of Wellington 

and Bathurst. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1852. 

MIT— MOH 351 

Mitchell (Walter). On the Geometrical Isomorphism of Crystals and 
the derivation of all other forms from those of the Cubical system. 

8vo. London, 1867. 

. See Ten'xaxt (James). 

Mobius (K.). Die echten Perlen. (Tract.) 4to. Hamburg, 1858. 

Moe (Jorg). Cantate ved det Kongelige Xorske Erederiks Universitets 

Mindefest for Hans Majestret Kong Carl den 19 de iSToveruber, 1872. 

(Tract.) 4to. Christiania, 1872. 

Moggridge (M.). On the Section exposed in the excavation of the 

Swansea Docks. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1856. 

. See Gauwb (C. Th.). 

Mohl (Heinrich). Die Urgeschichte des kurhessischen Landes. (Tract.) 

8vo. Cassel, 1863. 

. Die G-esteine (Tachylyt, Basalt und Dolerit) der Sababurg in 

Hessen, etc. (Tract.) " 8vo. Cassel, 1869. 

. Die siidwestlichsten Auslaufer des Vogelsgebirges. (Tract.) 

8vo. Offenbach, 1870? 

. Der Buhl bei Weimar in der Xahe von Kassel. (Tract.) 

8vo. Offenbach, 1872 ? 

. Der Scheidsberg bei Bemagen am Bhein. (Tract.) 

8vo. Offenbach, 1872 ? 

. Die Basalte und Phonolithe Sachsens, mikroskopisch untersucht 

und beschrieben. 4to. Dresden, 1873. 

. Kleine Beitrage zum Vorkommen des Tridymits, Breislakits und 

Sodaliths. (Tract.) * 8vo. Stuttgart, 1873. 

■ . Mikroskopische L T ntersuchung einiger Basalte Badens. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1873. 

. Mikromineralogische Mittheilungen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1873. 

. ' . Erste Forstetzung. 1 . Einige neu aufgef undene Hauvn- 

basalte. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 

. . . 9. Tier Trachyte vom G. Merapi bei Salatija in 

Central Java. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 

■ . Die Basalte der preussischen Oberlausitz. (Tract.) 

8vo. Gorlitz, 1874. 

. Die Basalte der rauhen Alb. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 

. Erdbeben und Vulkane. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1874. 

. Ueber die mineralogische Constitution und Eintheilung der 

Phonolithe. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 

. Zusammenstellung, mikroskopische Untersuchung and Beschrei- 

bung einer Sammlung typischer Basalte. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 
Mohl (Hugo von). On the Structure of the Palm Stem. (Bay Society.) 

8vo. London, 1849. 

Mohn (H.). Bidrag til Kundskaben om gamle Strandlinier i Xorge. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1876. 

Mohr (Eriedrich). Geschichte der Erde. Eine Geologie auf neuer 

Grundlage. 8vo. Bonn, 1866. 

. Geschichte der Erde. Ein Lehrbuch der Geologie auf neuer 

Grundlage. 8vo. Bonn, 1875. 

352 MOH— MOJ 

Mohrenstern (Gustav Schwartz von). See Scbtwaetz-von-Moheensteen 

Mohs (Eriedrich). Sammlung mineralogischer und bergmannischer 
Abhandlungen. Band I. (Beschreibung des Grubengebaudes Him- 
melsfiirst). 8vo. Vienna, 1804. 

. Mineralien-Kabinet des Herrn Jac. Eriedr. von der Null, nach 

einem, durchaus auf aussere Kennzeichen gegriindeten Systeme 
geordnet, beschrieben, und . . . . als Handbuch der Oryctognosie 
brauchbar gemacht von E. Mohs. 3te Abtheil. 8vo. Vienna, 1804. 

. Versuch einer Elementar-Methode zur naturhistorischen Be- 

stimmung und Erkennung der Fossilien. ler Theil. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1812. 

. The Characters of the Classes, Orders, Genera, and Species ; or 

the Characteristic of the Natural History System of Mineralogy. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1820. 

. Treatise on Mineralogy, or the Natural History of the Mineral 

Kingdom. Translated from the German, with considerable additions, 
by W. Haidinger. 3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1825. 

Mojon (Giuseppe). Descrizione mineralogica della Liguria. (Tract.) 

8vo. Geneva, 1805. 
Mojsisovics von Mojsvar (Edmund von). Bericht iiber die im Sommer 
1868 durch die IV. Section der k.-k. geologischen B/eichsanstalt 
ausgefiihrte Untersuchung der alpinen Salzlagerstatten. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1869. 

. Ueber die Gliederung der oberen Triasbildungen der ostlichen 

Alpen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1869. 

. Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Cephalopodenfauna der dnischen 

Gruppe. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1870. 

. Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Cephalopodenfauna des alpinen 

Muschel-Kalks. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1870. 

. Beitrage zur topis chen Geologie der Alpen. (Tracts.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1871-73. 

. Ueber das Belemnitiden-Geschlecht Aulacoceras, Er. v. Hauer. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1871. 

. Ueber die Grenze zwischen Ost- und West- Alpen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1873. 

. Ueber einige Trias-Versteinerungen aus den Siid- Alpen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1873. 

. Eaunengebiete und Eaciesgebilde der Trias -Periode in den Ost- 

Alpen. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1874. 

. Ueber die Ausdehnung und Structur der slidosttirolischenDolomit- 

stocke. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1875. 

. Vorlaufige kurze Uebersicht der Ammoniten-Gattungen der 

mediterranen und juvavischen Trias. (Tract.) 

8vo. Vienna, 1879. 

. Ammonites of the Mediterranean and Juvavian Trias. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1879. 

. Die Dolomit Riffe von Siidtirol und Venetien. Text and Maps. 

2 copies. Svo. Vienna, 1879. 

. Zur Geologie der Karsterscheinimgen. (Tract.) 

Svo. Vienna, 1SS0. 

MOL— MON 353 

Moldenhauer (Friedrich). Verzeichniss der Mineralien und geordneten 
Sammlungen des Mineraliencomptoir's in Heidelberg (Catalogue 

des Mineraux, etc.). (Tract.) 8vo. Heidelberg, 1825. 

Moliner-Violle (F. A.). See Bouejot (A. A.). 
Moll. See Salzburg. 
Moller (Valerian von). TJeber die Trilobiten der Steinkohlenformation 

des Ural. (Tract.) 8vo. Moscow, 1867. 
. Die spiral-gewundenen Foraminiferen des russischen Kohlen- 

Kalks. (Tract.) 4to. St. Petersburg, 1878. 
. Palaontologische Beitriige und Erlauterungen zum Briefe Dani- 

lewsky's iiber die Rssultate seiner Eeise an den Manytsch. (Tract.) 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1878. 
Molyneux (William). Burton-on-Trent, its History, its Waters, and its 

Breweries. 8vo. London and Burton-on-Trent, 1869. 
. The Old Eiver-courses and the Recent Floods of the Trent 

Valley at Burton-on-Trent, &c. (Tract.) 

8vo. Burton-on-Treut, 1876. 
Mongez (Jean Andre). See Bergman (Torbern). 
Monier (E.). Reproduction de quelques substances minerales par la 

diffusion de liquides superposes de densite differente et pouvant 

donner entre eux un precipite insoluble. (Tract). 

8vo. Saint Denis, 1880. 
Monnet (Ant. G-rimoald). Exposition des Mines, ou Description de la 

nature et de la qualite des mines, etc. 8vo. London, 1772. 

. jSTouveau Systeme de Mineral ogie. 8vo. Bouillon, 1779. 

. See Born (Ignaz von). 

Monnet de Lamarck (Jean P. Baptiste Antoine de). See Lamarck 

(J. P. B. A. de Monnet de). 
Monrad (M. J.). Det Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitets stiftelse. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Christiania, 1861. 

Monro (Henry S.). See Surveys : Japan. 
Montagna (Crescenzo).' Saggio di studii sul carbone fossile di Agnana. 

Parte prima. Geologia. (Tract.) 8vo. Naples, 1855. 
. G-iaciture e condizione del terreno carbonifero di Agnana e din- 

torni. 4to. Naples, 1857. 
. Sulle anomalie geognostiche e paleontologiche delle formazioni 

apenniniche delle provincie meridionali. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Turin, 1863. 

. G-enerazione della terra. 8vo. Turin, 1864. 

. Intorno all' esistenza di resti organizzati nelle rocce dette 

azoiche ed alia doppia origine del granito. (Tract.) 

8vo. Turin, 1866. 

. Nouvelle theorie du metamorphisme des roches. 2 copies. 

8vo. Naples, 1869. 
Monteiro (J. A.). Memoire sur plusieurs nouvelles varietes de formes 

determinables de topaze. (Tract.) 8vo. Munich, 1811. 

. Memoire sur la chaux fluatee du Vesuve. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1812. 
. Memoire sur la determination directe d'une nouvelle variete de 

forme cristalline de chaux carbonatee, etc. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Paris, 1813. 

354 MON— MOO 

Monteiro (J. A.). Nouvelle description mineralogique du pyromeride 
globaire, ou de la roche connue sous le nom de porphyre global 
de Corse. (Tract.) 4to. Paris, 181 4. 

. Observations et considerations analytiques sur la composition et 

sur la structure du pyrorneride globaire, etc. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1814. 

. Memoire sur un nouveau probleme cristallographique. (Tract.) 

4to. Paris, 1820. 
Monteiro (Jeachim John). Angola and the Eiver @ongo. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1875. 
Montfort (P. Denys-). See Denys-Montfoet (P.). 
Montgomery (Robert). A Critical Review of Mr. Montgomery's Poem 
of Oxford, by the Reviewer of the ' Keepsake,' for 1831. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1831. 

Monticelli (Teodoro). Descrizione dell' eruzione del Vesuvio avvenuta 

ne' giorni 25 e 26 dicembre dell' anno 1813. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

4to. Naples, 1815. 

. . 4to. Naples, 1841. 

and Covelli (N.). Observations et experiences faites au Vesuve 

pendant une partie des annees 1821 et 1822. (Tract.) 

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. Storia de' fenomeni del Yesuvio, avvenuti negli anni 

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MOO— MOB 355 

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*^* This consists of the pages of the Catalogue mounted upon 
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355 MOE 

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of the London Basin and other localities. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

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The Physical Structure of the London Basin considered in its 

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Electrical Society. 
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MOE 357 

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8vo. Paris, 1865 
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2 e anne'e. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

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. See Gastaldi (Bartolomeo). 

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wanting in oue copy. Eol. London, 1712. 

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Strata of New Jersey. (Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1844. 
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(Tract.) 8vo. Philadelphia, 1844. 

. On a supposed new Species of Hippopotamus. (Tract.) 

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of "Western Africa, Hippotamus liberiensis. (Tract.) 

4to. Philalelphia, 1849. 

358 MOB— MUD 

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the Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston, etc., in support of 
the claim of W. T. G. Morton to the discovery of Etherization. 
(Tract.) 8vo. 

. Report of the Select Committee to whom was referred the Me- 
morial of Dr. W. T. G. Morton, asking remuneration from Congress 
for the discovery of the anaesthetic or pain-subduing properties of 
sulphuric ether. (Tract.) 8vo. 

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i . See Surveys : Switzerland. 

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tory of a new theory of the position of the measures therein. 2nd 
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pliocenes de Belgique. (Tract.) 8vo. Brussels, 1876. 

. Sur les depots devoniens rapportes par Dumont a l'etage quartzo- 

schisteux inferieur de son systeme Eifelien, etc. (Tract.) 

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terberg bei Bischoi'shofen [Salzburg J. (Tract.) 

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MUL— MOT 359 

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Michigan, Nordamerika. (Tract.) 8vo. Basle, 1856. 

. Ein Fund vorgeschichtlicher Steingerathe bei Basel. (Tract.) 

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. See Surveys : Switzerland. 

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Kenntniss des Erzgebirges. 
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(Tracts.) 4to. Melbourne, 1878. 

. See Exhibition of 1862 ; and Surveys, Victoria. 

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(Tract.) Sm. 4to. No date. 

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Author. Translated from the German by W. S. Dallas. 

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. See Surveys : Saxony. 

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4to. Berlin, 1843. 

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natiirliche System der Fische. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1845. 

. . Fol. Berlin, 1846. 

. Bericht liber die von Herrn Koch in Alabama gesammelten fos- 

silen Knochenreste seines Hydrarchus. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Berlin, 1847. 
Ueber ein Echinoderm mit schuppenformigen Tafeln und Echi- 

nidstacheln im Eifeler Kalk. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1856. 

. Ueber neue Crinoiden aus dem Eifeler Kalk. (Tract.) 

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8vo. Bonn, 1848. 

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lichen Sitzung der k. bayerischen Akademie der "Wissenschaften am 

28. November 1859. 4to. Munich, 1859. 

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. See Keilhau (B. M.). 

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360 MUN— MUK 

Minister (Georg von). Beitrage zur Geognosie und Petrefactenkunde 
des sudostlichen Tirol's, von Dr. Wissmann und Graf Miinster unter 
Mitwirkung des Dr. Braun. (Tract.) (Heft 4 of preceding work.) 

4to. Bayreuth, 1841 

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berg. (Tract.) 8vo. Freiberg, 1808. 

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Murchison (Sir Eoderick Impey). Obituary Notice. See Helmeesin 
(G. von). — Biography. See Geikie (A.). 

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the southern flanks of the Tyrolese Alps, near Bassano. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 8vo. London, 1829. 

. On the Bituminous Schist and Fossil Fish of Seefeld, in the Tyro]. 

(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1829. 

. Notes on the Secondary Formations of Germany, as compared 

with those of England. [Abstract.] (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1831. 

. An Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geo- 
logical Society of London, February 1832. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1832. 

. . 1833. (Tract.) ,8vo. London, 1833. 

. < . 1842. (Tract.) 2 copies. '8vo. London, 1842. 

. . 1843. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1843. 

. On the Sedimentary Deposits which occupy the western parts of 

Shropshire and Herefordshire, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1833. 

. On the Old Bed Sandstone in the counties of Hereford, Breck- 
nock, and Caermarthen, etc. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1834. 

. Outline of the Geology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Cheltenham, 1834. 

. The Silurian System. 2 copies. 4to. London, 1839. 

. Sur les roches devo7iienncs,type particulier de l'Old Bed Sandstone 

des geologues anglais, qui se trouvent dans le Boulonnais et les pays 
limitrophes. (Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1840. 

. Sketch of some of the results of a second Geological Survey of 

Bussia. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1841. 

. The Inaugural Address delivered at the first General Meeting of 

the Dudley and Midland Geological Society, January 1842. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1842. 

■ . Outline of the Geology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham. A 

new edition, by James Buckman and H. E. Strickland. 

8vo. London, 1845. 

. A brief review of the Classification of the Sedimentary Bocks of 

Cornwall. (Tract.) 8vo. Truro, 1846. 

. Address delivered at the Southampton Meeting of the British 

Association for the Advancement of Science, 1846. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 8vo. Londmx, 1846. 

. On the Silurian and Associated Bocks in Dalecarlia, on the suc- 
cession from Lower to Upper Silurian in Smoland, Oland, and Goth- 
land, and in Scania. With a postscript. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1846-47. 

. Additional remarks on the deposit of (Eningen in Switzerland. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1847. 

MUK 361 

Murchison {Sir Eoderick Impey). On the meaning originally attached 
to the term " Cambrian System," and on the evidences since ob- 
tained of its being geologically synonymous with the previously 
established term "Lower Silurian." (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

. On the development of the Permian System in Saxony, as com- 
municated by Professor Naumann. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1849. 

. On the geological structure of the Alps, Apennines, and Car- 
pathians, etc. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1849. 

. . [Abstract.] (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

i . Memoria sulla struttura geologica delle Alpi, degli Apennini 

e dei Carpazi. Traduzione ed appendice sulla Toscana dei Cav. P. 
Savi e G. Meneghini. 8vo. Florence, 1850. 

. On the distribution of the Superficial Detritus of the Alps, as 

compared with that of Northern Europe. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1850. 

. On the Earlier Volcanic Bocks of the Papal States, and the 

adjacent parts of Italy. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1850. 

. On the Vents of Hot Vapour in Tuscany, and their Relations to 

Ancient Lines of Eracture and Eruptions. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1850. 

— — . Additional Eemarks on the Deposit of (Eningen in Switzerland ; 
with a list and description of the Silurian Eossils of Ayrshire, by J. 
W. Salter. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

. On the Distribution of the Elint Drift of the South-east 

of England, to the south and north of the Weald, and over the 
surface of the South Downs. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1851. 

. On the former Changes of the Alps. (Tracts.) 

8vo. London, 1851. 

. On the Origin of the Mineral Springs of Vichy. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1851. 

. On the Slaty Pocks of the Sichon ; and on the origin of 

the Mineral Springs of Vichy. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 185]. 

. Ueber die alteren vulkanischen Gebilde im Kirchenstaate und 

iiber die Spalten, welchen in Toscana heisse Dampfe entsteigen, etc., 
deutsch von G-. Leonhard. (Tract.) 8vo. Stuttgart, 1851. 

. On the Anticipation of the Discovery of Gold in Australia ; with 

a general view of the conditions under which that metal is distri- 
buted. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. . Abstract. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

• . On the meaning of the term " Silurian System," as adopted by 

Geologists in various countries during the last ten years. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1852. 

. On the Silurian Bocks of the South of Scotland ; with a list and 

description of the Silurian Eossils of Ayrshire, by J. W. Salter. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1852. 

. On some of the Eemains in the Bone-bed of the Upper Ludlow 

Eock. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1853. 



Murchison (Sir Roderick Impey). Siluria : the history of the oldest 
known rocks containing organic remains, with a brief sketch of the 
distribution of gold over the earth. 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1854. 

. . 3rd edition. 8vo. London, 1859. 

. . 4th edition. 8vo. London, 1867. 

. On the occurrence of numerous fragments of Fir-wood in the 

islands of the Arctic Archipelago ; with Remarks on the Rock- 
specimens brought from that region. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

. On the Palaeozoic and their associated rocks of the Thiiringerwald 

and the Hartz. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1855. 

-. On the relations of the Crystalline Rocks of the Xorth High- 
lands to the Old Red Sandstone of that region, and on the recent dis- 
coveries of fossils in the former by Mr. Charles Peach. (Tract.) 
3 copies. 8vo. London, 1855. 

. On the Discovery, by Mr. Robert Slimon, of Fossils in the 

Uppermost Silurian Rocks near Lesmahago, in Scotland, etc. 
With notes on some new Crustacea, by J. W. Salter ; and on the 
structure and affinities of Himantopterus, by T. H. Huxley. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 

. Geology of Scotland. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1858. 

. On the Succession of the Older Rocks in the Northernmost 

Counties of Scotland ; and on the sandstones of Morayshire con- 
taining reptilian remains, and the probability of their belonging to 
the uppermost division of the Old Red Sandstone. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1859. 

. Nouvelle classification des anciennes roches du nord de l'Ecosse. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Paris, 1860. 

. Supplemental Observations on the Order of the ancient stratified 

Rocks of the North of Scotland, and their associated eruptive rocks. 
(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. London, 1860. 

. Address to the Geological Section of the British Association, 

Manchester, 1861. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1861. 

. On the inapplicability of the new term "Dyas" to the 

" Permian " group of rocks, as proposed by Dr. Geinitz. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1861. 
Address to the Royal Geographical Society of London, delivered 

at the Anniversary Meeting, 1844. 













2 copies. 
2 copies. 
2 copies. 
2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1844. 
8vo. London, 1852. 
8vo. London, 1853. 
8vo. London, 1863. 
8vo. London, 1864. 
8vo. London, 1865. 
8vo. London, 1866. 
8vo. London, 1867. 
8vo. London, 1868. 
8vo. London, 1869. 
8vo. London, 1870. 
8vo. London. 1871. 

On the Relative Powers of Glaciers and Floating Icebergs in 
modifying the surface of the Earth. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1864. 

MUE 363 

Murchison (Sir Eoderick Impey). Address to the G-eological Section of 
the British Association, Birmingham, 1865. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1865. 

. See Ltell (Sir Charles), Sedgwick (Adam), and Eeports, 

Colonial. New South Wales. 

and G-eikie (Archibald). First Sketch of a new Geological Map of 

Scotland, with explanatory notes. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1861. 

and Strickland (H. E.). On the Upper Formations of the New 

Eed Sandstone System in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and 
Warwickshire, showing that the red or saliferous marls, including a 
peculiar zone of sandstone, represent the "Keuper" or " Mames 
irisees," etc. (Tract.) 4to. London, 1840. 

and Verneuil (E. de). On the Geological Structure of the 

Northern and Central Eegions of Eussia in Europe. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1841. 

and Keyserling (A. von). On the Geological Structure 

of the central and southern regions of Eussia in Europe, and of the 
Ural Mountains. (Tracts.) 8vo. London, 1842. 

, , . The Geology of Eussia in Europe and the Ural 

Mountains. 4to. London and Paris, 1845. 

Murr (Christoph Gottlieb von). See Torrubia (Joseph). 
Murray (A.). A comparative scale of Creation, according to Mosaic 
Eecords and Geological Eacts. (Tract.) 8vo. Truro, 1861. 

Hurray (Alexander). The economic value of a Geological Survey. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Montreal, 1869. 

. Letter addressed to his Excellency Colonel Hill, C.B., Governor 

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. Explication .... sur la theorie de la terre par Hutton, 

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Traduits de l'anglais, et accompagnes de notes et de planches, par 
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364 MUS 

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See also Stokes, W. 
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MUS 365 

Museums. Catalogues and Descriptions of the contents of. 

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illustrating the Osteology and Dentition of Vertebrated Animals, 
recent and extinct, contained in the Museum. By W. H. Mower. 
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Descriptive Catalogue of the fossil organic remains of 

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— . Catalogue methoclique de la collection des Eeptiles, par 

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■j i . 

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of the metropolis and its suburbs. 4to. London, 1850. 


N * * * (N.). Esame analitico dell' opera intitolata Institutions Geologiques 
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Society.) 8vo. London, 1846. 

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. . . precedees d'une introduction theoretique et d'une notice sur 
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Namur and Liege Railway, with Extensions. Eeport of the Directors 
to the Shareholders, with report of Mr. Eennie. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1846. 

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. On the Lower Lias Beds occurring at Cotham, Bedminster, and 

Keynsham, near Bristol. (Tract.) 8yo. London, 1869. 

Napier {Hon. William). Eeport and papers of suggestions on the pro- 
posed gathering grounds for the Supply of the Metropolis from the 
soft-water springs of the Surrey sands ; addressed to the General 
Board of Health. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1851. 

Napoleon {Prince). See Bonaparte {Prince Napoleon). 

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le correnti marittime. (Tract.) 4to. Rome, 1866. 

. Sullo stato presente dei lavori pel taglio delP istmo di Suez. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1867. 

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naturali ed industriali delle venete provincie. (Tract.) 

8vo. Venice, 1838. 

NAE— NEC 367 

Nardo (Giovanni Domenico). Elenco degli scritti riguarclanti le scienze 
naturali, la medicina, la tecnologia ec, pubblicati dall' anno 1821 al 
1838. (Tract.) 8vo. Venice, 1838. 

. Biografia scientifica del f u Stefano A. Benier, Clodiense. (Tract.) 

2 copies. 8vo. Venice, 1847. 

. Sunto di ale une osservazioni anatomiche siuT intima struttura 

della cute de' pesci comparativamente considerata, e sulle cause 
fisiologiche e fisico-chimiche della loro colorazione e decolorazione. 
(Tract.) 4to. Venice,1853. 

. Sul potere aggregatore del ferro e sulla formazione del cosi detto 

caranto nell' adriatico bacino. (Tract.) 4to. Venice, 1855. 

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(Tract.) 4to. London, 1876. 

Nash (Edwin). A Lecture on Pre- Adamite London. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Nasmyth (Alexander). Eeport on a paper on the cellular Structure of the 

Ivory, Enamel, and Pulp of the Teeth, etc. 8vo. London, 1839. 

. Eesearches on the Development of the Teeth. 8vo. London, 1839. 

Nathorst (A. G.). Beitrage zur fossilen Elora Schwedens. 

4to. Stuttgart, 1878. 

. See Surveys : Sweden. 

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(Tract.) 4to. Jena, 1823. 

. Beytrage zur Kenntniss Norwegens. 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1824. 

. Erlauterungen zu der geognostischen Charte des Konigreichs 

Sachsen und der angranzen den Landerabtheilungen. 

8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1836. 

. Anfangsgriinde der Krystallographie. 

8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1841. 

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. . 2nd edition. 3 vols. (2 copies of Yol. III.) 

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. . 8 te Auflage. 2 copies. 8vo. Leipzig, 1871. 

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. Ueber die Fortschritte der Geognosie im Gebiete der Sedimentar- 

formationen seit Werner's Tode. (Tract.) 8vo. Freiburg, 1851. 

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8vo. Stuttgart, 1866. 

. Vorlaufige Notiz zu der geognostischen Karte des erzgebirgischen 

Bassins. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1866. 

. Erlauterungen zu der geognostischen Karte der Umgegend von 

Hainichen im Konigreiche Sachsen. 8vo. Leipzig, 1871. 

. Ueber die Hohburger Porphyrberge in Sachsen. (Tract.) 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1874. 
See Keilhatj (B. M.) and Mttrchison (Sir Eoderick Impey). 

NaTimann (Edmund). Die Yulcaninsel Ooshima und ihre jiingste Erup- 
tion. (Tract.) 8vo. Berlin, 1877. 

Necker (Louis Albert). Obituary Notice. See Sattssure (H. de). 

. Memoire sur la vallee de Yalorsine. (Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1828. 

. Memoire sur le mont Somma. (Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1828, 

368 NEC— NEI 

Necker (Louis Albert). Note sur un echantillon remarquable de la 
substance nominee par Haiiy cuivre hydro-siliceux et par Leonhard 
Kiesel-Malachit. (Tract.) 4to. Geneva, 1828. 

. Notice sur l'hyperstene et la sienite hyperstenique de la Valteline. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1829. 

. Sur quelques rapports entre la direction generale de la stratifica- 
tion et celle des lignes d'egale intensite magnetique dans rhemisphere 
boreal. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1830. 
Note sur la gismondine de Carpi, et sur un nouveau mineral des 

environs de Rome. (Tract.) 8vo. Geneva, 1831. 

. On Mineralogy considered as a branch of Natural History, etc. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1832. 

. Le Regne Animal, ramene aux methodes de l'histoire naturelle. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1835. 

. Etudes geologiques dans les Alpes. Tom. I. 

8vo. Paris, 1841. 

. On a probable Cause of certain Earthquakes. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1856. 
Needham (John Turbervil). Extract of a Letter from Paris concerning 
some new Electrical Experiments made lately there. (Tract.) 

4to. London, 1746. 

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Biicher-Auction. (Tract.) 8vo. Breslau, 1852. 

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lehm von Thiede bei Wolfenbiittel. (Tract.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1875. 

■ Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Diluvialfauna. (Tract.) 

8vo. Leipzig, 1876. 

. Die geologischen Anschauungen des Philosophen Seneca. (Tract.) 

4to. Wolfenbiittel, 1876. 

. Die quaternaren Faunen von Thiede und Westeregeln nebst 

Spuren des vorgeschichtlichen Menschen. (Tract.) 

4to. Brunswick, 1878. 

. On the Quaternary Deposits at "Westeregeln and Thiede, near 

Brunswick ; in illustration of the Subaerial Origin of Loess. 
(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1879. 

Neill (Patrick). Proofs that the Beaver was formerly a native of Scot- 
land, including an account of some Fossil Bemains of that Animal 
found in Perthshire and Berwickshire. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1819. 

. See Aubtjisson (J. F. d'). 

Neilreich (August). Nachtrage zur Flora von Nieder-Oesterreich. 
[Beilage von der k.-k. zool.-botan. Gesellschaft in Wien.] 

8vo. Vienna, 1866. 

. Diagnosen der in Ungarn und Slavonien bisher beobachteten 

Gefasspflanzen, welche in Koch's Synopsis nicht enthalten sind. 
[Beilage von der k.-k. zool.-botan. Gesellschaft in Wien.] 

8vo. Vienna, 1867. 

■ . Die Vegetationsverhiiltnisse von Croatien. [Beilage von der k.-k. 

zool.-botan. Gesellschaft in Wien.] 8vo. Vienna, 1868. 

Neilson (William). An Introduction to the Irish Language. 

8vo. Dublin, 1808. 

NEL— NEW 369 

Nelson (Edward T.). On the Molluscan Fauna of the later Tertiary of 
Peru. (Tract.) 8vo. New Haven, 1870. 

Nelson (Eichard J.). Geological Survey of the Island of Jersey. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1829. 

and Duncan (Peter Martin). On some points in the Histology of 

certain Species of Corallinaceae. - (Tract.) 4to. London, 1876. 

Nendtwich (Karoly). Chemisch-technische Untersuchung der vorziig- 
licheren Steinkohlen-Lager Ungarns. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1851. 

. A temesi bansag foldje gazdasagi es miiipari tekintetben. 

(Tract.) 4to. Pesth, 1863. 

Nesbit (J. C.). The History and Properties of the different varieties of 
natural Guanos. (Tract.) 8vo. London, 1860. 

Nesti (Filippo). Descrizione osteologica dell' Ippopotamo maggiore fossile 
dei terreni mobili del val d'Arno superiore in Toseana. (Tract.) 

4to. Modena, 1820. 

Netto (Ladislau). Investigates historicas e scientificas sobre o Museo 
imperial e nacional de Eio de Janeiro. 8vo. Rio de Janeiro, 1870. 

. Apontamentos relativos a botanica applicada no Brazil. (Tract.) 

8vo. Rio de Janeiro, 1871. 

Nenmayer (George). See Exhibition of 1862, and Melbourne, Me- 
teorological Observatory. 

Neumayr (M.). Ueber unvermittelt auftretende Cephalopodentypen im 
Jura Mittel-Europa's. (Tract.) 8vo. Vienna, 1878. 

. Zur Kenntniss der Fauna des untersten Lias in den Nordalpen. 

(Tract.) 4to. Vienna, 1879. 

Nevill (G.) and Nevill (H.). Descriptions of new Mollusca from the 
Eastern Eegions. (Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1871. 

Nevin (N.). Letter [to the Eoyal Dublin Society on their Eotanic 
Garden]. (Tract.) 8vo. Dublin, 1835. 

Newberry (J. S.). Description of several new genera and species of 
Eossil Eishes from the Carboniferous strata of Ohio. (Tract.) 
2 copies. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1856. 

. Eossil Eishes from the Devonian Eocks of Ohio. (Tract.) 

8vo. New Haven, 1857. 

. The Rock Oils of Ohio. (Tract.) 8vo. Columbus, 1859. 

. Description of Eossil Plants from the Chinese Coal-bearing Eocks. 

(Tract.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1866. 

■ . Modern Scientific Investigation : its Methods and Tendencies. 

An Address delivered before the American Association . . . 1867. 
(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. Salem, Mass., 1867. 

| . Notes on the Later Extinct Floras of North America, with 

descriptions of some New Species of Fossil Plants from the Creta- 
ceous and Tertiary Strata. (Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1868. 

. The Surface Geology of the Basin of the Great Lakes and the 

Valley of the Mississippi. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. New York, 1869. 

* . The Geological Survey of Ohio, its Progress in 1869. Eeport of 

an Address delivered to the Legislature of Ohio, 1870. (Tract.) 

8vo. Columbus, 1870. 

j* — . Circles of Deposition in American Sedimentary Eocks. (Tract.) 

8vo. Salem, Mass., 1874. 

370 NEW 

Newberry (J. S.). On the Lignites and Plant-beds of Western America. 
(Tract.) 2 copies. 8vo. New Haven, 1874. 

. The Surface Geology of Ohio. 8vo. Columbus, 1874. 

. The Structure and Relations of Dinichthys, with descriptions of 

some other new Fossil Fishes. 8vo. Columbus, 1875. 

. The Causes of the Cold of the Ice Period. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1876. 

. Descriptions of some new Fossil Fishes from the Trias. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1878. 

. Descriptions of new Palaeozoic Fishes. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1878. 

. The Geological History of New- York Island and Harbor. 

(Tract.) 8vo. New York, 1878. 

. The Geological Survey of the Fortieth Parallel. (Tract.) 

8vo. New York, 1879. 

. The Origin and Classification of Ore Deposits. 

8vo. New York, 1880. 

. See Surveys : Ohio and United States. 

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Bellary and Bijapore. (Tracts.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1842. 

. Mineral Resources of Southern India. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1843. 

. On some Ancient Mounds of Scorious Ashes in Southern India. 

(Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1843. 

. On the Processes prevailing among the Hindus, and formerly 

among the Egyptians, of quarrying and polishing Granite, etc. 
(Tract.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1843. 
. Visit from Wadi Tor to Gebel Eakus, (j-^li J-», or the Moun- 
tain of the Bell, Peninsula of Mount Sinai. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1843. 

. Summary of the Geology of Southern India. (Tract.) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1846 ? 

New College (London). Introductory Lectures. 8vo. London, 1851. 

Newfoundland. Table showing the Mean Temperature, as also the 

Mean Height of the Barometer, in each Month in the 3| 

years ending 30th June, 1837, etc. (Tract.) 

Fol. St. John's, 1837. 

Newman (Edward). A Paper on the Nomenclature of the parts of the 

Head of Insects. 8vo. London, 1834. 

. History of British Ferns. 8vo. London, 1840. 

Newmarch (C. H.). See Buckman (James). 
Newport (George). See British Museum. 

New South Wales. Coal Fields. Eeports from Examiner for 1869 and 
1872-1874; some in duplicate. (Tracts.) 4to. Sydney, 1873-74. 

. Eegulations for the Management of the Gold Field. (Tract.) 

8vo. Sydney, 1852. 

. Its Agricultural, Pastoral, and Mining capabilities. (Tract.) 

8vo. London, 1862. 

. Tin-bearing Country, District of Inverell. Eeport by T. C 

Wilkinson, enclosing Eev. W. B. Clarke's Eeport on Geological 
Surveys, 7 May, 1853. (Tract.) 4to. Sydney, 1873 

NEW— NIC 371 

New South Wales. Mineral Map and General Statistics of New South 
Wales, Australia. (Tract.) 2 copies. 8yo. Sydney, 1876. 

. Its Progress and Resources. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1876. 

. Eesults of Meteorological Observations . . . during 1873, under 

the direction of H. C. Russell. (Tract.) 8vo. Sydney, 1875. 

. See Exhibition of 1862. 

Newton (E. T.). The Chimseroid Eishes of the British Cretaceous Rocks. 
[Memoirs of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom : Mono- 
graph IV.] 4to. London, 1878. 

Newton (Henry). See Sue yets : Ohio. 

Newton (T. W.). See Surveys : Great Britain. Museum of Practical 

New York. A Gazetteer of the State of New York, comprising its Topo- 
graphy, Geology, Mineralogical Resources, etc. Imperfect. (Tract.) 

8vo. Albany, 1842. 

■ . Board of Agriculture. Memoirs, Vols. I. and III. 

8vo. Albany, 1823-26. 

. Documents relative to the Colonial History of the State of New 

York : procured in Holland, England, and France, by John Romeyn 
Brodhead. Edited by E. B. O'Callaghan. Vols. I., III.-VIL, and 
IX. 4to. Albany, 1855-56. 

. Natural History of New York : — 

Agriculture. By Ebenezer Emmons. 5 vols. 4to. Albany, 1846. 
Botany. By J. Torrey. 2 vols. 4to. Albany, 1843. 

Geology. By E. Emmons, J. Hall, W. W. Mather, and L. 
Vanuxem. 4 vols. (Hall's volume in duplicate). 

4to. Albany, 1842-43. 
Mineralogy. Bv Lewis C. Beck. 4to. Albany, 1842. 

Palaeontology. By J. Hall. Vols. I.-IV. & V. Pt. 2. 7 vols. 

4to. Albany, 1847-79. 

. . Vols. I.-IV. 5 vols. 4to. Albany, 1847-67. 

Zoology. By J. E. De Kay. 5 vols. 4to. Albany, 1842-43. 

Nibby (Antonio). Saggiodi osservazioni critiche, geografiche, antiquarie 
sopra Pausania. (Tract.) 8vo. Rome, 1817. 

. Del Eoro Romano, della Via Sacra, dell' Anfiteatro Elavio e de' 

luoghi adiacenti. 8vo. Rome, 1819. 

Niccolini (Antonio). Tavola metrica-cronologica delle varie altezze 
tracciate dalla superficie del mare fra la costa di Amalfi ed il pro- 
montorio di Gaeta nel corso di diciannove secoli. (Tract.) 

4to. Naples, 1838. 

Nicholson (Sir Charles). The Australian Colonies ; their condition, 
resources, and prospects. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. London, 1863. 

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and Westmoreland. 2 copies. 8vo. London and Manchester, 1868. 

. Monograph of the British Graptolitidse. Part I. (Tract.) 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1872. 

. Reports upon the Palaeontology of the Province of Ontario. 

2 copies. 8vo. Toronto, 1874. 

— — . The Ancient Life-History of the Earth. 

8vo, Edinburgh and London, 1877. 

372 NIC— NiM 

Nicholson (Henry Alleyne). A Manual of Zoology for the use of 
Students. 5th edition. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1878. 

. A Manual of Palaeontology for the use of Students. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1872. 

. . 2nd edition. 2 vols. 

8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1879. 

. On the Structure and Affinities of the " Tabulate Corals " of the 

Palaeozoic Period, with critical descriptions of illustrative species. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1879. 
and Etheridge (Bobert, jun.). A Monograph of the Silurian 

Fossils of the Girvan District in Ayrshire, with special reference to 
those contained in the " Gray Collection." Ease. 1, 2 (Ease. 1 in 
duplicate). 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1878-80. 

Nicholson (William). See Serials, etc : London. Journal of Natural 
Philosophy, etc. 

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8vo. Edinburgh, 1843. 

. Guide to the Geology of Scotland. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1844. 

. On the Geology of Boxburgh shire. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1847. 

. On the Geology of the Silurian Bocks in the Valley of the Tweed. 

(Tract.) 8vo. London, 1848. 

. Manual of Mineralogy : or the Natural History of the Mineral 

Kingdom. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1849. 

. On the Study of Natural History as a branch of General Educa- 
tion: an inaugural Lecture at Marischal College. (Tract.) 2 copies. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1853. 

. Notice of the Silurian System of Central Bohemia, by Joachim 

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NIS— NOR 373 

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374 NOR— NUN 

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